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Make Em Fit

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

About Make Em Fit

Make Em Fit proclaims to be a shoe filler that makes shoes custom fit. It works with any type of shoes whether men’s or women’s.



How does Make Em Fit work?

If someone has small feet and cannot find their favorite shoes in their size, they can simply insert Make Em Fit. Made of soft and flexible memory foam, they contour to the toes to fit perfectly.


Makes shoes custom fit
People who buybigger shoes because they have wider feet, bunions, different-sized feet, or larger ankles, allegedly have the perfect solution in Make Em Fit. It asserts to come in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – to fill any shoe and make it custom fit. Make Em Fit user reviews will ascertain these claims.


Works with any style and size of shoes
Whether men’s or women’s formal, sports, dress, or casual shoes, flats, boots, or loafers, Make Em Fit convinces to make them all fit better without permanently attaching to them so you can use them from pair to pair. We haven’t analyzed user reviews to verify these claims. Soft and flexible, it conforms to the shape of the toes foot for complete comfort. It assures to be easily washable. Send us your
Make Em Fit reviews.


Make Em Fit Reviews

Make Em Fit review says that the shoe fillers work well but should have been angled and sold as Left and Right inserts to contour to the toes. The current design of Make Em Fit makes the big toe cramp into the toe box.

Make Em Fit review exposes the fillers for being uncomfortable in the shoe, and making toes feel crammed. It doesn’t help half size bigger shoe sizing. Make Em Fit were uncomfortable both the times they were tried.

Make Em Fit review reveals that they were bought for a pair of slightly big shoes. They worked quite well but were not as comfortable as expected. After using Make Em Fit for about eight hours, they were cracked and some of the foam was falling off. It’s speculated that Make Em Fit would be usable only a couple of times before completely tearing apart.

Make Em Fit review states that they did not stay in the tip of the shoe and needed re-positioning every time the shoes were worn. Make Em Fit need to be wider to be stuffed into place securely.

Make Em Fit review criticizes the shoe fillers for being very uncomfortable. Make Em Fit were thrown out and the big shoes were sold off on Poshmark.

Make Em Fit review discloses that a Large size of the shoe fillers was ordered but received it in Small size. S & H had to be anyway paid for sending it back, though the sellers sent the wrong item, which is unacceptable. It is a good concept but does not really work. Once Make Em Fit is inserted and shoes worn, they shift around if toes are wiggled. Soon enough, the shoe fillers are not securely lodged in the center but move to the left, right or even top of the toes.

Make Em Fit review warns that money on this must be saved. Make Em Fit are just pieces of foam that are meant to stay in the toe of the shoes, but don’t stay put in place securely. Make Em Fit move around as soon as shoes are worn and they also leave too much room at the toe. Inserting a wad of newspaper instead is a more effective and cheaper idea.

Make Em Fit review recounts a number of problems with the inserts. The set is too hard. They are uncomfortable and bite into the toes. Even in a size Medium, the hardness of the foam material would make it uncomfortable and pinch the toes. The cut of Make Em Fit is not completely accurate. The inserts do not work on sneakers at all and a bigger size would also not have helped at all. Make Em Fit hurts the toes a lot. Make Em Fit have a room for improvement. They should have been made in two different types – one for Regular or Dress shoes and another one for sneakers, that is, a wider make to fill into them well. The shoe fillers would be a lot more comfortable on the toes if they were made with softer foam. Make Em Fit need to be a little bit thinner and shaped more like the foot to fit snugly.

Make Em Fit review accuses it of hurting the toes very badly when shoes are worn. Make Em Fit are a waste of money.

Make Em Fit review points out that the size chart needs improvement. The memory foam is not impressive at all and it slipped under the toes. Make Em Fit didn’t work at all for the purpose. Stuffing tissue into the shoes would be an equally good or a more effective thing to do.

Make Em Fit review exposes it for not serving the purpose one big. The shoe fillers put pressure on the toes and make them uncomfortable. Having said that, Make Em Fit are still compact enough to eliminate sliding foot issues.


Make Em Fit Questions & Answers

Q. Do Make Em Fit work with kids’ dress shoes?
A. They could. But, toes get cramped in these, so kids may find these a little uncomfortable.

Q. What are the dimensions of Small and Medium Make Em Fit?
A. Medium is 60x30x25mm, and works best with half-size to one size bigger shoes. Small is 55x25x25mm and ideal for less than half-size bigger shoe.

Q. Can one trim Make Em Fit to fit shoes?
A. I suggest you don’t buy them at all. Paper towels or tissue are better and this is a waste of money.

Q. Are Make Em Fit made of plastic?
A. No, they are soft and flexible like “stress ball” and conform to the shape around the toes.

Q. Is Make Em Fit only one size?
A. No, three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.


What do I get?
Get Make Em Fit in all 3 sizes (S,M,L) for just $19.95!

SuperStar Arms

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

What is SuperStar Arms

As per the infomercial it is a wearable shapewear that helps in toning and shaping the look of the arms to provide a slimmer and smoother look instantly. It can be worn under a dress easily or showed off as a standalone garment. SuperStar Arms convinces to be worn under a top or can be showed off by as standalone apparel.


SuperStar Arms Features and Benefits

Achieve slim-looking arms instantly – SuperStar Arms states to be a unique shapewear specially designed to tone and shape the arms. Although there are no SuperStar Arms reviews available that will attest to its claims. SuperStar Arms guarantees that its unique design is far better than other shapewears that fail badly to make the arms look sleeker and hide unsightly bulges, blemishes and wrinkles. Does SuperStar Arms really possess such capabilities? Send us your SuperStar Arms reviews.


Easy to wear design – SuperStar Arms promises to be a hassle free solution that adds not just slim looking arms but also elegant style to any dress or top worn along with it. Such fancy claims by SuperStar Arms will be only validated once it has been reviewed. SuperStar Arms claims that it is made from multi-stretch fabric. This particular fabric is known to mould around the body hugging it tightly without causing any discomfort. SuperStar Arms declares that this fabric smoothens the arms in such a way that they start appearing sleek and slim. The Sheer Control system in SuperStar Arms alleges to be the reason why it can easily cover wrinkles, blemishes, bulges and even tattoos easily. Such arm smoothening can help gain confidence in women and let them take the spotlight back in any party or workplace. But does it work? SuperStar Arms reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Multiple benefits – SuperStar Arms proclaims that its black classic and black pattern colors are chic and in style. Although there have been no SuperStar Arms reviews yet that can verify the same. SuperStar Arms guarantees to be lightweight and breathable that allows it to be concealed easily under dresses without leaving a crease. In fact, SuperStar Arms alleges to be woven in such a way that it smoothens the appearance of bra line and strap marks too to provide a beautiful feminine silhouette. SuperStar Arms also proclaims to have front opening that leaves the natural looking cleavage as it is. Currently there are no SuperStar Arms reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


What do I get?

Get SuperStar Arms starting from £9.99 AT JMLDIRECT.COM

Secret Bangs Review

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

What is Secret Bangs

It states to be a headband that gives you bangs without having to cut or style your hair. Secret Bangs claims to look, feel and move just like natural hair. Secret Bangs proclaims to be available in 13 different shades of hair colors and goes with short, medium, or long, straight or curly hair.

Bangs without scissors or salon

For women obsessed with bangs but who do not want to cut them, the hair accessory Secret Bangs guarantees to fulfill their desire without the commitment. Secret Bangs asserts that one does not have to go to a salon for an expensive haircut to get the bangs. Does Secret Bangs really give bangs along with freedom from cutting hair? User reviews will soon reveal. Secret Bangs emphasizes that one can get bangs in just seconds with the headband that you need to fix the bangs on to and just wear it. Is it so easy and quick to get bangs? One will have to wait for Secret Bangs user reviews to believe this.

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Looks perfectly natural

The headband of Secret Bangs guarantees to keep bangs securely attached but this claim is subject to user reviews. Secret Bangs claims to have keratin-conditioned fibers that look, feel and fall like natural hair. Is Secret Bangs as good as it claims? Let’s wait for user reviews to know the truth. Secret Bangs proclaims to be available in 13 different shades to blend with your natural hair – Jet Black, Brown Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Red Brown, Medium Red Brown, Red Blonde, Dark Blonde, Dark Golden Blonde, Medium Golden Blonde, Light Golden Blonde and Platinum. Does Secret Bangs have so many different options of hair colors? Secret Bangs user reviews will determine whether it’s true. Even if you get a highlight or a lowlight on your hair, Secret Bangs promises to have the right shade to go with the color. Whether Secret Bangs is really that adaptable will be clarified once user reviews are in.


Perfect for different styles and occasions

Whether for flirty casual, daytime professional, or glam for the night out, Secret Bangs assures to give you the right kind of bangs you want. Is Secret Bangs really that flexible? There aren’t enough user reviews to ascertain the claim. Secret Bangs convinces to be great for your hair no matter style and length they are – short, shoulder length or long, curly or straight. Is Secret Bangs actually ideal for any type and length of hair? Secret Bangs reviews will throw light on the fact.


Also adds volume to hair

Secret Bangs assures to let you rock different hairstyles like side swept hair. At this point of time there are no Secret Bangs reviews available to confirm it. Other than wearing your hairstyle the way you want, Secret Bangs declares that it can also be flipped around and worn to add volume and height to your hair. Whether Secret Bangs really has such a great feature can be confirmed with user reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Secret Bangs for $29.99
  • Trim Dazzler Review

    Monday, June 22nd, 2015

    What is Trim Dazzler ?

    Are you looking to completely change your wardrobe? Are you tired of the dull and boring look of your clothes? Do you want to look trendy and fashionable? Now here is the perfect solution for you. All you need is the cool and hip fashion kit- the TrimDazzler, a simple, fast and easy solution for all your fashion desires.
    Trim Dazzler is a fashion kit that lets you create your own fashion statement. With the Trim Dazzler Fashion Kit you can now transform your entire wardrobe from dull and dreary to chic and stylish in just minutes.
    Trim Dazzler is so simple and easy to use. All you have to do is simply attach the TrimTastic Fabric Tape, peel and stick the trim of your choice. You can use TrimDazzler on any outfit. Use it on your pants, skirts and dresses and transform your dull and boring clothes to fashionable and trendy in absolutely no time. It holds tight and won’t come off. The best part about TrimDazzler is that it is reusable and washable so you can wear it over and over again with different outfits.

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    Using Trim Dazzler is hassle free; there is no gluing, no ironing, or no sewing. Trim Dazzler does not wear off, it’s long lasting and stays on wash after wash.
    TrimDazzler is your style choice anytime you want a new look. All you have to do is simply change the trims. With Trim Dazzler you are sure to get noticed and have heads turn everywhere you go.
    The secret this amazing tape is the unique fabric bond technology of the TrimTastic Tape. It works wonders on your dresses, pants and skirts giving you a new look everyday. It is the fastest and easiest way to create your own fashion styles.
    TrimTastic Tape is exclusively designed to firmly attach and bond a trim to any fabric impeccably. Trim Dazzler is so versatile, you can use it to add inches to your pants or skirts, or you can use Trim Dazzler to hem a pair of pants in a second.
    The Trim Dazzler Fashion Kit lets you transform yourself from dull to stunning in just minutes. You can create numerous new, trendy and fashionable styles with the amazing Trim Dazzler Fashion Kit.
    Order your Trim Dazzler Fashion Kit and transform your wardrobe from dull and boring to trendy and stylish! Get a new look everyday!

    Hair Banger’s Clip Review

    Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

    About Hair Banger’s Clip

    Hair Banger’s Clip are hair fillers for bangs that convince to give funky and colorful hair bangs without the need color or cut your hair. Hair Banger’s Clip states to be made of human hair so it matches your hair perfectly and naturally. Hair Banger’s Clip assures to be very easy to use and unsnap too. Hair Banger’s Clip asserts that you can blow dry, flat iron or even curl your hair while you have it on.



    How does it work

    You can change your hair color in seconds without spending money on hair salons. Hair Banger’s Clip claims that you just need to part your hair in the area that you want color accent and clip it on and comb your hair over it. Hair Banger’s Clip emphasize that you can part your hair as little as you want to reveal just accents of hair color or as much as you want to show off more color. The clips of Hair Banger’s Clip are maintained to be in opposing direction so that you can wear the color in any direction of your hair.


    Create colorful hair bangs in seconds

    Coloring your hair for a special occasion or just for fun can be a time consuming and expensive affair, and not to mention the fear of hair damage with all the colors and chemicals. But Hair Banger’s Clip are bang fillers that let you create colorful hair bangs in just seconds minus any hassle. With Hair Banger’s Clip you can allegedly change the color of your hair without actually coloring it. By just parting your hair and clipping on the Hair Banger’s Clip bangs in any area you want, you will have created an exciting colorful accent instantly. Unlike other synthetic artificial hair color extensions, Hair Banger’s Clip declares to be made of natural hair so it will match your hair color naturally.

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    Easy and safe to use

    Hair Banger’s Clip guarantee to be so easy to use that even little girls can use them by themselves. At the same time, it does not require any hair trimming or coloring so it is safe for the hair and even school girls who are not ready to color their hair yet but want to have some fun with their bangs can safely use Hair Banger’s Clip. The fillers have two special hair clips that keep them securely in place without falling or even moving. Hair Banger’s Clip promise to be ideal for women with fine hair and go well with any hair type or style since it can be curled, blow dried or flat ironed. Hair Banger’s Clip claims to be available in 30 exciting colors like pink, purple, blue, red, caramel, etc.


    What do I get?

    You get Hair Banger’s Clip for $ 39.95 plus $6.95 S&H.Official website

    Strand Bands Review

    Monday, May 18th, 2015

    What is Strand Bands

    It claims to be a great way of making designer accessories that are one-of-a-kind by using the styling strands to weave, knot and braid. It can be used to get custom designs and knotted in various styles using the Strand Styler for endless design possibilities.



    Custom designer accessories

    Strand Bands asserts to be a great way to design custom accessories, which can be later reused over and over for getting the right match for virtually anything one can wear. At this point of time no claims by Strand Bands can be proven since users are yet to analyze and review it. Strand Bands assures to provide a creative way to bring the artist inside to life using its custom designer styler, which lets anyone create amazing band accessories that are way different and special as opposed to the ones readily available in the market. Strand Bands assures that it brings imagination to an altogether different level and can be a nice way of sharing bands between loved ones. Currently, there are no Strand Bands reviews available which will attest to its claims.


    Easy to create styles

    Strand Bands emphasizes to be unique and at the same time easy to use with the strands and the Strand Styler. Strand Bands do sound promising but nothing can be verified since it is yet to be reviewed. Strand Bands states to be a bunch of strands that can be easily peeled off to desired thickness and then cut to the perfect length that is required. Strand Bands declares to come with a Strand Styler which is the customizing board where one needs to tie a knot in the Strand and clip it on to begin the designing process. Lastly, Strand Bands alleges to follow the given set of instructions for desired braiding style. These easy steps mentioned by Strand Bands does sound very fancy but will be substantiated once it is reviewed.

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    Endless design possibilities

    Strand Bands convinces to provide host of options when it comes to designer bands and can accommodate variety of beads and charms along. Can Strand Bands really be this good? Strand Bands reviews will soon reveal the facts. Strand Bands proclaims as the best options to make creative and attractive bracelets, anklets, hair accessories, rings, backpack tassels, cellphones and more. Strand Bands assures that braiding can be done in multiple ways like zipper design, knotting, rope weaving style, etc. Strand Bands convinces to be one-of-a-kind as with its stretchy reusable design. It also claims to be highly durable and waterproof so that the bands last for a long time. Is Strand Bands really this creative way of making custom bands? Send us your Strand Bands reviews.


    What do I get?

    You get Strand Bands for $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H.Official website

    Crystyler Review

    Monday, October 6th, 2014

    What is Crystyler

    Crystyler is an innovative pen-like tool that can bling up your everyday objects and turn them into dazzling delights easily and quickly. It proclaims to let you decorate just about anything from clothes, accessories, home décor items, to shoes and create millions of colorful designs for customized creations within minutes and without the frustration of using tweezers.


    How does it work

    The creator of Crystyler claims that it’s a patented tool that lets you create exciting designs in just three steps – place the tool on the crystal accents and press it down to load, apply glue to the surface you want to decorate, and tap the lever of Crystyler to place the crystals on the design. It assures to let you bling any shape and size of designs quickly, easily and in a fun way to make the item more personalized.


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    Blinging shine to your ordinary objects
    Crystyler is a revolutionary hand-held tool that promises to let you jazz up and turn your ordinary things into flashy object d’art quickly and easily. Using tweezers to be-dazzle with crystal accents is a time-consuming method and can literally turn into a pain in the neck affair because managing teeny weeny crystals can be so frustrating. But Crystyler convinces that using the tool is quick and pain-free because it just needs a few presses and taps to bling up small or big areas.

    Whether your cellphone cover, denims, earrings, photo frames, backpack, scrap books or even shoes, Crystyler guarantees to flash it all up easily since it works on practically any surface. The Clear, Fuchsia and Sapphire colored crystals proclaim to let you load Crystyler in many different color patterns and create multicolored designs that can even work as great gifts, party dazzlers or turning the boring into the blinging!


    What do I get?

    • 1 The Crystyler Tool
    • 288 Crystals in Clear, Fuchisa and Sapphire
    • 1 GEMIT Glue
    • 1 Magic Mat

    Price: $28.85 ($14.95 + $13.90 S/h). Official website:

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    Paper Bling Review

    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

    What is Paper Bling

    It a fancy paper bead maker that allows anyone to create endless amount of beautiful and dazzling jewelry in no time. It is very easy to use and can be done in simple steps making it perfect for literally anyone.


    Add Bling To Jewelry:

    Paper Bling is asserted to be the best way for girls to make amazing jewelry right at home from nothing but just paper. Girls love to dress up and add a dash of style with jewelry for their neck, ears, hair and wrists. But there is not much style that can be added since there are limited availability of designer stuff and is pretty repetitive plus boring. To break the trend and set a new personalized one it is stated that Paper Bling was invented. The concept is to take any paper and convert it into a dazzling paper bead and align it in very easy steps to create stunning looking jewelries to show off.


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    Easy to Create:

    Paper Bling guarantees that its unique paper bead maker technology can convert any kind of paper quickly into a bead which can be later strung and wore around the neck, ears, hair or wrist. But what makes it the best is anyone can easily use Paper Bling as it is asserted that the whole process can be finished in just 3 simple steps. One has to decide which paper is to be used and cut into strips. These strips should be slid over and rolled easily using the twist function of the Bead Working Station provided with Paper Bling. Later the provided varnish should be used to keep it intact. The last step to finish making a jewelry masterpiece is to string it into desired size. Allegedly using Paper Bling is so easy and fun that anyone can use it to create stellar bead jewelry that are not boring and bland as the bead jewelry available in the market.


    Stunning Bead Designs:

    Paper Bling promises to provide vivid options for creating jewelry that would look amazing over everyone who sports them. There can be numerous ideas and designs that can be combined to create a unique jewelry every time. One can simply take papers of cartoon prints and make a playful bead designer bracelet or use shiny duct tape that have certain shine to make an appealing necklace. The possibilities using Paper Bling are stated to be endless. Due to the amount of creative designs it can help generate one can use it to create gifts that are uncommon. Also it is asserted that Paper Bling is the perfect way to strengthen friendships and is a great fun-filled activity while having a slumber party.


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    What Do I Get?

  • You get Two Paper Bling Set for $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H.
  • Official website:
  • Cover Me Cami

    Monday, March 10th, 2014

    What is Cover Me Cami:

    It is the extra long camisole that will stay in its place offering you coverage and comfort you want.
    Cover Me Cami has been created to get over the problem caused by regular camis, according to its claims. You want to look at your best and feel comfortable every time you step out of the house. That’s the reason you have your cami under your tops or t-shirts for that matter. But they often bunch up and expose areas that you want to stay covered, which can be a huge annoyance. Cover Me Cami promises you a way around this problem.


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    Cover Me Cami always stays in place

    When you are wearing a cami, you want it to cover certain areas of your body, no matter what you are doing. And that’s just what Cover Me Cami does, according to its claims, even when you are bending down or reaching up. Thus you won’t be tugging and pulling at your cami anymore. Cover Me Cami is also not bulky like the regular camis you find in the market, and can be used easily for layering under your t-shirts. Putting your confident step forward is a lot easier with this extra long cami.


    Cover Me Cami has several smart features that make it work for you

    One of the highlights of the Cover Me Cami is the exclusive no slip strip that keeps it in place. What’s more, it’s made out of Flex Knit fabric and that’s responsible for giving you that slimmer look you aspire to have. This cami is also supposed to be quite versatile and you can either tuck it or leave it. The seamless design of Cover Me Cami will ensure complete comfort while you wear it and adjustable straps are an added bonus.


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    Cover Me Cami has a rounded neckline

    That’s how it keeps you discreet in low cut and see-through tops. At the same time Cover Me Cami gives you adequate coverage for your Bust, Belly and Backside. Another good thing about Cover Me Cami is supposed to be the fact that it retains its shape after washing. Thus you can get maximum use out of the cami that you will want to wear every day.


      What do I get ?

    • You will receive One Cover Me Cami in black and One Cami in nude for just $19.99+$15S&H.
    • Official Website :

    Strap Genie

    Thursday, January 30th, 2014

    What is Strap Genie?

    It is a clip for bra straps that provides the lift, support and shape you desire when attached at the front of the bra straps.


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    Get the perfect look like never before!

    Strap Genie could be THE solution you’ve been secretly craving for to look great and feel confident. Strap Genie is a small attachment that is clipped at the front of the bra straps to get the shape and support that a normal bra cannot provide. Unlike straps of ordinary bras that adjust just at the back, Strap Genie claims to provide support precisely where it’s needed to make your cleavage look lifted and well-defined.


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    Incredibly simple and smart

    The makers of Strap Genie state that it’s really easy to use and experience fantastic results. All you have to do take the clip, attach it at the front of your bra strap and flip it in the upward direction. It will instantly give a look of lift to your cleavage and make you feel confident.

    Instant results

    If you’re expecting some serious struggling with Strap Genie to get the marvelous results it promises, rest easy. Using Strap Genie promises to give you the shape and support you want in seconds without any hassles. You just need to clip and pull it up to get the lift you want.

    Works on any bra

    If your drawer is full of different types of bras and you’re wondering if Strap Genie will help, don’t worry. It clips on to any bra and it is compatible with all no matter what make, material or type they are.

    Works on thin and thick straps too

    Strap Genie is suitable for any kind of bra straps, whether wide or narrow made of any material.

    Two levels of support

    Strap Genie is designed to offer the flexibility of two levels of support to acquire two different effects. Wear it placing its shorter side down for a little extra support to your bust or place the longer side down to lift and enhance it.

    Comfortable and invisible under dresses

    Strap Genie boasts of discreet design, which ensures it’s not seen by anyone even under the most figure-hugging tops. Crystal Genie Strap Genie can add lift and jazz up your bathing suit too with its radiance.


    What do I get?

    Get 2 nude set, 2 white set and 2 black set, of Strap Genie just for $10.00 + $13.98 S/H.Official

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