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I am Dead Now What Review

Monday, January 18th, 2016

About I am Dead Now What

I am Dead Now What is a fantastic personal financial planning tool that helps you plan for your family in difficult situations. Planning for the future is essential and the planner is pragmatic approach that will assist your spouse, children and other family members when you are gone. I am Dead Now What planner declares all your personal, important and private information in a structured manner. I am Dead Now What planner assures you have written all the relevant information your family will need.



How does it work

I am Dead Now What is personal planner that covers various aspects of personal records that claims to be important to one’s family member when you pass. Very simple to use all you have to do is just write down all the information as per various sections of the organizer. I am Dead Now What organizer answers and maintains almost all questions one might have after the loss of a loved one. From your financial records to your wishes you can share all the information in the I am Dead Now What personal planner. The I am Dead Now What planner proclaims and is easy for anyone to use with its tabbed sections and itemized pages.


Finance and important records

I am Dead Now What plays a key role in securing your family’s future. Information lost or unorganized can cause unwanted headache and even financial loss at times. I am Dead Now What planner states all the important financial details relating to bank accounts, property, shares, life insurance policy, credit cards and any other details. I am Dead Now What planner asserts all the relevant details regarding pending bills that need to be paid for.


Personal belongings and wishes

The I am Dead Now What planner also assists you in keeping records of all your personal details like your emails, social media accounts and its passwords. If you have any pets you can share the details regarding them on the planner. Information like important do’s and don’ts regarding pet care can be given. You can address your wishes and what you want to do with your finances, property etc. as well. You can communicate any important legal information to your dependents, lawyers or family members. Contacts of key individual for work, financial or personal reasons can also be shared in this planner which will surely be a great asset to your loved ones.

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Responsible and practical

Assisting your family in times of crisis the planner alleges to take responsibility. I am Dead Now What planner is one the most unselfish and important things you can do for your family. Taking responsibility and keeping your promises to your family even when you are gone will showcase your love and appreciation for your family. It will help in protecting your family’s future. One centralized location for all relevant details convinces anyone of the importance of I am Dead Now What planner. You can help your loved ones to better deal with the loss without leaving any unwanted troubles.


What do I get?

You get I’m Dead. Now What? and the Internet Password Log Book and the Do It Yourself…Legal Will Kit for $19.99 plus FREE P&H.Official website Review

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

About SeedCapital

SeedCapital is a business loan procuring organization that convinces to let small businesses establish and grow and big business grow further by helping them with important financial management of their business.



How does it work

SeedCapital states that they develop revolving lines of business credit that usually do not appear on the personal credit files of the business owner. SeedCapital asserts to use its expertise to keep the FICO score of applicants above 720 and Paydex to the ideal number 80, which means the perfect payment history.

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Achieve your dreams of starting your own business

According to the Small Business Administration, most startups fail in the first year of commencing of under-funding. SeedCapital promises to give such businesses an opportunity to access adequate capital so that they can maximize future profits. SeedCapital states to develop revolving lines of business credit that usually do not appear on the personal credit files of the business owner. SeedCapital asserts that they can procure $150,000 credit line in just about a fortnight and at as low a percentage as 0%. SeedCapital states to develop 2 different types of business credit – cash credit that includes accounts like credit line, bank loans and business credit cards, and supply credit that includes vendor suppliers, shipping suppliers and gas cards.


Strengthening the link between the business owner and banks

Having a strong business credit includes many more benefits like good rates on company expenses – fleet auto leases, equipment lease or buying an office building. SeedCapital declares that it works in different stages. In the first stage, SeedCapital develops the cash and supply credit, which is a 2-week evaluation process where businesses are individually analyzed and then lines for cash and supplies are applied in Supply Credit Categories. SeedCapital claims to target $150,000 credit. In the second phase, SeedCapital proclaims to consolidate the applicant’s Paydex Score targeting 80 in about 2-4 months. With achieving 80 Paydex score, SeedCapital convinces to open many financial options for the business. The third phase of SeedCapital maintains to have consultation on previous credit line basis to make the link between the bank and the business stronger and steadily increases the credit that’s been credited to the business.


Consultation for start-ups as well as established corporations

SeedCapital guarantees that it’s there to help any kind of business with no restriction on the applicant’s income or business age so that a start-up can benefit from its consultation as much as an established corporation. The only requirement being that the company has a FICO score of 720 or above and a low revolving credit line. SeedCapital asserts that they have been able to raise $300 Million since 2008 and guarantees at least $50,000 in cash business lines.


What do I get?

Please see official website

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Investors Give Back

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

What is Investors Give Back?

It is a benevolent enterprise established by a team of respectable investors and corporations to help people in America achieve financial success by conducting beneficiary events through private invitation.


Strengthening America through its people

Investors Give Back is a special endeavor that declares financial prosperity of the people of America as its sole aim. It states that it is dedicated to carry out every effort through personal attention to varied groups to help them comprehend what can bring them the success they deserve.


Imparting “The Gift” through focused program

Investors Give Back claims that it channelizes its expertise, resources and knowhow toward people by hosting beneficiary events. It gets into action immediately upon receiving private invitation to conduct the program in which an expert gives insights into the fundamental approach the group needs to know about current-economic scenario. It is called “The Gift” and it promises definite success to the people of America whose prosperity, the enterprise believes, means success of the nation.


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An eye opener

One of the principal objectives of Investors Give Back is to make citizens realize how major concerns of the nation are doing more harm than good to people’s retirement funds. For instance, those in the field of real estate, the core of America’s wealth, aren’t receiving as much as they deserve. The self-seeking institutions that the nation entrusts its funds with are actually doing everything to snatch their hard-earned investments. Instead of giving up and giving in to them, it makes sense to turn the table on them. Investors Give Back claims that it shows people who attend its sessions how they can do it to make their money work for them instead of slogging aimlessly to earn money that can be easily lost to cunning quarters.


Recognizing opportunities knocking

Investors Give Back has on board a team of experts who sincerely believe that Americans should aim at building wealth and giving it back to the nation too. In order to enable them to accomplish it, the experts at Investors Give back promise Americans all the assistance they need.


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What Do I Get?

  • At the event, our special guest investor will introduce fundamental strategy related to current-economic facts:
  • Official website:
  • American Sales Summit

    Monday, April 28th, 2014

    What is American Sales Summit:

    It is a sales summit that claims to help you sell your way to millions.
    American Sales Summit is an event that can be a huge boon to anyone who is looking to find novel and effective ways to sell and create a fortune for themselves. If you want this year to bring a major turnaround for you then this summit can offer you smart tips and tricks of the trade that can let you make good amounts. The American Sales Summit boasts of an impressive line-up of speakers, which is an added attraction.


    American Sales Summit brings the tricks of the trade to you

    If you have been looking for answer to questions like “How to line a sale” or “How to close sales”, then the American Sales Summit is the place you should be at, according to its claims. It promises to offer you answers to all your sales related questions that might have been stumbling blocks for you in the past. From learning how to negotiate and selling on the Internet with free offers, American Sales Summit has several smart and effective strategies for you.


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    American Sales Summit brings you many expert speakers under one roof

    American Sales Summit has its merits when it comes to generating leads, building a solid network while creating a strong brand as well. But there’s another major selling point for the event and that happens to be the line-up of speakers who are renowned names in their respective fields. American Sales Summit will have guest speakers like Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and American Business Expert, Bill Walsh offering useful insight into ways to success.


    American Sales Summit means complete comfort too

    American Sales Summit will be held between 15th and 19th May in Las Vegas. The good news is that general admission tickets are free and the offer comes with free hotel rooms in Vegas, according to the claims. Now you can learn how to get rich by selling and marketing and through the experiences of experts while you get complete comfort.


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    What Do I Get?

  • Top Reasons To Go…..
  • 1.It’s in Vegas, May 15th – May 19th
  • 2.Free General Admission Tickets
  • 3.Comes with Free Hotel Rooms
  • 4.You’ll Learn How To Get Rich Selling
  • 5.You’ll Learn How To Get Rich Marketing
  • 6.You’ll Have Lots of Fun in Vegas
  • 7.You’ll Get Free Tickets to Vegas Shows
  • 8.You’ll Meet New People Who Can Help You
  • 9.You’ll Get To Go To Our VIP Parties
  • 10.Win prizes like IPads, Trips and Cruises
  • 11.Free VIP Lunches
  • Official website:
  • Coast One Financial Group

    Monday, April 21st, 2014

    What is Coast One Financial Group?

    It is one of the most trusted firms that offers expert advise on managing finances, meeting tax goals for maximum benefits and get in-depth analysis on all financial matters. It is a member of the BBB and has earned prestigious accreditations too.


    Expert advise in your reach

    Coast One Financial Group aims to ease all your financial worries that pose anxiety and stress in today’s era of economic instability. Coast One Financial Group is counted among the best firms that offer sound advice on a wide range of financial concerns. Instead of taking a leap in the dark, it’s always advisable to seek guidance from competent quarters, which this group claims to consistently offer.


    Four powerful steps

    Coast One Financial Group promises you complete financial assistance in four easy steps-
    1) One-on-one consultation
    2) In-depth analysis
    3) Expert resolution
    4) Future tax filling needs.
    It also assists you with Internal Revenue Service, matters of lien and various concerns that people should avoid handling on their own.


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    Advice from the experienced

    At Coast One Financial Group, you are assured of a team of experienced professionals working incessantly to address your financial matters. Opting for its services could be the best decision you can take when it comes to finances and recovering from any setbacks. The firm has over 25 years of experience as its team comprises tax advisors, attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants who can successfully tackle the most complex IRS & state tax issues. Trusting experienced minds with financial matters is the most prudent thing you can do for your finances. And your future.


    Personal attention guaranteed

    The group assures you of dedicated individual attention and assistance at every step in your investments, tax matters and all financial concerns.


    Deemed outstanding by the greatest

    Coast One Financial Group is a member of the prestigious BBB that has also secured ‘A’ rating and 5 stars with TrustLink.


    A peaceful, carefree life. Finally!

    When matters related to finance and tax issues naturally are resolved, one feels at peace and can enjoy a relaxed life even after retirement.


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    What Do I Get?

  • You will get
  • One-on-one consultation
  • In-depth analysis
  • Expert resolution
  • Future tax filing needs
  • Official website: