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Maxi Glider 360 REVIEW

Monday, August 14th, 2017

What is Maxi Glider 360

It claims to be a uniquely designed home workout system that helps in losing weight and provide fitness by working the body from every possible angle. As the name suggests, it claims to offer 360 degree movement to target all major muscle groups.



Maxi Glider 360 CLAIMS

Total fitness system – Maxi Glider 360 promises to offer an all-round fitness and weight loss with its unique 360 degree design. The design of Maxi Glider 360 alleges to work as an Air Strider, a Cross Trainer, an Abductor Machine, and a Pec Deck. Such design states to offer heart-pumping cardio, full body muscle toning and is proven to burn up to 265 calories. Such farfetched claims made by Maxi Glider 360 will be verified once users review it.

Innovative design – Maxi Glider 360 asserts to provide workout with Dynamic Resistance Technology. Its 4 distinct movement types and 4 resistance levels maintain to help improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. More shall be known once Maxi Glider 360 is reviewed. Maxi Glider 360 promises to be made of sturdy material that simply folds for easy storage at home and can take up to 110 kg weight. Maxi Glider 360 does sound fantastic for home workouts; user reviews will expose the truth.


Maxi Glider 360 Reviews

Wallace Lee, a Maxi Glider 360 reviewer reveals that it makes a squeaking noise during workout due to a cracked left pedal arm. He further states in his review that Maxi Glider 360 is made with cheap quality and breaks within months of use. The Maxi Glider 360 review suggests that it’s out of balance and is not sturdy as people would prefer while working out.

Another customer named Raul Hall asserts in his review that Maxi Glider 360 was delivered with rusty support brackets and bolts. In his review he says that Maxi Glider 360 is cheaply made and the right pedal arm fell off while working out. He couldn’t fix it even after spending a couple of hours and shows disappointment towards Maxi Glider 360 in the review.
One other Maxi Glider 360 review by Susan Huff complains that it was delivered with some parts missing and had poor instructions about its functioning. The system is difficult to assemble and is heavier than expected. In her review she suggests other users from buying Maxi Glider 360.

Cora Wheeler, a Maxi Glider 360 reviewer, discloses that the system feels unsafe since it makes squeaking and cracking sounds. Her Maxi Glider 360 review says that it still continued to squeak after she greased it up.

Beth Hammond, an arthritis patient shows disappointment in Maxi Glider 360. As per her Maxi Glider 360 review, the system gave her a severe back pain. She had issues with the lateral swinging motion.

Another Maxi Glider 360 review by Raul Hall talks about the system’s poor design. A large nut and bold assembly that holds the center rod and the feet kept rubbing against his knees and thighs. He suggests that it might not be for shorter people. His review also complains that Maxi Glider 360 is difficult to assemble as well. His review says that the tools that come along Maxi Glider 360 are useless. Users might need their own tools and put some own mind since the instructions aren’t up to the mark either.

Bradley Quinn’s Maxi Glider 360 review has similar issues about the assembly instructions as it took hours for him to understand them. His review further states that the pin on Maxi Glider 360 was too short and didn’t fit in the hole. The pipes kept falling down while trying to fix them together. He finally gave up on it due to its frustrating design. According to his review, Maxi Glider 360 requires at least two people to put it together and can be a problem for users who live alone.

A similar issue shows up in Philip Black’s review of Maxi Glider 360. As per him the system fails to fold after assembly. He had to loosen the bolts but still no results as expected.

A user, Roderick Barrett, claims that Maxi Glider 360 is complicated to put together. The entire assembly with its demonstration indicated is complex and poorly shown. His review reveals that Maxi Glider 360 ships with lots of assembly parts such as screws, nuts, washers, and requires a lot of time. His review further exposes Maxi Glider 360 by saying it comes with cheap tools that fail to perform their job. The worst part about Maxi Glider 360 according to his review is that he still hasn’t been able to really put it together till date. He suggests getting some help from friends who have mechanical understanding.

A reviewer, Tara Floyd criticizes Maxi Glider 360 saying it’s a cheaply made gimmick. Her review calls it’s a sham since the weight limits are completely wrong. She warns other users in her review and asks them not to go for this machine.


What do I get?

  • 1 Maxi-Glider 360
  • 1 New Image Nutrition & Health Plan
  • 1 Maxi-Glider 360 Wall Chart
  • 1 Digital Progress Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 Tablet Stand

Price: £149.99 at |

KFit Trainer |

Monday, July 24th, 2017

What is KFit Trainer

As per the infomercial it is a free weight workout system that helps in achieving numerous exercises that will help in losing weight, toning the body, and improving balance. It is a universal system meant to be used at home by people of any fitness level and weight.



KFit Trainer CLAIMS

Total body workout system – KFit Trainer guarantees to offer energy, strength, toning and balance for the entire body with its unique design. KFit Trainer assures that it is a free weight workout system that can be used right at home to achieve the body of your dreams. Currently there are no KFit Trainer reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

7-in-1 system – KFit Trainer declares to have a smart design that offers versatility and freedom to perform a range of exercises. It states that there are over 100’s of exercises that can be performed to target individual body parts using it. KFit Trainer alleges to support 7 different forms of workout – dumbbell, barbell, strength training, kettlebell, ab roller, stability and balance, and foam roller. KFit Trainer does sound to be highly beneficial; user reviews will expose the truth.

KFit Trainer Advantages – KFit Trainer promises to help train the entire body with its compact design. It is asserted that any fitness enthusiast at various levels can use it. KFit Trainer further emphasizes to offer support with workout DVDs and on demand workouts for easy training right at home. KFit Trainer does sound like a great all-round training system but will be validated once users review it.


What do I get?
KFit Trainer Ultimate Kit includes:

  • 1 KFIT TRAINER Training Workout Guide
  • 3 X 6 Week Programme DVDs. (Bronze, Silver & Gold Levels)

Price: £69.99. Official website:

Flex U Fit Review

Friday, June 30th, 2017

What is Flex U Fit

It claims to be a home workout system that provides a total body workout in just 7 minutes, 3 days a week. It is a compact system that provides over 50 exercises without the need of any installation.



Strengthen and lose weight – Flex U Fit promises to be a revolutionary home workout system that provides weight and muscle toning at the same time. Flex U Fit guarantees that its simple to use design is perfect for people of all fitness levels. Flex U Fit states to provide maximum results in just 7 minutes of workout, 3 times a day. Such farfetched claims made by Flex U Fit will be proved once users review it.

Exclusive features – Flex U Fit assures that it doesn’t require any installation since it is a set of resistance bands designed with frame door attachment that attaches in seconds. More shall be revealed once users review it. Flex U Fit asserts to work on the arms, legs, and the midsection for a thorough workout. Flex U Fit’s compact size and lightweight body makes it easy to carry it around. Flex U Fit does sound highly impressive; user reviews will soon expose the truth.


Flex U Fit Question and Answers

Q. Can Flex U Fit be used by senior citizens with arthritis?
A. Yes. It can provide good workout especially for people with shoulder problems.

Q. What is the mechanism by which Flex U Fit gets attached to the door?
A. Flex U Fit comes with a door attachment that comprises of a strong band of fabric with a loop. The bands go through it and the thick end is to be placed on the other side of a door frame. It stays in place when the door is closed and acts as an anchor to perform the exercises.

Q. Is Flex U Fit compatible with taller people of approximately 6 feet height?
A. Flex U Fit can be modified in any way for people of all heights. Maybe for example overhead exercises ought to be performed kneeling or sitting instead of standing to accommodate the band’s height.

Q. Is the door attachment sturdy and strong enough to not pull the door off its hinges?
A. Flex U Fit’s door attachment is required to slide down on the hinge side itself. Once closed the weight starts to pull the door into the door frame that will not affect or wear out the door.

Q. Is Flex U Fit latex free?
A. No information is available.

Q. Does Flex U Fit come with a Prop 65 Warning?
A. No information is available.

Q. Can Flex U Fit be attached to anything else if there is no door available?
A. It can be wrapped around the leg of a bed.

Q. How long will Flex U Fit last?
A. It depends on the usability. Some people saw it failing after 3 to 6 months and few others used it for a longer time.

Q. Can we shorten the Flex U Fit bands?
A. No, it can be simply rolled up.

Q. Is it portable enough to be carried in a hotel?
A. Yes, Flex U Fit comes with a carry case for easy portability.


Flex U Fit Review

Ida Poole, a Flex U Fit user, writes in her review that it is difficult to keep up with all the parts of the system. Additionally her Flex U Fit review states that its hand grips are a bit rough and the bands really short in length.

Another Flex U Fit customer Cecilia Gonzalez shares in her review that the band is dangerous to use. She cut her thumb while fastening the bands due to sharp edges on its carabiners.

One angry Flex U Fit customer Lamar Price complains that the band snapped during the first time use.

A similar complaint is written in Elsa Fox’s review that says Flex U Fit’s seams on the ankle strap tore during the first use.

Sylvester Cobb found Flex U Fit disappointing. As per his review the bands turned white in just a week. His Flex U Fit review further adds that the carabiners on the band are too big and clunky that scratches on the skin.

Sonia Barnett’s review warns other that the red band in Flex U Fit snapped on the second day of use and smacked her on the face causing severe injury. According to her review she suspects that Flex U Fit is made using a cheap quality.

One other customer, Eloise Mills criticizes Flex U Fit and says in her review that there is no mention or warning of the band contains latex on its packaging or description. Latex is a cause of allergies to many individuals.

Another user Kerry Washington writes an upsetting review of Flex U Fit. She says that the bands snapped in a week’s time, the metal clasps break easily, and the Velcro strap also broke down. She further adds in her Flex U Fit review that this band and its attachment are not at all safe for use at home.

Rosa Blake advises to stay away from Flex U Fit in her review. She had to get stitches on the back of her head as its Velcro strap snapped off and hit her. She suggests in her Flex U Fit review to check other tried and tested bands available in the market.


What do I get?
Official website:

Pedal Trainer Pro

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

About Pedal Trainer Pro

Pedal Trainer Pro states to be a compact exercise machine that lets you pedal and burn calories while you sit.


How does it work

The portable size of Pedal Trainer Pro proclaims that you can carry it and work out anywhere you want. It assures to save space and time while letting you reach your health goals.


Burn calories while you sit
If you’re too busy to work out, Pedal Trainer Pro promises to help you burn calories and get fit while you sit. The compact trainer assures that you can get exercise while working, watching TV, reading or chopping vegetables. We haven’t analyzed Pedal Trainer Pro user reviews to verify these claims yet.


Compact and quiet
Pedal Trainer Pro allegedly provides the best cardio and strength training and burns up to 2,000 calories. Its eight resistance levels guarantee to be ideal for any fitness level and to keep you challenged and burn more calories. This sounds too good to be true, Pedal Trainer Pro user reviews will reveal more. Pedal Trainer Pro maintains to have a digital display to track time, distance and calories burned. Its quiet operation and easy storage add to the convenience. Send us your Pedal Trainer Pro reviews to tell us more.


What do I get?
Try the Pedal Trainer Pro in your own home with this 30-Day Risk Free Trial for just $14.95 with shipping and handling. After 30 days, you will be charged the remaining balance in 5 additional monthly payments of $24.99 ($139.90 total).


Saturday, February 18th, 2017

What is ToneGym

As per the TV infomercial it is a new-age exercise machine that combines Pilates, resistance training, weight training and balance training. It comes fully assembled and folds for easy storage.



Totally body training

ToneGym emphasizes to offer complete body workout with its innovative design. It declares to combine the effectiveness of 4 different training types that include – Pilates, Resistance, Weight and Balance training. Although there are no ToneGym reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. ToneGym convinces to provide full body training by offering over 50 different types of exercises on it. ToneGym assures that it is designed to work on all types of body types and fitness levels.


Innovative workout machine
ToneGym states to have a unique design that helps in engaging the muscles in a better way. There are variable resistances available for performing Pilates, resistance and weight training. The additional burn on the core is provided using the instability board. ToneGym claims that the instability board movement offers additional muscle engagement and activates the core to burn more calories. Also, the board works great to perform balance training. ToneGym does sound highly fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


Smart Design
ToneGym alleges to have a fully-assembled body so users don’t have to worry about readying it for workout. It also takes minimal space to perform the exercises. It also folds so that it can be stowed in a cupboard or under a bed. At this point of time there are no ToneGym reviews available that will attest to its claims.


What do I get?
Buy ToneGym just for only $99.95 + 19.95 P&H


Saturday, February 18th, 2017

About STIMFIT PowerPod

STIMFIT PowerPod states to be a shaping stimulation abs belt with a small device that gives firmer, stronger, and shapelier abs compared to doing abs the traditional way.



How does STIMFIT PowerPod work?

Using Swiss stimulation technology, STIMFIT PowerPod convinces to stimulate the abs with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). Switching on the device attached belt activates the belt to stimulate muscles faster, stronger, and more to give you ripped abs.


For rock hard abs
With STIMFIT PowerPod you’re promised to get rock hard abs without struggling with strenuous, time-consuming and ineffective abs exercises. Just wearing it while reading or watching TV for a few minutes proclaims to improve muscle strength and endurance. Is the device so effective? User reviewers will verify. STIMFIT PowerPod emphasizes to eliminate the use of sticky gels and bulky devices. The non-gel electrodes fabric alleges to never need replacement. STIMFIT PowerPod user reviews will reveal more.


Works abs and lower back
STIMFIT PowerPod assures to be the first device to work abs as well as lower back and give 100% abs coverage. STIMFIT PowerPod claims to have a feature to improve blood circulation and flow to sooth and comfort the back. STIMFIT PowerPod maintains to be machine-washable. This will be verified with user reviews.


STIMFIT PowerPod Review

STIMFIT PowerPod review states that the belt possibly cannot tone or spot reduce the fat on abs. Liposuction or other such experimental methods are the only way. Even an uncertain method like cool-sculpting has better chances of toning the abs than the belt and device. Unlike what the belt claims, fat can only be lost by expending more energy than food intake and is determined by genetics.

STIMFIT PowerPod review calls the belt useless and urges the users to go to a gym instead.

STIMFIT PowerPod review says that the belt makes zero sense and is a waste of money.

STIMFIT PowerPod review warns that not a single real person has actually lost weight using this belt.

STIMFIT PowerPod review asserts that the device doesn’t work. After talking to an overseas representative trying to troubleshoot it, it turned out to be an extremely terrible experience.

STIMFIT PowerPod review advises that exercising and watching what one eats is more effective than shaping the abs with this belt.

STIMFIT PowerPod review says that the belt is not what was expected. There was no difference in the bas even after using it daily.

STIMFIT PowerPod review complains that it doesn’t work even when used the way it’s instructed.

STIMFIT PowerPod review calls it uncomfortable and inconvenient. Regular abs workout is easier and more effective.

STIMFIT PowerPod review reveals that its naivety to believe the claims of the belt and buy it. The belt doesn’t work at all because vibrations cannot tone muscles or reduce stomach fat.

STIMFIT PowerPod review exposes it for its failure to work. Getting a personal trainer and exercising is the only solution to shaping abs.


What do I get?
Buy STIMFIT PowerPod just for only 199.95

Tae Bo Evolution Edge

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

What is Tae Bo Evolution Edge

It claims to be a fitness machine that provides weight loss and toning by targeting multiple muscles using multiple joints. It states to have a compact design and deliver fat burning and toning in fraction of the time.



Revolutionary workout system

Tae Bo Evolution Edge claims to be a fitness device that helps in achieving gym-like workout right at home and in fraction of the time. Tae Bo Evolution Edge states to be an easy-to-use device that stimulates all the major muscles in the body so that you can maximize your workout and target all major muscles at the same time. Tae Bo Evolution Edge asserts to be a low-impact combination of circuit and crossfit training to achieve a fit, toned body. At this point of time there are no Tae Bo Evolution Edge reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Full body workouts
Tae Bo Evolution Edge guarantees to deliver metabolism boosting workouts that increase the heart rate while providing power, strength, speed, stamina and flexibility. Tae Bo Evolution Edge promises that it does not leave any muscle group out and offers a way to develop the body in the correct proportion. Tae Bo Evolution Edge alleges to include compounded movements such as roll out, bow and arrow, horseshoe, forward lunge, upright row, bicep curls and much more. Such farfetched claims made by Tae Bo Evolution Edge will be only verified once we get to analyze user reviews.


Designed for ease
Tae Bo Evolution Edge assures that it is designed in a compact size and offers ultimate comfort while performing the workouts. Tae Bo Evolution Edge emphasizes to have anti-slip, anti-wicking foam cover so the workouts can be performed with comfort and in correct form. Tae Bo Evolution Edge maintains to be a total solution since it accompanies workout videos by Billy Blanks and a meal plan. Tae Bo Evolution Edge promises that using it regularly can cut down pounds and inches easily. Did you find Tae Bo Evolution Edge really easy to use and effective for losing weight? Send us your Tae Bo Evolution Edge reviews.


What do I get?
The cost of Tae Bo Evolution is $89.85

Total Fit Rowing System REVIEW

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

About Total Fit Rowing System

Total Fit Rowing System promises to give you a combination of muscle toning and cardio workout. It utilises the power of the row, one of the ultimate full-body exercise motions, to build the athletic physique you always wanted, in the comfort of your own home!



Total Fit Rowing System CLAIMS

12 resistance levels – Total Fit Rowing System claims to be designed with an ingenious hydraulic resistance technology allowing you to select from 12 different resistance levels to give you a low-impact, total body workout. The lower settings allow you to perform more reps, boosting your heart rate and burning calories, the mid-level settings increase the burn, engaging more muscles to tone, tighten and define your entire body and the highest settings help build lean muscle mass, define your core, and strengthen and tone your legs. Total Fit Rowing System can be customized for any fitness level. It also has an adjustable incline mechanism to suit your height.

Body parts targeted – Total Fit Rowing System states that it features an ergonomically designed multi-grip handle that allows you to work various muscle groups just by changing hand positions. It targets your chest and shoulders, back and lats, biceps and forearms, and abs and core. Total Fit Rowing System promises to give you complete versatility, total convenience and a complete workout.

Maximum user weight – Total Fit Rowing System has a maximum user weight of 150kg (330lbs).

Sturdy and stable – Total Fit Rowing System is designed with carbon steel construction ensuring enhanced durability and performance.

Easy to store – It features an intelligent, folding frame that makes it easy to store in cupboards for convenience.


Total Fit Rowing System REVIEW

One user of the Total Fit Rowing System complains that it is not an effective workout. They increased the resistance level up to maximum but didn’t break a sweat even after 45 minutes. It only caused discomfort by sitting for too long. Another customer says that the machine has cheap construction and broke when a 30 lbs child used it, ergo it wouldn’t be fit for a 150 lbs adult.

As per another user, the calorie tracker was dysfunctional. Another reviewer called it that it flimsy and one says it has weak resistance even at highest setting. For another one the machine lost resistance after just 5-10 minutes. According to one more reviewer its resistance levels are disappointing and they could only feel some resistance when they turned it to 8 of 12 levels. One customer rues that the rower is not sturdy and they found it useless after just the first time of doing 400 reps. Another reviewer says that they are 5’1” tall and couldn’t push the basic equipment back far enough to get full resistance, hence wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 5’4”.

A user liked the machine but couldn’t manage to tighten the tension and it would be a great equipment if the tension tightened. The numbers on the column did not correspond with the mark on the other side to indicate what number one is on. One user says that their time and distance dial didn’t work in spite of switching on. It didn’t connect with the rower and only flashed zero.


Total Fit Rowing System Questions and Answers

Q. Does the machine make loud noise while rowing?
A. No, the rollers on the seat create a low-grinding noise but not too loud.

Q. Does the rower engage the legs and provide them good workout unlike inexpensive rowers?
A. The rower does give ample workout to my legs. The faster speed that you row at, legs and arms get more exercise.

Q. What’s the user height that it is comfortable for?
A. My 5’8″ tall brother and I (4’11” height) both use it comfortably.

Q. Does it need assembling?
A. Yes, it needs assembling.

Q. How is the Resistance? Are there issues for a 6’2″ tall person?
A. The rower has satisfactory resistance. At 5’10” height, I use it without any problems.

Q. Does the display indicate the distance rowed or only counts repetition?
A. It counts the numbers of strokes.

Q. Can the rower manage varied speed and how fast can you row with it?
A. The speed is variable, allowing you to go as fast or as slow as comfortable for you.

Q. How can one adjust the tension? The rower indicates 1 to 12 but there are no marks. The numbered dial only rotates. Is one meant to just keep turning?
A. My dial didn’t rotate and it came with marks on it. The setting on 12 was extremely easy to handle.

Q. What’s the weight of the machine? Can it be lifted and moved easily?
A. The machine folds up and can be easily stored and movable.

Q. Can one use the reverse grip similar to a bicep curl pull?
A. Yes, it’s possible to swing the machine both ways.

Q. Is anyone else facing knee strain? My height is 5’3″ and my legs tend to compress
A. I haven’t. It would be advisable to start at Level 1, which is the easiest tension. Increase it gradually as the legs strengthen.

Ab Doer Twist EX REVIEW

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

What is Ab Doer Twist EX?

With the Ab Doer Twist EX you can now say goodbye to boring and monotonous workouts. The Ab Doer Twist EX is a fast, easy, and comfortable fitness machine designed to help you get in shape. The Ab Doer Twist EX lets you engage all the muscles of your core as you simply sit and twist!



Ab Doer Twist EX Reviews

Natalie Brown complains in her review“Working on the Ab Doer Twist EX for just two days may give you a back ache.”

Lauren Keller complains in her Ab Doer Twist EX review“The arm bar would not remain stationary after being tightened hard. You may have to hold the bar up with your arms so it doesn’t droop, just to do the required side to side motion, which puts tremendous strain on the shoulders. Using the Ab Doer Twist EX for just two times may make your neck hurt.”

David Maloney complains in his review“The Ab Doer Twist EX is very disappointing. The support column is a different color and the pins are all super long. The rubbers on the handles don’t line up and the seat was permanently tilted forward. The arm bar itself was manufactured backward compared to the one on the assembly video.”

Amanda Walters says in her review“The Ab Doer Twist EX is not a machine to be used because it is ergonomically terrible for the spine. The Ab Doer Twist EX does all the movements that are bad for one’s core.”

Aaron Reeves who reviewed Ab Doer Twist EX says – “The Ab Doer Twist EX is of very poor quality. This machine can cause permanent damage to your lower lumbar vertebrae!”

Ray Dominguez claims in his review“There is really no resistance to build your abs. Feels like you are bouncing with a rubber band. The large pole you rest your back on is too flexible. You do get some cardio workout. After doing the workout a few times you may feel a burn in your arms from holding the upper position. If you are buying to build your abs this would not be for you.”

Robert Murphy complains“The Ab Doer Twist EX is mediocre quality at best (compared to say a Nordictrac), and the upgrades did not improve the machine. The cushion impeded forward bending and the torsion rods produced negligible difference in resistance.”

Emily Oden mentions in her review – “Please stay away from this product. The 2 “Main Springs” which is the main component on the Ab Doer Twist EX machine is cheap. The spring kept on breaking, the seat wobbles really bad and the noise that comes from the Ab Doer Twist EX will wake up your neighbors, so use it with caution.”

Alex Morris summarizes the Ab Doer Twist EX Pros“The Ab Doer Twist EX is made out of metal, it’s light and does not take up much room.”

Nicholas Lopez summarizes the Ab Doer Twist EX Cons“The arm bar will not stay in place no matter how hard it is tightened. The extra resistance bands do not give much of a workout. If you are not in shape then the Ab Doer Twist EX may be the machine for you. However if can do sit-ups already, stay away from this machine because you will be disappointed. The commercial makes it look like fun but this machine is not fun, even when the arm bar was tight for a few minutes. A fitness Ball is cheaper and you get better workout.”

Jason Norby reveals in his review – “With the resistance knob turned to max you can bend the column almost all the way down to the seat with one pinky on each handlebar. There is zero resistance.”

Ryan Scott reveals – “The back cushion immediately fell apart and part of it broke. The roller is poorly made.”

Timothy Betts mentions in his review“The single roller that comes with the unit is recommended to be put on the lowest setting, which is still just above the spongy back post. It is supposed to “massage” the back, but it is very uncomfortable, as the roller tends to “dig” into your back. It hits about halfway up the center back. The roller mounts in place of the single roller, but is designed to extend outward more at the bottom, which means you can’t get your butt back far enough on the seat, plus, it restricts your movements when trying to do the back and forth motions–you just can’t lean back very far to really get a beneficial ab workout. The Ab Doer Twist EX also has the 3 resistance rods. The second (medium) rod is supposed to make the reps more challenging. Out of the three workouts on the video: beginner, intermediate, and advanced – only the advanced workout gave a thorough workout; although you could just repeat the beginner and intermediate. Some of the advanced reps are quite tough (i.e. the ‘jack knife’). The back roller digs into the back making for a very uncomfortable workout.”


Ab Doer Twist EX Features and Benefits

The Ab Doer Twist EX features a unique 360º approach that combines toning exercises with aerobic workouts. The Massage Roller is designed to give you a stimulating therapeutic massage.

The Ab Doer Twist EX strengthens and tones your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back and chest muscles. The contoured arm bars reduce stress to hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and upper back. The swivel action seat tones your legs, hips and thighs.

The flexible, padded core support column engages muscles that many other exercises cannot do. The center post spring delivers additional resistance to defy your muscles.

The Ab Doer Twist EX allows movement to the sides, forward and back. It works the muscles in your lower abs, upper abs, obliques and back while in a stable, supported position. The Ab Doer Twist EX is light weight & compact.


Ab Doer Twist EX Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Ab Doer Twist EX lean back to work out your lower back muscles?
A. The Ab Doer Twist EX does lean back to work on your lower back muscles. You can also use it to work your waist and tummy.

Q. Is it for young people?
A. If they aren’t active, then yes.

Q. What is the difference between the Ab Doer Twist EX and the Ab doer Pro?
A. The seat on the Ab Doer Twist EX pivots and it does not on the Ab-Doer Pro.

Q. What’s the distance from the seat to the floor?
A. Approximately 21″

Q. Is the Ab Doer Twist EX hard to assemble?
A. The Ab Doer Twist EX is extremely easy to assemble. It is pre – assembled. The bottom portion was assembled and you just add back part with roller and bars.

Q. Can the Ab Doer Twist EX fold up easily to put in a closet?
A. The Ab Doer Twist EX can be compacted, but it may not easily fit into a closet. The back bar will fold down at the seat level, but the lower half does not compact.


What do I get?
1 Ab Doer Twist EX Exerciser for $69.00 at

Ab Winner REVIEW

Monday, July 18th, 2016

What is Ab Winner?

The Ab Winner is a home body workout machine designed to sculpt your abs, obliques, arms, and lower back. Designed with an in-built body-glide assist, the Ab Winner lets you aerobically burn calories and target specific areas that need to be toned. With the Ab Winner you never have to get down on the floor to tighten and tone your abs ever again!



Ab Winner Review

Harold Ray reveals in his Ab Winner review that it is good for shaping the body but the resistance is way too low to build muscles. If the resistance bands were stronger the Ab Winner would be great piece of equipment, he further says in his review.

Norman Wilson says in his Ab Winner review that it is designed for older people because you cannot tone anything with the resistance straps they have. They tear off even if you use all 3 straps together.

George Herring complains in his Ab Winner review that the exercises with Ab Winner are very limited, and leg exercises are not adequate too. It is a huge disappointment. It may work for a beginner or someone that thinks they are getting a great machine.

Nelson Woods who used the Ab Winner says it provides very limited exercises. It could work only for the upper body.

Terry Clarke is not very happy with the Ab Winner in his review he says you can work every part of the body but there is a major problem with the resistance. It is too low for anyone in shape. Ab Winner is good for shaping but the resistance is way too low to build muscles. If the resistance bands were stronger the Ab Winner would be the perfect workout equipment.

Samuel Drake says that Ab Winner gives you a limited leg and ab workout. It does not mention anything about resistance level, types of exercises available, max-user weight the machine supports, work out time and dimensions.


Ab Winner CLAIMS

Comfortable workout – The Ab Winner gives you a perfectly comfortable workout. It ensures you stay in the perfect workout position allowing no strain on your neck or back. With the Ab Winner you stay supported and balanced and in proper alignment, so your workouts are targeted and powerful, and practically impossible to do incorrectly. Say goodbye to losing balance, or struggling with your form! Featuring a poly-ply core center, the Ab Winner ensures resistance on the way out and on the way back.


Areas Targeted – The Ab Winner is designed to tone and sculpt your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and lower back. With exercises including the side crunch, classic crunch, lower abs and the perfect lunge, the Ab Winner is also great for your arms and triceps. Use it while watching TV, at work, or any time you want.


High Quality – The Ab Winner is built with premium quality steel, and rolls smoothly on any floor, quietly and securely.


Easy to store – The Ab Winner folds down for easy storage. The Ab Winner is the only supportive and compact body workout machine that you will ever need! Order the Ab Winner today!


What do I get?
Buy Ab Winner just for only $14.95.
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