What is ToneGym As per the TV infomercial it is a new-age exercise machine that combines Pilates, resistance training, weight training and balance training. It comes fully assembled and folds for easy storage.     Totally body training ToneGym emphasizes to offer complete body workout with its innovative design. It declares to combine the effectiveness […]


About STIMFIT PowerPod STIMFIT PowerPod states to be a shaping stimulation abs belt with a small device that gives firmer, stronger, and shapelier abs compared to doing abs the traditional way.     How does STIMFIT PowerPod work? Using Swiss stimulation technology, STIMFIT PowerPod convinces to stimulate the abs with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). Switching […]

Tae Bo Evolution Edge

What is Tae Bo Evolution Edge It claims to be a fitness machine that provides weight loss and toning by targeting multiple muscles using multiple joints. It states to have a compact design and deliver fat burning and toning in fraction of the time.     Revolutionary workout system Tae Bo Evolution Edge claims to […]

Ab Winner REVIEW

What is Ab Winner? The Ab Winner is a home body workout machine designed to sculpt your abs, obliques, arms, and lower back. Designed with an in-built body-glide assist, the Ab Winner lets you aerobically burn calories and target specific areas that need to be toned. With the Ab Winner you never have to get […]

Total Gym Row Trainer

What is Total Gym Row Trainer? It claims to be a total body workout rowing machine that can be used right at home. It provides core stability, strengthens muscle groups and increases endurance by using body weight resistance and inclination.     Total Gym Row Trainer Claims Rowing at home – Total Gym Row Trainer […]

Vertical Gym Review

About Vertical Gym Vertical Gym states to be home fitness equipment that lets you work out your core vertically by spending just 10 minutes a day.   How does it work By providing a combination of muscle toning and fat burning cardio Vertical Gym promises to give a total body workout and sculpt your upper […]

MiniStrider 360 Review

What is MiniStrider 360 It claims to be a flexible workout machine that helps in getting good amount of exercise by striding while sitting and working at office or relaxing at home.   Get active again MiniStrider 360 guarantees that it will help anyone who is looking to keep off the pounds and stay active. […]