Switch Brite REVIEW

What is Switch Brite – As per the infomercial it is a super bright light that can be installed anywhere easily. It comprises of 8 powerful LEDs for bright lighting anywhere. Switch Brite states to be a great option for areas which generally are not well-lit.   https://a6cd6134c3b75cfbd14a-ed031e415d8fafb1f99d1f21689c423d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/SwitchBrite_A.m4v   Switch Brite CLAIMS Easy-to-install Design – […]

Lamp Hero REVIEW

What is Lamp Hero It claims to be a solar-powered lamp post meant for lighting up the exterior. It states to have LED light and an elegant design with adjustable in height and weather-resistant body. Lamp Hero claims to be a unique high powered lamp that uses solar technology to light up dark exteriors.   […]

Star Night Lights

What is Star Night Lights – As per the infomercial it is a unique decorative light that uses holographic 3D technology to project thousands of pin-point star lights on exteriors and landscape.   Perfect decorative light Star Night Lights promises to be the best light decoration whether it’s festival, event or a party. Star Night […]

Luma Lights Review

What is Luma Lights? – As per the TV infomercial it is energy efficient compact LED pod and emits ambient light in 360 degrees.   Smart technology Luma Lights claims to be a smart new way to light up dark areas. It is spherical stone-like and asserts to get activated on touch. Luma Lights also […]

My Roots Rewiew

What is My Roots: It is a saliva test that promises to unlock your family history through your DNA. My Roots stresses that now you can know more about your family’s heritage that you were always curios about. Your 23 chromosomes are the key here and reveal interesting family histories, according to its claims. My […]

2-In-1 Solar Buzzkill

About 2-In-1 Solar Buzzkill 2-In-1 Solar Buzzkill states to be a new-age bug zapper that attracts bugs, insects and mosquitoes to kill them.     How does it work The blue plasma light of 2-In-1 Solar Buzzkill asserts to attract flying pests, thermal signature attracts mosquitoes, and the live wire eliminates them quickly and effectively. […]

StarNight Laser Dancers Review

About StarNight Laser Dancers StarNight Laser Dancers states to be a ground-breaking way to light up the house outdoors, landscape, and interiors using lasers without the fuss of regular lights.     StarNight Laser Dancers Claims Simply plug StarNight Laser Dancers using the heavy-duty power cord and place it firmly in the ground using the […]

Tree Dazzler Review

What is Tree Dazzler It is a stunning Christmas tree light show that lets you decorate within a matter of minutes and without any hassle. Tree Dazzler stresses that now you can decorate your Christmas tree without the hassle of putting up those boring lights over and over again. You want your Christmas tree to […]