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Bell & Howell Disk Lights REVIEW | The LawnMower Safe LED Outdoor Lights As Seen On TV

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

About Bell & Howell Disk Lights

They are portable, powerful, solar-powered LED outdoor lights that mount flat to the ground. The Bell & Howell Disk Lights infomercial claims they create a beautiful cascades of light. The Disk Lights require no wires at all and installation is easy. You just have to press the light in the ground.

How do Disk Lights work?
The Bell & Howell Disk Lights work on Solar Energy principle – where the Disk Lights absorb the sun’s energy during daytime and charge their batteries which then powers the Disk Lights in the night, if the claims made by the official website are to be believed – the Disk Lights give light all night for 10 hours!!!! The lights turn off automatically with the first sunlight. The Bell & Howell Disk Lights also have manual on-off switch.

Where can you put the Disk Lights
The Bell & Howell Disk Lights are great for garden, poolside, accent lighting, landscape lighting, driveway, staircases, walkway, garage, backyard, just about anywhere you need the light. You can even put them on hard surfaces (just remove the stake), or even hang them vertically with the hook and loop strips.

Bell & Howell Disk Lights Claims to be durable
The manufacturer claims the The Disk Lights to be durable as they are placed in a robust stainless steel housing. They also claim the Disk Lights to be lawnmower safe!!!


Bell & Howell Disk Lights Pros

Walter Ruiz writes that the LED lights lifetime reach up to 10,000 hours, the expected life is about 3 years.

Theodore Moreno says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are waterproof.

Troy Stokes says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights survived 2 steady days of rain. They light sits on the ground, not in the ground so they are not in a puddle. They are not submersible by any means but are fine for rain and/or irrigation applications.

Rosie Gill states the rechargeable AA batteries work as a power storage that collects solar energy in day time and available to use at night. And they are replaceable when needed.

Jesus Schmidt says that white is much brighter, while both white and warm white increase a nice landscape.


Bell & Howell Disk Lights Cons

Gregory Hill complains that the individual LEDs are not replaceable so you have to buy a whole new light when one burns out.

Tanya Allen says that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights break very easily and the illumination is best for a very small garden.

Maurice Malone writes that although the Bell & Howell Disk Lights don’t need too much sunlight to charge, the light bulbs aren’t bright enough.

Elena Thompson states that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights cannot be screwed onto concrete because there are no holes for screws to go in and no screws for concrete.

Allan Graham complains that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights is cheap plastic stainless imitation and cheap clear plastic.

Tabitha Cook writes that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights is not water resistant.

Shane Townsend says that each Bell & Howell Disk Lights unit has four LEDs in it, but some of the LEDs stopped working within a few months.

Erika Bowen complains that the plastic covering the solar cells don’t appear to handle very hot temperatures under the sun for long. They became cloudy and slightly bent.

Tony Lindsey says the plastic spikes (stakes) that you drive into the ground are so weak that they will bend easily.

Ruth Copeland complains saying that the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are very dim for ground level lights.
Don Murray says the Bell & Howell Disk Lights are not that strong and the base is a bit large.

Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight REVIEW

Monday, March 26th, 2018

Motion Pads REVIEW

The Motion Pads do not work as advertised. The customers who purchased Motion Pads are disappointed in what the product actually turned out to be. The brightness of these lights is pretty bad. For comparison it is about like if you hold the screen of your cell phone as a light (not flashlight mode, that is better). Motion Pads work if you just want a faint night light but nothing more.

One of the customer wrote in the review of Motion Pads – “ Quality does not feel that great, as the timer is too fast to shut off and not configurable. You have to constantly move to re-engage the light. And the sticky back is very weak.” The lights are too dim it may barely light up the pantry, too sensitive to small amounts of light to be useful. Too bad Motion Pads can’t be switched to a couple of longer “on” options and an on-off switch to allow manual control. Motion Pads thus does not seems to be cost effective and are of poor quality control.


Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick Anywhere Nightlight

PROS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads lights up only when there’s motion that activates it
Light is bright enough to pick out clothes in a dark closet
Motion Pads detects pretty far like 20 feet
Sticky pads are easy to remove to use
Motion Pads should work great over the stove as a range light
6 LED each light
Very easy to open backs to put the batteries


CONS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads do not work in a refrigerator if there is enough light when you open the door
They stay on for about 15 – 20 seconds
Not a rodent deterrent.
No switch on each light to turn on or off, Motion sensing only
No variable brightness intensity switch
Motion Pads is not water proof


Motion Pads Verdict

Motion Pads got quite critical reviews taking into account its brightness intensity and how much did it really help the buyer serve their purpose to buy these. We would suggest you to look for many another options available in the market of similar kind and do a thorough research about the product by reading the product details as well as the reviews which is the significant part before deciding on buying any product as reviews on the online selling portals are from genuine customers and thus verify how could the product actually is.

According to our research we recommend you to go for URPOWER Motion Sensor Light. It is a Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED Stick and can be used anywhere Nightlight, Wall Light for Entrance, Hallway, Basement, Garage, Bathroom, Cabinet, Closet. You can find URPOWER Motion Sensor Light on for $12.99. It has received 4.3 star ratings on an average and having 2582 customer reviews majority of which are positive. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for wall light, thus making it a front runner in the motion sensor wall light category buy.


Official website: | |

Atomic Cool REVIEW | As Seen On TV Portable Cooler

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Official website:

About Atomic Cool

Cool down fast and easy whenever you need to with Atomic Cool. This powerful, ultra-portable, personal cooling system helps you get cool air anytime. Atomic Cool is lightweight and portable making it easy to carry even when you travel.

It uses evaporative water filters that use H2O cool fusion technology. Atomic Cool converts hot, dry air to cool, moist air. You can get precision-controlled room temperature with its built-in digital thermostat. It’s affordable and can be used in any room, even the kitchen. It cools up to 50 sq. ft. making it handy to use in dorms and RVs too.


Atomic Cool


Atomic Cool REVIEW

Atomic Cool is basically a spot cooler and many of the people are mislead into believing that spot cooler is an alternative to the air conditioning unit. Both work on different mechanism and is helpful only if used in the right kind of environment. It is learned from the customers who purchased Atomic Cool that is not that effective, for instance one of the customer said about Atomic Cool – “ You will get cool air from the Atomic Cool as long as the temperature of the water in the reservoir is lesser but because the water basin is not insulated, the water quickly gains temperature from the hotter surrounding and will no longer blow cooler air.” In addition many users felt Atomic Cool to be noisy and also makes the air muggy than cooler, thus making it not suitble for wet and cold places. One user suggested to keep one of the windows slightly open if you are using the Atomic Cool in the night, this will help lower the humidity.

Other than that you may have to take care of the water in the reservoir as it gets stinky after a few days. So you may want to drain the old water from the reservoir. The water tank can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many people think Atomic Cool is just an expensive fan!! A customer had following to say – “ Cheap quality. The motor is very small and weak. After about 2-3 weeks of daily use, the machine konked out. By ‘machine’, I mean the fan motor as that is the only electrical component in it. Everything else are simple mechanical components of flimsy quality.” Another said – “ Atomic Cool is just a waste of good money…it needs a better fan….is on and hardly blowing and this is on high speed…the bottle would work better if the water is frozen in it before loading it…just awful….”


Atomic Cool PROS

Atomic Cool has no Compressor since it consumes lot of power instead it uses fan.
It is ideal for a single person living in a small apartment.
Atomic Cool works well in arid/dry areas.
Makes it bearable when you have the air blowing directly towards you.
Works well when used in small rooms with a window open, Atomic Cool works well in a cross-ventilated area.


CONS of Atomic Cool

Atomic Cool has a sort of Muddy Water smell.
Not more than 4 to 5 degree reduction in temperature is what is expected so do not think of Atomic Cool as as alternative to air conditioner.
Have to keep it near open window for best experience else you would feel increase in the humidity level in the room.
Weak fan and noisy.
No Warranty.


Atomic Cool Verdict

Atomic Cool is nothing new, they are simply trying to portray a simple ordinary personal evaporative cooler to be an magic gadget that will transform hot air into an air conditioner like air – that’s not going to happen. There are many of these personal “swamp coolers” like Atomic Cool available in the market, but all of their usefulness is limited given their working principle. All such personal coolers like Atomic Cool are expensive priced at around 200 bucks. If at all you want to buy one, we would suggest buying the much branded cooler – Honeywell CS10XE Portable Evaporative Air Cooler instead of Atomic Cool, which is available at A simple search for “personal evaporative cooler” will show you the complete list.


What do I get?
See the official website:

Instant Moon REVIEW

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

About Instant Moon

Instant Moon is an LED night light that shows the moon in its various lunar phases. This moon-shaped LED night light has a textured surface through which light shines through making it look just like the moon in the sky. It comes with a remote control which you can use to project the different phases of the moon in various colors. Instant Moon emits a soft glow.

The different phases of the moon in Instant Moon include the crescent moon, half moon, three-quarter moon, and full moon. The colors of the moon are projected in white, orange and blue. Instant moon has an automatic energy saving sleep timer as well.

You can hang Instant Moon on a wall and control it via the remote control. It is easy to operate. Turn it on, choose the color of the moon and move to the phase of the moon you choose to view.



Instant Moon Questions and Answers

Q. How bright is Instant Moon?
A. It is not bright enough to be a main light.

Q. Is the glow whiteish or blueish?
A. It is more white than blue.

Q. How many batteries does the Instant Moon require?
A. The product description states 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA each.

Q. Is there an option for the moon to stay on continuously all night?
A. It does not seem to have that option. It goes off automatically after about 20 or 30 minutes.

Q. Does it play any music like the Uncle Milton’s Jr. moon?
A. Not sure.

Q. Does it automatically change the phases of the moon to match the actual phases?
A. No. It does not. You can change it with the remote control to match it.

Q. What is Instant Moon made of?
A. Plastic

Q. Is it an LED?
A. The lights are LED. It is battery operated, with an input for a cord. It has multiple light up angles on the moon face.

Q. How is it hung on the wall? Should a hook be bought separately?
A. There is an area on the back of it that fits a nail perfectly.

Q. Can Instant Moon hang on the ceiling?
A. It is not recommended. It needs to lean against something.

Q. Does it glow in the dark?
A. No. It does not.

Q. How heavy is it?
A. It is super light. Probably under .5 lb. You can hand it on a small nail.

Q. Does Instant Moon have an eclipse mode?
A. It cycles through the moon phases. It is not technically an eclipse.


Official website:


Instant Moon Review

One user reported that Instant Moon does not light up. There are lines where it changes phases and small shadows, but only up close. If you don’t have the remote, you can turn Instant Moon off using the small switch behind the moon, which is inconvenient if it is wall mounted.

Instant Moon automatically turns off after 30 minutes. More settings would have been ideal. Also, it does not automatically match the actual moon’s phases. Though for the price of an inexpensive item, recreating the actual current moon phase cannot be expected. It cycles through each phase every 5 seconds, so the novelty could wear off quickly.

Although the different phases of the moon are displayed, waxing and waning, only one of them seems to be realistic – crescent moon. The other phases on Instant Moon show a sharp division where dimmer lights from the other phases can be seen. For example, even though the last quarter was bright, the division between the last quarter and half can been seen. It can be distracting.

Some users reported a bright spot in the middle of Instant Moon for the phases of the moon between half and full moon. The uneven illumination is not appealing.


Instant Moon Verdict

Before anything else know that Instant Moon is not one of its kind product, there are many similar products outsmarting each other all along. You can find Instant Moon on the official website for $14.99 and that too two of it.

The product seems interesting and luring the customers with its specification but the point is, is it worth the buy? Its not always that the price matters and even though Instant Moon is way cheaper than many of its competitors it is the quality of the product where they failed to deliver. You can always look for more options on for similar kind of products that may be better than the one we are considering.

We recommend you to go for Moon In My Room instead of Instant Moon. You can find Moon In My Room on for $24.48 which is priced more than Instant Moon but what really matters is that Moon In My Room worth the buy considering its popularity and the reviews. It has received on an average 4.5 star ratings out of 5 with 2424 customer reviews which helps in understanding the working of the product from the actual buyers which is more genuine source of knowing any product. Both are having almost the same specifications but Moon In My Room has an edge over Instant Moon and so is our choice in this category.

Happy Alarm REVIEW

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

What is Happy Alarm?

Happy Alarm claims to be a multi-use device designed with an alarm clock, FM radio, mood light, and bedside light. Happy Alarm alleges to eliminate the need for individual devices like alarm clocks, radios, and light creating devices. It claims that its design is both sleek and modern allowing it to perfectly blend into nearly any bedroom. Happy Alarm declares that it is made using a circular structure and durable plastics that can withstand being dropped, stepped on, and knocked over.



How does Happy Alarm work?

Happy Alarm promises to be able to simulate natural sunrise lighting in order to make waking up a gradual and peaceful experience. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse Happy Alarm reviews. Happy Alarm also alleges to allow its users to customize their wake up routine with music, lighting tone and brightness, sounds, and adjustable volume controls. Seems like a lofty claim? Why don’t you let us know if it works out like that in your Happy Alarm reviews?

Built in Radio – The built in FM radio in the Happy Alarm asserts to be perfect for people who have a hard time sleeping in silence or who like to tune into early morning radio shows. The speakers used are high quality and free of crackling and background noise. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Happy Alarm claims.

Mood Light – Happy Alarm features a soothing mood light that alleges to be changed to a variety of colors and each color creates a calming ambience in the room. The colors include red, yellow, green, lime, blue, violet, and purple. Does the Happy Alarm really create a calming ambience? Happy Alarm reviews will have to confirm that for us.

Volume Adjustments – Happy Alarm promises to have a volume control for the alarm clock, sounds, and music allowing you to turn up/down the volume. This claim can only be substantiated once Happy Alarm reviews come out.

Sunlight Simulation – Happy Alarm emphasizes that its sunlight simulation feature lasts up to 30 minutes each time it is used and allows the device to mimic the appearance of sunset lighting. Does it really work as promised? This question and can only be affirmed once we analyse Happy Alarm reviews.

Brightness Adjustment – Happy Alarm convinces that it features 10 brightness settings – dim to extra bright and its brightness can be adjusted to fit the user’s unique brightness needs. Happy Alarm reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true.


Happy Alarm Reviews

In his review of the Happy Alarm, Joseph Poole, says that the Happy Alarm is cheaply and poorly made and did not work at all. He says that it could not be set at all.

Betsy Gardner writes in her Happy Alarm review that the instructions to use the Happy Alarm are poorly written.

Another person, Brandy Clarke, claims in her review of the Happy Alarm – “The alarm clock display broke and frequently resets the time. Now the actual light has broken and the unit just dimly flickers instead of turning on in the morning. Final critique – the ‘soothing’ sounds programmed to the alarm are rather abrasive and poor quality”.

Courtney Medina states in her Happy Alarm review- “The clock did not come with an instruction manual or directions online for how to use it. The clock stopped working in a week upon receiving it. It is too difficult to set and understand”.

Violet Hammond purchased the Happy Alarm and mentions in her Happy Alarm review- “This clock does not keep the time. Every time I have plugged it in the time drifts by over an hour within a week. A clock is useless if it can’t keep the time. Also, it is not intuitive to set”.

Douglas Spencer writes in his review of the Happy Alarm that the clock runs slow. Every few weeks he has to re-set the time as the clock falls more and more behind.

In her review of the Happy Alarm, Josephine Malone says- “Before the target wake up time, the clock plays a short duration of the wake-up sound, but there’s no way to turn this off”.

Alicia Mendoza says that she likes the concept of the Happy Alarm clock but says if only she could turn off the light! The light comes on before the alarm sounds and gets bright very quickly and there is no button to turn the light off!

Penny Henry is not very happy with the Happy Alarm and claims that the Happy Alarm is extremely difficult to set. The 4 buttons need to be pushed in varying order to achieve the correct settings, she says.

Rachel Castillo is disappointed with the Happy Alarm and writes in her review- “Bad execution. Sometimes the sound just doesn’t work. The sounds are on short loops which is kind of annoying. Sometimes it makes a weird tinny noise. It’s not possible to turn off the alarm within the last half hour before it is to go off.

In her review of the Happy Alarm, Faith Walsh states that the Happy Alarm has complicated instructions. All the set up functions include a convoluted variety of button holding and clicking. The buttons are on the back and they are marked with teeny tiny raised letters that you can hardly see.

Jeanette Austin mentions in her review of the Happy Alarm- “You really can’t set it for Silent. Even when you set the sound level to zero the clock makes a strange clicking noise”.

Andrea Delgado says in her Happy Alarm review—“Radio searches for all signals and sets them as pre-sets, however there is no seek function, so if the signal has a little bit of static in it, you can’t listen to it”.

Kimberly Bass claims that the Happy Alarm did not come with a plug for the USB cable.


Happy Alarm Questions/Answers

Q. Do the numbers have to light up?
1. Long press button △▽ can turn off time display, press any button of SET/△/▽/radio can resume the time display.
2. Night mode (very low light intensity mode) is from 23:00 to 6:00 and only effect when powered by DC 5V. The light of number will darken.

Q. If the Happy Alarm is running on batteries, can you only wake up to sounds, but no light?
A. Happy Alarm is powered by AAA batteries, there is no light function. At the set time, the alarm sound play for 3 minutes and can stop sound by press any button of SET/UP/DOWN/RADIO.

Q. Why did my light function stop, a message is displayed instead of time, and there is no light even while the Happy Alarm is plugged in.
A. To avoid failure, interval of every touch must be more than 1 second. Do not press two or more keys at the same time. If there is any malfunction, please unplug the unit for 3 seconds.

Q. Can I stick Happy Alarm on the wall?
A. No, there is no wall mounting hole.

Q. Does this Happy Alarm clock come with a power cord or just batteries?
A. No, it comes with a USB cord that can be plugged in like your phone. It’s really complicated to program.

Q. My Happy Alarm will not switch to a 12 hour format.
A. Use the m button to switch between the 12 hour and the military setting.

Q. Is there a sleep timer to allow the radio play for a short time till you fall asleep?
A. There is no sleep timer on this clock. There is only a wake up alarm.

Q. Can the level of brightness for the alarm be set to less than 100%?
A. It can be turned down, but not pre-set.

Q. Is there a way to turn off the clicking noise when volume is at zero?
A. The buttons on the back side of the unit aren’t touch style. So you can’t turn off that clicking noise. The buttons on the front of the unit are touch style buttons. No noise.

Q. How can I 4make the numbers go off totally dark at night, and still have the light wake me up?
A. I don’t think you can have it both ways. I followed the instructions on how to get the display to turn off (as it is very bright for something that is supposed to wake you up with light), but in the morning the sunrise simulation never went off.

Q. How bright is the gradual “sunrise” feature?
A. The lighting will come on half an hour before the sounds and gradually increase in brightness.

Q. Does the beginning light seem like it’s too bright?
A. This is a calming way to wake up and indeed it does improve your mood when getting up. It can be used in the winter months to help you get up on the cold dark mornings.

Q. How do I set the alarm?! I only have 4 buttons on back.
A. You have to put it on the setting to set the time, and then hold the button down until the alarm setting pops up.

Q. Is there a way to make the numbers and screen completely dark while sleeping or does the Happy Alarm always emit light?
A. Yes, you can turn off the clock light at any time you want. Please press the button “ALARM/DOWN” at the back for 5 seconds then the clock light will be shut off.

Q. Can you have the light come on without the alarm? Also, can you have the batteries in, even while plugged in for backup in case of a power outage?
A. No to the first question and yes to the second question.

Q. Is the light a full spectrum?
A. Yes, it gradually wakes up to the full light spectrum in 5 stages.

Grace Alley Flag REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is Grace Alley Flag

As per its infomercial, it is a high-quality flagpole and the American flag that is tangle-free, and durable to proudly stand tall in all weather conditions. Grace Alley Flag proclaims to be a superior quality American flag and pole that will raise it even on the windiest days. It states to have a tangle-free technology that unravels the flag and makes it flutter with pride. How true are the claims made by Grace Alley Flag will be only known once we get to analyze user reviews.



Pure American glory

Tangle-Free Technology
This amazing flagpole declares to have a unique two-section construction that allows the top section to spin on ball bearings. Such a construction allegedly avoids tangling and the adjustable pole helps in angling the flag as desired. The aluminum pole maintains to be made of durable, rust, and weather-proof material. Such fanciful claims will be verified once Grace Alley Flag is reviewed.


Proud stars and stripes
Grace Alley Flag assures that its superior craftsmanship ensures that the flag doesn’t tear or the colors don’t fade. It convinces to have built-in brass grommets to secure the flag on the pole while its four-point needle fly hem helps in preventing fray and keeps the flag intact even in harsh outdoor environment. This made in USA flag is pretty impressive; Grace Alley Flag reviews will reveal the truth.


Grace Alley Flag Questions and Answers

Q. Is the top ball of Grace Alley Flag removable to place a light on the top to light the flag at night?
A. No, it isn’t removable but one can try to strap a solar powered light near the bottom of the pole to illuminate the flag.

Q. Is the length adjustable to whirl the flag at half-mast?
A. No, it is a two-piece pole that comes with hanging clips in fixed positions.

Q. Does the ring on Grace Alley Flag spin or the pole itself spin?
A. The rings are meant to spin around the pole, which itself remains in its position. The spinning rings are designed to ensure that the flag doesn’t get tangled during strong winds.

Q. Does the pole have heavy-duty clips?
A. No, the clips are made of nylon or plastic material. Users don’t recommend it since the assembled parts can come off easily and start falling apart.

Q. Will Grace Alley Flag withstand approximately 70 mph speed if placed on a truck?
A. The pole might be able to hold at this wind speed but the clips that hold the flags might not.

Q. Does Grace Alley Flag come with a mounting bracket?
A. No, it has to be purchased separately.

Q. How wide is the Grace Alley Flag’s pole?
A. It is approximately one inch in diameter.

Q. Will Grace Alley Flag survive in strong winds that are greater or equal to 70 mph?
A. The pole is sturdy but the entire structure is made using aluminum with hollow interiors. Chances are it will not survive such strong wind conditions.

Q. What material is the ball on the top of the Grace Alley Flag’s pole made using?
A. It is made of plastic material.

Q. Where is Grace Alley Flag manufactured?
A. The tag on the base reads as Made in China.

Q. Is Grace Alley Flag sturdy enough to be mounted on a motorcycle for escort speeds that do not exceed 45 mph? Will A. it also hold a 3 x 5 feet long flag?
It is known to break in the most moderate of winds after holding a 3 x 5 feet flag on a porch. It is recommended to purchase a ¾ copper water pipe and make a DIY flagpole out of it.


Grace Alley Flag Review

Edward Meyer, a Grace Alley Flag reviewer, discloses that the pole worked great for the first few months and the flag never got tangled inside it. But as time passes, the spinner stops working well and requires manual untangling especially during windy days.

A similar problem is noticed in the Grace Alley Flag review by Carolyn Carpenter. She also states that the pole works great only for the initial duration and stops spinning after a period of 5-6 months.

One other Grace Alley Flag review by Delbert Barrett criticizes its assembly mechanism since he couldn’t get the top and bottom parts to join. He had to ultimately tape its bottom pole and fix it with the top pole to resolve the problem.

Vicky Johnson calls Grace Alley Flag a poorly-built pole in his review. According to him, the pole fails to stand up to 35 MPH wind gust while holding a 3 x 5 flag on it. Also, the pole doesn’t fit on a standard mount due to its spinning mechanism. He had to pull the cap out of the end and use his older flagpole to fit its assembly.

One review by Grace Alley Flag customer, Penny Allen, complains that the flagpole is made using poor-quality material and the clips for the flag are flimsy. The bottom clip on her flagpole snapped while mounting it.

Vera Bryan also faced similar problems where the clip on Grace Alley Flag broke even before she attached the flag. She does mention in her review that it is sturdy but due to poor quality, the flag simply gets tangled in the gentle of winds.

Susie Cooper’s Grace Alley Flag review says that the pole isn’t sturdy and easily bent during heavy winds. It is nowhere as sturdy and all-weather proof flagpole as it claims to be. She also warns other customers in her Grace Alley Flag review that the pole is slightly oversized and might not fit in a standard mount.

One Gayle Francis expresses disappointment in his Grace Alley Flag review since it failed to spin freely at the top end. He couldn’t make it work even after modifying it and doing some DIY.

According to Diana Ball’s Grace Alley Flag review, it does get tangled and wrapped around the pole. Also, the bottom ring is made using cheap plastic material and the aluminum tubes also feel flimsy. The threads on the plastic screw set were stripped even before using it.


Grace Alley Flag VERDICT

Grace Alley Flag isn’t a unique flagpole and is similar to many different options available in the market. Its sturdy design and the tangle-free feature is a repeating characteristic in options that are available after searching for flagpoles, tangle-free flagpoles, or spinning tangle free flagpole on Google and Amazon. The competitor flagpole to Grace Alley Flag is the American Signature that has similar features and comparative pricing. Do note that Grace Alley Flag is better rated with 4.7 rating from 4,608 customers over the 4.2 rating for the American Signature flagpole that has a 4.2 rating from 344 customers on Amazon. An interesting fact about Grace Alley Flag’s cost is that it is much cheaper than the price offered on the As Seen On TV website. Hence, we recommend purchasing Grace Alley Flag from Amazon. Do visit the review section and read what people have to say about it, especially the ones who have rated it as average or poor.


What do I get?
Grace Alley Flag includes Flag Pole & USA flag just for only 39.99 + S&H. | Official Website:

Double Whammy Max REVIEW

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

About Double Whammy Max

Double Whammy Max proclaims to be a 2-in-1 plug-in device that zaps flying insects and at the same time drives away pests and bugs away.


Double Whammy Max CLAIMS

The unique Double Whammy Max claims that it doesn’t require any installation and starts working when plugged into an electrical outlet. It promises that its Ultrasonic Sound Waves will drive away bugs and pests while its Blue Light Technology assures to attract flying insects and kill them instantaneously.


Safe to use
Since it doesn’t require toxic chemicals to do its job, Double Whammy Max guarantees to be completely safe for people of all ages and even pets. The ultrasonic sound waves are at a lot higher frequency that humans and pets cannot hear. We shall know more once Double Whammy Max is reviewed by users.


Smart features

This device maintains to be compact in size and is hardly noticeable once it is plugged into an outlet. Even though Double Whammy Max is small, it declares to be powerful enough to drive away spiders, and rodents while zapping mosquitoes with ease. There are currently no reviews available that will verify with its claims. It states to be perfect for an average-sized room where it provides consistent performance per square inch. How well does Double Whammy Max really work will be only proved once users review it.


Double Whammy Max Review

Bill Rodriguez, a Double Whammy Max customer, states in his review that it failed to work as promised. Even after using it as directed, the mosquitoes were still there. He also mentions that the beeping sound can be pretty annoying.

A customer, Shannon Hunter discloses in her review that she was shocked how Double Whammy Max failed to perform. Her disappointment escalated when she noticed roaches sitting harmlessly on the top of the unit. She warns users against purchasing it since it is a complete waste of investment.

A reviewer, Orlando Martinez, asserts in his review that Double Whammy Max is a complete waste since it couldn’t drive the pests out of the house. Instead, his family was driven crazy due to the constant chirping sound that it makes. He had to unplug it and stop using due to this annoying noise that it makes.

One other customer, Donna Zimmerman, complains that Double Whammy Max has a very bright light that can be disturbing at night apart from the sound that it makes. Her review further adds that she hasn’t seen any particular kind of improvement in her rodent and pest issues after using Double Whammy Max consistently for some time.

Barry Ferguson deems Double Whammy Max completely useless in his review since mosquitoes, spiders, and cockroaches are unaffected by it.


Double Whammy Max Questions and Answers

Q. Does Double Whammy Max use electromagnetic fields?
A. No, it uses pest control ultrasonic technology.

Q. How long will it last?
A. It can last approximately 6 months with regular use.

Will Double Whammy Max affect pet hamsters and mice in the house?

Q. Is it compatible to work from a power strip as well?
A. As long as the power available I 110 V, it should work fine with a power strip.

Q. Can Double Whammy Max be plugged into the balcony or porch to prevent mosquitoes from entering?
A. No, it will only stop flies from entering but is useless against mosquitoes.

Q. Will Double Whammy Max work on rats?
A. It works effectively on insects but there is no way to know for sure if it has any effect on rats.


Double Whammy Max VERDICT

This pest and rodent repellent uses Ultrasonic waves, which is a common technology used in many similar repellents. Users can do a quick search on Google or Amazon for ultrasonic pest repellent to look for various options. Double Whammy Max is a direct competitor to the Pest Repeller for Repelling Rodent and Insect device that more or less does the same job. The major difference between the two is that Double Whammy Max isn’t available on leading websites such as Amazon and there is no way to know whether its reviews and ratings on the internet are true. The Pest Repeller for Repelling Rodent and Insect device has a 4.2 out of 5 rating from 193 customers. Another major difference is that Double Whammy Max double the price of its competitor product. Even though the technology is proven, we are not sure if Double Whammy Max makes the best use of this technology. Hence we don’t recommend users purchasing it and instead look for something that has real ratings and reviews.


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My Secret Safe REVIEW

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

My Secret Safe

About My Secret Safe

My Secret Safe declares to be a clever safe that is disguised as a dictionary book. Such a smart design ensures that people wouldn’t know that there is something valuable inside it. Like any other safe, My Secret Safe also states to have a lock that keeps most valuable items such as money, passport, documents, family heirlooms and safer. It emphasizes to be discreet and safe for storing important items while traveling, at home or living in a hostel.



My Secret Safe CLAIMS

Exceptional Features – The cleverly disguised My Secret Safe assures to have a durable and strong gauged metal and has a tamper resistant galvanized steel hinge for additional safety. Such a design makes My Secret Safe seem worth purchasing; user reviews will expose the truth. The lock on My Secret Safe is asserted to be a customizable combination lock that can be changed from time to time and offers more safety. More shall be revealed once users review it.

Convenient Design – My Secret Safe claims to be lightweight and approximately 18 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm that fits most valuable items including tablets and phones. Does the handy and compact nature of My Secret Safe offer anything substantial? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


My Secret Safe REVIEW

According to Lester Morton’s review, My Secret Safe is a decent safe but is so small that it failed to accommodate a large size wallet. Otherwise, he says in his My Secret Safe review that it is good to keep small size objects and does the job even if the pages are plastic and looks pretty fake.

Ruben Cook has no complaints about the utility of My Secret Safe. But in his review, he says that the box has a very poor quality of glue that holds the fake book cover on the little metal case. As per his review, My Secret Safe might be made using flimsy material but does a decent job if used by kids.

A My Secret Safe review of Lela Ballard reveals that its idea is quite nice but its quality is not decent. She says it is pretty standard and is worth three stars.

Another review of My Secret Safe by Melba Pope also gives three stars to it since it still looks a little fake.

Pete Blair, a My Secret Safe reviewer, states that it fits nicely in a bookcase but the pages might be too white to look at. He suggests users to use markers or crayons to put a less noticeable shade on it. His review further adds that My Secret Safe comes across as fake the moment it is picked up. It is lightweight, though, and does its job decently. Another issue he asserts in his My Secret Safe review is that the adhesive on the cover is cheap and can come off after use in the first week.

One other customer, Glenda Moody, discloses that My Secret Safe looks fake but has a decent locking mechanism. As per her review, My Secret Safe works fine for kids who can hide their precious items for fun.

A fairly contradicting review is given by Hilda Davis. She got My Secret Safe for her stepson to stow away the money lying about but says that its bind broke after few days. Her review also exposes that the glue used to put together the book cover of My Secret Safe kept falling off.

Delia Colon’s review shares that My Secret Safe’s plastic pages give it away as a fake but does the trick if it is shoved into a bookcase. Although she suggests in her review that My Secret Safe can do better with some design tweaking.

Tammy Morales also complains about the plastic pages of My Secret Safe in her review that is a dead giveaway. She says that her little niece loved it and that it does store all her precious items safely.
Another review by Kurt Allison points out that My Secret Safe fails to hide in plain sight as promised. He further reveals in his My Secret Safe review that the lock fails to function if the item stored inside gets in its way. He suggests in his review to keep smaller items in My Secret Safe and not something large or awkwardly shaped.

Irving Walsh doesn’t recommend My Secret Safe in his review since it fails to be discreet as claimed. Also, the steel safe makes a banging sound when My Secret Safe is handled.
A user named Rogelio Curtis states in his review that My Secret Safe is only good for children as it doesn’t pass a close inspection. He praises the locking mechanism in his review and says that My Secret Safe will be loved by children to store their items.

Kristy Curry mentions in her review that My Secret Safe does have a decent look but has poor quality build. According to the review, the paper-wrap binding on My Secret Safe ripped apart without any mishandling of the book. She does highlight in her review that My Secret Safe is not expensive so there is nothing much one can do about the quality.

A review by Shawna Cole claims that My Secret Safe could have done better in terms of concealment if they put some pages before the safe.

A reviewer, Travis Brooks, divulges that My Secret Safe looks pretty much like a toy can be and concealed amongst other books in a bookshelf. His review asserts that the glue used to stick the cover falls off and seems like it wasn’t meant for use with metal. In his review, he claims that My Secret Safe cracked and separated when he opened it first. The double-sided adhesive strip of My Secret Safe is weak and falls apart in few uses. He shows moderate disappointment towards My Secret Safe in his review since it wasn’t a serious purchase in the first place.

Ed Robinson suggests in his review that My Secret Safe works only if it kept between a bunch of other books.

Ruben Cook’s review sheds some contrasting information regarding My Secret Safe’s looks. He complains that the product pictures don’t give a proper understanding of how fake the pages look. The review also states that the empty metal sheet makes rattling sounds and may require little foam packing to solve it. As per his review, My Secret Safe is nothing that can make anyone fool and will be easily identified as fake.

Another review by Issac Day reveals that My Secret Safe doesn’t look like a book but works great for storing items inside a drawer for easy access.

Gail Conner complains of similar issues about My Secret Safe having a fake design in her review. Her review also shows frustration towards the binding peeling off upon opening. Furthermore, she writes in the My Secret Safe review that it has a terrible quality and isn’t trustworthy.

An angry customer, Miriam Brian, lashes out at My Secret Safe in her review saying its flimsy body can be easily broken down. Her review further states that My Secret Safe is so small that it fails to fit a diary inside and is good for only smaller items. A word of advice mentioned in her My Secret Safe review is to keep it away from water as it can ruin it.


My Secret Safe Questions Answers

Q. Is My Secret Safe fireproof?
A. No, it doesn’t have insulation and has sheets of metal on each side. There is no protection whatsoever against fire.

Q. Can My Secret Safe accommodate a Glock 19?
A. Yes.

Q. How large is My Secret Safe from the inside?
A. It has approximately around 2 inches depth, 5 inches width and 9 inches in height.

Q. Is the safe air tight?
A. No.

Q. Can a journal fit inside My Secret Safe?
A. It depends on the size of the journal although it can fit a small locking diary within with ease.

Q. Can My Secret Safe fit a Surface Pro 3 tablet?
A. No.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to hold paper documents?
A. It can but if the documents are larger they might need to be folded. It works better for smaller items such as cards, IDs, and passports.

Q. Will My Secret Safe accommodate an iPhone 6?
A. Yes.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to fit a Beretta nano inside it?
A. Yes, it can easily fit hand-sized guns.

Q. Can My Secret Safe fit a full-size pistol along with its magazines?
A. No.

Q. Will the inside My Secret Safe smell?
A. Yes, it can since there is no airtight lock, something potent enough can make it start smelling.

Q. Will pill bottles fit inside My Secret Safe?
A. Yes, if they are small in size.

Q. How many DVDs can My Secret Safe fit inside?
A. It can roughly fit 3 to 4 standard size DVDs with their covers. It will not accommodate more since the depth is designed to look like a book.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to fit a PS3 controller, 3 games with their boxes and a speaker?
A. No.

Q. What are the key selling points of My Secret Safe?
A. The looks of this safety box are pretty authentic and lightweight as well. The insides are not that perfectly made but it is a good, cheap security box option. Although, a sentry would fit better for people looking for something bigger and secure

Q. Can My Secret Safe cause trouble at the airport?
A. It has a metal locking door on the inside that might get screened.

Q. Will things inside My Secret Safe rattle around?
A. Yes, if it’s used along on travels since the metal case inside doesn’t have paddings. However, if it simply sitting on the shelf there is no way anything will rattle. One can cut some Styrofoam and place inside to prevent the rattling.

Q. How sturdy is the metal used in My Secret Safe?
A. This has a sheet metal that is not pretty strong and is meant to be a toy for kids to hide their stuff.

Q. Is My Secret Safe recommended by other users?
A. Users suggest that there are many options available online and a tried and tested safe should be purchased.


What do I get?
Please visit the Official website

Super Bright Switch LED REVIEW

Monday, July 24th, 2017

What is Super Bright Switch

As per the infomercial it is a portable, wireless “peel and stick” LED light and switch that can be placed on any surface or carried as a flashlight in case of emergency. Super Bright Switch proclaims to be a quick and easy bright light that can be installed anywhere for easy lighting.



Super Bright Switch CLAIMS

Wireless LED light switch – Super Bright Switch assures that it has a powerful light that helps in lighting up dark areas such as closets, cabinets, kid’s room, toolbox, attic, basement, and more. Currently there are no Super Bright Switch reviews available to attest to its claims.
Salient features – Super Bright Switch promises to get installed within seconds without professional skills. It states to require no tools or complicated wiring. Instead Super Bright Switch alleges to have a peel and stick mechanism that sticks over any surface. There is a built-in peg hole for hanging and a magnet too for placing it on metal surfaces. Super Bright Switch does sound highly impressive; user reviews will expose the truth. Super Bright Switch assures that it can be repositioned easily or even used as a flashlight in case of emergency. At this point of time there are no Super Bright Switch reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


What do I get?
2 Super Bright Switch Portable Wireless Peel and Stick LED Lights for $12.99 plus $8.99 shipping and handling at the Official website:


Super Bright Switch Review

Brad Day writes in his Super Bright Switch review that its battery runs out frequently if kept on for 15 or 20 minutes. He wishes that it would have a rechargeable version instead of battery operated. His Super Bright Switch review also adds that the switch started to get warmer and lost a lot of brightness gradually before the battery ran out.

A similar Super Bright Switch review is given by Steven Fleming who says that LEDs are not supposed to take so much energy. He also writes in his review that Super Bright Switch is a good source of light but doesn’t last long.

One review by Joe Henderson reveals that Super Bright Switch stopped working after a month of minimal use. He also found it difficult to install.

Another customer, Santos Bass, complains in his review that Super Bright Switch doesn’t give as much light as expected. It also is difficult to mount and requires screwing since the adhesive backing and magnets are not strong enough. According to his review Super Bright Switch can work better if it had a timer or motion detector to shut off.

Eva Lucas struggled to use the magnet on Super Bright Switch and found the sticking tape pointless. Her review also says that screwing to mount this light is the only option but defeats the purpose of being a portable light.

A customer named Gina Walker complains in her review that Super Bright Switch’s magnet doesn’t even stick to a refrigerator well. Similar to the above review, she also says that mounting Super Bright Switch is cumbersome.

A reviewer Edwin Carr shows disappointment by saying Super Bright Switch doesn’t work more than a few seconds. According to his Super Bright Switch review he tried different batteries but the light wouldn’t shine a lot.

Bobby Gill, a Super Bright Switch reviewer, states that the moment he put batteries in them it started to burn and smoked out. He found it dangerous and completely useless.

An enthusiastic customer Kay Reid asserts in her Super Bright Switch review that the light is difficult to install and needs to be screwed. She also complains in her Super Bright Switch review that it gets too hot and starts to smell.

Blake Berry’s Super Bright Switch review calls it a dangerous light and costly light since it runs out of battery way too easily and also gets too warm quickly.


Super Bright Switch Questions and Answers

Q. How strong are the magnets on Super Bright Switch?
A. They are pretty weak to keep the light in place.

Q. Will Super Bright Switch for outdoors?
A. Yes, it can work as a handy light source during outdoor activities or camping. It is suggested not to fix it in the outdoors since it is not weatherproof and the battery can get damaged in rain.

Q. Can Super Bright Switch be attached under a cabinet to provide light downwards over the kitchen sink area?
A. Yes, it can be mounted easily via its sticky adhesive, magnet or built-in peg hole.

Q. Are the LED bulbs inside Super Bright Switch replaceable?
A. No.

Q. Will Super Bright Switch work for the bathroom?
A. No, it is not weatherproof and can get damaged by water.

Q. Is it a good idea to use Super Bright Switch in a children’s outdoor playhouse?
A. Yes, but always keep backup batteries tucked somewhere since it can run out of it easily.

JML Magneto Pop-up Lantern REVIEW

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

what is Magneto Pop-up Lantern?

Magneto Pop-up Lantern emphasizes to be a portable and compact torch that guarantees to be easy to store and carry with. This palm-sized torch is claims to be perfect for home, travel and emergencies. It states to come with base and that pops-up into a lantern. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Magneto Pop-up Lantern is reviewed.



Magneto Pop-up Lantern Review

Magneto Pop-up Lantern has a soft touch On/Off button such that the lantern gets inadvertently turned on in your bag and runs the batteries dead. It should be a slider button switch. Magneto Pop-up Lantern is a bad design.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is not built with high quality or is just a poor quality design. The handle broke off one lantern and the other won’t stay latched in the closed position. The Magneto Pop-up Lantern‘s light is surprisingly bright though, especially in flashlight mode.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is very hard to close, but works well for what is needed…camping and power outages.

The Magneto Pop-up Lantern’s light is not as bright as you think it would be. Magneto Pop-up Lantern truly is more of a flashlight as it only illuminates the very area that you’ve placed it. Magneto Pop-up Lantern doesn’t add enough light to even the smallest room.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern has a good design and seemed like it would be super useful in the hammock or tent or just in general or as a night light etc… It has so many great uses but after a few times of using it, the Magneto Pop-up Lantern suddenly decided on its own that it would stay stuck in the “flash” setting. Not sure if some wiring came lose or what happened but it literally would not stop flashing no matter how I tried to turn it off. Eventually, took the batteries out because the button was now useless. Left them out for days and then put them back in and it seemed to work okay. Cycled through the settings and when it should have turned off it began flashing again. So out the batteries went again.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is super useful but is cheaply made and has a serious design flaw.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern seemed like a great product but failed in so many ways after using it. Would constantly slip open and spring all over the place.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is a great concept but very difficult to close and the mesh material keeps separating from the lantern.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is decent, but seems to be a bit fragile.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is a good light but is not of good quality and doesn’t have durability.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is a good tent light, but the big problem is that twist secure design is terrible. There is a big metal spring inside that helps it open itself while stowed away. There should be some sort of lever/tab lock to keep it from opening while you have it stored in your backpack. Temporary solution is 2 pieces of tape on opposite ends to keep it from springing open.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern has a good design, however, the middle part of it (where you expand it like a fan) fell apart the first camping trip.

The spring part of the Magneto Pop-up Lantern is opaque and it doesn’t light a space as well as it should. If it weren’t for that, the Magneto Pop-up Lantern would be perfect.

The body of the Magneto Pop-up Lantern when expanded is made of a very thin, paper-like film.

The quality of the Magneto Pop-up Lantern is not so good. A wind blew it when it was sitting on the table and the electrical contact become flimsy and it won’t turn on from time to time. Most of the weight is on the top when it is opened up. Gravity center is too high because it not stable. Twist turn direction is the same as the battery cap direction that sometimes you may open the battery cap by normal operation. This could cause it be loose without notice (user error prone). Mesh material is not transparent. When opened up, light diffuses and reflects from the mesh inefficiently. Uses too much battery – 4.5V in series. LED doesn’t consume so much. Magneto Pop-up Lantern could have been lighter and more compact using less battery.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is not light and durable enough for light backpacking trips. Magneto Pop-up Lantern is not rugged and powerful as the lanterns for car camping.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern is a very cheap product with very misleading product descriptions. The fatal weakness for this lantern is its weak LED light. It has only 30 lumens at high output. That’s equivalent to a key-chained LED flash light. While in operation under collapsed mode, you will get a small square shaped light source, which can hardly light-up anything. What’s worse is the fact that you literally get almost no illumination when the Magneto Pop-up Lantern is in lantern mode. And you can imagine how much more disappointing when it is under low output with 15 lumen.

When the Magneto Pop-up Lantern is popped up, the light is a bright light that might be brighter than a lot of night lights. Was pleased with the construction, however, if you are giving the Magneto Pop-up Lantern to a child that doesn’t take care of stuff well, durability might be an issue.


Magneto Pop-Up Lantern Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Magneto Pop-Up Lantern come with a battery?
A. No, you need 3 AAA batteries.

Q. How many lumens are the high and low settings?
A. Not sure. The manufacturer could probably answer you.

Q. What batteries does the Magneto Pop-Up Lantern use?
A. D Size Batteries

Q. Where is the Magneto Pop-Up Lantern made?
A. China

Q. How long does the Magneto Pop-Up Lantern last on full power?
A. Maybe a couple of hours

Q. How many different brightness levels does the lantern have?
A. 3 – Low, high and blinking. Also when closed it works as a flashlight.

Q. How do you change the batteries?
A. The bottom part twists off. It takes three AA batteries.


JML Magneto Pop-up Lantern CLAIMS

Its powerful 90 lumen LED bright lamp asserts to have up to 20,000 hours of life and alleges to have three light modes. Magneto Pop-up Lantern promises it can be set to dim, bright and flashing. It maintains to be integrated with built-in 360 degree hanging swivel hook makes it is perfect for tent canopies, parasols or branches. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Magneto Pop-up Lantern reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Magneto Pop-up Lantern declares to come with and is powered by AA batteries. It proclaims to have magnet in the base allowing one to place it exactly where it is required especially while working in the dark. It can be easily stored in glove boxes, drawers, tool boxes and luggage convinces Magneto Pop-up Lantern. This claim of the Magneto Pop-up Lantern will be attested only once users review Magneto Pop-up Lantern.


What do I get?
1 x Magneto Pop-Up Lantern, 3 x AA Batteries just for only £11.99 | Official Website: