Smak-A-Balloons Review

What is Smak-A-Balloons

They are colorful water balloons that claim to bring a riot of colors into your life without too much hassle.

Smak-A-Balloons assure you a smart and simple way to have fun with water balloons without having to … Read the rest

Smak A Ball Review

What is Smak A Ball

It is a smakable ball that promises to be a lot of fun to play with for people of all ages.

Smak A Ball assures you a lot of fun whether you are out on … Read the rest

Magic Tracks Review

What are Magic Tracks?

Magic Tracks as claimed by the makers utilize the magic of glowing thus making the tracks more appealing and entertaining for the kids to play. As demonstrated in the infomercial, the Magic Tracks can bend, flex … Read the rest

Bubble Saucer Review

What is Bubble Saucer?

It claims to be a flying disc for kids that comes with a twist. It is designed to leave a trail of bubbles behind whenever it is tossed in the air.


Flying bubble machine

Bubble … Read the rest

Magic Puzzle Review

About Magic Puzzle

Magic Puzzle claims to be a double sided jigsaw puzzle that can be put together, flipped and even colored. Magic Puzzle proclaims to be a great stress buster that can give you individual time to yourself and … Read the rest

Cuddle Up Playhouse Review

What is Cuddle Up Playhouse?

It claims to be a super blanket that when not in use transforms into a small playhouse that can even be used to hold stuff. Different playhouses come with different stuffed toy friends to entertain … Read the rest

Kinetic Foam Review

What is Kinetic Foam

This specially created foam claims to let kids stretch, model or wrap it around anything they want to have a lot of fun in the process.

Kinetic Foam maintains that it offers children a fun and … Read the rest

Colortastic Review

About Colortastic

Colortastic proclaims to be one of the most proven ways to relax during stressful times. It is a set of coloring books aimed at adults who can use the different designs and colors to fill them up to … Read the rest


What is Yoshigi

It is the highly popular Japanese skill toy that claims to sharpen your reflexes, balance and boost your creativity as well.

Yoshigi stresses on the fact that now you have a fun and simple way of enhancing … Read the rest

Bunchems Review

About Bunchems

Bunchems claims to be a toy set for kids that they can create different shapes from including animals such as bear, owl, monkey, etc and also objects such as cars. Bunchems asserts to come with 400 pieces including … Read the rest