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Mohu Leaf Glide Indoor HDTV Antenna Review

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

What is Leaf Glide?

It’s a high-quality indoor HDTV antenna with 65-mile range that picks up a large number of channels, including difficult-to-reach VHF that other indoor antennas cannot.



Most Sophisticated HDTV Antenna Ever – The makers of Leaf Glide present it as the most powerful indoor HDTV antenna powered by Jolt with Clean Peak filter technology, the most superior amplifier that offers a mind-boggling 65-mile range, removes unwanted RF signals and enhances channels you watch. The patented SignaLift technology of Leaf Glide, which is receptive to maximum VHF channels including elusive lower frequency channels, effortlessly beams news, weather, shows and more at incredibly low costs.

Versatile and Yet Guarantees a Comfortable Experience – Leaf Glide supposedly offers the advantage of multi-directional reach so there’s no “pointing” needed to capture signals. Its makers even claim that it uses technology on the lines of US Military, comes with a new, modified design and is easy to install.


Leaf Glide Questions and Answers

Q: I installed Leaf Glide but there’s no sound on some channels even with a speaker bar I have. What do I do?
A: Look for a possible issue with your TV, sound bar or the arrangement between both.

Q: If there’s no window near the TV with this antenna, will it still work?
A: It’s known to work with TV placed more than 25 feet away from the nearest window when connected with a proper wire.

Q: Does Leaf Glide come with coax?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Should I place the antenna lower near the ground or higher up?
A: The instructions suggest the higher it goes, the better it is.

Q: Can I install Leaf Glide outdoors?
A: It’s better to avoid it, as this is basically an indoor antenna.


Leaf Glide Review

Shirley Rice, who recently bought Leaf Glide, has written in her review that it worked great for the first two weeks with free TV. However, it stopped working completely after that. She moved it around the whole house, hoping to catch a channel but it just picked some weak signals of channels that she couldn’t recognize. She says she’s now totally disappointed with Leaf Glide.

Thelma Walker could get only nine channels with Leaf Glide, and no channel is local. She placed it in a better location in her house, high above the ground hoping to catch some local channels. But none of these efforts are helpful. She feels this antenna is a sheer waste of money.

Clay Austin says in his Leaf Glide review that the antenna worked fine for only two days but couldn’t capture any stations that are just 10 miles away from him. He says with even there’s a little wind, the audio and video signals drop. He feels using Leaf Glide is not worth the money you spend and the time you have to invest grappling with it.

Kirk Floyd, another disappointed user of Leaf Glide has stated in his review that it’s totally ineffective. Even a small interference like a plane passing by can distort the signal completely. He also found its coax barrel loose, due to which the signal was not powerful. He says he won’t recommend Leaf Glide to anyone.

John Grant, another customer has expressed in his Leaf Glide review that it couldn’t pick up signals from towers that are a mere 25 miles away from his house. He found this surprising, and also the fact that it catches very few channels and can’t provide the experience he expected.

Barbara Barrett, who lives in the center of a major city and has been using Leaf Glide says she still cannot access major entertainment channels signals. Some signals that it picks up are just for a while and are weak. At times, it can’t pick even signals from towers that are close by. She tried carrying it in different rooms, kept near window but she just got some weak signals that didn’t last long.

Patti Colon’s also placed Leaf Glide in almost every corner of her house, making sure she doesn’t miss out on signals, but it can’t pick up any channel even with maximum strength and just keeps searching for signals.


What do I get?
1 Mohu Leaf Glide 65-Mile Range Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna for $89.99 at

Magic Ear REVIEW | As Seen On TV Hearing Aid Exposed!!

Monday, January 8th, 2018

What is Magic Ear?

It is a state-of-the-art hearing aid device that magnifies sounds for a better hearing experience and also features a discreet design so the wearer feels at ease. Magic Ear promises to provide a superior experience to those who need a hearing device but feel hesitant about using one.



Magic Ear CLAIMS

Unmatched Clarity and Volume – This device is made to fit behind the earlobe and comes with a clear cord which connects to a single headphone. According to the creators of Magic Ear, it has a one size fits all subtle design, which prevents discomfort of any kind when worn. All you have to do is insert Magic Ear in either ear and be sure that it will stay put for as long as you want while amplifying even those sounds which we usually miss.

Advanced Functions and High-quality Versatility – The creators of Magic Ear guarantee complete satisfaction, convenience and ease of use. It can be worn into either ear and can be operated through some simple controls provided on the top of it covering. Its power button simplifies its operation and has features like the adjustable sensitivity setting that amplify sounds between 1-10X and make them sound louder and clearer.


Magic Ear Review

A Magic Ear review by Manuel Green exposes it to be a below-average device that doesn’t work properly. According to his Magic Ear review, the system does amplify the sound around but it includes the background noise that can hamper the hearing during listening to conversations. Also, there was no way to turn it down low especially while he was in noisy environments.

Tara Lee states in her review that Magic Ear was too uncomfortable to wear since it is designed as a standard device and isn’t suitable for all sizes of ears.

A customer, Armando Warren, complains in his Magic Ear review that the sound screeches a bit while using it in noisy environments. The device did work great in lower settings but howls when it is turned to the higher setting. His review also states a recurring problem that Magic Ear amplifies the background noise way too much and there was no way to adjust it.

Henry Ray, a Magic Ear reviewer reveals that after working for a few days, it failed to hold a charge after several charging cycles. He also found it uncomfortable due its size and background buzz that it amplifies.

As per Jon Bass’s Magic Ear review, it amplifies everything and hence is useful only for conversations in quieter places. He didn’t like its output that sounded like all the noise shifted into one mix of treble.


Magic Ear Questions/Answers

Q. How do you change the battery on Magic Ear?
A. You will need to take it to an audiologist center.

Q. How should it be maintained for optimal performance?
A. Keep the earpiece clean by removing the built-up ear wax from the sound tube.

Q. Does it come in pairs?
A. No, it is a single piece that can fit either ear.

Q. Will Magic Ear interfere while wearing glasses?
A. They fit decently with glasses. The problem is that overall it doesn’t work well due to high background noise.

Q. How long is the sound tube on Magic Ear?
A. It is about 3 inches long, which might not work well for few users.

Q. Does it have the ability to help clear background noise and tune into a conversation clearly?
A. Magic Ear is a hearing aid that simply magnifies the sound and isn’t designed to separate different sound levels such as background noise from a conversation.

Q. Will the volumes reset every time it is turned on?
A. No, although users will need to adjust it according to the noise around them.

Q. Is Magic Ear waterproof for use in rains?
A. No, water can damage its circuit.

Q. What is the overall review of Magic Ear?
A. It does amplify the sound but there is no way to filter out unwanted background noise. Also, it isn’t great for some users since the minimum volume can be sometimes too high.

Q. Does Magic Ear come with a built-in battery?
A. Yes, the device comes with a rechargeable battery. Simply connect it to using its USB charging cable and plug it into a standard AC outlet.


Official website:

Atomic Power Cord REVIEW | Exposed

Monday, January 8th, 2018

About Atomic Power Cord

Atomic Power Cord claims to be a nine-foot industrial strength high-speed charging cable that can withstand the toughest punishment and will last a lifetime. Atomic Power Cord maintains that it features a unique steel-wrapped coil construction that ensures its flexibility and prevents it from breaking. Atomic Power Cord promises to never bend, break, or burst, and is built to last. Its connector ends are also welded tough so that they won’t break, regardless of how much you twist and bend.


Atomic Power Cord CLAIMS

Atomic Power Cord convinces that it uses Metal-clad (MC) cable to provide greater protection and help deliver longer-lasting usability. This claim can only be proved only after we analyze the Atomic Power Cord reviews.

Atomic Power Cord also states that it features ends with beefier welds (often performed with laser precision), which promise to withstand the forces associated with constantly plugging and unplugging electronic devices. Does Atomic Power Cord really work as promised? Send us your Atomic Power Cord review.

Atomic Power Cord also claims to deliver high-speed charging capabilities. At this point of time there are no Atomic Power Cord reviews to verify this claim.


Atomic Power Cord REVIEW

Winston Lamb says in his review of the Atomic Power Cord –“Unfortunately one of these has stopped working, only a couple months after buying them. I expect the other will go out also. I have to wiggle it to get it to connect, and it inevitably disconnects after a few minutes”.

Jessie Jefferson complains in her Atomic Power Cord review that the micro USB connectors are not of very high quality and do not fit snuggly enough to maintain the connection. She says this is quite different from the Ancher battery pack she purchased which is very high quality.

Adam Little is not happy with the Atomic Power Cord and writes in his Atomic Power Cord review- “One just falls right out of every port I put it into. It is of very low quality”.

Alan Andrews says in his Atomic Power Cord review- “Micro USB connectors fitting is too tight inside my devices, making it hard to pull them out”.

In his review of the Atomic Power Cord, Pete Mack states- “After three months of use it only charged my phone at certain angles and would come loose often”.

Evan Jennings writes in his Atomic Power Cord review- “Poor connector, it doesn’t stay plugged into phone”.

In his review of the Atomic Power Cord, Ken Castillo says- “The cable is great, however it has an integrated Velcro fastener to keep it coiled up, handy in a car when the cable is 2m long, so disappointed when the Velcro tab came unstuck the second time I used it”.

Christina Figueroa complains in her Atomic Power Cord review- “Anker removed the markings on the micro USB end (that are pictured here) so that I have to visually inspect the plug to insert it properly, rather than relying on the USB symbol that had been on previous versions of this product. This is a big mistake on Anker’s part”.

Natasha Vargas states in her review of the Atomic Power Cord – “If you are the type of person to use your phone while it is charging, this charger is not for you. These cables are advertised and braided for durable use but they did not pass the test. After 1.5 months both cables quit”.

Another user Owen Harper complains in his Atomic Power Cord review that the pins started folding flat lately and this is an issue because it leaves no retention into a device. He tried using a safety pin to pull up the pins and it stopped working.

Florence Luna tried the Atomic Power Cord and writes in her Atomic Power Cord review- “It is pretty pathetic that one of the two has been used lightly and already does not charge devices unless the cord is at a certain angle to ensure the micro USB side makes good connection”.


Official website: | Order the Atomic Power Cord today!

Tac Light by Bell + Howell REVIEW

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

What is Tac Light

It is a military grade tactical flashlight that promises to keep you safe in difficult situations. Tac Light claims that it is a high performance flashlight that is 22 times brighter than your regular flashlights. It is being used by military, law enforcement and fire rescue departments, and now you can use it to your advantage too. But is it really helpful? We hope to know more from your Tac Light reviews.



Tac Light Features

Write/Read Reviews

Protects from unforeseen circumstances – Whether you want to stay safe when you are out camping or to stun attackers and intruders, Bell + Howell Tac Light maintains that it can do the trick. In fact it is so powerful that it can be seen from 2 nautical miles away. Now that seems like a far-fetched claim that has be confirmed by Tac Light reviews.

Lightweight but sturdy – Bell + Howell Tac Light stresses that it’s lightweight and compact to be taken in your purse. But it’s built to last in frozen or boiling water, ice etc and comes with lifetime guarantee. Tac Light reviews can tell us about its quality.


Tac Light Review

David Jones mentions in his review – “After using the Tac Light flashlight at work for only one week the casing that holds the batteries literally fell apart.”

Our Verdict – Maybe Jones works for some other “As Seen On TV” company which competes with Bell and Howell Tactical Flashlight, and wants to defame Bell Howell Tactical Flashlight.


Bell + Howell Tac Light Questions and Answers

Q. How many lumens is the Tac Light?
A. The Tac Light is 800-1000 Lumens.
Q. What is the effective range of Tac Light?
A. The official website: does not mention anything about the range of Tac Light mainly because it is not a feature to boast about, the range of such tactical flashlights does not exceed 100 meters.

Q. Which one should I buy Atomic Beam or Bell + Howell Tac Light Tactical Flashlight?
A. Bell + Howell Tac Light Tactical Flashlight at-least it comes from a Brand unlike Telebrands.

Q. Should I buy Bell Howell Tac Light?
A. You might first want to check all the similar tactical flashlights on which are tried and tested and have got some reviews and ratings. Bel Howell Tac Light is not the only tactical flashlight in the market there are tons of such tactical flashlights available everywhere especially checkout those first and read the 2/3 star reviews to get a fair idea about how good they are.

Q. Does using a 18650 rechargeable battery affect the brightness as compared to 3 (AAA)?
A. The brightness of the flashlight depends on the battery capacity and quality of the battery. It doesn’t matter which kind of battery you are using.

Q. Is Tac Light flashlight available with different colors?
A. The Bell + Howell Tac Light flashlight is black only and the light color is white.

Q. What size battery goes to Bell + Howell Tac Light?
A. Three AAA batteries or one 18650 fit.

Q. Does the Bell + Howell Tac Light float?
A. The Bell + Howell Tac Light flashlight does not have a float function.

Q. How does it compare to the Atomic Beam?
A. Atomic Beam is crap and Tac Light is one degree above it. Buy a Reputed/Branded tried and tested Tactical Flashlight.

Q. Does the Bell + Howell Tac Light offer come with 2 flashlights?
A. Yes it comes with 2 units.

Q. Is everything shown in the infomercial TRUE? I mean boiling, crush-proof
A. Nope. That is just a marketing bluff, try it yourself and let us know the results.

Q.”Visible from 2 nautical miles” is this a great feature?
A. Nothing special – Any flashlight is visible from that distance.

Q. What is the warranty on Bell Howell Tac Light
A. There is NO WARRANTY. Other branded tactical flashlights come with 1 year or more warranty.


What do I get?
Buy 2 Bell + Howell Tac Light for $29.99 USD + free shipping at the Official website


Compare Bell Howell Tac Light with Atomic Beam and Shadowhawk

Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight REVIEW

Monday, September 25th, 2017

About Atomic Beam Fearless Flashlight

The Atomic Beam Fearless is a powerful flashlight combined with tools essential for survival in any life-threatening situation or disaster. The Atomic Beam Fearless is designed with an LED that shines up to an incredible 5,000 LUX! It is the next version of the more popular Original Atomic Beam Flashlight.



Atomic Beam Fearless CLAIMS

Eight Tools in One
The Atomic Beam Fearless is a combination of eight tools put together:
Flashlight – The Atomic Beam Fearless can be seen from miles away. It goes from a spotlight to a powerful floodlight.

Strobe – Featuring a built-in red strobe that can be used as a road flare when you are in a roadside emergency, the Atomic Beam Fearless is a must have in any vehicle. The amazing strobe option also makes it easy to distract attackers and the beveled end can be used as a self-defense tool.

Blade – A powerful tool than you can use in emergencies.

Opener – Lets you open the lids of bottles, cans and more.

The Atomic Beam Fearless also features a Philips head screwdriver, a multi-mini hex wrench, a pair of razor sharp scissors, a seat-belt cutter and retractable window breaker.


Compact and lightweight
The Atomic Beam Fearless is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry wherever you go. With the Atomic Beam Fearless you will always be prepared for any disaster! Order the Atomic Beam Fearless today!


Atomic Beam Fearless Questions & Answers

Q. Does the Atomic Beam Fearless have an “S.O.S. MODE”?
A. Yes, it has a flashing light mode.

Q. Could you provide information on the “guarantee of the Atomic Beam Fearless?” Does it mean if it breaks, it will be replaced for free?
A. Atomic Beam Fearless comes with a lifetime guarantee so if it breaks for any reason, you will get your money back.

Q. How long does the battery of the Atomic Beam Fearless last?
A. It depends on how often you use it.

Q. Where is the Atomic Beam Fearless made in?
A. Claims it is made in the USA

Q. How many Lumens is the flashlight?
A. Maybe 5000 LUX

What is the size of the Atomic Beam Fearless? Sounds like it might be very small?
A. Atomic Beam Fearless is useful for many situations and it is not a mini. It fits comfortably in the hand and is lightweight and portable.

Q. What battery sizes does it take?
A. Maybe 3 AAA

Q. Can you tell me how to change the bulb if it blows? The light just stopped working after a minute out of the box.
A. You can get to the bulb by unscrewing the front lens guard and then removing the lens. It is probably something other than the bulb so it is better to contact the seller.

Q. Does the Atomic Beam Fearless have a rechargeable battery yet?
A. No.


Atomic Beam Fearless REVIEW

Atomic Beam Fearless is very disappointing. Picked the Atomic Beam Fearless up on a recent lightning deal and even with the discount the Atomic Beam Fearless is not worth the money. On opening the Atomic Beam Fearless, one of the cheaply glued “metal” grips fell to the floor. Then after messing with the tools the “stainless” knife had rust on it.

The quality of the Atomic Beam Fearless is poor, especially the contacts for the battery sleeve.

The Atomic Beam Fearless is clearly not well-made. One of the two metal pieces on the side of the flashlight had fallen off. The measly dabs of glue failed to hold the tool together. Atomic Beam Fearless is a big disappointment.

The seat belt cutter couldn’t even cut a piece of paper. The Atomic Beam Fearless is junk. The Atomic Beam Fearless flashlight did not work.

Atomic Beam Fearless metal handle has unglued itself. Atomic Beam Fearless looks okay but made very cheap and it looks like the light’s extra features like knife, small scissors are placed on this tool like an after thought.

The added metal plate on top of the plastic makes for a muddled design. The AA’s have 2.5x the capacity of AAA’s and would be preferred as size convenience is not an issue. Atomic Beam Fearless came slightly broken.

One of the battery compartments of the Atomic Beam Fearless was missing a spring or something, rendering the entire light useless. The side panels fell off shortly after purchase. The power on button is too easy to press so if you put it the glove box it will get turned on accidentally just rolling around. The flashlight quit working all together after about six months of normal in car use.

The Atomic Beam Fearless tools seem to be soft metal that will become dull or break quickly. The light is reasonably bright. The silver handle part had already fallen off while still in the packaging, the pointed window-breaker was flipped out of its protective area and did not go back in securely (and it is sharp!) and the silver handle was glued on way too low on the handle (not lined up at all to the area to which it was supposed to be glued,) which left sharp metal sticking down below the red plastic handle. At the top of each one (the area where the light shines) the metal is very sharp and jagged – so sharp it would cut your skin! It’s just sharp and jagged for no reason and it is cheaply made.

None of the devices are outstanding-all are average. Do not to use the Atomic Beam Fearless as a hammer! Atomic Beam Fearless is not made for that, and it will surely break. Atomic Beam Fearless needs to be made more durable.

The Atomic Beam Fearless is good, but the knife is a bit dull. The crown around the Atomic Beam Fearless flashlight has sharp edges. In addition, when the Atomic Beam Fearless arrived, the metal cover at the back end fell off.


What do I get?
You can get Atomic Beam Fearless for $19.99 with free shipping. A “double offer” will get you two flashlights for $29.98, also with free shipping | Official Website:

Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet with RFID REVIEW

Friday, July 7th, 2017

About Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet

The Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet alleges to be an integrated wallet and portable mobile charger. This hybrid piece of utility claims to provide mobile charging anytime anywhere. A fantastic asset for everyone the Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet guarantees to be compatible on all phones including iPhone and Samsung. This claim of the Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet will be attested only once users review Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet.



Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet CLAIMS

The elegant aluminium case convinces to enhance the style quotient of the Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet. It also comes with an accordion design that maintains to organize cards and cash for the comfort of the user. Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet emphasizes to provide more than adequate charging as it has a high charge capacity of 2 times for a normal smart phone. Enhancing safety and security is the RFID feature it declares. A simple reader is capable of reading valuable credit card information from a regular wallet. The RFID protection of Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet promises to keep important credit card details safe. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet is reviewed.

It asserts to work in all weather conditions. It proclaims harsh weather conditions like extreme heat and cold have no impact on the fantastic effectiveness and efficiency of the wallet. It states to weigh less than a normal leather wallet making it the perfect daily and travel companion. Does Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet really work as promised? send us your Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet review.


Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet Questions and Answers

Question: Is Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet waterproof?
Answer: It is metal case, not waterproof.

Question: Does Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet hold cash?
Answer: Not effectively, a card slot can be kept open for a couple of bills.

Question: How is the comfort when you sit?
Answer: I prefer Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet in the front pocket and hardly noticed it.

Question: What is capacity for bills?
Answer: Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet has little capacity for bills, more compatible for credit cards or business cards.

Question: Will Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet fit in back pocket?
Answer: It will fit but will cause discomfort. I prefer keeping it in the purse.

Question: What is the time taken to fully charge?
Answer: No information provided, need to check it with Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet.

Questions: Does Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet have any cons?
Answer: It is not durable, the outer shell is nice but plastic inserts tear off easily. It is bulky and takes long to charge. It is undependable and has never charged over 45%.

Question: Can you air travel with Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet?
Answer: It should be alright to carry a charged portable charger. Keep in mind TSA recently set new standards for carrying dead electronics onto international flights. Any electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, portable chargers, etc.) can be confiscated.

Question: Is Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet compatible with Samsung tablet? Will it require an additional cable?
Answer: It states to be compatible.

Question: What power output rate does Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet have?
Answer: The power output rate is not known to me.

Question: Can Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet charge more than one devices together?
Answer: It can charge one at a time.

Question: What is the time take to charge Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet itself?
Answer: The details have not been mentioned in their website but similar chargers take around 8 to 11 hours to fully charge.

Question: What is the warranty on Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet?
Answer: It has no warranty

Question: Can Bell Howell E-Charge Wallet be used as an external battery?
Answer: It can only be used as a portable charger for your phone or tablet.


What do I get?

  • 2 Bell + Howell E-Charge Wallets
  • 2 Universal Charging Cables

Price: $19.99 + $6.95 S/h at the Official Website

Bell Howell Tac Bat REVIEW

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

What is Bell Howell Tac Bat

It claims to be a military grade, high-performance flashlight that can be used to light up the dark easily. It also states to have a design that acts as a bat for self-defense purpose. Bell Howell Tac Bat assures that it is 22 times brighter than an ordinary flashlight.



Bell Howell Tac Bat CLAIMS

A powerful flashlight – In fact, Bell Howell Tac Bat’s powerful light can be seen lit from a distance of 4 nautical miles. It also involves a tactical strobe light to stun attackers. Currently there are no Bell Howell Tac Bat reviews available to attest to its claims.

A safety bat – Bell Howell Tac Bat declares to have a design that lights up and also acts as a bat. It is made using military-grade aluminium alloy that helps in self-defense and easily break car windows during an emergency. How easy is Bell Howell Tac Bat to use for such purposes will be revealed once it has been reviewed.

High-performance design – Bell Howell Tac Bat promises to have a high-quality body that lasts for a lifetime. Bell Howell Tac Bat claims that it can work under water and will even work if frozen or ran over by a truck. Did you find Bell Howell Tac Bat helpful? Send us your reviews.


Bell Howell Tac Bat REVIEW

Benjamin Ross, a Bell Howell Tac Bat user states in his review that the concept of this light is pretty good but the light itself is not bright enough.

On the other hand, Bell Howell Tac Bat user Timothy Cooper reveals in his review that the light is very bright and the build is good. Although in his Bell Howell Tac Bat review he warns about faulty products being shipped which can be a hassle to return.

One user named Carl Scott praises Bell Howell Tac Bat in his review saying the flashlight is heavy and decently sized. His only negative review was that Bell Howell Tac Bat doesn’t come with batteries and the strobe function is not as great as it claims.

Gary Martin claims in his Bell Howell Tac Bat review that the flashlight is good enough but it is not much of a heavy hitter. It is sized decently and fits in the car with ease.

Another Bell Howell Tac Bat customer Stephen Brooks found it to be very light for self-defense purposes. His review says that it might break upon hitting an attacker. As per his Bell Howell Tac Bat review is a decent flashlight and should be used only for such specific purpose.

A review by James Sanchez reveals that Bell Howell Tac Bat is not sturdy and thick as expected. He further states in his Bell Howell Tac Bat review that the flashlight is good enough but fails to create a blinding effect during strobe function.


Bell Howell Tac Bat Questions and Answers

Q. What is the lumen rating on Bell Howell Tac Bat?
A. It must be approximately 20 lumens but no information is available on their website.

Q. What size batteries are to be used in Bell Howell Tac Bat?
A. It requires two C batteries to run.

Q. Is carrying Bell Howell Tac Bat inside the car legal?
A. There is no specific information available in this matter. It is suggested that the user contacts the local sheriff’s office and police substation for the same. It is better to be safe regarding the laws even if it is termed as a defensive bat.

Q. How long is Bell Howell Tac Bat?
A. It comes with approximately 15 inch length for better grip as a flashlight and a bat.

Q. Will Bell Howell Tac Bat withstand heavy hits and blows?
A. Not sure but it might work well against attacking dogs.

Q. Is Bell Howell Tac Bat really strong enough to break a car window?
A. It is difficult to say whether Bell Howell Tac Bat will be really able to do it. There is a chance that it does since it has decent weight behind it.

Q. Can the beam on Bell Howell Tac Bat be made wider or narrower?
A. No. It has three functions – brighter flash, lighter flash, and a strobe light.


What do I get?
Tac Bat is priced at $19.99 and ships free. The Tac Bat is available in Silver or Black color only. Tac Bat comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Cynoculars REVIEW

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

What is Cynoculars? – Cynoculars is an interactive virtual reality headset that lets you turn your smart phone into the ultimate virtual reality player. Use your smart phone to immerse yourself in endless 3D experiences with the Cynoculars headset.



Cynoculars CLAIMED Features

Cynoculars also comes with a wireless remote that can be used with iOS and Android operating systems. It requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and can last for up to 120 hours.

Designed with ports on both sides of the device cartridge, the Cynoculars VR headset allows you to plug in earphones while the headset is in use.

The lenses are adjustable and provide extremely clear images. Cynoculars gives you a 360° view, magnifies screen for wide-angle cinematic view, and has an adjustable pupil distance and adjustable focal point distance.


How to use Cynoculars? – Simply open the App store on your smart phone and search for Apps using the keyword “VR”. Apps that are compatible with virtual reality will show up. The search will show “Download” and install the VR Apps that you would like to use on your Cynoculars.

Once downloaded, simply slide your phone into the caddy and you are now ready to experience the virtual reality world.


Compatibility – Cynoculars is compatible with smart phones up to 9.8cm wide x 15.2cm high. If you have a phone that is smaller than the suggested size, install the enclosed foam padding onto the phone.


Great for 3D videos and photos – Cynoculars is fun for the whole family. You can use it to view your personal photos and videos in 3D. Simply download a VR viewing App and then refer to the instructions in your user manual.

For 3D videos, they must be in split screen format to be compatible with the Cynoculars virtual reality headset. Select and launch a VR App with split screen video compatibility.


Cynoculars Versatility – Cynoculars is designed with adjustable straps to fit any size head, is lightweight and has a comfortable design. It is also compact, affordable and portable so you can take it with you everywhere you go! With Cynoculars you will feel like you are in the front seat of all of the action.


Cynoculars REVIEW

Cynoculars barely gets the job done, and even then you will endure great discomfort.

Cynoculars is very small. It is good for kids but not adults. The straps on the Cynoculars unit are barely long enough to fit around the head.

Cynoculars is uncomfortable. When you do get it on, your nose will be painfully “smashed” against the small nose indention. The Cynoculars unit will smash your nose back at tip of nose towards your face. To ease this you may have to cut out some foam and tuck it under the existing padding.

Cynoculars has trouble focusing. Even after much tinkering, the Cynoculars unit does not focus well on the phone (Galaxy s4). You will have to tape in cardboard strips onto the phone holder slider to bring the screen closer towards the lenses to give you better focus.

The lenses won’t stay put. The lenses do not stay in place once adjusted. As soon as you roll or tilt your head, the lenses also move around. When you find the best focus and width settings, you may have to tape adjustment tabs in place.

Cynoculars is not a good product because of the amount of time spent tinkering to get it to work. It is better to simply buy the standard goggle cardboard to accomplish the same thing at a cheaper price.

The remote of Cynoculars is trash. It does not connect to the iPhone, though it claims it will. The view finder doesn’t perfectly fit the iPhone 6s. There is no buffer for the phone to rest on; it is just hard plastic that could leave marks on your phone. Cynoculars are just mediocre. The view finder is average, comfort wise.

The Cynoculars headset works relatively well for the most part. However, the Nexus 6P does not fit well into it and you will have to fiddle with the fit inside the holder without holding any volume or power buttons. If the holder were slightly larger, this is a good purchase.

It states that it would come with a remote, but it did not. Overall, Cynoculars is pretty comfortable, and the Moto X fits nicely inside. There are not too many apps to go with Cynoculars yet but it is a pretty decent buy. Cynoculars is not worth $25-30, maybe $15-20. Overall Cynoculars is an average product.

The adjustments are all over the place when moving and the controller doesn’t work on the LG G3.

Cynoculars does exactly what it’s supposed to, with some flaws. The pointer that comes with this will not sync correctly with Apple products. The straps are small and can hurt your head after continuous use.

The pros of Cynoculars: Casing that Cynoculars comes in is nice, professional looking box.

The cons of Cynoculars are: straps are way too small and it is not compatible with Apple.

Cynoculars straps are too short. It pinches your face against the goggles. The tray is very shallow too. Your phone may also always detect weird screen touches when you close the tray.


What do I get?
You get 1 Cynoculars for $49.95 + $9.95 P&H at | Order the Cynoculars virtual reality headset today!

Solar Ray Jam

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

What is Solar Ray Jam?

It is a multipurpose Bluetooth portable speaker that derives power from the sun or a mini-USB and is compatible with any Bluetooth device.


Eco-friendly power-saver

The makers of Solar Ray Jam urge you to purchase it by positioning it as an environment-friendly speaker that also helps you save big. It can be charged in the sun or through mini-USB, which translates into saving on power and cost besides being an environment-friendly step on your part. In addition to that, it single charge power lasts for nearly six hours. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth device, which makes it a highly useful accessory.


All-accommodating speaker with weather-resistant properties
Solar Ray Jam is a lightweight portable speaker that offers a range of services and features. It simplifies usage by offering the hands-free phone calls facility, an FM radio scanning option and portability. According to the promoters, it is also weather-resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for outings. It is provided with a carabiner clip so you can take it with you anywhere.


Resourceful and versatile
Solar Ray Jam has some smart features such as a built light sensor that automatically turns the LEDs on in the dark and switches it off in morning for charging. Its speakers have a high efficiency solar panel which draws power in it. Since it can be carried around conveniently anywhere anytime, it makes it a must-have accessory.


What do I get?
Buy Solar Ray Jam just for only $79.99 + 3.99 P/H.
RaYJAM speakers include a high efficiency solar panel which power the unit


Boom Touch

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

What is Boom Touch? – It is a wireless speaker that plays music with supreme quality booming sound when placed on top of any music player with external speaker.



Boom Touch Claims

No wires, no docks, no mess! – Boom Touch is promoted as a revolutionary wireless speaker that amplifies the sound of any music player without any wires, cables, docks, Bluetooth and other paraphernalia. Promoters of Boom Touch guarantee matchless experience of the best booming sound, for which all you have to do is place it on your device. There’s no need to connect any wires, cables, etc. to it nor turn the Bluetooth on. Its magnetic field induction will isolate and magnify the audio signals when a music player comes in contact with it.

Incredible booming sound so easily – Boom Touch, as the name suggests, creates booming sound simply with its touch. It employs ‘Near Field Audio’ technology, which is like the best-kept secret to its performance. Also, Boom Touch is lightweight, works with battery operated by 3 AA’s and even offers ten nonstop hours of audio on a single charge.


What do I get?
2 Boom Touch Wireless Speakers for $14.99 plus $9.98 P&H | Official website: