Cynoculars REVIEW

What is Cynoculars? – Cynoculars is an interactive virtual reality headset that lets you turn your smart phone into the ultimate virtual reality player. Use your smart phone to immerse yourself in endless 3D experiences with the Cynoculars headset.     Cynoculars CLAIMED Features Cynoculars also comes with a wireless remote that can be used […]

Solar Ray Jam

What is Solar Ray Jam? It is a multipurpose Bluetooth portable speaker that derives power from the sun or a mini-USB and is compatible with any Bluetooth device.   Eco-friendly power-saver The makers of Solar Ray Jam urge you to purchase it by positioning it as an environment-friendly speaker that also helps you save big. […]

Boom Touch

What is Boom Touch? – It is a wireless speaker that plays music with supreme quality booming sound when placed on top of any music player with external speaker.     Boom Touch Claims No wires, no docks, no mess! – Boom Touch is promoted as a revolutionary wireless speaker that amplifies the sound of […]


What is Hoodphones? The TV ad claims that it’s headphones in a soft fleece hat and can be plugged into any device.     Hoodphones Claims Fleece hats with headphones – Hoodphones convinces to be lightweight fleece hat that has headphones for fun along with covering your head. It declares to have surround sound that […]

Light Up Magnifier With LED Lights

What is Light Up Magnifier With LED Lights? As per the TV ad it’s a magnifying glass with built-in LED light that makes reading surface bigger, brighter and clearer.   Light Up Magnifier Claims Magnifying glass with light – Light Up Magnifier With LED Lights allegedly lets you read fine print of terms and conditions, […]

Trobo Robot Review

What is Trobo Robot The TV ad claims that it is a friendly and huggable robot toy that reads out from the screen of the iPad or iPhone and answers your kids’ questions. It emphasizes to have interactive games and is customizable to your child, making them the hero of the story.     A […]

MicroZoom Review

What is MicroZoom? MicroZoom as evidently shown in the infomercial is a gadget that can be attached to any smartphone or tablet and turn it into a 30x digital microscope. It magnifies the smallest of items to a significant size so that it is easy to read, observe and appreciate. It is a perfect gadget […]

Helping Hand 911 Review

About Helping Hand 911 Helping Hand 911 maintains to be new age personal safety and security system that comes in handy and alerts emergency services no matter where you are. Helping Hand 911 promises that it doesn’t need a cell phone or home phone to work. Helping Hand 911 convinces that it can be worn […]

Magna Vision Review

About Magna Vision Magna Vision is a fantastic magnifier for mobile phone that claims to magnify the original size of the screen of the phone by 300%. The good quality magnifying features of Magna Vision also assures a distortion free experience. It is one for an individual who loves to customize the use of technology […]