Flex Steel Hose

About Flex Steel Hose Flex Steel Hose claims to be a metal garden hose that does not kink, tangle, or leak like rubber hoses.     How does Flex Steel Hose work? The armor-like casing of Flex Steel Hose flexes like rubber and the solid steel construction alleges to make it indestructible, tangle-proof, weatherproof, and […]

Watering Hole REVIEW

What is Watering Hole? – It is a versatile outdoor sink that can be easily installed anywhere if you need a basin with flowing water.   https://c9d83dcce6918a985eca-f012baa74c215b81fe2e2c41f0e9662c.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/WateringHole_A.m4v   Watering Hole REVIEW Frank Roberts in his Watering Hole review complains that the hoses and hose connectors of Watering Hole are truly useless. Water dribbles out from […]

Lizard Hose REVIEW

What is Lizard Hose? According to the infomercial it is an expanding hose that grows and doubles in size with water flow and automatically contracts when the water is shut off.     Lizard Hose Review Steve Randall in his Lizard Hose review reveals that “if your yard is bigger than normal, Lizard Hose won’t […]

Soaker Snake Review

What is Soaker Snake As per the infomercial it is an all new plant hydration and nutrient delivery system that assists in benefiting the overall health and growth of the plant by slowly delivering water to all layers of the potted plants.     How does Soaker Snake work? Soaker Snake is a plant hydration […]

Ghost Peppers Review

About Ghost Peppers Ghost Peppers claims to be the best and fastest way to plant a ghost chilli pepper right at home. The quality of peppers is allegedly top-notch, with its heat index being higher than other types of food items. It is an excellent addition to anyone’s garden and becomes a part of a […]

Pumpkin Paradise Review

What is Pumpkin Paradise The infomercial claims that it is a cookbook with various pumpkin recipes that one can make right at home in just minutes. Whether snacks, meals or desserts, the cookbook asserts to have recipes for them all. It maintains to have such simple recipes that just need you to dump the ingredients […]

Garden Joy Review

What is Garden Joy It states to be a garden accessory that lets the gardener kneel down comfortably to prevent knees strain. It claims to have a sturdy tubular form to support your weight and easy grip handles to let you get up without pain or strain. On flipping the knee rest, it maintains to […]

Spring Bulbs For Summer Bloom Review

About Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom claims to be sets of spring bulbs that can be planted any time after the last frost to bloom during spring. Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom assures that these bulbs are handpicked from the fields of Holland and shipped directly from there. Spring Bulbs […]