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Zip Trim As Seen On TV Portable Trimmer REVIEW

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

What is Zip Trim

It claims to be a portable trimmer that uses regular zip ties to cut and trim the lawn with high precision. It also comes with an extension pole to reach higher and a protective debris shield for user’s safety. Zip Trim guarantees to be a powerful and portable tool that can be used to trim the lawn with ease.



Lawn trimming now easy – Zip Trim assures that its compact design has the rpm power similar to electric or gas trimmers minus their bulky size. Zip Trim, on the other hand, alleges to help remove weed, debris, etc. in the lawn, garden, and tree lines with ease. There is no way to tell how well Zip Trim works due to lack of user reviews.

Smart design – Zip Trim proclaims to have a design that doesn’t depend on blades and instead converts standard size zip ties into a trimming tool. One can even cut them down according to requirement making it a highly portable and versatile tool. Zip Trim states that its protective debris shield safeguards the user while trimming. How true are the claims made by Zip Trim will be only known once users review it.

Numerous benefits – Zip Trim guarantees that its lightweight and portable power design is easy to handle while performing bigger or smaller cleaning. Zip Trim also asserts to come with an extension pole that helps trim in hard to reach areas with ease. Does Zip Trim do what it claims swiftly and easily? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Zip Trim Questions and Answers

Q. What type of battery does Zip Trim use?
A. There is no information available.

Q. How long can Zip Trim work on a single charge?
A. It is similar to other portable trimmers that can run for approximately 30 minutes max.

Q. Will Zip Trim be useful for trimming vines or other similar climbing plants?
A. It may require a stronger line into the spool if the vines are thicker and tougher. It is quite useful for trimming the hedges and clipping the tips of branches as well. For heavier vines it is better to let the trimmer work for several more seconds to see any satisfactory results.

Q. Does Zip Trim come with variable speed option?
A. No


Zip Trim Review

Guillermo Benson, a Zip Trim customer reveals in his review that its poorly designed battery compartment makes it difficult to remove the battery out with ease. He further writes in his Zip Trim review that the tool is not good for people with little strength and can do better with a support for the arm on the back to distribute the weight.

Another reviewer Everett Rivera says in his Zip Trim review that it starts easily but the zip ties wears down too quickly and doesn’t feed out easily either.

A Zip Trim review by Frankie Brewer mentions that it is a good concept but a thicker string would make it better since it breaks too easily.

Ed Franklin shows major disappointment towards the battery in his Zip Trim review. As per him the battery runs out and is also impossible to get out. The Zip Trim review asserts that it requires constant restarting to advance the strings and can be inconvenient at times.

One Zip Trim review by Kerry Jimenez states that he had to spend more time in replacing the zip cutters instead of actual trimming time. His Zip Trim review says that it also fails to trim around the inside of a fence and is kind of effective only on weed.

Marlene Barnett claims that Zip Trim is a hit and miss tool. Her review says that the cost of shipping it back so high that its money back guarantee is completely worthless. As per her Zip Trim review the cutters are too brittle and break away easily.


What do I get?

  • 2 Zip Trim Portable Trimmers
  • 2 Extension Poles
  • 48 Zip Ties

Price: $19.99 with $9.95 processing and handling at

Leak No More

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

About Leak No More

Leak No More claims to be a gasket that helps in preventing leaks while connecting hoses. It asserts to have a universal design for use with any kind of hose.



How does “Leak No More” work?

Gaps that are generally created by bad connections or worn out threads are alleged to be filled by Leak No More, which also declares to have a built-in super seal that creates a water-tight, leak-free connection.

Designed to stop leaks – Leak No More assures that its smart design ensures that there are no surprise leaks ever. It alleges to be perfect for use at the spigot, the sprayer, and can also be used as a coupler to expand a hose line. More shall be revealed once Leak No More is reviewed. It emphasizes to have an all-weather construction, which will never corrode or rust. At this point of time, there are no Leak No More reviews available to attest with its claims.

Numerous uses – Leak No More maintains to be perfect for making the hose splash-free on RVs, fix leaky faucets inside the house, and repair leaky appliances as well. Is Leak No More really as good as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Leak No More PRICE
Buy 2 Leak No More Universal Gaskets for $14.99 + $13.98 S/h at the official website:

Flex Steel Hose

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

About Flex Steel Hose

Flex Steel Hose claims to be a metal garden hose that does not kink, tangle, or leak like rubber hoses.



How does Flex Steel Hose work?

The armor-like casing of Flex Steel Hose flexes like rubber and the solid steel construction alleges to make it indestructible, tangle-proof, weatherproof, and resistant to UV rays to last year after year.


Indestructible garden hose
Regular rubber garden hoses tangle, kink, leak, and are difficult to stow away. Rubber-like flexible yet solid steel casing declare to make Flex Steel Hose ultra strong and kink-free. It proclaims to remain undamaged even by sharp garden cutters, exposed sharp nails, industrial grinder and chainsaw. These claims will be verified by Flex Steel Hose user reviews.


Heavy-duty yet lightweight
Flex Steel Hose guarantees to be lightweight enough to be easily used by a kid and follows the user around the roughest and toughest terrain. It can hold up to the highest pressure of water enough to pour over a house. Is Flex Steel Hose that heavy-duty? User reviews will reveal soon. Flex Steel Hose convinces to roll back easily when done. It maintains that it does not tear, rip, or puncture. Send us your Flex Steel Hose review to verify these claims.


Flex Steel Hose REVIEWS

Flex Steel Hose review says that it worked perfectly for about a month. After that, one fine morning Flex Steel Hose had bumps in multiple spots.

Flex Steel Hose review criticizes it for its poor quality. It wasn’t impressive even after owning and using for a month. It bloats up in the sun under pressure and the water comes out forceful instead of a steady stream. Flex Steel Hose is not worth buying again, especially at the high price.

Flex Steel Hose review reveals that within two months, the hose bloated up and had small punctures. Even though it was still in use, Flex Steel Hose wouldn’t last the season.

Flex Steel Hose review states that in an attempt to make the hose kink-free, it was created not to bend or flex and just maintain the shape of the coil from the hose reel. Flex Steel Hose doesn’t lay flat or stretch to its full length on the ground even with warm water running through it, which creates a constant and annoying trip hazard, making it the most obstinate and frustrating garden hose.

Flex Steel Hose review discloses that it kinks all the time. The sidewalls of Flex Steel Hose pop out under full pressure of water. The purchase is disappointing and the substandard hose is not recommended to anyone.

Flex Steel Hose review calls it reasonably flexible but it is not kink-resistant. A rigid hose is less likely to kink but easier to drag around. Flex Steel Hose is extremely flexible and every time it is stretched out, half a dozen kinks are created and even one can completely restrict the water flow.

Flex Steel Hose review divulges that it didn’t function as claimed. Three week after using Flex Steel Hose, it began to rupture and leak, even though it was stored on a hose reel and water was always turned off when not in use.

Flex Steel Hose review says that considering the ratings for the hose, it seemed suitable for one’s need for a lightweight and kink-free hose that would was flexible enough to easily roll up into a neat coil. However, Flex Steel Hose was not very flexible at first, so it seemed like keeping it out in the hot sun for a few days would fix the problem, considering the name Flexogen meant that the hose is flexible. But, after using it for a month, Flex Steel Hose was still too stiff and wouldn’t coil up well. Flex Steel Hose is not worth buying again and not recommended to anyone. It’s better to pay a little extra and get a heavier, better-quality hose that would roll up easily.

Flex Steel Hose review calls it a nice hose but adds that it expands and its layers separate under pressure in hot weather.

Flex Steel Hose review exposes it for not being a serious hose at all. It is flimsy and kinks easily. Flex Steel Hose was expected to be a better product, but turned out to be cheap just like its price. It is not recommendable to anyone unless it’s used only for light duty work.

Flex Steel Hose review accuses it of being cheap, thin, and not a regular size of hose. Flex Steel Hose may only be good for using in a condo or apartment with light usage.

Flex Steel Hose review points out that it does not uncurl and stays put in a tight coil. One has to struggle with Flex Steel Hose every time it is used. The light weight of the ½ inch is likeable but a more flexible hose is better.


Flex Steel Hose Q&A

Does Flex Steel Hose work as a garden hose?
Yes, it can be used as a garden hose, but many people have complained of the hose bloating abnormally if left in the sun like a regular garden hose.

Is Flex Steel Hose’s diameter interior or exterior?
Not sure. But it is the same size as any regular hose.

Is Flex Steel Hose good for potable water?
No, it is not.

Is Flex Steel Hose usable with hot water?
It depends on one’s use. Flex Steel Hose supposedly does not to burst if left under pressure in the sun, so it is likely to stand normal residential hot water at 120°F, which is the recommended setting for hot water heaters. It’s advisable to measure yours. Having said that, no garden hose is meant for using with water that one drinks or to be used with more than residential pressure. It would be fatal if the hose is used for steam or pressure washer.

Where is Flex Steel Hose made?
Flex Steel Hose is made in China


What do I get?
You can get Flex Steel Hose at the following prices:
25 foot hose: $19.99 + $7.99 P&H
50 foot hose: $29.99 + $8.99 P&H
75 foot hose: $39.99 + $9.99 P&H
100 foot hose: $49.99 + $10.99 P&H

Pocket Hose Bungee Review

Friday, August 12th, 2016

What is Pocket Hose Bungee?

The TV commercial states that it is a garden hose that expands to a full-size hose when water runs through it and shrinks to its original size when the water is turned off.



Pocket Hose Bungee Claims

A pocket-sized garden hose – Pocket Hose Bungee convinces to be a patented garden hose that is so small that you can store it in your pocket. When you run the water, Pocket Hose Bungee expands to a 50-foot full size and automatically shrinks to its compact size when the water is turned off also squeezing itself dry. Such great features in a hose sound too good to be true so we must wait for Pocket Hose Bungee reviews to know the truth. Unlike traditional hoses that damage, Pocket Hose Bungee proclaims to have seamless micromesh sleeve outside that does not tear or burst outside.


Does not kink, crimp, or tangle – Pocket Hose Bungee maintains to never tangle or kink and does not stop the water flow even if a truck is parked over it. Currently there are no user reviews of Pocket Hose Bungee to reveal if this is true. The industrial strength brass connectors and no-kink connector protector of Pocket Hose Bungee allege to prevent crimping or leaking. The truth about this will be revealed by Pocket Hose Bungee user reviews. Pocket Hose Bungee emphasizes to fold neatly and stow away into a drawer and last a lifetime with its ultra durability. Are all these claims true? Tell us with your Pocket Hose Bungee reviews.


What do I get?
You will receive 1 – Pocket Hose Bungee & 1 – Turbo Shot Jet Nozzle for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H. | Official website:

Watering Hole REVIEW

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

What is Watering Hole? – It is a versatile outdoor sink that can be easily installed anywhere if you need a basin with flowing water.



Watering Hole REVIEW

Frank Roberts in his Watering Hole review complains that the hoses and hose connectors of Watering Hole are truly useless. Water dribbles out from every seam. One hose even entirely slipped out of the supposedly-built-in end connector (and the water pressure was very low at the time).

Tom Benson complains that the fittings of Watering Hole are made of some cheap metal alloy that could easily break when trying to make the first connection. The faucet leaks and the connections break. All in all, Watering Hole is an extremely cheap product.

George Smith reveals in his Watering Hole review that the fittings on the Watering Hole sink are not good enough to stand the pressure of the water supply. All the quick connect fittings may need to be replaced. The hoses are too short and also needed to be replaced with longer pieces of hose.

Olivia Lane in her Watering Hole review complains that it leaks everywhere, it says drinking fountain is adjustable but only by how much you turn the hose on, and when the hose is on enough for the tap to run good the drinking fountain goes about 20 feet up and over. Watering Hole is small and made of flimsy plastic. That would be fine if you could drink from it and it didn’t leak everywhere.

Barbara Pierce warns in his Watering Hole review that the picture of Watering Hole is merely a mirage. Watering Hole is a light-weight and teeny sink. It is actually a “toy” sink!

Paul Grover regrets buying the Watering Hole in his review he says the fittings of Watering Hole are made of some cheap metal alloy that could break easily when you try to make the first connection. Fixing this piece is more practically trouble than what it is worth. It is wiser to save your money. Do not purchase the Watering Hole sink!

Walter Hall is not satisfied with the Watering Hole, in his review he mentions that it is much smaller than it actually appears. It breaks very easily and is cheaply made. It is simply a piece if junk. It leaks all over and may even break while putting it up.

Kate Brown who used the Watering Hole reveals in her Watering Hole review that it does not contain any information about how to install it. Also the dimensions and weight are not mentioned either!


Watering Hole Claims

Multipurpose, mobile outdoor sink – Watering Hole may well be called a portable cleaning station that ensures incredibly easy access to flowing water outdoors anywhere, anytime you are gardening, working in the garage, partying or simply relaxing outdoors. Once connected to a spigot and turned on, Watering Hole provides with you a faucet, drinking fountain and comfort outdoors.

Convenience, clean water and more guaranteed – Watering Hole is easy to install, comes with an outside faucet to wash hands in and a water fountain simultaneously. Since it is supplied with NSF safe hoses known to be safe to drink from, it guarantees clean water. Since Watering Hole, is durable and can be installed easily anywhere. You can also wash dirt off your shoes before entering your home and think of several other uses with Watering Hole at the entrance.


What do I get?
Get Watering Hole for $29.99 + $9.99 Shipping & Handling at

Lizard Hose REVIEW

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

What is Lizard Hose? According to the infomercial it is an expanding hose that grows and doubles in size with water flow and automatically contracts when the water is shut off.



Lizard Hose Review

Steve Randall in his Lizard Hose review reveals that “if your yard is bigger than normal, Lizard Hose won’t work. I’d recommend you look for other options instead.”

”I bought Lizard Hose but it ruptured within a week. A huge leakage and small holes came up on its outer cover. Stretching the hose to its full length or contact with the cement surface of my garden probably created the problem. I guess Lizard Hose is suitable only for smaller yards with soft surfaces like grass. – Chris Holiday’s Lizard Hose Review

Ray Fraser says in his Lizard Hose review “The nozzle of my Lizard Hose broke and it started leaking in just 6 weeks. I didn’t even stretch it or drag it on my yard! Such a waste of money! Don’t buy it.”

Casey Wilson in her review says “Lizard Hose is totally useless and overpriced piece of junk. I feel cheated. Very disappointed with Lizard Hose.”

Tory Sonnet in her Lizard Hose review states that “All Lizard Hose seems good at is dropping water pressure by more than half and shrinking when the water valve is open. Useless trash.”

“It’s not lightweight, but weak. When it went over a bush in my garden, a leak sprang and it collapsed. Gonna junk this one.” – Terry Boyd on Lizard Hose

”Heidi Trevor in her Lizard Hose review mentions “Since expanding hoses like Lizard Hose have a wrinkly surface, dirt, manure and other stuff get deposited in the creases. You need to wash it all off and then dry it. Not worth the effort.“

Lizard Hose measures around 17′ and expands up to 50′ while watering. However, that decreases the pressure in the hose and it shrinks. It’s even worse around its edges. It never happened with other expandable hoses I’ve used.” – Steve Mercy’s Lizard Hose review

“I first used Lizard Hose to wash my deck. The next day I noticed small white spots all over it. I thought of running some water through it before washing surfaces to eliminate grimy substances, and it worked. There were no white foamy spots again even on dark surfaces. I’d suggest you do the same before using Lizard Hose.“ – Trina Lane’s Lizard Hose review


Lizard Hose Claims

Expanding and Retracting water hose – Lizard Hose is a water hose that expands with the water flow and retracts automatically when water’s shuts off, winding and coiling at the same time. Lizard Hose claims to have a unique flow-and-grow with flexible liner design inside that expands the hose with building water pressure and rubber sleeve outside stretching as the water flow increases. There are no Lizard Hose user reviews yet to prove this.

Lightweight, compact and kink-free – Lizard Hose proclaims that it’s lightweight, kink-free and compact to store unlike traditional hoses. It states to glide around furniture, corners, trees and shrubs, and tires. Lizard Hose convinces to expand up to 25 feet and weigh less than 2 lbs while being durable enough to withstand 20,000 lbs truck going over it. We’d like to hear from your if Lizard Hose is that great?


Official website:

Soaker Snake Review

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

What is Soaker Snake

As per the infomercial it is an all new plant hydration and nutrient delivery system that assists in benefiting the overall health and growth of the plant by slowly delivering water to all layers of the potted plants.



How does Soaker Snake work?

Soaker Snake is a plant hydration and nutrient delivery system designed to let you water your plant less and at the same time helps grow your plants up-to 30% bigger. It delivers water to all the layers of your plant giving you beautiful blooming plants.

The dry soil in your pot triggers the Soaker Snake to release the exact amount of water your plant needs to survive, directly into the roots. This allows you to water less and keep your plant healthy and blooming all through the year.

How to use Soaker Snake? – Simply place the Soaker Snake around the pot, place the plant back into the pot and add water. You plant will stay watered for up to two weeks even when you are away from home.

Discreet – Soaker Snake is discreet, featuring a rock capping mechanism that hides the Soaker Snake in the soil making it look natural.

Use on any plant – Soaker Snake can be used on any plant. Use it on small plants, big plants, hanging plants, and outdoor & garden plants. Order the Soaker Snake today!


Lush green and beautiful

Greenery in and around your home adds a positive aura to the ambience of any home but maintaining plants is very difficult especially if you need to be out of home for longer hours or for days. In such cases plants wither because of lack of hydration. But now the new plant hydration and nutrient delivery system Soaker Snake proclaims to provide the right amount of hydration to keep them forever green. However, currently there are no user reviews to corroborate Soaker Snake’s claims. Keeping a regular check on hydration of the plants is important and plants require just the right amount of watering, overdoing or neglecting it can hamper the growth of a plant. Soaker Snake asserts to enhance the hydration and also alleges to improve the growth by as much as 30 %. With the beautifully blossomed plants the Soaker Snake maintains their beauty is kept intact with its rock hopping mechanism. It also declares to be hidden at its source giving a natural look in the soil. Did Soaker Snake function as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Write/Read Reviews

Pragmatic and smart system

Pragmatic and smart the system is activated once the pot goes dry, it promises to release exact amount of water and that too directly to the roots. Soaker Snake does sound highly impressive; user reviews will expose if that’s true. Plants thrive because of direct water to the roots and this also results in less usage of water. It assures the plant stays perfectly watered for up to two weeks even when you are out of town. At this point of time there are no Soaker Snake reviews available that will attest to its claims. Soaker Snake maintains that one can customize its use as per the requirement for small plants at home, hanging plants or big plants outdoors. The Soaker Snake is there to add beauty and let nature thrive in an eco-friendly way. Does Soaker Snake really work? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
For Indoor & Porch Plants

  • 2 10ft tubes
  • 2 Stoppers
  • 2 Rocks

Price: $19.99 + $6.99 P&H


Soaker Snake DELUXE for Outdoor & Garden Plants

  • 2 10ft tubes
  • 2 Stoppers
  • 2 Rocks

Price: $29.00 + $7.99 P&H at

Garden Genie Review

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

What is Garden Genie?

They are gardening gloves, which maintain that they are a smart alternative to hand tools because they let you do different tasks in your outdoor spaces with ease.

Garden Genie asserts that now you can dig and plant without the need for any type of hand tools. If you have the luxury of space around your house then you want to beautify it with a garden that adds to the aesthetics and value of your homes. You can also grow your own fruits and vegetables, which is a joy in itself. But the problem is that gardening can be a chore. It is tedious and time consuming, and requires you to spend money on hand tools to make your task easier. These specially created gloves promise to let you dig and plant without the need for these tools. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Garden Genie reviews to confirm this claim for you.


Specially designed to make gardening easy and fun

These gloves have been created to ensure that you can do away with the costs and hassle involved with getting hand tools. They have built in claws that make gardening fun because you can dig and plant quickly and comfortably. In fact, the high density plastic claws can let you do everything you would be able to with hand tools, according to their claims. What did you make of the built in claws with these gloves? We would like to find out about it in your Garden Genie reviews. The flexible and ergonomic design of these gloves is another important highlight. It’s because of this design that you are able to handle small objects easily. Garden Genie reviews can tell us more about this design aspect of the gloves.

You will also be pleased to find that these gloves are durable and puncture resistant. Thus your hands will be protected from blisters and cuts. Garden Genie reviews will be able to inform us whether these gloves are really safe for your regular use.

Write/Read Reviews

Helps you with several gardening tasks

These gloves stress on the fact that they are waterproof so that they can be rinsed clean with ease. They can keep your hands dry and are available in two sizes, which is an added advantage. We will go through Garden Genie reviews carefully before validating these claims for you. These gloves also emphasize that they are durable enough to handle the toughest of jobs in the garden. At the same time they are delicate enough to pick cherry tomatoes. That’s why they are versatile for use in your gardens. This seems like a tall claim that will have to be verified through Garden Genie reviews.

Some of the tasks you can handle with these garden gloves include digging holes, putting seeds and planting. You can spread and grade topsoil, while you can easily rake and clear away debris as well. Garden Genie reviews are awaited to give us more information about these claims.


What do I get?

You get Two pairs of Garden Genie for $10 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website

Ghost Peppers Review

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

About Ghost Peppers

Ghost Peppers claims to be the best and fastest way to plant a ghost chilli pepper right at home. The quality of peppers is allegedly top-notch, with its heat index being higher than other types of food items. It is an excellent addition to anyone’s garden and becomes a part of a secret recipe where these international quality peppers are grown at extremely lesser cost.


How does it work

Ghost Peppers proclaims to be the hottest chilli pepper in the world and has been rated so even by the Guinness Book of World Records. Ghost Peppers alleges to be Bhut Jolokia, which is organically cultivated in India. These cultivated seeds are later vacuum-packed inside a unique recyclable growing container that nurtures it with nutrient-rich soil. One has to simply pop the top just like any other container and start watering it. Ghost Peppers assures that it starts growing within 10-15 days to deliver mouth-watering hot peppers for every recipe at home.


Hottest pepper on Earth

Ghost Peppers guarantees that it is rated as the hottest pepper that can be grown in household and sports so quickly. On a heat rating between different spicy and hot food items, Ghost Peppers is rated as over 300 times hotter than jalapeno and over three times hotter than a habanero. Ghost Peppers asserts to have a rating of scorching 1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units. This makes it fall in the extreme hot category on the scale surpassing even Tabasco. Ghost Peppers convinces to be the best method to acquire one for your recipes as it is difficult to find in any local grocery. Ghost Peppers maintains to be a no-brainer and does not need any green thumb experience to grow it. It needs to be simply watered well and it starts to grow from green to yellow to red color where it is the hottest.

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Features and benefits

Ghost Peppers maintains to be the simplest of the peppers that can be grown inside home without a lot of hassle. It saves a lot of money and makes each pepper grown for mere pennies. Plus one can simply start growing it indoors or outdoors. There is also no specific season required to grow it as it consists of all nutrition within the soil that comes along with it. The fruity smell and hot taste of Ghost Peppers is stated to be extremely amazing for those who are looking to add a dazzle in their recipes. Ghost Peppers declares to be perfect for any type of recipe. It can work well for chilli and dips which need some spiciness. It works as an excellent addition to homemade hot sauces and tacos. Ghost Peppers also emphasizes to be great for salsa, stew and various types of soups. In fact Ghost Peppers assures to be an amazing addition in raw, cooked or pickled form. Another amazing feature that Ghost Peppers proclaims is that when used in the garden it can get rid of troublesome insects and animals on its own.


What do I get?

You get One Ghost Pepper and one Cherry Pepper for $10.00 plus $13.9 S&H.Official website

Pumpkin Paradise Review

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

What is Pumpkin Paradise

The infomercial claims that it is a cookbook with various pumpkin recipes that one can make right at home in just minutes. Whether snacks, meals or desserts, the cookbook asserts to have recipes for them all. It maintains to have such simple recipes that just need you to dump the ingredients in a container, mix them and bake or cook.


Pumpkin-based dishes at home in minutes

Pumpkin Paradise is a cookbook that promises to let you make tons of pumpkin-based dishes right at home and in minutes. It’s autumn time and like every year if you want to feast on delicious pumpkin dishes, then Pumpkin Paradise to let you do just that. Is it really that easy to get pumpkin-based dishes with Pumpkin Paradise? User reviews of Pumpkin Paradise will reveal soon. Pumpkin Paradise asserts that you can make savory as well as sweet treats easily. Pumpkin Paradise is a cookbook by Cathy Mitchell that declares you can cook just like a chef without being one with some easily available ingredients in your kitchen. Whether that’s true or just a claim will be clarified with Pumpkin Paradise user reviews. Pumpkin Paradise guarantees to have over 100 pumpkin recipes in the cookbook right from breakfast options to meals and desserts. Can a cookbook really have so many recipe options? User reviews of Pumpkin Paradise should tell us more.

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Just dump and bake or cook

Unlike recipes that are elaborate and take hours, Pumpkin Paradise convinces to collate those that just need mixing, dumping and baking or cooking. Pumpkin Paradise maintains that you just need to add the ingredients into a pan or container, mix them and pop them into the oven or cooker. Before believing such claims by Pumpkin Paradise let’s wait for some user reviews of Pumpkin Paradise. Whether a Pumpkin Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pancake, Pumpkin Doughnuts or Cream Pumpkin Tart, Pumpkin Paradise states to have recipes of them all. That makes Pumpkin Paradise sound too good to be true. We need to analyze some more Pumpkin Paradise user reviews to substantiate that claim. Pumpkin Paradise emphasizes that you can treat your family to the dishes or even host a dinner because of how easy it is to make pumpkin-based dishes right at home. Did the Pumpkin Paradise cookbook really let you do all of this? We’d like to hear it from you so send in your reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll get Pumpkin Paradise cookbook for $10.00 plus $6.99 S&H.
  • Official website: