Garden Joy Review

What is Garden Joy

It states to be a garden accessory that lets the gardener kneel down comfortably to prevent knees strain. It claims to have a sturdy tubular form to support your weight and easy grip handles to let … Read the rest

Spring Bulbs For Summer Bloom Review

About Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom

Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom claims to be sets of spring bulbs that can be planted any time after the last frost to bloom during spring. Spring Bulbs for Summer Bloom assures that these … Read the rest

Peel & Bloom Review

What is Peel & Bloom

It is a ready to grow pot with flower bulbs that promise to give you stunningly beautiful flowers in your homes without too much effort.

Peel & Bloom maintain that now you can grow gorgeous … Read the rest

Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Compare What is it? Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

What is Gorilla Hose? – Gorilla Hose is an amazing expandable garden hose that takes the problems of regular hoses and resolve it with an ingenious design … Read the rest

Greenerator Review

What is Greenerator?

It is a water-based instant green formula which, when sprayed on your lawn or garden, effectively covers foliage, encourages lush growth and green landscape in any weather.


Effective for evergreens, shrubs, plants and more

If you … Read the rest

Pocket Hose Dura-Rib Review

What is Pocket Hose Dura-Rib

It claims to be an expandable hose that coils into a small size when not in use and is highly durable for a leak-proof water seal with every use.


Expandable magical hose

Pocket Hose … Read the rest

Spyder Sprinkler Review

What is Spyder Sprinkler

As per the TV Infomercial it is an ingeniously designed water sprinkler that is flexible in nature to target only the area that requires water to save wastage of water and piling up of water bills. … Read the rest

Cobra Max Review

What is Cobra Max

As per the TV infomercial it is a great patented head that is easy to load on most gas powered trimmers. It can cut, trim and edge the lawn in half the time because of its … Read the rest

Aqua Chirps Review

About Aqua Chirps

Aqua Chirps is a genuine Glass Bird that promises to come to your aide if you forget to water your plants or overwater it thus creating a mess and leaks in your house. Aqua Chirps assures to … Read the rest

My Lavender Garden Review

What is My Lavender Garden

The TV commercial asserts that it is a perennial plant that will eliminate the need to plant a new garden every year. It states that you will get beautiful blooms of old English Lavender for … Read the rest