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HairSanity REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is HairSanity ?

Are you tired of your dull, dry and unmanageable hair? Now there is a simple easy way to transform your hair from dull to shiny with HairSanity.

HairSanity is a hair care system that promises to fight dandruff within the scalp in two steps without the use of harmful chemicals such as sulphates or parabens. It alleges that it delivers soft, shiny, flake free hair with regular use. This claim can only be substantiated when we look at HairSanity reviews.

It claims that in a recent study of more than 700 people, 78% said they preferred HairSanity to their current hair care products and 80% said they were ready to make the switch to HairSanity.



How does HairSanity work?

Most anti-dandruff shampoos contain zinc pyrithione but HairSanity asserts that it does not use zinc pyrithione. Instead its breakthrough technology uses a revolutionary blend of premium ingredients including nutrient enriched botanical ingredients and anti-oxidants to relieve and gently exfoliate the scalp lifting away flakes and removing residue.Does HairSanity really work as promised? Send us your HairSanity review.

It states that its technologically advanced system infuses hair and transforms ingredients into micro particles that practically fuse your hair with rich moisturizers and conditioners leaving your hair clean, healthy, and shiny and flake free.This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after HairSanity is reviewed.
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HairSanity Review

A review of HairSanity by May Coleman discloses that it doesn’t lather well and isn’t effective at eradicating dandruff. She found that its content was not powerful enough to work on the hair.

Another customer, Crystal McGee, states in her HairSanity review that even though her scalp felt good after applying it, her hair seem to dry out. She also mentions that it doesn’t have a likable smell and can be a little nauseating.
As per the review by Blanca Wong, HairSanity makes hair sticky and she felt that it left a film behind on it. It didn’t help her dry scalp issue at all and instead froze her head.

A customer, Kim Ford, claims in her HairSanity review that it made her scalp itchier, hair more prone to static, and her eyes started to water due to the smell. The review further adds that HairSanity’s bottle is also pretty flimsy, making it difficult to get shampoo and conditioner out of the bottles.


HairSanity Questions and Answers

Q. Is the glycerin used in HairSanity plant or animal based? If yes, is it made using bovine or pork?
A. There is no way to tell for sure, but it does explicitly state that it is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Q. Has there been anyone who used it on their pets to get rid of dry itchy skin?
A. No.

Q. Will HairSanity prevent head lice?
A. No.


HairSanity VERDICT

HairSanity comes with a two-step system that helps in getting better hair quality, softness, and shine without any flaking. It might seem to be a unique system but the steps are basically a combination of shampoo and conditioner made available by a host of other competitors. A similar system to HairSanity is the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and hair Conditioner Set. There have been many users who are happy with the performance provided by HairSanity. This is evident from the 4.6 rating out of 5 it gets from 16 customer reviews on Amazon. In comparison, The Tea Tree system can be considered better because 684 customers have rated it as 4.5 out of 5. Another negative point of HairSanity system is its price that is almost twice as the competitor’s set. HairSanity is available on its own website as well as Amazon which makes it easier to compare with other similar systems. We suggest users go through the reviews of HairSanity and other hair care systems in detail before making a decision.


VoluLUXE REVIEW | One-Step Dryer & Styler Exposed!!

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

What is VoluLUXE?

It claims to be a hair styling tool that offers five different functions – drying, straightening, curling, waving, and volumize in one unique design. It states to have a High Density Ionic Fusion Technology that dries and styles the hair at the same time.




5-in-1 dryer brush – VoluLUXE guarantees to offer a quick and easy hair style with its unique design that dries, straightens, curls, waves, and volumizes hair in one easy step. With three different speed settings, VoluLUXE assures that it works on both damp and dry hair with an option to set the style with a cool shot. More shall be known once VoluLUXE is reviewed.

Damage-free technology – HDIF or High Density Ionic Fusion Technology in VoluLUXE alleges to have millions of negative ions and infrared rays that work in reducing frizz and sealing the moisture in hair. This way, the hair dries faster with amazing bounciness and doesn’t break or fall easily. Such premium hair care offered by VoluLUXE will be only validated once users review it.

Custom Design – VoluLUXE promises to offer tangle free drying with its round brush design or flat brush with smartly placed bristles. These are strategically placed to offer lifting, smoothing, straightening, and styling. The heat is distributed across VoluLUXE’s surface with a ceramic barrel with a cool tip for comfortable styling. VoluLUXE proclaims to be comfortable at handling and has a 9-foot swivel cord that doesn’t tangle especially while creating curls or waves. Does VoluLUXE offer salon-like full, bouncy, and beautiful hair? Send us your reviews.


VoluLUXE Reviews

A review of VoluLUXE by Diana Long reveals that it is not effective on thin hair and in fact hard to use for drying and smoothing them.

Patty Harmon, a VoluLUXE reviewer, says that its brush head is way too big even for her fine, shoulder length hair. Her review also states that VoluLUXE’s handle gets very hot and emits a strong electrical odor that makes it completely useless.

Another VoluLUXE review by Mercedes Sanders complains that it is heavy and awkward to use. It lacks the power to blow dry waist length, thick hair quickly and easily.

One reviewer, Lindsey Jenkins, states that VoluLUXE failed to provide lift and volume to her hair at the roots, This is because it doesn’t really reach the roots well and takes a while to dry thicker hair. Her review further adds that VoluLUXE is more of a styler as it works better on dry hair and is not a good dryer.

Louise Mendoza, a VoluLUXE user discloses in her review that it is a very slow dryer and failed to offer smoothness to the hair and left them frizzy. She also complains in her VoluLUXE review that it makes very loud noise that makes it uncomfortable to use and can leave the ears ringing.

Dianne Willis found VoluLUXE’s top quite heavy and awkward to use. As per her review, the high setting makes very loud noise that can be irritating and can even give a headache. Her review adds that VoluLUXE works decently in low setting but its heavy design is not really user-friendly.

A similar review of VoluLUXE by Wanda Hale exposes that it is not as light as advertised or fast at drying hair either. She further asserts in her VoluLUXE review that the top of the handle also gets quite hot making it difficult to handle and style.


VoluLUXE Questions and Answers

Q. What is the wattage rating of VoluLUXE?
A. 110 W.

Q. Does VoluLUXE make a loud noise?
A. Yes, it comes with a high-pitched sound that can be bothersome to the ears while using it. The noise can be compared to hand-drying blowers and sounds that the blower strains at higher fan speed. Sensitive individuals may end up having a headache after using it.

Q. Can VoluLUXE work on short fine hair to offer them smooth volume?
A. Yes, it should. Remember that its brush is wide and will require a few inches of hair to wrap around to achieve a decent volume.

Q. Will VoluLUXE work on dry hair?
A. Yes, it works on dry hair and is great for touch-ups throughout the day.

Q. How much damage does VoluLUXE cause to the hair in comparison with a conventional hair dryer and a round brush?
A. It makes hair smooth and frizz-free with quick drying that causes lesser damage than the traditional methods.

Q. Does it blow air only from the top part and not the bottom?
A. Yes.

Q. Will VoluLUXE blow dry shoulder length, thin hair quickly?
A. The barrel is wide enough to accommodate the length but there isn’t enough airflow to dry them quickly.

Q. How big is VoluLUXE?
A. It is about 10 to 12 inches long with a 3 to 4 inches brush head. Also, it makes a lot of noise when used at a higher temperature setting.

Q. Does VoluLUXE work for touch ups on dry hair between shampoos?
A. Yes, VoluLUXE works well in-between but care must be taken as it can get too hot at times.

Q. Is the brush on VoluLUXE removable?
A. No.

Q. Does it work well on dry hair?
A. Yes.

Q. Can VoluLUXE rotate?
A. No.

Q. Is VoluLUXE safe to use on wet hair?
A. Yes.

Q. Can VoluLUXE be effective on super curly hair?
A. No. Buy a dedicated curler, this machine is jack of all trades and master of the none.

Q. Does VoluLUXE make weird sharp sounds while in use?
A. Yes, at a higher temperature it makes loud, sharp sound.

Q. How many settings are available on VoluLUXE?
A. There is a cool option to set the hair and low and high warm settings.

Q. What is the best way to clean VoluLUXE?
A. Old hair from the brush can be removed using a pick or rats tail comb end. The surfaces should be cleaned with a slightly damp rag when not in use.

Q. Will the regular use of VoluLUXE cause damage hair or dry, fried hair?
A. No.

Q. Does VoluLUXE blow the air out evenly?
A. No, it is pushed closer the handle end.

Q. What is the material used to make the VoluLUXE’s brush?
A. VoluLUXE brush is made of hard plastic and is designed in a way that the hair doesn’t get tangled while styling. The oval design further facilitates easy, tangle-free use.

Q. Can any hair styling product be used with VoluLUXE?
A. Yes, it is safe to use any hair styling product along with it.

Q. Is VoluLUXE tough to pull the hair out?
A. No.

Q. Does VoluLUXE come with a cool button?
A. Yes, it helps in setting the hair after styling it.

Q. Will VoluLUXE tangle the hair similar to other roll brush-type dryers?
A. No, VoluLUXE is pretty different than other roll brushes. It offers better control over the hair and blows them dry while styling them. It also has a swivel cord that allows 360-degree movement while styling multiple sections of the hair without getting tangled in itself. The brush has a better control over the temperature too with smart technology that helps in offering drying and styling without damaging the hair. In fact, the ionic technology ensures that hair gets protection and stays frizz-free by locking the moisture at the roots.

Q. How big is the VoluLUXE’s brush barrel?
A. It is bigger than other hair dryers but is lightweight with an easy to use design.

Q. Can VoluLUXE provide volume to fine hair that is short in length?
A. It is difficult to say since it depends on a lot on the hair length and if they can wrap well around the barrel. Keep in mind that it has a large barrel that would require enough hair to actually create a style or add volume to them. For hair that is long enough to do so can achieve volume and style with it.

Q. Does VoluLUXE provide gorgeous curls?
A. Not really, they can make them wavy or curly to a certain degree only.


What do I get?

  • 1 VoluLUXE One-Step Dryer and Styler
  • 1 Interchangeable Round Bristle Brush
  • 1 Flat Interchangeable Brush
  • 4 Professional Quality Styling Clips
  • 1 Travel Bag

Price: $49.99 + S/h at the Official website:

Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Compare what is it? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler is a hair styling system that employs patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers to deliver gorgeous, wavy, curly hair while you sleep, with virtually no effort.

Conair Soft Rollers’s Pillow Soft Rollers feature a flexible internal wire that allows you to bend and twist each roller to achieve the style and curl you want. They are incredibly easy to use, are gentle on the hair, and are even comfortable enough to wear overnight. These fabulous pillow soft rollers allow you to create long-lasting curls on both damp and dry hair.

Curlformers are a great alternative to heat based styling products. They keep your hair healthy. The extra-long spiral curls styling kit is ideal for hair up to 22 inches (55 cm) long.


Compare what does it do? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler – Wrap your damp hair around each Sleep Styler roller, fasten the strap to hold your hair in place, get your beauty sleep, and wake up and unwrap.
The Sleep Styler works on long or short hair, thick or thin hair, or straight or curly and leaves you with beautiful curls, while saving you an hour of styling time in the process. You can even straighten your hair if you choose.

Sleep Styler also features a marshmallow soft memory foam core to maximize your sleeping comfort, while the microfiber material holds four to five times is weight in water, so you’ll wake up dry.

Conair Soft RollersConair Soft Rollers Soft Curlers are designed to give you tight, long-lasting curls. The curlers work on wet or dry hair and are comfortable and gentle on the hair. It features an internal wire that lets you bend and twist them allowing you to get the kind of curl you want. They are ideal for adding body and bounce to your curls. Conair Soft Rollers comes with 24 curlers.

Curlformers – The Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit is designed for hair up to 22″ or 55 cm and leaves you with glossy, smooth, defined, healthy curls every time you use it. Curlformers are packed in an easy-to-carry holdall allowing you to take it anywhere, to create amazing curls-on-the-go.


Compare does it straighten the hair? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler – Yes, the straightening technique only works with the large rollers and is recommended for long hair.

Conair Soft Rollers

Curlformers – Yes


Compare how to use them? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler works in a simple four step process without the need for machinery, batteries or electricity. Here’s how it works:
• Wash or take a shower at night as normal
• Wrap damp hair around the plush cylinder included with the Sleep Styler, then fasten the strap to hold it in place
• Sleep comfortably “as the memory foam simulates the feeling of resting on clouds”
• Then, wake up and remove the Sleep Styler to show-off your beautifully-styled hair.


Conair Soft Rollers – Smooth your hair by brushing or combing. Section the hair you are curling and add a small amount of styling product. Roll the hair all the way up in the direction that you want to curl. Make sure the hair is tightly wrapped around the roller. Attach the self-grip tape to hold the roller in place. Leave the rollers in place for at least 20 minutes and, if using on damp hair, leave until your hair is dry. Gently remove and finger comb curls in place. It can be used with a blow-dryer too.


Curlformers – Let your damp hair dry naturally inside Curlformers unique patented mesh construction or use gentle heat if you wish and see the end result. Curlformers are gentle enough to use on damaged, weak or fragile hair and are great on hair extensions and wigs too. Curlformers comes in an attractive, portable PVC holdall with matching trim and contain 40 extra-long spiral Curlformers; 20 clockwise and 20 anti-clockwise. You can create long curly hair in no time as this styling kit also contains 2 styling hooks to help speed up the application process and a step by step how to use instruction leaflet.


Compare Features: Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler
• Curl your hair while you sleep and save an hour of styling time!
• Achieve beautiful styles, effortlessly
• Patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers
• Marshmallow soft memory-foam core is as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow.
• Microfiber material holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries super fast.
• Rapid Drying Technology: This high-performance microfiber wicking material pushes moisture away from your hair, allowing maximum airflow around each lock of hair. It’s an ultra-soft material that polishes your hair smooth. Additionally, the patented fabric holds 4 to 5 times its weight in water.
• Promotes Good Hair Health: The Sleep Styler does not damage your hair like hot styling tools. It’s designed to fully replace your blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener to help ensure your hair stays healthy long-term.
• Memory Foam Core: The Sleep Styler can help you get a better sleep. It is made from laser-cut memory foam that holds an imprint of your hand – like high-end bedding. You can easily remove the foam insert from the fabric to wash the fabric after a few uses.
• Curl or Straighten: Not only can you curl your hair with the Sleep Styler, you can also wrap your hair in a spiral to curl, or hold flat along the length of the roller to straighten. The curler is specifically designed to create the perfect looking curl for everyone. You can also view alternative styling methods on The Sleep Styler website.
• The Sleep Styler works with all hair – extra coarse, frizzy, or kinky.


Conair Soft Rollers
• One set of eighteen (18) soft curlers.
• Creates tight, long lasting curls.
• Usable on both damp and dry hair.
• Comfortable to sleep on; gentle enough for overnight use.


• The extra-long spiral curls styling kit is ideal for hair up to 22 inches (55 cm) long
• The extra-long spiral curls styling kit contains 40 Curlformers and 2 styling hooks
Curlformers are a great alternative to heat based styling products keeping your hair healthy
• The Curlformers come in pink and orange to indicate the different curl directions; clockwise and anti-clockwise
• The kit also contains step by step how to use instruction leaflet


Compare Sizes Available: Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler
The Sleep Styler – Large – For long and thick or curly hair
The Sleep Styler – Mini – For shorter hair or hair that is long, but fine
The Sleep Styler – Bundle – Best of both worlds! Great for layered looks!

Conair Soft Rollers – No information available

Curlformers – The extra-long spiral curls styling kit is ideal for hair up to 22 inches (55 cm) long.


Compare What do I get? Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler – Introductory kit comes with four foam cylinders/rollers.

Conair Soft Rollers

Curlformers – The extra-long spiral curls styling kit contains 40 Curlformers and 2 styling hooks.

The Curlformers come in pink and orange to indicate the different curl directions; clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The kit also contains step by step how to use instruction leaflet


Compare Price: Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler – $29.95, plus $4.95 S&H.

Conair Soft Rollers – $9.89

Curlformers – $70.89


Compare Review: Sleep Styler vs Conair Soft Rollers vs Curlformers

Sleep Styler REVIEW

Alison Rice says in her review of the Sleep Styler – “Took three months to receive and another three months to figure out how the to put in my hair. Uncomfortable and just flat out doesn’t work. It’s a terrible product”.

Cecelia Soto mentions in her review of the Sleep Styler – “I have medium length hair, and yes, my hair is easy to curl via braiding, putting it in a bun, and with curling tools. I followed the tips and instructions and gave the Sleep Styler two attempts. It gave me a poodle perm in the worst way possible. I had to tie up my hair into messy buns both mornings after I removed them. Plus, they are very uncomfortable to sleep in. The foam inside the rollers is very cheap and once removed, the foam retains the indentation from having hair wrapped around it, and doesn’t restore to its original size. So save your time and hard earned money”.

Another user Lora Fields says in her review of the Sleep Styler-“My hair is wavy and they are selling the product to straighten the hair. I believed such a lie. It’s completely impossible that the Sleep Styler would make your hair straight. So I tried to make curls, what a joke; this is impossible to use. Hate it”!

Maureen Lucas, another user of the Sleep Styler says in her review-“Sleeping on them was a nightmare. I woke up four times during the night in pain. The result was maybe half a curl, and it looked horrible. I blew my hair out that morning. It took me more time than it was worth” she says.

Debra Fleming who purchased the Sleep Styler claims in her Sleep Styler review-“I have fine shoulder length hair, so I ordered the mini instead of the original. The Mini rollers do not stay in my hair. I could probably use some bobby pins to hold them in place, but that defeats the purpose of this product. I would have been better off with the original. There are no reference videos for the mini, and the curlers do not come with instructions. I tried using the same technique shown in the videos for the bigger curlers, but the strap on the mini is not long enough to hold your hair in place against the curler.

I can’t imagine sleeping in these rollers. It feels like your head is on several very large, dense cotton balls”.

Another user Ruby Reynolds is disappointed with the Sleep Styler and says in her review of it-“It is hard to put rollers on. They don’t stay on. I get a much better curl by putting rollers on almost dry hair for 20 minutes. Customer service hung up on me when I called to complain” she adds.

Diane Ward claims in her Sleep Styler review that the Sleep Styler does not work. She says when she rolled the foam rollers into her hair and secured it with the strap, it immediately fell out.

Jacquelyn Taylor who tried the Sleep Styler says in her review-“My hair was a bit too dry, but the results were horrible. I slept on them just fine, but putting them in was a huge pain! There are no real instructions on how to set them in your hair. I struggled with them for about 15 minutes, which is probably when my hair started to dry out”.

Tonya Harvey is unhappy with the poor customer service of Sleep Styler. She says when she used it for the first time she had a horrible experience. She adds that the instructions for rolling them in your hair are terrible. She further adds that she woke up to a frizzy, kinky mess!

Rosemary Rice says in her Sleep Styler review that the Sleep Styler is a horrible product; uncomfortable, cheaply made, hard to put in, and flat out makes a mess of your hair. It also does not dry your hair she says. You come out with a half wet, half dry mess.

Marian Hines states in her Sleep Styler review-“I followed all the instructions to the letter. The rollers fell out. My hair got stuck in the Velcro. It was impossible to sleep on them. I had to reroll them during the night when they came off. In the morning my hair looked ridiculous with weird bends in it rather than curls. Save your money”.

Irma Lamb claims in her Sleep Styler review that it doesn’t work. She says she had damp, not wet hair, and wrapped them up like a pro using the minis. She adds that her hair was awful; flat, had no bounce and half curls that fell out within five minutes.

Jessica Oliver who bought the Sleep Styler says in her review-“They are not comfortable. I woke up to a mess that was only fixed by re-washing my hair. The ends of my hair looked like I’d bleached them for three days and then left a straightener on them for a few hours. The curls were not curls at all. They look like square tangles. The strap to wrap the curls leaves unfixable kinks in your hair”.

Gladys Hampton, another user of the Sleep Styler says in her review-“I have wavy neck length hair and ordered the mini rollers based on the company recommendations. Buyer should be aware that the mini rollers are not smaller but rather shorter than the full size. If your hair is neck or shoulder length, it is unlikely that they will stay in for even an hour, much less if you try to sleep in them. The Velcro fasteners tend to easily get entangled in the hair, and if they do, you end up ripping out pieces of hair that you cannot disentangle”.

Cheryl Mullins claims in her Sleep Styler review that when she removed the curlers the next morning, out of 12 curlers, only two showed results, which was a tiny wave on the ends of those two strands. She says the rest were either still straight or slightly frizzy. She further adds that she had to pay very close attention when removing them because as soon as you open the Velcro fastener, it tends to grab the other hair and become entangled. The Sleep Styler was a complete waste of money she adds.

Iris Horton who used the Sleep Styler says in her Sleep Styler review-“I ordered the minis. They are fat rollers, which made them difficult to apply. My hair is about an inch past my shoulders and very layered, so it was hard to get my hair to wrap around the roller enough times to result in nice curls. I don’t have the easiest time using hot rollers, so I knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest thing for me to use the Sleep Styler. But my hair kept falling out of the rollers because they are so thick and don’t have a good secure closure, so that was a bit frustrating. My hair also kept getting tangled in the Velcro. I also have a lot of hair, so I didn’t have enough rollers for my hair”, she says.

Olivia Hale states in her review of the Sleep Styler-“ About half of my head curled, and the curls didn’t last long. When I took them out, my hair was a bit frizzy. Some curls were more like waves, and a couple were as advertised, but again, they didn’t last long”.
Jody Castro who tried the Sleep Styler says in her review of it-“The first time when I removed them from the front, it looked like I had horns like a beast. They were these horrible dents that stuck out like horns. So when I tried it the second time, I curled the rollers in the other direction. It didn’t look like I had horns but still got dents in my hair”.


Conair Soft Rollers REVIEW

Nora King states in her Conair Soft Rollers review-“If you have very little hair and it’s very short, these will work for you”.

Robin Hopkins says in here review of the Conair Soft Rollers-“ These are too small to fit medium to large or long sections of hair, and I only have medium length, very fine, thin hair. If you have shorter hair and want to roll your hair in tiny sections to make it super curly, maybe frizzy, these may work for you. If they made larger curlers with much longer wired tie end, they would work much, much better for longer hair”.

Another user Antonia Walker says in her Conair Soft Rollers review-“They are deceptively small (buy 2 packs if you have longish or thick hair), and the wire poked through during the second use”.

Nichole Casey claims in her review of the Conair Soft Rollers-“The wires poke through after several uses, too bad as they actually provide a nice curl for my natural curl patter”.

Beatrice Soto mentions in her Conair Soft Rollers review-“These curlers are just okay. If you are seeking a tighter curl, and have shorter/thinner hair, these would be great. However, I was seeking a looser curl and have long, thick hair, so these did not give me the curl I desired. I tried to wrap them not as tight, so the curl would be looser, and it just made the curl flatten so it looked more like it got crimped”.

Louise Thornton, another user of the Conair Soft Rollers says in her review-“Very fine, very straight hair and curls don’t hold well, they are already coming apart after only a few uses, as others have complained about. These aren’t for everyday use, for sure. They’d never last. They didn’t give the tight curls as was hoping for, more wavy than curly”.

Doris Howell who used the Conair Soft Rollers says in her Sleep Styler review-“Used them several times now but the wires poke through the thin covering. I don’t see them lasting much longer”.


Curlformers REVIEW

Violet Cruz in her review of Curlformers says-“My very fine hair broke trying to get my hair through the tube. My hair was not accepting the rubber on the beginning and the end of these spirals”.

Florence Brady says in her Curlformers review that she gave up after trying using the Curlformers for 20 minutes because it does not stay spiralled once hair is in it and pulled out a lot of her hair trying to pull it through. She further adds that it is not those with sensitive heads.

Ana Collins in her review of Curlformers states-“Tried these curlers with dry hair, wet hair, overnight, and hair with gel and there was not one curl. Curlformers are really heavy when you get all your hair put in the curlers and I had a headache pretty quickly from all the extra weight. Was not able to sleep well on them, and it didn’t end up looking at all what I expected when I took them out”.

Another person Delia Hanson who purchased Curlformers claims in her review-“Takes a long time and is painful to pull hair through and painful to take hair out. There were very few curls. Want t return it. It does not work as advertised.

Jeanne Jennings in her review of Curlformers says-“Did not come with all the necessary items to use this curler tool. It was short; the hooks that are shown to be included with the curlers did not come in the package. Until we get the hooks the kit is useless”.

Thelma Owen says in her Curlformers review that they looked like they’d be fast, easy, and comfortable but the “extra-long” set still left approximately 2 inches of hair sticking out the bottom of the curlers. She also adds that her daughters have very silky smooth hair which doesn’t really get “tangled,” but even with that being the case, as she was pulling the hook through, she complained that it felt like it was pulling her hair. She further adds that when she removed the hook from the curler, the curlers did not just “spring back” into a nice spiral as shown in the commercials…instead they got twisted in a funky way. They really look great on the commercials, but the reality is, you’re better off with some plain old foam rollers.

Annette Ramos mentions in her review of Curlformers that they were dingy and had a smell. It took over a month to get them because they came from china. She says they were extremely frustrating to use on her thick, type 4 hair and the hook kept popping apart and the results were just not worth the effort. She further says she tried with/without hair product, damp hair, dry hair, large & small sections of hair but nothing worked. If you use this on damp hair, it is so heavy and she had a headache within minutes. If you are prone to migraines, you may not want to use the Curlformers, especially if you have thick, heavy hair. You cannot sleep with this in. She was so uncomfortable and the curlers were constantly pulling her hair and her head was very tender the following morning.

In her review of the Curlformers Hope Barrett says-“If you have very thick course hair, they may not work. Problem with this is that you need to use really small sections. If you try to use bigger sections, your hair won’t pass through the formers and it will get stuck. The styling hook ripped through the curl former, got stuck and was not coming out”.

Another user Leah Nichols who purchased the Curlformers says in her review that you will need a lot of stamina in your arms if you have long hair. You will also need more Curlformers if you have thick hair (can’t put too much hair in one or it won’t cure right), she says. She also adds that the price of the Curlformers is a very steep!

Helen Morton in her review of the Curlformers says-“The sticks are cheap and fall apart easily. Very tight on the scalp and heavy, so my first time my scalp was sore after taking them out…. also try not to use so much gel-like products or anything that will make your curls stiff, as I did….makes it hard to hide the hair parts on the back of the head”.

Johanna Martin claims in her Curlformers review-“These are not cost effective. Cheaper ones perform just as well. It is ridiculous to pay such a price for this product.

Ellen Bates too is disappointed with the Curlformers and says in her review of it that they are not comfortable to sleep with. She also says that it would be hard to do this on your own hair. You have to get the hair in the little slot just right and then pull it through. She says it is much easier if you have someone else to do it.

MaxiGlide XP Digital

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

What is MaxiGlide XP Digital

It claims to be a hair straightener that is designed to straighten as well as detangle, hydrate, and smooth virtually every single strand right from its root.



Most effective straightener

MaxiGlide XP Digital assures to be an amazing straightener that eliminates the problems of heating irons and hot brushes. MaxiGlide XP Digital asserts that it is designed using patented technology that helps in achieving soft, shiny, beautiful looking straight hair right at home. Currently there are no MaxiGlide XP Digital reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Intelligently designed
MaxiGlide XP Digital emphasizes to have strategically placed very fine 120 detangling pins that straighten and hydrate the hair in one single pass. The addition of Controlled Steamburst Technology helps hydrate the hair ad softens it up for a healthy touch. Such a farfetched claim will be only proved once MaxiGlide XP Digital is reviewed. MaxiGlide XP Digital convinces to be versatile with its variable temperature of 190 to 430 F to match the hair type. MaxiGlide XP Digital promises safety with its protective ridges which are cool to the touch and helps in reaching the roots without burning the scalp. Is MaxiGlide XP Digital really effective? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
MaxiGlide® XP Digital
1 PAYMENT OF $99.99 + $14.99 S&H
• 1-Month Supply of beyondSTRAIGHT™ (2 oz.)
• 1-Month Supply of theEND™ (0.34 oz.)
• Detangling Brush
• Carrying Case
• Full Size MAXesse™ Shampoo (12 oz.)
• Full Size MAXesse™ Conditioner (8 oz.)
• Full Size Leave in Conditioner (8 oz.)
• Full Size Deep Conditioner (8 oz.)

3 PAYMENTS OF $33.33 + $14.99 S&H
• 1-Month Supply of beyondSTRAIGHT™ (2 oz.)
• 1-Month Supply of theEND™ (0.34 oz.)
• Detangling Brush
• Carrying Case


Sleep Styler REVIEW | Does it really work? Find out here…

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

About Sleep Styler

Sleep Styler asserts to be a heat-free and hands-free hairstyling system that can dry and style hair simultaneously while you sleep at night. You need to wrap your hair around the Sleep Styler roller and fasten the strap. Its microfiber material assures to absorb water from your wet hair while the rollers style your hair as you sleep.



How does Sleep Styler work?

Dry and style hair while you sleep
Styling your hair doesn’t need an hour or cumbersome hair irons and dryers thanks to Sleep Styler, as the hairstyling tool proclaims. By just leaving it in your hair overnight, it convinces to dry your hair and curl or straighten them perfectly. But there are no Sleep Styler user reviews to verify these claims.


Super absorbent and comfortable
The microfiber material of Sleep Styler promises to hold 4-5 times its weight in water. Sleep Styler emphasizes that its marshmallow soft memory-foam is comfortable to sleep on as pillow. Let’s analyze user reviews before believing these claims. Sleep Styler maintains that it can curl or straighten hair effortlessly while preventing frizz, dryness, and damage caused by hair irons or dryers. It alleges to work on any hair type and length. Send us your reviews of Sleep Styler.


Sleep Styler Questions and Answers

Q. Do we need to cover the head with anything after rolling the Sleep Styler?
A. Not necessary, but for shorter hair, it is recommended to wear a silk bonnet to ensure that the curlers don’t fall out easily.

Q. Does Sleep Styler work on long hair?
A. No, they don’t, due to their small size.

Q. Can Sleep Styler be used on wet hair and then blow dried?
A. Using Sleep Styler on wet hair will give very tight curls. It is better to wash the hair and dry it before applying it. A good idea to retain gorgeous curls is to put 10 or 12 of the curlers before bedtime.

Q. Will Sleep Styler work for straightening the hair?
A. No, it is meant to provide curls to all types of hair, especially for people with really fine baby or limp hair can gain attractive curls with it.

Q. Can Sleep Styler be used on baby fine toddler hair?
A. Sleep Styler will work only if the hair is at least 4” in length. It is recommended for use on adult hair.


Sleep Styler REVIEW

A Sleep Styler buyer, Maria Fisher, claims in her review that the curlers are not comfortable to sleep in. She found the curls to be decent but required redoing in the ridges area. Her review says that the attachment straps of Sleep Styler is a problem area and requires rework.

Another Sleep Styler review by Vicki Salazar calls it a decent tool but would prefer using a hot roller instead. Her high hopes with Sleep Styler didn’t pan out well. As per her review, the curlers are lightweight and comfortable to sleep in. The issue is that wearing them at night dries the hair out by the morning.

Jane Tucker criticizes Sleep Styler in her review saying the curlers are tricky and don’t really work even after following the tutorials well enough. The strap material is not designed well and lacks a natural grip. Her Sleep Styler review further adds that the curlers give more of a wave and not actual curls similar to the ones given by curling iron or hot curlers.

A Sleep Styler review by Marie Huff calls it absolutely great for only the initial 3 to 4 uses. She complains in her review that the Sleep Styler wires start warping, poking and become unwieldy. The concept of sleeping in them is a good idea and since they are relatively cheap one can purchase it after every few uses.

For Vicki Salazar, Sleep Styler didn’t work at all. In her review, she states that she wanted to give more body to her thin hair while avoiding the damage from heat. The problem she mentions in the Sleep Styler review is that the curlers have square cushions inside and she ended up getting square curls. She suggests in her Sleep Styler review that users with thin hair should not try it and the curlers might just work for people with thicker hair.

Beverly Lopez claims in her Sleep Styler review that people who have long hair would require 2 or 3 sets of curlers since they fall short to cover them. She disappointingly writes in her review that purchasing multiple packs of Sleep Styler turns out to be costlier.

A positive Sleep Styler review by Joyce Holmes says that she got nice curls by using it. The only warning she has in her Sleep Styler review is that they might fall out while sleeping and requires some form of head cover. Her Sleep Styler review recommends it for shorter hair since it might take more time or not come out as expected for people with medium or longer hair.

Mercedes Wheeler, a Sleep Styler reviewer reveals that it does work but not as she would want it to. Her review says that Sleep Styler gives more of a poodle like afro curls rather than soft curls as promised.

Estelle Gardner writes in her Sleep Styler review that it turned her shoulder length hair into short curly bob. According to her review she tried using Sleep Styler in different ways but received the same results. She warns people with thin hair to stay away from it.


What do I get?
One Sleep Styler set is priced at $29.95, plus $4.95 S&H. | Official Website:

Hair Logic

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

What is Hair Logic?

It claims to be a device with ground-breaking laser technology that helps in getting natural, fuller hair by simply brushing them with it. Hair Logic guarantees to offer thicker, fuller and natural hair with 8 minutes use per day. All one needs to do is use Hair Logic simply like a brush to achieve eradicate balding and thinning of hair.


Hair Logic CLAIMS

Write/Read Reviews

Get fuller hair easily
Hair Logic assures to help men who start losing their self-confidence and look older due to hair loss. Hair Logic promises to provide fuller, thicker hair with just six weeks of regular use. It is difficult to accept or reject all of the claims made by Hair Logic due to lack of user reviews.

Smart technology
Hair Logic proclaims to use FDA recognized technology that uses 16 medical grade laser lights assembled in a brush-like design. Hair Logic asserts to use these lasers to stimulate the hair follicle at a cellular level. This therapeutic laser light technology helps in rejuvenating the weakened follicles and start filling the balding spots in weeks. Although there are no user reviews available that will prove its claims.

Convenient design
Unlike other hair tools, Hair Logic alleges to be designed for easy use. All one needs to do is brush it through the different areas of scalps after every 5 second beep. Hair Logic promises to restore and rejuvenate hair of various types with ease. Currently there are no Hair Logic reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

What do I get?
Get Hair Logic for only $39.99! Official Website:


Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

What is LuxHair

It claims to be a range of stylish wigs for women to achieve hairstyles without the need to cut the hair. These wigs are designed by Sherri Shepherd and are available in many different colors.



About LuxHair

Fashionable wigs
LuxHair proclaims to be range of stylish wigs created by Sherri Shepherd. These wigs allege to have a natural look and feel like real hair as they provide an alternative hairstyle on the go. LuxHair states to be ready-to-wear and pre-styled so that anyone can take it, shake it out and slip it on for a fashionable look. At this point of time there are no LuxHair reviews available to attest to its claims.


Comfortable design
LuxHair assures to be highly comfortable, thanks to its Lux Hair Cool Comfort construction to offer all-day long wearing. The wigs are made using Keralon – an exclusive keratin treated fiber to stand up heat and humidity. LuxHair proclaims to have a ready-to-wear pre-trimmed soft lace and Exclusive Pin Point Crown to provide a natural look. Such fanciful claims made by LuxHair will be validated once users review it.


Endless Styles
LuxHair asserts to be available in three major styles – pixie, bob and curls. Each of these LuxHair wigs have multiple styles with 7 to 11 individual colors that offer tone and highlight to match various skin tones. LuxHair declares that it’s lustrous and soft Keralon fiber is heat friendly and can be cut or styled using hair styling tools to create a custom look. LuxHair’s claims will be verified once it is reviewed.


What do I get?
If purchased directly from LuxHair, they’re priced as follows:


Textured: Three payments of $19.99, or single payment of $59.97
Feathered: Three payments of $19.99, or single payment of $59.97
Feather Lite: Three payments of $23.33, or single payment of $69.99
Wavy: Three payments of $19.99, or single payment of $59.97


Smooth & Chic: Three payments of $19.99, or single payment of $59.97
Curled: Three payments of $23.33, or single payment of $69.99
Smooth Wave: Three payments of $23.33, or single payment of $69.99
Lite Touch: Three payments of $26.66, or single payment of $79.98
Tapered: Three payments of $19.99, or single payment of $59.97
Sleek: Three payments of $23.33, or single payment of $69.99


Soft Curls: Three payments of $23.33, or single payment of $69.99
Casual Curls: Three payments of $26.66, or single payment of $79.98

Salon Smooth

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

What is Salon Smooth?

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary straightening brush that uses ceramic heating technology to provide smooth, silky hair in very less time.



Salon Smooth CLAIMS

Convenient hair straightener
Salon Smooth proclaims to be a fantastic brush that helps in making the hair straightening process simpler and easier. Salon Smooth asserts to eliminate the need to have multiple styling tools such as a brush, flat-iron and blow-dryer. Salon Smooth uses ceramic technology in the bristles that raises the hair at the root and gently straightens them with heat. Salon Smooth does sound highly fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth soon.


Revolutionary design
Salon Smooth alleges to offer salon-like results at home saving on both time and money. It promises to have a design that is easy to use and does not burn the hair or the skin. Compared to regular tools, Salon Smooth claims to get the hair under control in minutes which will be only verified once it has been reviewed. Salon Smooth convinces to be perfect for all types of hair and offers 4 different temperature settings to suit individual needs. At this point of time there are no Salon Smooth reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Salon Smooth Reviews
Salon Smooth review states that Salon Smooth does not do anything as it claims it. Even after an hour long use it provided no result.

Salon Smooth review reveals that it works very poorly on baby fine or regular fine hair as they get tangled easily.Salon Smooth might work better with hair that were much coarser.

Salon Smooth review says that it Salon Smooth pulls the fine hair out while brushing. Such pulling causes damage to the hair and even causes breakage. It also doesn’t work on naturally frizzy hair as claimed.

Salon Smooth review complaints that it fails to work straighten curly hair and offers very little positive results.It leaves the hair frizzy and haphazard.

Salon Smooth review states that it doesn’t work on curly as well as wavy hair.Plus it doesn’t warm as much as a flat iron does which makes it useless.

Salon Smooth review says that it may earn points for its innovative concept but fails to deliver practically. The hair is to be stretched out at the bottom and held while combing. With too many layers, it takes a lot of time without producing attractive results. Also the heat starts to single the hair ends which can damage the hair further.

Salon Smooth review reveals that it works only with dry hair and straightens very less curly and less wavy hair.It is not recommended for ethnic hair since it will take too much time and effort.

Salon Smooth review says that it doesn’t work as the infomercial claims to be. The straightening provided is not that great and can even frizz the hair. Thus after using it,one may require an anti-frizz oil.The build quality of Salon Smooth is also poor since few black tips inside the brush fell off after second use.

Salon Smooth review asserts that it doesn’t provide results as good as a flat iron would.It is good for quick touch ups on the go but cannot be used on coarse curly hair.

Salon Smooth review states that it takes too long on some of the hair types. It also doesn’t offer a polished look that would come using other styling tools.Salon Smooth review further says that it may take a lot of time to achieve decent results.

Salon Smooth review asserts that it doesn’t work on short hair or curly hair longer than chin length due to its bristle-based design. Also it takes a lot of time to heat up.


Salon Smooth Questions and Answers

Question: Can Salon Smooth straighten naturally curly hair?
Answer: It can, but will take a very long time.

Question: Can Salon Smooth straighten Afro-American hair?
Answer: No, it doesn’t exhibit very good results on such type of hair.

Question: Can Salon Smooth work on natural African hair?
Answer: No, it makes the hair look as if they were blow dried. That too it required multiple passes. It doesn’t do anything similar to the African hair shown in the infomercial.

Question: Can Salon Smooth be used on thick, wavy hair?
Answer: It doesn’t work that well on thick, wavy hair. It requires several passes and can pull the hair while brushing. A flat iron does the job faster without pulling.

Question: Does Salon Smooth have lower heat settings?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will Salon Smooth work on wet hair that have been washed and oiled using argan oil?
Answer: No, use it only on dry hair.

Question: Does Salon Smooth work on wet hair?
Answer: No, the hair should be completely dry before using it since the heat in the bristles is used to straighten the hair and not dry them.

Q.Does Salon Smooth really work well?
A. No, it doesn’t work well at all. The simple reason being that straightening occurs when the hair passes through two hot surfaces. The brush has heat but there is no pressing of hair which occurs in an iron.

Question: Can Salon Smooth be used for very curly hair?
Answer: No.

Question: Does Salon Smooth straighten short curly hair?
Answer: No, it lacks the pressing that a flat iron performs to straighten curly hair.

Question: Is Salon Smooth a hair dryer or a curling iron?
Answer: Neither, Salon Smooth is actually an electric brush that uses heated ceramic bristles to straighten the hair while brushing them.

Question: Does Salon Smooth really straighten the hair?
Answer: No, it is recommended to use a flat iron instead.


What do I get?
Buy Salon Smooth just for only £49.99

Velform Instant Curls

Saturday, October 1st, 2016


Velform Instant Curls is an automatic curler designed to give you sexy, stunning professional quality curls in just seconds, anytime you want. You can use Velform Instant Curls at home to get curling results faster and easier than ever before. With Velform Instant Curls you can get soft curls or big bouncy curls that last all day and night. Velform Instant Curls lets you transform your hair from dull to beautiful in seconds.




Just click, spin and curl. It’s that easy! Velform Instant Curls features the breakthrough quick curl technology, which automatically spins hair through the precision designed tourmaline ceramic barrel, heating and curling evenly on all sides so it’s safer for your hair. Velform Instant Curls gives you perfect curls in seconds.

The best part about Velform Instant Curls is that it won´t hurt and no matter what type of hair you have, your hair will always look shiny, soft and silky. It gives your fine and/or flat hair more volume and it will look shiny and soft to your dry hair.


VELFORM INSTANT CURLS Features – Features of the Velform Instant Curls: Automatic curler, Long lasting curls in seconds, 3 Heat settings, 4 Timer settings, 3 styles: Looser curls, medium curls, tighten curls, and Tourmaline Ceramic curl barrel. Use, anytime, anywhere. Velform Instant Curls can be used anytime. It is so quick and easy, you can look beautiful either to go to work or to simply go out. With Velform Instant Curls you can save time and money by using it at the comfort of your home to get professional results. So you no longer have to go to a stylist to get the curls that you love!


Velform Instant Curls Review

Maddie White A user of Velform Instant Curls says in his review“Velform Instant Curls is difficult for them to work on the back of their hair because of its setup and it’s easier to use a traditional curling iron.”

According to another user Brooke Watts – “You can’t change the Velform Instant Curls settings much and it does not curl your hair.”

As per one customer Ruby Ward – “My granddaughter’s hair was badly jammed in the Velform Instant Curler.”

Another user Gracie Campbell complains in her review“My daughter’s 23” long hair tangled in the Velform Instant Curls and had to be pulled hard many times to detangle them.”

Eden Stone states in her review“Even though on the lowest setting, the winding and heat broke my hair.”

Thea Jenkins mentions in her review“Velform Instant Curls worked great for a month but slowed down after that and stopped functioning.”

Taylor Fisher complains in her review“The Velform Instant Curls worked well on my friend’s straight hair but didn’t work on waves. The device stuck twice and I had to seek help to untangle it. Velform Instant Curl works well only if a narrow strip of hair is curled and anything bigger takes a long time and hence I am selling it. The curler gives great results if kept close to the hair ends (2-3”) but a curling iron works better for curls close to the scalp.”


Velform Instant Curls Questions and Answers

Q. Is Velform Instant Curls suitable for long hair?
A. The Velform Instant Curls works fabulously for my daughter and me and we both have long hair. If you have really long hair, you can’t put a lot in at one time. The methods that work best for us and take approximately 10 minutes are: tying a high ponytail, curling in small section, and letting the hair down.

Q. Can one adjust the curl size?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. How can I set the timer? I’ve altered the display to 8,10,12,15 but it works only for a little while and doesn’t do more than a single beep.
A. This device is worthless. Send it back while you have time if you are still within the return period.

Q. Does this Velform Instant Curls work on short hair? I have neither short nor long hair but shoulder length Bob.
A. No, the device works quite well on medium hairstyles. However, it may not quite be suitable for very short hair.

Q. Can the Velform Instant Curls be used on wet hair?
A. No, the hair will burn and also tangle up in the device.

Q. How close will the curls be to the scalp with the tool?
A. Not sure. I sent the tool back because it was hard to use and didn’t work with my hair.


What do I get?

  • 1 Velform Instant Curls Curler
  • 1 Styling Brush
  • 3 Hair clips
  • 1 Cleaning tool

Price: £59.99 | Official website:

Remington Thermaluxe Review

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

About Remington Thermaluxe

Remington Thermaluxe claims to be a collection of hairstyling tools that can provide salon-style hairdos right at home. It asserts to let you create an appropriate style for any time and occasion right from a client meeting, a night out, or just a regular day.



Remington Thermaluxe Claims

Get different hairstyles with Remington Thermaluxe’s Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Hair Setter, and Hair Dryer that feature advanced Thermal Technology and even heat distribution for perfect hair.


Perfect hairdo for any occasion anytime
It doesn’t matter how you want to wear your hair at what time of the day or night and for what occasion. The collection of hairstyling tools Remington Thermaluxe promises to do it for you right at home. You will get perfect salon-like styling for work, party, a formal meeting, or a date. However, there are no user reviews for analysis if this is really true. Consisting of Thermaluxe Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Hair Setter and Hair Dryer, the range convinces to feature advanced Thermal Technology that provides and maintains optimum heat for perfect styling. How far these claims are true will be known when there are user reviews of the tools.


The complete collection of tools
Remington Thermaluxe maintains that the wand of its Curling Iron has a nonslip coating that ensures control and the gradient heating technology focuses heat at the right spots. The heat is alleged to be concentrated at the base instead of the tip so that the roots will get the required volume and boost. Remington Thermaluxe Hair Straightener emphasizes that it doesn’t lose heat like traditional straighteners and features proprietary technology that maintains the temperatures consistently to straighten hair in one pass. Remington Thermaluxe Hair Setter asserts to set the curls in just five minutes and the dual heating technology heats curls inside out along with the exclusive clip design providing better hold and less creasing. Thermaluxe Hair Dryer emphasizes to dry hair much faster with a pro AC motor and hybrid concentrator that are designed to reduce hot spots while delivering high and even heat resulting in a smooth and silky finish. The tangle-free fabric cord claims to give an easy drying experience. User reviews will verify if these Remington Thermaluxe claims are true.


Best results and no hair damage
Unlike salons or even at-home tools that take a lot of time, Remington Thermaluxe alleges to take just a few minutes for the best hairdo. Most tools also cause damage to the hair because of the heat but Remington Thermaluxe proclaims to give the best results while causing no damage because of the even distribution of heat that each tool provides. We’d like to hear from you if you found Remington Thermaluxe this great.


What do I get?
You will get Remington Thermaluxe’s Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Hair Setter, and Hair Dryer at Amazon .com
Thermaluxe’s Curling Iron for $39.99
Hair Straightener for $47.99
Hair Setter for $47.99
Hair Dryer for $44.99
Official website: