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MicroTouch Solo REVIEW | Exposed!!!

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

What is MicroTouch Solo

It claims to be a new-age grooming tool that trims, shaves, and edges using micro precision and German Stainless Steel Blades. It assures that its pivoting head and spotlight makes grooming easy and quick.

All-in-one grooming solution – MicroTouch Solo guarantees that it is an advanced grooming tool that is designed that precisely trims, shaves, and edges. The three grooming attachments that come with MicroTouch Solo states to offer variations for a wide range of beard styles. At this point in time, there are no MicroTouch Solo reviews available to attest its claims.



MicroTouch Solo CLAIMS

Blades engineered for precision – MicroTouch Solo asserts to have German Stainless Steel blades that offer precision grooming. It maintains to be so powerful that it can tackle the toughest of beards in a single pass. The blade assembly of MicroTouch Solo is emphasized to be safe to the touch. This way it convinces to help groom the body as well. Plus it gives the users freedom to freely move about to get a unique style without worrying about cuts. Such farfetched claims made by MicroTouch Solo will be only proved once users review it.

Easy-to-handle design – MicroTouch Solo promises that its body is designed for perfect grip and easy handling while grooming. The head of MicroTouch Solo allegedly pivots while use for contouring to the neck, back, and chest with ease. Its high-intensity built-in light assures to help achieve precision trimming while handling it. Did you find MicroTouch Solo really helpful? Send us your reviews.


MicroTouch Solo REVIEW

A MicroTouch Solo review by Dustin Little asserts that even though the manufacturers suggest to replace the heads every 4 months there is no replacements or option to buy it online. His review says that MicroTouch Solo is a better trimmer but not a good shaver.

Gerardo Gonzalez’s review states that MicroTouch Solo doesn’t really give a great shave in one single pass as promised.

One Julian Pearson, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, complains that it arrived dead and wouldn’t start. He calls it a complete waste of money.

Terrance Harvey, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, warns that it is not waterproof and shouldn’t be used in the shower. He also complaints in the review that there are no MicroTouch Solo replacement heads available and it’s too costly for a use-and-throw groomer.

A MicroTouch Solo review by Stephen Harmon shows frustration towards it. He suggests users purchase a branded trimmer or shaver since this one fails to perform. His review also asserts that MicroTouch Solo’s design and LED are not as great as claimed.

Andrew Butler found MicroTouch Solo under-powered and doesn’t recommend users to purchase it in his review. As per his review, MicroTouch Solo is more like a head buzzer and not a shaver that provides a clean, close shave. Furthermore, his review says that his attempt to create a beard shape with MicroTouch Solo failed even after watching videos and sliding it in different ways.

One other angry customer, Theodore Carr, exposes MicroTouch Solo in his review as worthless and a waste of money. His battery died after shaving on one side of the face and takes forever to charge again. His review further states that MicroTouch Solo stopped holding a charge after 2 months of use and fails to work when it is plugged in a socket.

Another negative review of MicroTouch Solo by Caleb Baldwin discloses that it looked great in the advertisement but is not so good in reality. The razor is too slow and nicked the corner of his lip. According to his MicroTouch Solo review, he tried using it with lather and it still failed to shave decently.

A customer, Grey Ward, who tried MicroTouch Solo reviews it as a cheaply built plastic shaver. His shaver was so flimsy that it broke after the second use.

Ellis Townsend complains in his MicroTouch Solo review that it fails to cut properly. He suggests users look for something tried and tested.

One other review of MicroTouch Solo by Rolando Sherman asserts that the trimmer is overpriced and not useful. It failed to shave baby smooth soft beard completely. His review also says that MicroTouch Solo takes a long time to even produce a decent result.

Dominic Hayes, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, criticizes its size and says that it’s incredibly cheap built breaks in a couple of uses. The LED light of the shaver is also poorly built. His review further states that MicroTouch Solo is horrible to get a clean shave with it and can leave the skin red with ingrown hair.

According to Preston Burgess’s review, MicroTouch Solo is not a great groomer and can take more time than a regular shaver or regular blade to provide any result. He is not happy with the results it provides with respect to its price and doesn’t recommend it to other users.


What do I get?

  • 1 MicroTouch Solo Grooming Tool
  • 3 Custom Attachments
  • 1 Additional Cutting Head

Price: $24.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling at the Official MicroTouch Solo website


Compare Micro Touch Solo with Philips Norelco OneBlade and OneBlade Pro

Epilady Briza

Monday, July 31st, 2017

What is Epilady Briza?

Are you looking for an epilator for facial hair and sensitive areas? Then what you need is the Epilady Briza. The Epilady Briza is a compact, battery-operated epilator specifically designed to remove unwanted hair from the face and other sensitive areas.


Epilady Briza CLAIMS

The Epilady Briza is a new and improved 5th Generation epilator that delivers long-lasting results similar to other full-sized epilators and its smaller size gives you increased precision and control.

Perfect to eliminate unwanted hair – The Epilady Briza is ideal to remove unwanted hair from the upper lip, cheeks, chin, and jawline. It is important to ensure you avoid using it in your eye area! The Epilady Briza is also perfect to use for touch-ups and delicate use on other parts of the body, especially sensitive areas, such as the underarms, bikini area, and the back of the knee.

Leaves skin smooth and beautiful – The Epilady Briza eliminates even the shortest and finest hairs by the root, leaving you with beautiful smooth and soft looking skin for up to 4 weeks. You are guaranteed to love the long-lasting results the Epilady Briza gives you!

Small and compact size for on-the-go use – The Epilady Briza is small and compact making it the perfect and most convenient epilator to carry in small bags, pouches, and purses. The Epilady Briza is the ideal epilator for use on-the-go. You are sure to love the convenience of the Epilady Briza!

Finely tuned tweezers – The Epilady Briza features 6 pairs of tweezers, finely tuned to remove both coarse and fine facial hair, as well as unwanted body hair from sensitive areas.


What do I get?
The Epilady Briza comes with a cleaning brush and instruction manual, and uses 1 AA battery (not included). Order the Epilady Briza today and get rid of unwanted hair the fast and easy way! Price: $24.99. Available at

Epilady Drop

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

What is Epilady Drop

It claims to be a cordless, portable, water-resistant epilator that can be used to tweeze and remove finest of hair from all parts of the body. It has 28 tweezer sets with a speed of 64,000 tweezes per minute.


Epilady Drop CLAIMS

Remove hair easily
Epilady Drop claims to be a revolutionary tweezer that helps in removing the most stubble of hair from all parts of the body. It is designed for easy use and comprises of fast and slow speed settings for targeted use. Epilady Drop promises to offer finest hair removal from facial areas at slow speed and regular hair from arms and legs at the fast speed setting. How well does Epilady Drop perform will be only verified once we receive user reviews for further analysis.


Intelligent design
Epilady Drop states to have 28 tweezer sets with 56 tweezer discs that provide a fast-paced action of up to 64,000 tweezes per minute. Epilady Drop claims to remove tough, stubborn hair which are even as short as 0.5 mm. Epilady Drop alleges to have epilation head with massaging discs and Anti-Pinch Technology (APT) to offer comfort while hair removal. At this point of time there are no Epilady Drop reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Exclusive features
Epilady Drop declares to be water-resistant and works perfectly for dry or wet use under the shower. Its ergonomic, patented design ensures that it stays firmly in hand. Epilady Drop asserts to have a cordless design that charges in 2 hours to offer 45 minutes use using multi-voltage adaptor. Along with the charging light indicator, it has an automatic turn off system after the charging is done. Epilady Drop proclaims to have a loop that can be used to hang it in the shower. Did you find Epilady Drop useful? Send us your Epilady Drop reviews.


Epilady Drop Reviews

Epilady Drop review says that Epilady Drop it does not work well on the facial area. The sensitive, fine hair that is present on the facial skin does not get captured by the tweezers. Epilady Drop although clears a substantial amount of hair after which light plucking can be done for cleanup. The review also warns that Epilady Drop should not be pressed too deep into the facial skin for trying to get the leftover hair. This can result in hurting, pain and red patches on the skin that takes couple of days to heal. As per the review Epilady Drop is decent and doesn’t pain a lot if used as per instructions. It provides impressive results for other parts of the body.

Epilady Drop review states that Epilady Drop is a fairly decent epilator that removes hair from major parts of the body smoothly. The problem with Epilady Drop comes with its inability to work hundred percent on the face and armpits. The armpits especially are an awkward place where it is difficult to pull the skin tight for epilation. For removal of hair from these areas, Epilady Drop has to be used in concentric circles instead of as a regular razor. As per the review you might even need to use it for a couple of days to get a complete removal. Be cautious as the review states that Epilady Drop can leave bumpy rash under the arms.

Epilady Drop review asserts that Epilady Drop works great on larger, smoother areas such as the arms and legs. It does not provide such exceptional results or ease of use for sensitive, contouring regions such as the face and armpits. Epilady Drop is a bit painful while hair removal even on the arms and legs since the hair is thickest on larger areas. But if one can power through the pain, Epilady Drop review promises that it will provide great results.

Epilady Drop review says that it works well on the face, armpits, arms and legs. Although there is a little pain associated during epilation the results are decent. The review further adds that Epilady Drop can be even used for bikini areas but needs to be carefully used. Epilady Drop is powerful enough to grab hair from nearby regions if not being careful. A great way to clean up the bikini line is by pulling the skin tightly before using Epilady Drop over it. If the skin is kept lose or handled carelessly may result in pinching of the skin and cause cuts or red patches in the area.

Epilady Drop review states that Epilady Drop works great if it is used as per the instructions provided. Although the reviewer noticed that holding Epilady Drop in about an 80 degree angle to the leg, keeping the power button facing away from the users and moving it in small circles makes it easy to remove hair from the skin without much pain. Also it is advised that Epilady Drop is used after a shower so that the skin is soft, pores are open and ready for relatively painless epilation.

Epilady Drop review complaints that Epilady Drop can be really painful while using on sensitive skin in all areas. It is also not advised for use during the week of a period since the skin gets much more sensitive than normal. Also it hardly provides any smooth, silky skin even after use as instructed. Instead, it needs a follow up shave to remove the hair completely. One may even notice ingrown hair after use which adds to its list of problems.


Epilady Drop Q and A

Question: Where is Epilady Drop manufactured?
Answer: It is manufactured in China

Question: Does it remove facial hair?
Answer: Epilady Drop does work for removing facial hair but may hurt a bit during the epilation.

Question: Is Epilady Drop safe to use on the bikini line?
Answer: Yes, just keep the skin pulled tight and private parts protected during the process.

Question: Does it work for all types of facial hair?
Answer: Yes, by following proper procedure, the Epilady Drop can be used to remove hair from the chin and lip areas.

Question: Is Epilady Drop noisy?
Answer: No, it generates a moderately acceptable sound

Question: How many tweezers does Epilady Drop have?
Answer: It has 28 tweezer sets with 56 tweezer discs. It generates a high speed of 64,000 tweezes per minute that ensures that even the smallest of hair gets removed for a smooth, silky skin.

Question: Does Epilady Drop work on sensitive skin type?
Answer: Epilady Drop does not remove the hair that well on certain areas for sensitive skinned individuals. Especially it doesn’t provide good results and hurts as well for facial skin. Although for sensitive skins, its design works safely and smoothly on other body parts to provide great results.


What do I get?
Get Epilady Drop just for only $79.99

Spin Smooth

Monday, September 12th, 2016

What is Spin Smooth

– As per the TV infomercial it is a fast and easy way to buff out unwanted hair using Ultra Fine Crystals. It does the job without pain or irritation.


Easy hair removal


Spin Smooth maintains to be a no mess, stress-free and painless way of removing hair from the entire body. No matter how thick, thin, long or short the hair is, Spin Smooth assures to remove it for a smooth sexy skin. You can share your Spin Smooth reviews with us for further analysis of its claims.


Smart spin design
Spin Smooth proclaims to buff away hair by the press of a simple button. Once on, Spin Smooth starts to spin the ultra-fine crystal pad to clear hair without pain or irritation instantly. This breakthrough pad is perfect to clean arms, upper lip, cheeks, chin, underarms and bikini line. Such fancy claims by Spin Smooth will be proved once it is reviewed. It guarantees to exfoliate the hair to provide silky soft skin. Spin Smooth also declares to slow down hair growth and make them finer in appearance. It assures that it’s perfect for women and even men. Did you find it worthwhile? Send us your Spin Smooth experience and reviews.


What do I get?
By ordering today, you’ll get Spin Smooth with 3 buffing pads for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling. Plus, we include the BONUS 3 buffing pads, just pay the separate processing and handling of $6.99.

Wizzit Titanium REVIEW

Monday, June 6th, 2016


The television ad proclaims that it is a breakthrough device for men and women that removes all types of hair and prevents them from growing back for weeks.



Wizzit Titanium Review

Not effective for facial hair removal
Wizzit Titanium user Clara complains in her review that she used it on her legs and she had to make several passes on the same spot to remove the hair and still the results were not as desired. It left tiny red scabs all over her legs.

Valentine says she used the Wizzit Titanium on her legs and it did keep the hair-free for 6 weeks but did not get the same results on her face, facial hair grew back faster after using Wizzit Titanium on face – complains Valentine in her review and to make matter worse they were even more thicker than tweezing it. Valentine does not recommend Wizzit Titanium.

Veronica says in her Wizzit Titanium REVIEW that though it didn’t hurt much it was not very effective. Veronica mentions that she is blonde and has peach fuzz like hair. The Wizzit Titanium was complete failure and did not pluck the hair. She concludes in her review that Wizzit Titanium is a total looser when it comes to removing small fine hair. She thinks it might work on long hair where the mechanism can get hold of the hair.

Amber has a different problem with the Wizzit Titanium. She mentions in her Wizzit Titanium review that the epilator is battery operated and the battery drains too fast.

Taylor is a blonde and has fine fluff. In her Wizzit Titanium review she complains that it is totally ineffective. She used it for over an half an hour and still no use. She says she could have removed the hair in half of the time with tweezers.

Brianna too says it just ok to remove long hair and is ineffective against short ones.

Catherine says that you have to make numerous circular passes on the same area to remove the hair not just 1 or 2. It is really hard to use it under the nose – she complains. Because the Wizzit Titanium mechanically pluck your hair she cannot tolerate it on her cheek and chin.

Tori says in her Wizzit Titanium review that it was completely useless for removing underarm hair

Lucy tried the Wizzit Titanium on her upper lips and she was not at all comfortable and did not remove any hair.

Eva in her Wizzit Titanium review claims that it did work for her. But then the hair grew back rapidly.


Our Verdict
Wizzit Titanium is just a cheap tweezer and nothing more. They make it look like a miracle hair remover that will work on all your hair removing needs. But that is not so – you have to consider a lot of factors before buying an epilator. Factors like skin tone, type pf hair to be removed, area to be treated decide what type of hair remover you need. Cheap gadgets like Wizzit Titanium are useless when it comes to removing fine facial hair.

There are tons of tried and tested hair remover and tweezers with specific purpose available at One thing is for sure that there is no single hair remover that will work for the entire body. If you try to stuff in too many features it will work for none. You can have one for removing facial hair and one more for body hair.

We recommend Emoji and Remington brand of Tweezers.



Tweeze with ease – WIZZIT TITANIUM states to remove thick, tough hair that tweezers or waxing cannot and also thin, light hair left behind by lasers. Such farfetched claims will be only revealed once WIZZIT TITANIUM is reviewed.

Exception features – WIZZIT TITANIUM claims to have surgical quality titanium disc assembly that picks up hair at 1000 revolutions per minute. This is 50 time faster than tweezers and provides amazing precision. WIZZIT TITANIUM alleges to remove the hair from the roots and stops it from growing back for more than 6 weeks. WIZZIT TITANIUM guarantees to work safely for anywhere including chin, lip, eyebrows, neck, underarm, fingers, feet toes and even bikini line. It even asserts to work for men. Did you find WIZZIT TITANIUM easy to use? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

  • 2 Wizzit Titanium
  • 2 Handy Travel Pouch
  • 1 Manicure & Make up Kit

Price: £29.99 + £3.99 at

Silk’n Infinity Review

Monday, February 15th, 2016

What is Silk’n Infinity?

As shown in the infomercial, Silk’n Infinity is a hair removal product that claims to permanently remove unwanted hair up to 92% without any pain or irritation so as to reveal a smooth silky skin. With its patented eHPL technology, the Silk’n Infinity which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. Silk’n Infinity further adds that it is the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home. Now when they proclaim a permanent removal of hair, we have our doubts raised as there are no Silk’n Infinity reviews to back such a lofty claim.



How does Silk’n Infinity work?

The eHPL technology of Silk’n Infinity uses a combination of Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy which allows hair to be removed more efficiently, by way of opening the skin pores and allowing the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles. On one hand where traditional hair removal methods involve shaving, waxing or even plucking that are painful and also cause skin irritation, Silk’n Infinity promises an entirely painless process and causes no irritation whatsoever. Also traditional methods often leave behind stubble, painful redness and ingrown hair, not to mention the fact that hair returns quickly. Sounds like an ultimate solution for hair removal doesn’t it? But we’d caution you rather check the Silk’n Infinity reviews first and then decide for yourself.

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Until now, it wasn’t possible to remove blonde, grey and red hair permanently with a home-use device. In addition, people with darker skin tones didn’t have a permanent solution for home-use hair removal. Silk’n Infinity claims to be the first device that is suitable for all skin colours including dark hair colour. Silk’n Infinity can be used on face as well as the entire body. The high speed at 5 energy levels alleges to remove hair up to twice as quickly. So does the promise of a full-body treatment with Silk’n Infinity in less than 20 minutes really hold? We will have to wait for Silk’n Infinity reviews to make up our mind.

Silk’n Infinity asserts that it is capable of emitting 400,000 light pulses. This tremendous number of pulses will enable you to remove undesired hair growth effortlessly. And since the Silk’n Infinity is capable of emitting so many light pulses, there is no need for refill cartridges, saving you additional money. Now how effectively they really work can only be substantiated by Silk’n Infinity reviews.
IT also facilitates Bluetooth connectivity so as to view the remaining number of light pulses. Another advantage of the Bluetooth is to lock the device to prevent use by children.


What do I get?

Please see official website

No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Compare What is it? No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

What is No No Pro 5? – It is hair remover that does the job effectively and painlessly. What’s more, it transforms into an anti aging red light therapy tool to help you get rid of wrinkles too.

What is No No Pro 3? – It is a hair removal system that uses patented Thermicon Technology to get rid of unsightly hair with ease. Smooth after treatment cream and lip barrier cream ensure that you get professional quality results at home.

What is No No 8800? – It is a complete hair removal kit that can be taken with you wherever you go so that you are always ready to make the best impression.

Verdict – No No Pro 5 has to be the winner in this category because it also helps you get rid of wrinkles besides unwanted hair.


Compare How does it work? No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

How does No No Pro 5 work? – To begin with, it has been created by leaders in not only hair removal treatments but skin reversal and professional age reversal machines as well. No No Pro 5 uses a new and patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology, which passes greater pulse energy through the root of each hair. It thus weakens the hair and slows down re-growth. It can be transformed into red light therapy with LED attachment based on NASA research. This technology stimulates skin renewal and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

How does No No Pro 3 work? – At the heart of No No Pro 3 is the patented Thermicon technology, which helps unwanted body hair with ease. It has an edge over other use at home treatments with depilatory creams and razors because it gives you long lasting results with continued use. It works by removing and crystallizing hair so that there is no pain involved in the process.

How does No No 8800 work? – The patented thermicon technology comes into play here, removing body hair efficiently and painlessly. Wide thermicon tips ensure that it can be used on large and flat areas like arms and legs while narrow thermicon tips make it perfect for sensitive parts. The device heat is automatically adjusted when being used with narrow tip. Buffer pads exfoliate skin and remove crystallized hair after treatment.

Verdict – The hair removal treatment for all the devices is similar but No No Pro 5 has the edge because of its anti wrinkle treatment and wins this category.


Compare Features: No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

No No Pro 5 Features – It is two beauty treatment devices rolled into one. It uses Pulsed Thermicon Technology for hair removal and Red Light Therapy with LED attachment for wrinkle reduction. It removes body hair safely and gently and claims to work on different types of hair with ease. Its five treatment levels allow it to increase the energy by 35% to get rid of hard to remove hairs.

No No Pro 3 Features – It makes the most out of the patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology and combines it with several design features for great results. The wide thermicon means you can use it on large and flat areas, while the narrow tip ensures that you can use it on small, sensitive parts. Some of its other important features include Energy Level Indicator, Thermicon Tip Status Indicator, battery status indicator and cord free operation for your convenience.

No No 8800 Features – Patented Thermicon technology with wide and narrow thermicon tips ensure that it can be used on even the most sensitive areas of the body. It uses three different energy levels, and adjusts to the lowest when being used on a sensitive area. Thermicon tip status indicator, battery status indicator and buffer pads are some of the other highlighting features of this device.

Verdict – AS far as hair removal go, all three devices have similar features. But No No Pro 5 wins this category because of its red light therapy for wrinkle reduction.


Compare Benefits: No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

No No Pro 5 Benefits – Clinical studies have shown that it leads to 94% less visible hair growing back. It promises to give you faster and better results from the comforts of your home without causing you any pain. It works on all hair and skin types and colours, including blonde hair, which is often difficult to get rid of. It is gentle enough to be used for facial hair and helps eliminate wrinkles too.

No No Pro 3 Benefits – It removes body hair effectively and can also be used on sensitive areas because it does the job gently. The Smooth After Treatment Cream 2.0 moisturizes the skin leaving it sexy smooth while Smooth Get Closer Lip Barrier makes it easier to reach parts on the upper lip and moisturizes them too. Thus overall it gives you a professional quality treatment at home.

No No 8800 Benefits – It can be used on different parts of the body for effective hair removal without any pain. It has clinically proven results and claims to reduce hair density and re-growth with continued use in the same area. It is convenient for use and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Verdict – No No Pro 5 is the clear winner in this category because it is a two in one device that also lets you combat wrinkle appearance besides hair removal.


Compare Levels: No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

No No Pro 5 Levels – It has five treatment levels that allow you to increase the energy by 35% to remove hair that is otherwise hard to get rid of.

No No Pro 3 Levels – It works on three energy levels; low, medium and high.

No No 8800 Levels – It has three energy levels; low, medium and high.

Verdict – No No Pro 5 with its five different treatment levels is the clear winner in this category.


Compare Reviews: No No Pro 5 vs No No Pro 3 vs No No 8800

No No Pro 5 Reviews

False advertising – Marie who used No No Pro 5 complained in her review that it just doesn’t do the job. She was impressed by the results seen in the infomercial but now believes that it was just a gimmick. She is more upset because it is quite an expensive product and doesn’t live up to its claims at all. She realized that it hadn’t removed a single hair and called the company to return it. But then she was told that No No Pro 5 doesn’t remove hair instantly and requires consistent use. So eventually she had to remove hair through regular means and use the product to see if it can stop re-growth. According to her it is false marketing and deceitful from the company.

Not worth the price – Tania who reviewed No No Pro 5 revealed in her review that it doesn’t do a good job or removing body hair. It’s particularly true in the case of longer hair, which is very difficult to get rid of. According to her it might not be the best product for those who are sensitive to heat either. Overall she thinks the product is definitely worth not the heavy price.

Horrible Product – Hayley who bought No No Pro 5 exposed in her review that it is a terrible product and wishes she had read the reviews before buying it. She thinks that the TV ads of the product are completely misleading because firstly it just burns off the hair and gives out a disgusting odour. It leaves behind prickly stubble and doesn’t live up to the expectations it builds. But the worst part for her was that it burned her face when she used in the wrinkle prone area. She was not able to return the product, which has only made matters worse for her.


No No Pro 3 Reviews

No No Pro 3 Doesn’t remove hair – Katya who used No No Pro 3 complained in her reviews that it just doesn’t remove body hair like it claims. Worse still it leaves stubble behind. She followed the instructions to the T and used the right tips as well but it wasn’t doing the job. She doesn’t think it is worth its price at all and has a good mind to return it.

No long term results – Peter who reviewed No No Pro 3 revealed in his review that as a male user he likes to have smooth chest, which is why he bought it in the first place. He used it diligently for a few months to see if stopped re-growth as it claims. But that didn’t happen and he is left feeling disappointed, especially after building high hopes with the infomercial.

No No Pro 3 is difficult to use – Maureen who bought No No Pro 3 complained in her review that though it does give some results you are looking at the cons of the device at the end of the day. To begin with, it is very difficult to use, particularly on your knees or any part of the body with grooves in. The thin wire in the attachment actually burns hair, which is annoying. She just hopes it stops hair re-growth after some time.

No No Pro 3 Doesn’t work – Shanaya who reviewed No No Pro 3 exposed in her review that she is letdown by the false advertising of the product. The TV ads have hair just falling off but the product doesn’t do that at all. In her experience it is practically useless when used on the legs as well.


No No 8800 Reviews

Impossible to work with – Mylie who bought No No 8800 complained in her review that she had big hopes from the product after the tall claims it makes in the infomercial. But she was left hugely disappointed because firstly it was so hard to work with and just didn’t bring any results. To begin with, it just wouldn’t stay engaged and could not be glided smoothly on her face. She had a few electrical burn marks from the device, which was quite painful and disturbing. She bought the product three times hoping one of them would work but it hasn’t and the customer service was hopeless. According to her it has been a bad experience more so since even the buffer pads left scratch marks on her body.

No No 8800 is Disappointing – Sheryl who used No No 8800 exposed in her review that if you are going to buy this product based on the infomercial then you shouldn’t because it is nothing like what you see in the ads. She tried every trick in the book and followed all the instructions but it just didn’t remove any body hair. She was quite surprised because she has very little hair body hair and even then the device was completely useless. It didn’t do anything for her facial hair either. What was worse was that it actually burnt her in several places and that left her in a lot of pain. It was disappointing from a product that claimed to remove body hair painlessly. She also believes that the device is highly overpriced and would rather go for a cheaper alternative.

Pear Hair Remover PRO Review

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

What is Pear Hair Remover PRO?

If you are looking for a hair removal system that removes hair the safe and painless way and also stops the future growth of hair then what you need is the revolutionary hair removal system the Pear Hair Remover PRO.
Pear Hair Remover PRO is a hair removal system that uses thermogenic technology to remove hair. It also uses painless electrolysis to discourage the regrowth of hair. This dual technology hair removal system delivers professionals results in the comfort of your own home.
Designed with advanced settings for coarse or fine hair the Pear Hair Remover PRO uses 9 treatment levels to deliver perfect results every time you use it. So now you can have the perfect hair removal system that not only removes hair painlessly but also stops the regrowth of hair. It’s fast, safe and easy.


Great for Men and Women

The Pear Hair Remover PRO is great for both men and women. It gives professional quality results for both men and women. With the Pear Hair Remover PRO you can remove hair and also discourage future hair growth.
You are guaranteed to love this amazing hair removal system.

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Safe, Easy, and Painless Hair Removal

Using the Pear Hair Remover PRO is safe, easy and painless.


Perfect For All Hair Types and Skin Colors

The Pear Hair Remover PRO can be used on all types of hair. It can also be used on all types of skin colors. So no matter what type of hair you have or what skin color you have the Pear Hair Remover PRO is perfect for you.



Designed with advanced temperature and microcurrent controls, the Pear Hair Remover PRO features heat transfer tips that crystallize hair on contact so it can be buffed away in seconds.
It also has an LCD display and LED guide light and a cordless design and convenient USB charging.


What it includes

The Pear Hair Remover PRO has a large buffer with 5 buffing pads, Small Buffer with 5 Buffing Pads, 3 Large Thermogenic Tips (for legs, arms, chest, and large areas), 3 Small Thermogenic Tips (for face, neck, bikini line, and sensitive areas), Pearl After-Care Serum (nourishing botanicals, special formula helps to slow hair’s regrowth) , Cleaning Brush, Charging Base and Adapter and Storage/Travel Pouch.
Order your Pear Hair Remover PRO today and get professional hair removal results at the comfort of your home. Hair removal is now fast, safe and painless!


What Do I Get?

  • You get Pear Hair Remover PRO for $199.99
  • Official website:
  • MicroTouch Pocket Barber Review

    Saturday, July 11th, 2015

    What is MicroTouch Pocket Barber:

    It is a precision grooming kit, which promises you professional grooming results from the comforts of your home.
    MicroTouch Pocket Barber asserts that it is just perfect for men who want to look at their best without having to go to barbers on a regular basis. Today’s men are definitely conscious about how they look and want to make the best impression in every walk of their lives. That’s why they understand the importance of personal grooming but the problem is that it often means going to a barber on a regular basis. Not only can it be an expensive proposition but one has to make the time of the day for it too. This grooming kit maintains that now men of all ages can get the results they want without having to step out of the house. Sadly we don’t have enough MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews to analyze and verify these claims.


    Professional grooming at home

    How often have you gone to the barbers and had to wait for your turn? It’s such an annoying waste of time when there’s so much you could be doing with it. What if you were told that you could get the same quality treatment at home and without wasting any time? That’s what this grooming kit is for, according to its claims. But is it really a time saving option? We will have to wait for MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews to confirm that for you. The secret of this grooming kit lies in its two in one trimmer, which gives you several options. There are lighted mini and full sized options, which means you can groom yourself from head to toe. Moreover it’s also a cordless trimmer to offer you complete convenience. What did you make of these trimmers? We would appreciate you telling us about it in your MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews.
    This grooming kit stresses on the fact that it can be used to remove little or complete body hair, to keep your hair looking great and trimmed between haircuts or removing the annoying ear air for that matter. The versatile grooming kit also works in case you want to get rid of the unsightly nose hair, keeping sharp side burns or having those smart beards and moustaches. MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews can talk more about its versatility.

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    Powerful yet gentle

    When it comes to a grooming kit you want it to be powerful to be able to trim hair from head to toe. This one emphasizes on the fact that it is strong enough to get rid of the tough stuff. But at the same time it is quite gentle on sensitive skin. We would really like to know if it is gentle for sensitive skin and hope your MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews will shed more light on it. MicroTouch Pocket Barber reviews will also tell us about the snap on guides, which ensure superior control so that you are on top of things while grooming yourself with precision.


    What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Micro Touch Pocket Barber & Precision Grooming Kit for just $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
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  • Epil Egg Review

    Monday, July 6th, 2015

    About Epil Egg

    Epil Egg is a handheld hair removal device that claims to get rid of unwanted body hair effortlessly, quickly, and painlessly. Epil Egg states to remove the hair at the root so that you get silky smooth skin for weeks. Epil Egg convinces to work gently on your entire body – face, legs, underarms, neck and more. Epil Egg promises to remove single strands of hair accurately and give painless and thorough hair removal experience.


    How does it work

    Unlike any other method that is painful and messy, Epil Egg declares to be the most effective and easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair. Epil Egg maintains to have a high-speed tweezer head system that has 15 surgically-precise tweezers to effectively, quickly and easily remove even the most stubborn hair from any part of your body. The single-head tweezer of Epil Egg proclaims to remove single hair strands like on the chin and it also has –shaving-head attachment for gentle yet effective hair removal on delicate areas like the face.

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    Painless and effortless hair removal

    Unwanted hair are just that – unwanted. They are unsightly and can be really embarrassing. There are methods to get rid of the annoyance but going to salons is expensive and at-home methods are painful and messy. But Epil Egg is a handheld hair removal device that states to be painless, effortless, and effective at removing hair from any part of the body. Tweezing, plucking, and threading the hair out is very painful and time consuming, waxing causes so much mess, and is again painful. With shaving you face the risk of nicking yourself. But Epil Egg guarantees to be faster than tweezing, safer than shaving and painless unlike waxing.


    Remove single stands and most stubborn hair

    Epil Egg asserts to have a single-head tweezer that removes single hair strands with pin-point accuracy. Or you can also allegedly use the shaving-head attachment of the hair remover to treat sensitive areas. Because of these features, Epil Egg proclaims to let you remove hair completely from any part of the body – large areas like arms and legs, smaller areas like the chin and underarms and sensitive areas like the neck and face. Epil Egg assures to have 15 surgical-precision tweezer heads that will attract the most stray hair strands on the body and remove them effectively. Epil Egg fits into your palm easily to give you the ease of use and also reaches every contour to remove hair from the spot.


    Hairless and smooth skin for weeks

    Another common problem with methods like threading, waxing and shaving is the fact that the hair grows back before you know it. But Epil Egg claims that you won’t need frequent treatments as it removes the hair right at the roots and gives you silky smooth and hair-free skin for weeks. Epil Egg is compact and lightweight so you can carry it in your bag or purse and use it on travels or occasions when you need quick and convenient hair removal.


    What Do I Get?

  • Please see Official website: