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Mystique For Her REVIEW

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

About Mystique For Her

It is a Female Sex Enhancement Pill that claims to help improve your sex life.


Mystique For Her CLAIMS

Mystique For Her promises to increase sexual desire, increase the number of sexual experiences, increase libido and sexual function, improve the number of orgasms, and improve sexual arousal domain. Whether it works as promised is a question best left to be answered by user reviews.

By helping you balance hormones, reduce stress, and manage changes, Mystique For Her guarantees to allow you to unleash your sexual ability. It claims that its users report better, longer-lasting orgasms, more pleasurable foreplay, better performance, and increased sex drive. Such claims can be substantiated only once Mystique For Her is reviewed.

Mystique for Her maintains that it begins to work immediately. It states that you will feel an increase in libido and sexual pleasure in the first few days of taking it but full potency and effects will be reached as your body adjusts to it. This claim of Mystique For Her will be attested only once users review Mystique For Her.



Mystique For Her REVIEW

Mystique For Her has failed to impress the customers. They have got a lot of negative reviews considering its result for sexual desire purpose but it is found that Mystique For Her for general purpose use few may have noticed some difference in their energy level. One of the customer said about Mystique For Her that – “ Truly a good vitamin supplement for mood and energy, but Mystique For Her absolutely has nothing to do with the sexual arousal it boasts. No performance differences in the bedroom either. The hunt continues. Save your money fellas! “ Another customer had to say that she did not really see any benefits from Mystique For Her but since everyone is different i.e. has different level of hormones so she do not want others to think that her experience will be same as others.

Normally there is no need to wait more than 3 weeks to notice difference but there are complaints that Mystique For Her is been ineffective even after 3 weeks or more than 30 days use daily. And so there are many recommending to look for some alternatives instead of Mystique For Her. One of the customer said in her review that she ordered horny goat weed and it worked for her and may be more effective to others too.


Mystique For Her Questions and Answers

Q: Does Mystique For Her work for women and men?
A: This works for Women only.

Q: How does this compare to viagara or cialis ?
A: It is not a quick-fix like viagara or cialis plus, it is so many things rolled into one – sexual enhancement, power, vigor and libido.

Q: Is it permanent?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Do you recommend Mystique For Her?
A: No, as it is a multipurpose supplement and hence fails on all fronts.

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: Tribulus Terrestris, MACA ROOT and ReD GINSENG

Q: Is there anything special about this?
A: There is nothing special about Mystiqueforher, there are tons of supplements with these ingredients available in the market.


Mystique For Her Verdict

As mentioned earlier Mystique For Her is a multipurpose supplement but it has failed to impress its customers in all fronts. As per the reviews Mystique For Her does nothing what it is supposed to do and is a waste of money, thus, lots of them suggested for an alternative product.

We would recommend you to go for Extra Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract With Muira Puama. One reason being it can be consumed by both men and women unlike Mystique For Her which can be used only by women. Another reason Extra Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract With Muira Puama actually works and have got very good reviews on It has received 3.8 star ratings with 1296 customer reviews which helps in knowing the real working of the products as it is from the verified purchaser. Also it is the best seller product on in Muria Puama Herbal Supplements and thus a definite try over Mystique For Her.


Mystique For Her price
Buy Mystique For Her 1 BOTTLE 30 SERVINGS for $19.95 at Official

Kangoo Hot Bag REVIEW

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

About Kangoo Hot Bag

It is a self-contained water bottle that guarantees to give you warm soothing relief for cramps, sore knees, strained muscles, an achy back, and so much more!


Kangoo Hot Bag CLAIMS

It alleges that the bag is already pre-filled with water so all you need to do is heat it with the special heating charger and then simply place it where it hurts to find relief from aches and pains. But its claim can only be attested only once users review Kangoo Hot Bag.

The secret of the bag is Aqua Heat Wave Technology. It further states that it is designed with a 3-layer insulated material to ensure the bag stays warm for up to 5 hours. This functionality is in question and can only be affirmed once we analyse Kangoo Hot Bag reviews.

It states that it is equipped with a hands free adjustable strap on system so you always have your hands free. Sounds too fanciful, Kangoo Hot Bag reviews will expose it soon.



Kangoo Hot Bag REVIEW

Kangoo Hot Bag has got somewhat mixed reviews. But more than usage the customers are not that satisfied with the working of the Kangoo Hot Bag. One of the customer has to say that – “Terrible design. It is convex and hard so you can’t wrap it around a painful place nor can you lay a shoulder or hip on it. It is just useless.” In addition the Kangoo Hot Bag has too much liquid inside, making it uncomfortable when trying to use it on your back. They need less liquid so that you can lay on it for the back or neck.

Another issue with Kangoo Hot Bag is that it cools down so quick, it is impossible to stay warm even for 2 hours. One customer stated that it stayed hot for 1 hour. Also, Heat level is too low to be useful, even with maximum charging time. One customer had to say – “ Not warm enough. Only lukewarm after plugging it in for the recommended time. Water heated up in my microwave oven is hotter than this lethargic unit.” So basically old fashion hot water bottle is much better and the same was said by one of the customer who purchased Kangoo Hot Bag.


Kangoo Hot Bag Questions and Answers

Q: Is Kangoo Hot Bag flexible enough to use on shoulders or elbows?
A: It can be placed on a shoulder comfortably but may not be able to wrap it around an elbow. It is slim enough to use it for lower back while sitting or even lying down.

Q: What size is it?
A: Approx. 5 x 1.5 x 10 inches

Q: Is the cover removable for washing?
A: No.

Q: Does the Kangoo Hot Bag heat while it’s charging?
A: It is supposed to be unplugged while it is being used and recharge it again when you need to use it again.

Q: How quickly does it get hot?
A: It takes about 25 minutes to start to finish .

Q: How long will Kangoo Hot Bag stay warm?
A: Max 2 hours

Q: Will Kangoo Hot Bag pass through airport security?
A: No, because there is liquid inside.

Q: Can the water be drained and refilled?
A: No Kangoo Hot Bag cannot be drained and refilled, it is sealed pack bottle. Not sure inside it is water or some kind of gel but it is reusable.

Q: How does one clean Kangoo Hot Bag?
A: The exterior can be cleaned with soapy water and either a sponge or damp cloth.

Q: What is the charger for?
A: It is not a charger, it is a “water heater”.

Q: Is Kangoo Hot Bag durable?
A: Nope, cheap Chinese quality. Will last for about 6 months.

Q: Does this have any warranty?
A: No warranty.

Q. Is this compatible with 220V outlet?
A. No, only 110 volt.


Kangoo Hot Bag Verdict

As per the reviews Kangoo Hot Bag did not worked as promised. It lacked in getting heated enough to provide proper rest and also the warmness lasted an hour or so which is not what was expected from the Kangoo Hot Bag. Many reviewers even suggested to go for traditional hot bags instead.

But if you are someone who is impressed with the idea of electric hot bag and buy such kind of products instead of the traditional hot water bag than we recommend you to go for Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle instead of Kangoo Hot Bag. You can find Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle on for $29.95. It has got majority of positive reviews thus receiving an average of 3.9 stars rating with 208 customer written reviews. You can also look for similar products and find the one as per you requirement by reading the reviews especially the ones having 1, 2 and 3 star ratings. From our search we could found out that Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle is good enough product that can actually work for you in providing relief to the paining muscles or cramps.


Kangoo Hot Bag price
Buy Kangoo Hot Bag for $19.99 + $5.99 P&H at Official

Toester – As Seen On TV Electric Foot Warmer REVIEWED

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

About Toester

It is a foot warmer that promises to keep your feet and toes warm anytime you want. You can use Toester at home, at work, in bed and more!



Toester CLAIMS

Toester alleges that its special design which is a half heating pad and half ultra comfortable fleece slipper gives you soothing heat wherever and whenever you need it. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Toester is reviewed.

Toester proclaims that its secret is its power pocket technology which continuously circulates heart around the feet while the plush fleece interior comforts you from heel to toe. The claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after the Toester is reviewed.

Toester promises to be great for chill winter days and chill summer nights. Does the Toester really work as promised? Send us your Toester review.


How to use Toester?

Toester maintains that it is easy to use. Simply slip your feet into the Toester’s comfy pockets and it emits the perfect foot warmth while watching TV, eating dinner, working or just lounging.

Easy to clean
Toester asserts that it is easy to clean. Simply unzip the cover and toss it in the washing machine.

Toester claims to feature 9 heat settings, automatic shut off, and skid resisting padding which ensures it won’t skip.


Toester REVIEW

Jessica Wong complains in her review of the Toester- “It’s warm, but very uncomfortable. It feels like it’s made of paper, very thin. And you feel all the wires inside which totally defeats the purpose of having nice soft sheets! I would not make this purchase again. (We have an electric throw blanket that we will use at our feet, instead; that will be much more comfortable.) The auto-off switch does not work, if there even is one. I left it on all the next day, waiting to see if it ever went off. At this moment, it has been on for 36 hours since I first turned it on. It is just a cheap product”.

In her review of the Toester, Alma Miller mentions- “I was disappointed in this product and don’t recommend it. The place where the cord connects to the pad is placed right in the middle, which means that my feet are constantly bumping into this hard connection. It is uncomfortable. The cord should be connected to a side edge where contact could be avoided. Also the ten hour turn-off stopped working shortly after I started using the pad. Not a big deal, I just had to remember to manually turn it off in the morning, but since it was an advertised feature it should work. And finally this pad is a mild heat, not strong enough to be truly effective for me”.

Myra Armstrong states in her Toester review that there is nothing wrong with the pad itself, but the low temperature setting is too hot. It is not warm. She says it cannot be used all night or for long periods as your feet will be too hot. The temperature for each setting needs to be lowered.

Another user Simon Austin writes in his Toester review that the heat was not distributed evenly throughout the pad.

Marilyn Morrison is not very happy with the Toester and mentions in her Toester review- “It does warm up the bottom of the bed but I find it somewhat uncomfortable to sleep with. It tends to bunch up in places and is a bit scratchy”.

Lloyd Hicks writes in his review of the Toester that he is not overly impressed with it because even on high it only gets warm.

Jerry Robbins claims in his Toester review that it is nice but way too small for his king bed. He thought it would at least cover 3/4th of the bed.

In his review of the Toester Frank Pittman says- “Very thin. I wanted to use it for under my desk in my home office on those cold winter days for my feet. It is not very cozy”.

Gloria Manning says in her Toester review- “Works okay. It keeps feet warm. Main negative is it auto shuts off on medium and high, have to unplug power to reset. It is a pain in the middle of the night, waking up to cold feet in winter, unit blinking, and I have to find end of cord to unplug and plug back in”.

Another user Kristy Wallace mentions in her Toester review- “This product would be better if you could set a timer for a desired amount of time. Overall it is a pretty good product for the price”.

Donna Doyle complains in her review of the Toester- “Maker of this product is too conservative about letting it do enough warming. Apparently, fear of customer injury from overheating outweighed the possibility of full customer satisfaction”.

Garry Collins states in his Toester review- “It is warm enough to keep your feet toasty under a blanket but not warm like a heating pad”.


Toester Questions and Answers

Q. How many watts is the Toester?
A. Not sure, but could be 180 watts.

Q. How many heating settings does the Toester have?
A. 9

Q. What is the temperature range of the Toester?
A. Not specified, please contact the customer service.

Q. How does the automatic shut off work?
A. It has a 10 hour auto shutoff.

Q. How long is the warranty?
A. No warranty.

Q. Does the Toester go under the sheets?
A. Yes, it goes on top of the mattress pad and under the sheets.

Q. Can I use this for my dog?
A. You certainly can use this for your dog.

Q. Can I put in on top of my sheet rather than under the sheets, on a waterbed?
A. No, the heat will be too much.

Q. Does it go under the sheet but over the mattress pad?
A. We found it much easier to put it on top of the bottom sheet. It has a plug in the middle of the Toester toes so it became difficult to put the fitted sheet over it.

Q. Does the Toester work at 220 volt as well?
A. No, it does not work on 220 volts. It works on 110-120 volts.

Q. Can it be used on a gel mattress?
A. No.

Q. Does this heat all the way across the entire Pad or just in the center?
A. It provides heat over the entire square footage of the pad. However, I sense a slight variation in temperature, being a bit cooler on the ends. All in all I have no trouble finding a suitable spot to get cozy in.

Q. Can it be used with a Tempur-Pedic mattress?
A. Tempur-Pedic states on their web site that they do not recommend using electric blankets or mattress pads because the “exposure to direct heat over extended periods of time can cause damage to the TEMPUR material.

Q. Is it washable?
A. Cover is washable.

Q. Can you turn off one side?
A. No.

Q. Can I sleep over it?
A. Probably but wouldn’t be comfortable.

Q. Could the Toester be placed below the mattress pad?
A. Yes, you can place it under the mattress pad.

Q. Does the Toaster stay on the bed or fall on the floor easily?
A. I had the same problem but solved it by attaching safety pins to the four corners of the Toester Toes and the Mattress pad.

Q. Is there a pocket for feet?
A. There is not a pocket for the feet; however, it does provide a flat heated surface that lies at the foot of your bed for your feet to rest on which would accommodate changing positions easier.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Toester?
A. Product dimensions: 30in x 20in x 1in.

Q. Can the Toester be used on top of a foam mattress topper?
A. It should not be in conjunction with “memory foam” products.

Q. Can I use the Toester on a blow up mattress?
A. Please ask your blow up mattress manufacturer.

Q. Does the Toester automatically come back on after a power outage?
A. It does not.

Q. What is the material?
A. Fleece interior comforts from heel to toe.

Q. What is the length of the cord?
A. Please check with the customer care.

Q. Does the Toester need batteries?
A. No, it plugs into 110 V power.

Q. Is it easy to charge using a USB?
A. It works from an electric outlet only.


What do I get?
2 Toester Electric Foot Warmers for $64.98 at the Official website: | Order the Toester today!

Natural Fusion UV Shoe Sanitizer REVIEW

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

About Natural Fusion

If you suffer from athlete’s foot, nail fungus or foot odor then what you need is Natural Fusion. Natural Fusion claims to be a UV Shoe Sanitizer and disinfector that kills athletes foot fungus, shoe odor and nail fungus!This promise can only be substantiated onceNatural Fusion reviews come out.



Natural Fusion CLAIMS

Natural Fusion promises to harness UV-C light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungus in your shoes. Simply place Natural Fusion UV-C light in your shoes, sneakers, boots or slippers and it guarantees to effectively eliminate the bacteria and fungus. This claim of Natural Fusion however seems to be far-fetched and will only be confirmed after Natural Fusion is reviewed.

Unlike deodorizer sprays and powders that are messy and inconvenient and still don’t kill the bacteria and fungus, Natural Fusionalleges to be fast, effective and easy to use!Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Natural Fusion claims.


Long lasting and Durable – Natural Fusion declares that its medical grade UV-C lights are long-lasting and are battery operated for maximum convenience and completely chemical freetoo. This claim can only be attested once users review Natural Fusion.

Value for Money – Natural Fusion states that it is great value for money claiming to disinfect up to 85,000 pairs of shoes. At this point of time there are no Natural Fusion reviews to verify this claim.


Natural Fusion REVIEW

Kelly Pena who used the Natural Fusion UV-C light shoe disinfector mentions in her review that it seems to work, “My Flyknits smelled too bad and with these the smell had reduced after 2 cycles”

Mindy Cummings complains in her review that the Natural Infusion is of little use when it comes to deodorizing and disinfecting sweaty sneakers of a serious triathlete even after 3 cycles. She further recommends washing the sneakers had more impact than the Natural Fusion UV-C light thing.

Blanca Vega too confirms Mind’y experience with the Natural Fusion, in her review she says “If your sneakers get wet then the Natural Fusion is incapable of getting rid of the funk completely, though it does reduce the bad odor but no a full proof solution.”

Martin Turner is moderately satisfied with this uv-c light disinfector, he says in his Natural Fusion review “This thing does work if your shoes are not that smelly, it kills the funk in your shoes though it does not try your shoe. The unit though looks flimsy and don’t think will last long.” He suggests buying a BRANDED one from and not the “as seen on tv” version.

Eric Stevenson in his review says “I don’t notice much difference even after running it through several times, the funk is not so strong but still it is there there, not very effective.”

Saul Miller claims in his review “My shoes mildewed in rain and I had these things couple of times in my shoes and they did nothing, may be I got a defective piece.”

Catherine Wagner explains in her review that she bought the Natural Infusion for her son’s smelly sneakers after seeing the infomercial, she thought this was going to be a miracle fix. “These things singularly cannot remove the funk from serious smelling shoes, maybe this can be one of the means to remove the funk along with sprays”

Jacob Hines says he is happy with it. His shoes do not smell that bad like other reviewers have mentioned, “It seems to work well, does not completely remove the funk but thats fine with me, sort of quick-fix for moderately smelly shoes”.

Nathan Cortez cautions users about the safety of using the product – ” Natural Fusion looks very cheap and potentially dangerous. It has an open UV-C source, UV-C is the strongest of the UV light and should not be handled casually.”

Joseph Mitchell in his review suggests using the more expensive models available at, they are well made and do fairly good job.


Natural Fusion Questions and Answers

Question: Can you use Natural Fusion on Sandals?
Answer: Natural Fusion is designed for sports shoes basically, but it can practically work on
anything (including Sandals) that need to be disinfected. You need to cover the sandals with something to make it work effectively.

Question: What safety precautions should I take?
Answer: Avoid handling the Natural Infusion bulb when it is ON. UV-C is the strongest of the UV light it can burn eyes and skin. Keep Natural Infusion away from children and the elderly

Question: Can one unit be used by the whole family?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it stay on all night?
Answer: Nope, it goes off after 7 minutes. If your shoes are super smelly then you have to run the light several times.

Question: Is it safe?
Answer: It is safe if used according to the instructions.

Question: What is UVC light?
Answer: It is a form of Ultra Violet Radiation that has got the shortest wavelength and hence highest energy.

Question: What is the intensity of the UV-C light generated by Natural Fusion?
Answer: According to the Official website the UV-C light used to disinfect is of the intensity 253.7 nm.

Question: Is this a proven method of killing virus and fungus?
Answer: Yes it is.

Question: I have seen some very expensive models that look similar to Natural Fusion UV Shoe Sanitizer, why is it so?
Answer: That is because those expensive UV Shoe Sanitizers also generate Ozone gas that complements the UV-C light in killing viruses and fungus.

Question: Can you use the Natural Fusion UV Shoe Sanitizer in the hockey skates or gloves?
Answer: Yes, It can be used in any enclosed thing to kill bacteria and fungus.

Question: Can you order replacement UV-C bulbs?
Answer: The Official website does not mention anything about replacement UV-C bulbs.

Question: Does it dry the shoes?
Answer: No

Question: Does it use Ozone to kill the bacteria?
Answer: No.

Question: What batteries doe it take?
Answer: Li-ION


Our Verdict

Natural Fusion is the first UV Shoe Sanitizer in the “As Seen On TV” arena. It is not a unique product, there are several tons of tried and tested UV Shoe Sanitizers available everywhere a simple search for “UV Shoe Sanitizer” on lists dozens of them.

UV-C Sanitization is a proven method to kill virus, bacteria and fungus and has fairly proved well to sanitize shoes/sneakers too. There are better branded alternatives to Natural Fusion which are expensive but also feature OZONE Sanitization, the combination of the UV-C light and OZONE has a far better results then UV-C alone.


What do I get?
2 Natural Fusion UV Shoe Sanitizers for $39.95 plus FREE shipping and handling at the Official website | Order the Natural Fusion UV-C light today!

CaliberNutra Smart Mind REVIEW

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

What is Smart Mind

It claims to be a supplement that comprises of clinically tested ingredients to optimize cognitive functions at all life stages. It states to increase over all clarity, energy and helps focus better.


CaliberNutra Smart Mind CLAIMS

Stay Sharp – Smart Mind proclaims to be a unique supplement that helps in optimizing cognitive functions for all individuals. The brain health support is done naturally in Smart Mind and it alleges that it offers this fresh boost without any side effects. Are the claims made by Smart Mind true or false will be only revealed once it is reviewed.



Clinically-proven Ingredients – Smart Mind asserts to have Neumentix, a botanical ingredient derived from spearmint plant that helps in supporting the working memory and multitasking. The addition of Phosphatidyl Serine, a neurotransmitter, optimizes brain function and promotes better focus, memory, and attention. We will know more once Smart Mind is reviewed. Smart Mind also states to have Theacrine provides energy similar to caffeine without the jitters.

The fourth ingredient Huperzine A is a natural herbal supplement that promotes healthy neurotransmitter levels and cognitive performance. These ingredients together help people of all ages to cope up with the information overload of this generation. Although there are no Smart Mind reviews available to further analyze its claims.


Calibernutra Smart Mind Review

One customer, Ron Boyd writes in his review that Calibernutra Smart Mind has a bad odor and aftertaste. He also claims that it is not as effective as other brands he has previously used.

Jerry Erickson, a reviewer of Calibernutra Smart Mind states that the supplement can cause headaches in individuals. He also felt sleepy after consumption and experience an increase in his appetite. This review also suggests that there were no actual noticeable results of Calibernutra Smart Mind in reducing his brain fog.

According to Bruce Reeves’s Calibernutra Smart Mind review, the odor of these tablets is described as normal by the manufacturers. The tablet also made him feel tired all day and there was no noticeable effect on the memory.

Grace Rios asserts in her review that Calibernutra Smart Mind gave her nightmares that didn’t let her sleep well. The tablet also doesn’t seem to have any powerful effect on increasing the memory or enhance the cognitive functions of the brain. She also questions its quality control due to a rancid odor coming from the tablet.


Calibernutra Smart Mind Questions & Answers

Q. Is Calibernutra Smart Mind non-GMO?
A. Yes, it is also gluten-free.

Q. How long does it take to start seeing noticeable results?
A. Since it is a phospholipid, its effectiveness depends on various factors such as age, general health, mental health, and state of depression. It doesn’t influence serotonin and other neurotransmitters but reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. This helps in reducing the stress and other side-effects that generally come with increased cortisol levels. Also, it is suggested that the dosage should be kept at 3 times a day for better results.

Q. Calibernutra Smart Mind comprise of vcaps or softgels?
A. It comes in capsule form since it has been clinically tested to provide better effectiveness.

Q. Does Calibernutra Smart Mind contain soy?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Does Calibernutra Smart Mind smell bad?
A. No, it doesn’t have any kind of odor in it.


What do I get?
30 day supply of Caliber Nutra Smart Mind for just $29.95 + S/h at the official website

Egg Sitter Review | Exposed

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Allan Thornton, a reviewer writes that Egg Sitter Gel Cushion is comfortable to sit on but is small in size. Also, he says that Egg Sitter Gel Cushion isn’t as thick as expected. As per his review, the lack of width and length makes it difficult to adjust and sit on it.

A similar problem is mentioned by Jesse Flower in his review of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion. According to him, one has to find the right spot to sit on and can be tedious to do so. His review further states that the problem with Egg Sitter Gel Cushion could have easily been solved if the manufacturers offered it in various sizes.

An Egg Sitter Gel Cushion review by Laverne Cortez exposes that it gave her back pain. She says in her Egg Sitter Gel Cushion review that it is poorly made and uses cheap foam that adds to the pain.

Another Egg Sitter Gel Cushion review by Alma Myers also states that it is highly uncomfortable to sit on. Her review reveals that Egg Sitter Gel Cushion has a poor non-slip surface on the back that doesn’t work well when used on a hard plastic hand chair and can make it slide around.

Joy Joseph asserts in her review that Egg Sitter Gel Cushion is very uncomfortable for use in her car. It is not long enough and can put pressure on the back of the leg. In her Egg Sitter Gel Cushion review, she warns people with sciatica that it might add to their pain instead of relieving it.

Norman Webster, an Egg Sitter Gel Cushion reviewer, reveals that it doesn’t work well in reclining positions as it slips off. In his review, he suggests that Egg Sitter Gel Cushion should have had loops that can help in strapping it to seats when required.


Egg Sitter Gel Cushion Questions & Answers

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion come with a weight limit?
A. The seat itself is very non-cushion-like and doesn’t offer any type of actual comfort. No information is provided about the user weight limit.

Q. What is the size of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion?
A. It is slightly smaller than average and fails to cover the car seat. The small size presses the back of the thigh and can cause sciatica.

Q. How to identify the top side of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion?
A. The soft side stays up and the rough side goes down towards the seat.

Q. Is Egg Sitter Gel Cushion soft to sit on?
A. No, it is soft on feel but doesn’t offer any real soft, sinking feeling when one sits on it.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion be used with a heating pad?
A. No.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion come with a black cover and carrying case?
A. It comes with a non-slip black cover on one side, which acts as a carry case with the help of sewn straps on it.

Q. What is the weight of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion?
A. No information available but it feels heavy when handled.

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion work in the bath? Does it absorb bumps from sitting on a tractor?
A. This cushion has a pattern with gaps in the gel; opt for something that has a solid gel seat with a cover.

Q. Is Egg Sitter Gel Cushion’s cover waterproof?
A. No.

Q. What are the dimensions of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion?
A. Approx: 15.25 x 17.25 x 1.25 inches

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion make driving comfortable for use on hard car seats?
A. No, it is too narrow and doesn’t fit the seat well enough to offer any kind of comfort and support.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion function well on a recliner?
A. No, it doesn’t work well even on a desk chair. Its small size lacks the cushioning and is expensive for its price.

Q. Is Egg Sitter Gel Cushion good for cushioning of a wheelchair seat?
A. No, it comes in a bicycle seat shape and not square as shown in the infomercial.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion smell?
A. No.

Q. What is the cover of Egg Sitter Gel Cushion made from?
A. The black cover is mostly polyester fabric. One side of it is treated to make it non-sticky and tactile. It also has carry handles sewn on along one of the edges.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion make noises while sitting?
A. No.

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion compress or flatten out in particular areas after sitting?
A. It compresses a little but is good enough so that users don’t feel the chair seat through it.

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion float in a tub?
A. It has a non-skid quality but with the cover, it is fairly heavy. Without the cover, it may be used in a tub.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion be cut and trimmed to fit a specific seat size?
A. Not sure although its size is very small to fit on regular seat size.

Q. Is the cover on Egg Sitter Gel Cushion removable and washable?
A. No, but it can be wiped clean with ease.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion have a fabric cover?
A. Yes.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion be used while riding a lawn mower?
A. It can work but will require few Velcro strips to hold it in position.

Q. Is Egg Sitter Gel Cushion helpful at offering to cushion to the backside?
A. Yes, it should but its small size might give a backache to some users.

Q. Does Egg Sitter Gel Cushion really have gel pockets inside or has just a soft rubber in a honeycomb shape?
A. It has soft and rubbery like gel product but not real liquid gel pockets.

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion provide an extra padding for the car seat?
A. It should be used for cars in cool areas and not where summers are hot since it might deform or not work well in such weather.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion stay cool?
A. No, it needs to be placed in a cool environment.

Q. Is Egg Sitter Gel Cushion good for use on a motorcycle seat?
A. No, since there is no way to secure it on a bike.

Q. Will Egg Sitter Gel Cushion be useful to help heal bed sores?
A. It is suggested to ask a doctor or physical therapist before using it to relieve bed sores.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion offer relief for hemorrhoid?
A. No, in fact, the uncomfortable nature of the seat can put pressure on tender areas.

Q. Can Egg Sitter Gel Cushion retain its shape after use for a long time? Does it flatten easily and turn useless like other cushions?
A. No, Egg Sitter Gel Cushion is quite sturdy and soft that stays in shape for a long time.

Q. What is the material used inside Egg Sitter Gel Cushion?
A. The cushion comes with memory gel.


Egg Sitter Gel Cushion Verdict

It is not the only product in the market, there are many others available too. The issue withegg sitter is that its dimension is small for some and so having egg sitter in varying size would mean all size people can purchase it for their use. Other than size egg sitter couldn’t provide the comfort that it promised of.

You will get dozens of similar product on when you search with keyword ‘egg sitter’ varying in dimensions and price range from approx. $40 to $70. For instance we have The Royal Purple No-Pressure Seat Cushion for $79.99 and having dimensions approx 18”X16”X2”. In addition it has received 4.3 star ratings with 588 customer reviews. Another such product which is featured in amazon’s choice is the FOMI premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion for $59.99.

It is advisable to go through reviews and look for similar products that provide you the best value for your money. We would go with FOMI premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion as it has the overall average dimension (17”X15”), affordable price and comparatively high ratings.


Official website


Compare Egg Sitter Cushion with Purple Seat Cushion, Wondergel and Equagel

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses REVIEWS and Question/Answers

Friday, July 7th, 2017

About Hazuki Magnifying Glasses

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses claims to be a pair of glasses that uses latest Optometric Technology to magnify hard-to-read texts by 160%. It provides protection against harmful UV rays and is resistant to Blue Light. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses alleges to be a solution for people with Presbyopia.



Hazuki Magnifying Glasses CLAIMS

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses states to magnify close-up activities such as sewing and reading with its 1.6 magnification lens. Its 1.32 magnification is great for using computers and laptops. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses assures that its superior-quality lenses and panoramic vision enlarges texts in dim or low-light conditions. At this point of time there are no Hazuki Magnifying Glasses reviews to verify this claim.

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses guarantees to be virtually indestructible with its durable frame and lightweight for extended use. Its non-slip soft nose grip stops them from sliding down. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses promises to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. It also asserts to be resistant to Blue Light that comes from laptops, tablets, CFLs, and more. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses claims to be available in different colors, sizes, and lens style. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Hazuki Magnifying Glasses reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Hazuki Magnifying Glasses Review

Gerardo Cannon claims in his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review that these glasses are made using cheap material and its arms break easily. He further states in his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review that the nose piece came off and was to be glued for further use.

Another user, Connie Phelps, complains in her review that she couldn’t see through Hazuki Magnifying Glasses at all. Her review also says that Hazuki Magnifying Glasses isn’t comfortable to wear and nowhere as good as advertised.

A Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review by Flora Chambers calls it a flimsy and fragile pair of glasses. Her handles broke apart in the first week. Her other problem stated in Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review is that the nose piece is useless and the lens scratch way too easily. Overall she doesn’t recommend it to any other users.

A similar complains comes from Sara Johnson who also bought Hazuki Magnifying Glasses. Her review says that the glasses break after few uses. The quality of glasses and frame is bad and can even be painful to wear for people with large head.

Enrique Romero shows disappointment towards Hazuki Magnifying Glasses in his review. He reveals that the glasses if they are to be used over current eyeglasses. He failed to see anything clearly as promised.

One other user Simon Curry doubts in his review whether Hazuki Magnifying Glasses can magnify as much as it implies. As per his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review it is very similar to regular reading glasses but only flimsier.

Another Hazuki Magnifying Glasses customer Cynthia White asserts in her review that the glasses are painful to wear doe to its small, rigid frame with short length of the earpiece. Her Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review also reveals that the lens gets scratched easily and the material of the overall frame is cheap.


Hazuki Magnifying Glasses Questions and Answers

Q. What is your opinion about Hazuki Magnifying Glasses?
A. These glasses are useless since the lenses are made using cheap plastic and fail to magnify or provide clarity while doing anything.

Q. Does Hazuki Magnifying Glasses come with a clip-on light?
A. No.

Q. Can Hazuki Magnifying Glasses be used to watch TV?
A. No, they do not perform well at all.

Q. What is so special about Hazuki Magnifying Glasses?
A. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses is a magnifying glass turned into a pair of glasses for easy use. The problem is the lenses on these glasses are not strong enough to magnify or sharpen anything.

Q. Is Hazuki Magnifying Glasses good for watching a small TV placed at a distance of 10 feet?
A. Not sure if it works to magnify small television screens well. But it does help people with macular degeneration for reading and do crossword puzzles. Be warned that the stems on the glasses are delicate and breaks easily.


What do I get?
Buy Hazuki Magnifying Glasses with Carry Case and Lens Cleaning Cloth for $119.85 + S/h at the Official website


Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

What is Wonder Clipper

As per the infomercial it is a nail clipper that has a 150 degree swivelling head and LED light that makes nail clipping an easy chore. It is designed for easy handling and even has a built-in nail filer. Wonder Clipper claims to be a latest nail clipper that helps in trimming and cutting nails in the easiest of ways.



Wonder Clipper CLAIMS

Revolutionary nail clipper – Wonder Clipper asserts that its extra-long design ensures that anyone can handle the clipper with extreme ease. Wonder Clipper also alleges to have a swivelling head that swivels 150 degree to angle it better for clipping nails. At this point of time there are no Wonder Clipper reviews available to attest to its claims.

Wonder Clipper Features – Wonder Clipper proclaims to have a super bright LED light in the front to help trim the nails better. Wonder Clipper assures that its durable stainless steel blades stay super sharp for a clean cut every single time. It promises to be perfectly created for both right and left handed people. Also its easy-clip leverage makes trimming easy for people with weak hands. Currently there are no Wonder Clipper reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Wonder Clipper Benefits – Wonder Clipper guarantees that users will always find the most comfortable angle with it. The clipper is long enough for easy handling but also compact enough for easy portability while traveling. It asserts to also have a built-in nail file to shape the nails quickly. Did you find Wonder Clipper as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.


Wonder Clipper Review

Mary Caldwell, a Wonder Clipper reviewer complains that it doesn’t cut thick nails well since the blades are not sharp enough.

A similar Wonder Clipper review by Antonio Potter says that the clippers are too dull to cut and requires an enormous amount of pressure to really achieve any sort of result.

Another Wonder Clipper customer Nathan Houston reveals that it takes a lot of effort to only cuts a little at a time. He also asserts in his Wonder Clipper review that the LED light on it is completely useless. Its deceiving in look since it actually is made using cheap material.

Abel Brown calls Wonder Clipper unreliable in his review. According to him, it can barely cut a child’s nail. He states two obvious issues in his Wonder Clipper review. The first is the clipper is too tight to actually clip an entire nail. The second is the lack of sharp blade. He also states that the light switch and scissors are not tightly locked. The entire clipper set is a piece of junk as per his Wonder Clipper review’s final conclusion.

One other Wonder Clipper customer Susan Graves says that the clipper blades are so uneven that they meet up and clip only half of the nail’s surface. As per her Wonder Clipper review its light isn’t bright enough. It is a pain to open it up and equally painful to use.

Kathleen Philips warns others in her Wonder Clipper review that the nail clipper is so blunt it crushes the nail instead of cutting it clean.


Wonder Clipper Questions and Answers

Q. Is Wonder Clipper a toe or finger nail clipper?
A. It’s a compact finger nail clipper that can be small for regular use.

Q. Will this clipper work for thick toe nails?
A. No, the clippers have a thin area between the clipper blades.

Q. Will Wonder Clipper rust if it gets wet?
A. There is no information available.

Q. Does Wonder Clipper have a wide jaw?
A. No, in fact the clipper comes with a narrower jaw.

Q. Will the nail require filing after it has been cut?
A. Yes, it doesn’t leave a smooth edge to the nail.

Q. Is Wonder Clipper strong enough to cut toe nails?
A. Yes but it will require more effort since its cutting area is very short.


What do I get?
2 Wonder Clipper LED Lighted Nail Clippers with Swiveling Head for $12.99 + $9.98 S/h at the Official website | |

Ear Wizard Review

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

About Ear Wizard

Ear wizard is the smartest, easiest, most gentle and an effective way to clean your ears. Wax often get culminated blocking the ears due to which it becomes difficult to hear sometimes or even feel the pain in ears. Ordinary cotton buds have been used since ages to clean the wax in the ears. Though it is been used by majority of people it is not the safest or reliable technique to get the wax out of the ear.



Ear Wizard CLAIMS

Cotton buds sometimes push harmful wax further into your ear creating wax build up and swabs can even damage your ear drums, but ear wizard is gentle and easy to use. You just have to place it in your ear, twist it and gently remove the wax. Its unique design prevents it from going too deep into the ears and causing injury while the soft spiral tip easily collects the wax and gently remove it without pain. Ear wizard’s compact size makes it easy to hold for all and spiral cleaning tip is made from soft and flexible silicon making it safe for use of kids too.

Because its silicone tip is washable, use of ear wizard is hygienic and making it reusable too. Also, each tip are multi coloured so each person can have their own individual tip. Ear wizard is the safe, comfortable and thorough way to clean your ears with such improvised features for effective results.

Review by Sabrina Dawson states that Ear Wizard doesn’t work at all the way it claims to. As per her review, Ear Wizard was tried on several family members to no effect.

Jeanne Harrington asserts in her Ear Wizard review that the finishing of the tips lacks detailing and there is excess rubber on it which makes it uncomfortable to use.

Lisa Patton claims in her Ear Wizard review that it doesn’t really do anything to get the wax out of the ear completely. As per the review, it is a waste of money.


Ear Wizard Review

Ear Wizard review by Joanna Manning says that Ear Wizard works only for people with small ear canals. For larger holes, the review states that Ear Wizard is pretty uncomfortable. Also, it fails to deliver when compared to a basic ear bud.

Ada Carter in her Ear Wizard review reveals that the concept behind Ear Wizard is great but it has design flaws. The review adds that the tip is pretty narrow or use and doesn’t live up to the expectation.

Alex Moody in his Ear Wizard review states that it did pull out some ear wax but didn’t clean up well. Although they might be not as harmful as regular buds, but it can be a bit painful for the ear canal.

Ear Wizard reviews claims that the concept behind it is good but the tip is too stubby and fails to make any contacts to the area that requires cleaning. As per the review, Ear Wizard’s handle is too clunky and wide causing the discomfort while using.

Ear Wizard review asserts that it fails to provide any type of wax clearing. The Ear Wizard review calls it a waste of money due to its cheaply build body. The excess material quality is poor and can even cause severe ear pain while using it.

Ear Wizard review calls it a failure and cautions other users from buying it. It did not come with any type of instruction or directions of use. It will work only on the outer area which is good only if someone has a lot of ear wax. It is not worth the price it is sold at.

Ear Wizard review says that it needs a lot of improvement in its design. The review complaints that the tips are not long enough to reach the interior region of the ear canal. Also the handle connecting to the tip is too thick that restricts its use furthermore. The plastic edge of Ear Wizard can even scrape the ear. The review asks other users to stay away and suggests a redesigned Ear Wizard with wider tip can probably perform better.

Jonathon Bridge complains in his Ear Wizard that even though it is made decently with a good idea behind it, it can’t beat the results a soft cotton swab can provide.

Vicki Vargas Ear Wizard review reveals that it is an uncomfortable device that doesn’t fit the ear and hurts a lot. The length of the attachments is smaller hence it covers only the exterior region of the ear. At times it feels like the shorter length is pushing the wax in rather than pulling it out.


Ear Wizard Questions and Answers

Q. Is Ear Wizard dishwasher safe?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Ear Wizard approved or recommended by medical professionals or authority?
A. No.

Q. Do they sell additional cleaner heads with Ear Wizard?
A. No, the user would need to buy another cleaner system.

Q. Can Ear Wizard really help in cleaning ears thoroughly?
A. Ear Wizard is great for cleaning the outer area of the ear canal. The inner area also gets cleaned very well but the cleaning level and amount of wax extraction depends on the ear size and shape as well.

Q. How should one clean Ear Wizard?
A. After use, Ear Wizard can be placed inside a small capped container dipped in hydrogen peroxide solution. It should be later rinsed with hot water.

Q. Is Ear Wizard’s head washable and reusable?
A. Yes, Ear Wizard’s head is actually made using a durable rubber material which is easy to clean by washing and reused. Although note that it cannot really clean the wax sitting deeply in the ear. Also the handle is a little clunky and makes using it a bit awkward.

Copper 1 REVIEWS and Complaints | Busted!!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

What is Copper 1

As per the TV infomercial it is a copper and titanium infused pressure pad that elevates and stabilize the patella to keep away knee pain. Its discreet and fully adjustable to suit all types of users. Copper 1 guarantees to help soothe and provide immediate relief from knee pain.



Copper 1 Review

Rosemary Berry, a user who purchased Copper 1 complains in her review that its compression pad does have a good cushioning but doesn’t seem to hold the patella in place since it fails to mold around the front of the knee. Her review also suggests that Copper 1 might be smaller than it is shown in the advertisement.

One user named Marsha Spencer asserts in her Copper 1 review that it works decently. As per her review she doesn’t seem too thrilled about Copper 1 but will continue using it for a while. She tried to squat wearing it and saw a mild difference in the pain.

Another user, Olivia Stevenson, bought Copper 1 for stabilizing her patella while running. In her review she says the band didn’t help much to relieve her discomfort of loose ligaments. Her Copper 1 review cautions people from purchasing it if they have similar knee issues.

Anita Singleton, a Copper 1 user reveals in her review that it looks pretty but is too small to fit her knee. It is cheaply built and the copper is completely useless. She adds in her Copper 1 review that these bands will last about 2 to 3 weeks tops and wears out fairly quickly.

On the flip-side, Eula Carter praises Copper 1 in her review. She states that Copper 1 works as promised. Even though it’s not made of great quality, it is kind of decent for the price that it comes for.

Christy Sims applauds Copper 1 in her review by saying that it cuts down knee pain and keeps her tendonitis in check. The Copper 1 review says that users should find the right tightness of the strap to get good pain relief. She says that the band does cut into the skin on the sides if wrapped too tight.

One user Brittany Lyons disappointingly writes in her Copper 1 review that it is a gimmick. She didn’t find any type of support or firmness to keep the patella in place. Her review also asserts that Copper 1 can give a rash or start to itch if worn for a long time.

Another user named Debra Carroll writes in her Copper 1 review that it fits comfortably and works decently. The padding works perfect for supporting the patella and provide relief on arthritic knee.

Nettie Snyder complains that Copper 1 doesn’t stay in place. Her review says that even though its strapped firmly, it starts to loosen up once the knee is bent.


Copper 1 Questions and Answers

Q. Can Copper 1 be used over long exercise pants?
A. Yes, it is completely adjustable and can be strapped over clothes too. Ensure that it is tightly strapped in place so it doesn’t slip while working out.

Q. Will Copper 1 suit a workplace where a lot of walking is involved?
A. It is recommended that Copper 1 should be used only for short-term purposes. It is great for a workout, a hike, but it doesn’t provide a lot of comfort when used on a long-term basis.

Q. Is Copper 1 a good solution for kneecaps that are prone to dislocation?
A. No, Copper 1 should be used for general kneecap pain. People with severe issues should get their doctor’s approval before using it.

Q. Will Copper 1 work while performing tough mudder or Spartan?
A. No, it will mostly slide down the knee while crawling. Also, note that even if Copper 1 is adjustable, it works great for people with large knee joints and will not work well on smaller joints.

Q. Can Copper 1 be used while performing workouts such as jumping?
A. Yes, it works fine to relieve knee pain. Although people who have skinny legs might observe Copper 1 sliding down since it is not appropriately designed for smaller knee joints.

Q. Does it keep the knee from buckling?
A. No, Copper 1 is designed to only relieve kneecap pain.

Q. Can it be used to stabilize the knees while performing squats?
A. Copper 1 is more of a support and pain elevation strap. It does compress the knee well enough but chances are it might not be able to stabilize it during squatting. It is great for other sports activities such as walking and running though.

Q. How well does Copper 1 stay in place?
A. It comes with an adjustable strap and a poor quality Velcro that lasts for a week or so.


Copper 1 CLAIMS

Relieve Knee Pain – Copper 1 states to have copper and titanium infused pressure pads that uses compression to support the patella and lift it. Such a support from Copper 1 allegedly stabilizes the knee, increases tracking, reduces recovery time, and relieves pain while using the stairs, walking, running, etc. At this point of time there are no Copper 1 reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Exceptional Features – Copper 1 claims to have a fully adjustable strap that can be used by all types of users. Copper 1 assures that it doesn’t fall off and holds firmly in place even while performing rigorous exercises. Users can plan to wear Copper 1 all the time since it convinces to be lightweight and discreet. It can be worn over and under the clothes easily. Did you find relief in knee pain by using Copper 1? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
2 Units of Copper1 for $14.99 + $7.95 S/h. Official website