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iMarketing Genius

Friday, August 15th, 2014

What is iMarketing Genius?

It is a business building event that initiates you into business to build and expand it with proficient use of marketing, branding and the Internet.


Make waves in business circles!

iMarketing Genius promises to help you realize you dream of launching and owning a flourishing business you’ve always dreamed of. It is a revolutionary program designed to give you deep insights into just what makes for successful business by harnessing the power of marketing, branding and the Internet. With iMarketing Genius you can expect to witness a 360-degree turnaround in your business as it claims it makes you industry-ready for today’s tech-savvy world by mastering marketing, branding and the Internet. The program’s speakers, JT Foxx, Wayne Allyn Root, Raymond Aaron and Stedman Graham are all accomplished experts whom you get to meet you in person to learn the most valuable fundamentals in this area.


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Step by step guidance to success

iMarketing Genius claims it systematically educates you about how you can build your online marketing and branding plan successfully. You can learn how to source free and low cost internet advertising avenues to attract lots of new customers at this distinctive business building conference. Its promoters assert that you can have the confidence that you’ll soon become a pro at the art of outsourcing and employing the right means to reach your goals once you attend this event as learn the best business tips from the experts.


Exploring social media for guaranteed success

The iMarketing Genius business building event also teaches you how digital marketing and social media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can be used to win people over along with their trust. It reminds you how powerful the Internet is in today’s world by providing informative data like Facebook having more than 800 million active users, over 34,000 Google searches occurring per second and over 144 million tweets on Twitter doing the rounds per day so you realize the enormous opportunities this program can offer. It also draws your attention toward the success formula of Goliath companies and claims that it introduces you to the same magic formula that can be the stairway to your success.


A great source of passive income

The iMarketing Genius program asserts that even if you are not great at technology, you can still use the Internet to build a new source of passive income easily. You may also regard it as a great side income source that doesn’t demand strenuous efforts on your part but just yields fantastic results. The promoters of iMarketing Genius state that several business enthusiasts have already learned the secret from the marvelous iMarketing Genius team and achieved success, and this time, it could be you.


What do I get?

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NAREI Free Event

Friday, May 9th, 2014

What is NAREI Free Event

It is a free event held by National Association of Real Estate Investors to show how to invest in real estate and benefit the most from it. The event will take place at Boston, Oklahoma City and Portland.


Be a Real Estate Investor:

NAREI Free Event promises to be a way by which the secrets of most successful real estate investors will be laid bare in front of you. Financial independence is the most important part of everyone’s life and a dream for every person. The problem is there are only few who really fulfill such dreams which is why NAREI Free Event is stated to be held free. This will help people in understanding and learning about the market from the masters directly and understand what can a person from any background or any income can do with their advice to achieve that financial freedom.


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Answer to financial freedom:

NAREI Free Event asserts that the conference is unique and never before held to provide valuable information pertaining to real estate right from the question how to find a valuable real estate for wholesale price. It also helps in achieving a solution to get $500,000 in pre-approved real estate funding. NAREI Free Event claims that it will reveal major secrets of big game players and how they reduce risks in real estate and the common roadblocks they face. It will help in understand the market so easily that people attending NAREI Free Event are bound to generate real cash flow right from home with the opportunity to create cash flow from nothing. NAREI Free Event states that it will show how shifting market is to be studied and profit is to be made through it regardless of the markets position by picking up the right area each and everytime.
NAREI Free Event promises to give away information regarding amazing properties and how the attendants can try to get them even before they are open to the knowledge of general public. NAREI Free Event alleges that it will change the outlook towards real estate forever.


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What Do I Get?

  • At this FREE Live Event you will learn:
  • How to profit from your shifting market.
  • Pick the Right Area of Real Estate Again & Again
  • Create Profit from Nothing. Regardless if the Housing Market Goes Up or Down
  • Generate Monthly Cash Flow or Big Monthly Paydays
  • Official website:
  • Game Changers Live Event

    Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

    What is Game Changers Live Event:

    It claims to be an introduction for you into new revolutionary technology that lets you make smart investments before everyone else does.
    Game Changers Live Event comes highly rated as it’s been talked about in several prestigious magazines and newspapers. In fact it’s something many are talking about, including celebrities and big corporate companies. It claims to be a way to say goodbye to “made in China” and be a part of the new revolution that is now in America. Game Changers Live Event is brought to you by Cash Flow Strategies to a city near you so that you can get great benefits from it, according to its claims.


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    Game Changers Live Event leads the way for a brilliant investment opportunity

    The event is meant to reveal game changers that can make a big difference to people’s lives. And the first one from the Game Changers Live Event is said to be an investment opportunity that can help you make good profits. The good news is that those who book themselves for the Game Changers Live Event instantly get an email with in depth research and cash flow strategy report. Moreover they can also get their hands on a live demonstration to make things easier.


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    Game Changers Live Event for strategies without any investment on your part

    And that makes a lot of sense for those who are not really looking to invest their money at this point. Game Changers Live Event brings to you the cash flow strategy that is absolutely imperative for 2014. And the good part is that it can be done in your spare time. Thus it makes sense for professionals and everyone alike. Game Changers Live Event brings this strategy to people who won’t have to invest their money, which is an added bonus.

    Game Changers Live Event for rather safe investments

    Those who are looking for some kind of secure solutions can benefit from the third game changer brought by Game Changers Live Event. It is an opportunity that is secured by Government mandated yields of up to 18%. And you can get started with an investment of anywhere between $500 and $500,000. Game Changers Live Event will unveil this strategy for lucky users who can manage to get their hands on it before so many others too, according to its claims.
    Game Changers Live Event will also have a little demonstration that according to Motley Fool will close down 112,000 Chinese factories. It’s thus being talked about as the industrial revolution for America this year. And Game Changers Live Event is meant to be your way to be a part of it before it’s too late.


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    Fortune Builders

    Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

    Real Estate Training Event

    Fortune Builders is a free real estate training event that promises to teach you how to get started flipping real estate in your local area and how to find low-priced properties that you can buy and hold in order to increase your long term wealth.


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    Discounted Deals

    The Fortune Builders event will show you how to utilize the real estate investing systems to buy and sell properties. These systems are currently being used very successfully by average people all around America. The Fortune Builders event will teach you how to find incredible under market real estate deals from time to time. You will also get to learn how you can purchase real estate in a self-directed retirement account.


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    Utilize Other People’s Money

    Fortune Builders will also help you access the best properties if you are looking to buy and hold for cash flow purposes. You will also learn how to utilize other people’s money to finance your deals. There are lots of other people who have been to the event and have studied how to use other people’s money to finance their real estate projects. The event will show you exactly how this process works.


    Great Opportunity

    At the Fortune Builders event you will also learn why it is an absolutely fantastic time for investors if you are open minded and you are willing to put in a little effort. With just a little bit of training you can experience a life changing opportunity.


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    Network of Investors

    At the Fortune Builders event you will get to meet and network with other investors in your area who are currently buying and selling real estate. If you are currently in real estate or even dabbling in real estate or are tired of watching other people make money in real estate then Fortune Builders is the place to be. This market and the opportunity in real estate will not last forever.


    Limited Seating

    Seating at this event and is based on the hotel rooms that are reserved. Ensure you get your tickets reserved right away before it’s too late.


    Official website:

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    U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow Seminar

    Monday, September 2nd, 2013

    Profit from real estate

    The U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow Seminar promises to help you profit from the real estate. Through this seminar you will get the opportunity to seek the answers for a complete list of questions related to real estate. This is your chance to find out how to profit from real estate.

    The U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow Seminar is a comprehensive real estate cash-flow lunch or dinner seminar that is hosted to provide you and your guest with information related to the real estate business.


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    The U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow Seminar is designed to give you answers to a number of questions such as:
    • How people in your area are using the No. 1 U.S. mandated interest rates of 16 to 32%?
    • What are the strategies to profit from today’s U.S. housing crisis?
    • How to build real estate cash-flow profits just like the professional investors?
    • How to achieve rental returns of 12% and better?
    • How do I generate real cash-flow from the comfort of my own home?
    • How can I find and profit from U.S. real estate tax liens and deeds?

    If these questions are on your mind then this is your opportunity to attend the U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow Seminar lunch or dinner. You get to attend the lunch or dinner seminar along with your guest free of charge. The seminar promises to be an eye opening event and an amazing learning experience.


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    Attend the U.S. Real Estate Cash-Flow lunch or dinner seminar so you get to find all the incredible properties in the U.S before they are made available to the general public. This is your chance to find ways to profit from real estate. This opportunity is available to only the select few. Make sure you attend the seminar with your guest free of charge!

    Official website:


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