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Puffie Cart REVIEW |

Monday, January 8th, 2018

About Puffie Cart

Puffie proclaims to be an innovative utility cart that can be used to haul groceries and other items easily. It states to be completely foldable so that it can be collapsed into a compact size when not in use. The revolutionary Puffie asserts to have a collapsible frame that can be opened up easily into an umbrella-sized cart. It can accommodate multiple items and its set of sturdy wheels coupled with a handle can be used to drag the cart on any surface with ease.



Puffie Cart CLAIMS

Innovative utility cart – This compact, utility cart, Puffie, assures that it is designed with an ultra-light frame that can make hauling grocery, laundry and more items a breeze. More shall be revealed once users review it. It’s collapsible and foldable frame that comes with its own lightweight backpack guarantees to fit under a car seat with ease. At this point in time, there are no Puffie reviews available to prove its claims.

Multi-utility cart – The smart sizing of Puffie and weight-bearing capacity of up to 30 pounds makes it perfect for hauling a lot many items at one go. Such a design is surely worth for city, apartment, or campus living; user reviews will expose the truth.


Puffie Utility Cart Review

Katherine Harrington, a Puffie customer reveals in her review that the cart is very flimsy and its handle wobbles around while dragging it. She further adds that the bag is pretty small and its sides keep collapsing while trying to insert anything inside it. In fact, she found it difficult to put 81/2 x 11 papers in it.

Another review of Puffie by Henry Clarke discloses that it comes with a fairly large hole on the bottom. Also, he didn’t find it to be sturdy or strong enough to carry a lot of weight.

A Puffie review by Sonja Sanders claims that the cloth handle of the card tears off easily and the handle doesn’t really stay open, making it a difficult cart to haul around.

According to Rachel Stokes, a Puffie reviewer, the concept of the cart is pretty nice but it is cheaply built as its front legs broke down soon. Also, she says that a fabric handle on the front would have made it easier for lifting over the current design.

Seth Gordon’s Puffie review complains that the overall build quality of the cart is flimsy and it doesn’t feel secure enough to carry the load. The bottom side isn’t sturdy and required him to put a piece of plywood to make it more secure.

One reviewer, Dixie Ross, says she was disappointed with Puffie due to its poor quality. Her cart broke down at the first time of use as the fabric simply detached and the wheel bent down awkwardly. She warns other users in her Puffie review that it doesn’t seem sturdy to hold its weight at all and is a complete waste of money.

Another upset customer, Jo Gardner, writes in his review that Puffie feels like plastic and isn’t sturdy while pulling it. He tried to haul it on a rough asphalt surface where it wobbled and made a lot of noise. He also found the handle to be unstable and too short for him.

Jose Floyd discloses in his Puffie review that the cart isn’t meant for heavy items and its flimsy body can break down anytime. The wheels and handle can come off very easily.

A similar complaint is seen in Leo Ford’s Puffie review. He mentions that the cart’s wheels are not sturdy and seem to be made of some plastic material. He was disappointed since the wheels melted and broke off halfway on his first use.


Puffie Questions/Answers

Q. What material is Puffie made of?
A. It has a metal frame and a durable cloth.
Q. Does it require any kind of assembly?
A. No.
Q. Does it come with a hanging file folder insert?
A. No.
Q. Can Puffie fold for easy storage?
A. Yes.
Q. Are there handles on it for carrying?
A. No, there is a loop at the top that can be used to hang the folded down bag.
Q. Does its handle latch when it is lowered into the cart position?
A. Yes, there is a button that helps in latching and unlatching the handle similar to a travel luggage.
Q. Is Puffie washable?
A. It can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.


What do I get?
2 Puffie Utility Carts
2 Storage Backpacks
Price: $29.99 plus $24.98 shipping and handling | Official website:

MultiHanger REVIEW

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

About MultiHanger

MultiHanger claims to be a clothes hanger that can triple closet space using its patent-pending three-bar construction. It assures to help organize and reduce the clutter to utilize the space in closets at home, small apartments, and dorms.



MultiHanger CLAIMS

The three-bar structure of MultiHanger promises to hang easily on a hanger rod inside any closet. The hanger’s standard-sized hooks go easily on any type of closet hanging bar easily. Once done, it can accommodate multiple hangers in all three bars that it comes with.

Well-organized closet – MultiHanger proclaims to be a space-saving solution that triples the closet space instantly by accommodating shirts, pants, dresses, drying delicates and even hang sweaters, purses, and jackets. It also guarantees that clothes can come off easily and neatly so there is no wrinkle on them. Such farfetched claims made by MultiHanger will be proved once users review it.

Sturdy Design – The solid construction of MultiHanger maintains to lift up to 75 pounds of deadweight but isn’t proved yet due to lack of user reviews. Additionally, it states to have stabilizing bars that keep it in place to ensure that clothes never fall off. Did you find the hanger this useful? Send us your reviews.


MultiHanger Review

One review of MultiHanger by Jon Blake states that he was disappointed with it since it did not save as much space as he expected it to. He says that maybe as a concept it works well but due to actual physics it ends up taking almost the same amount of space.

Janet Casey’s MultiHanger review reveals that its construction isn’t as sturdy as promised. She hung up two of these with lighter clothes such as blouse and slacks but they ended up collapsing.

A reviewer, Leo Reeves, complains that MultiHanger makes it difficult to actually choose clothes since they are clustered together too close.

Another review of MultiHanger by Cody Dixon asserts that it doesn’t save any additional room since the clothes are still as thick as before and hang low due to its compact design. As per his review, MultiHanger isn’t sturdy enough to accommodate a lot of clothes since it exhibits stability issues upon loading it to its capacity.

According to Clary Kelly, a MultiHanger reviewer, it has a poor, cheap construction that isn’t really stable and last for a long time. It seems that one of her hangars broke off after the initial use, making it a complete waste of money.


Official website:

Ironing Genie

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is Ironing Genie?

It is an innovative accessory designed to be inserted into clothes you need to iron which stretches them at the edges to help you iron effortlessly.



For Perfect Ironing Right at Home

Ironing Genie is a slender, flexible tool which claims to make ironing convenient and quick so you don’t struggle at the ironing board for long or need to give your clothes in the laundry. Ironing Genie expands and flattens out seamlessly at the edges when inserted in clothes so you can iron them effortlessly. It is to be slipped into sleeves and trousers from the bottom, which holds the garment stretched out without exerting undue force and lets you iron and be sure of getting professional results.


Saves Time, Cuts Efforts and Cost
The promoters of Ironing Genie further state that with this clever solution you will also be able to iron quickly as once you iron at one side, the other side also comes out pressed as well. According to them, you won’t have to give your clothes in the laundry anymore where you have to pay a fortune for what you can no manage with this accessory right at home. Its spring-like flexible rod also ensures there are no crumples anywhere on your outfit while creases at the edge come out perfectly too, thereby giving professional results. In addition to that, the company also gives a magnetic clip along with Ironing Genie in which you can keep Ironing Genie for convenient storage.


Ironing Genie Reviews

Jeremy Perez, a customer who bought Ironing Genie has said in his reviews that he’s not too impressed with its purchase experience. According to him, the sellers shipped it in a ridiculously big box, which was unnecessary and didn’t help as the product arrived in a damaged condition. To top it, its magnetic hook was also missing. He’s exasperated and wants to return it right away.

Ruby Wise, however, wrote in her Ironing Genie review that she’s satisfied with it and finds it very useful. At the same time, she finds it too expensive which, she feels is a disadvantage.


What do I get?
Buy Ironing Genie just for $19.99.

Guitar Guard Boxes REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is Guitar Guard Boxes

It claims to be an innovative shipping box that safeguards guitars during transit. It states to prevent the damage with the help of enhanced double-walled polyethylene padding. This box is emphasized to be reusable and requires minimum use of additional packing material.


Maximum protection

Guitar Guard Boxes guarantees to protect guitars from damage during transit. This box asserts to come with strong and sturdy double-walled pre-padded polyethylene padding. It alleges that this padding is compression tested to withstand over 500 pounds of force, twice of what other guitar packing boxes offer. There is also no need of adding packing peanuts since it alleges to need only small amount of bubble wrap to fill voids. At this point in time, there are no Guitar Guard Boxes reviews available to attest its claims.


Salient features
Guitar Guard Boxes assures to fit any type of acoustic or electric guitar with ease. It also maintains to be a cost-effective solution since less packing material is required for packing the guitar. Currently, there are no Guitar Guard Boxes reviews available to substantiate its claims. Guitar Guard Boxes promises to have a high-quality durable material and is designed for reuse, saving further costs in future. Does Guitar Guard Boxes really safeguard guitars from damages during transit? User reviews will expose the truth soon.


Guitar Guard Boxes Review

According to Wilson Rice, a reviewer of Guitar Guard Boxes, the glue holding the sides of the box wasn’t stuck as expected when it was delivered and came apart from the seam.

One other customer, Betty hill states in her review that Guitar Guard Boxes doesn’t come with any packing material and isn’t very sturdy. It might be right in size to place a guitar but isn’t sturdy enough to really ship it somewhere.

Francis Bowen’s Guitar Guard Boxes review complains that the box fell apart and came apart from the seam. He calls it too pricey, too flat, and flimsy.

A similar issue is mentioned by Darryl Edwards who found the box to be more suitable for a bass guitar. He also says that the box didn’t come with the exact dimensions listed.


Guitar Guard Boxes Questions and Answers

Q. Does Guitar Guard Boxes come in a box shape directly or does it require any assembly?
A. It comes flat and requires some assembly to get the box shape.

Q. Will the box work for guitar hero controllers?
A. It might work, crosscheck the dimension of the items to be placed inside it with the dimensions of the box.

Q. Does Guitar Guard Boxes come with a guitar?
A. No.

Q. Does the dimension mentioned by the manufacturer include the extra space required for the case?
A. It depends a lot on the type of case required to be placed inside.

Q. How many boxes come in a single order of Guitar Guard Boxes? How well does it compare with the bunch of 5 U-Line boxes available for $30 at U-Line?
A. It is sold in a pack of 3 thick and highly durable boxes.


Guitar Guard Boxes VERDICT

Guitar Guard Boxes is one of the many shipping boxes that are available online. Although it states to have features that are unique, similar features are made available by competitors as well, for example, the EcoBox Guitar Box on We found that Guitar Guard Boxes isn’t available on any other website for purchase except its parent website set up by the manufacturer. This makes it difficult to figure out whether it is proven and reviewed by customers or not. On the other hand, EcoBox comes with a 3.8 rating out of 5 given by 71 customers. Price wise, Guitar Guard Boxes might seem to be a little on the higher end but is comparable with most similar boxes available. Clubbed with the fact that Guitar Guard Boxes isn’t backed by an outside resource and similar alternatives are available online, we do not recommend it. If you are interested in checking similar products, simply search Google, Amazon, or Walmart for guitar shipping boxes and compare them yourself to make a decision.


What do I get?
Buy 18 x 6 x 45, Pack Of 3, GG-001- $68.00
Buy 18 3/16 x 7 x 50 1/16, Pack Of 3, GG-002- $74.50
Buy 20 x 8 x 50, Pack Of 3, GG-003- $74.50
quantity of 1 above will get you a bundle of three boxes.


Friday, June 30th, 2017

What is NeatStax

As per the TV infomercial it is a smart organizer that helps in stacking, sorting, and selecting clothes and more easily. It can be used in closets, drawers, laundry room, and inside travel bags to neatly organize clothes, files, and more.




Stay organized – NeatStax proclaims to be the easiest and smartest way today to organize the closet. Most people tend to struggle with neatly storing their laundry. As a result accessing them is difficult and can even lead to creases on them. NeatStax guarantees that no such issue takes place with its smart design. NeatStax assures that it will make more space and ensure that each cloth is separated for easy access. Such fancy claims made by NeatStax will be only verified once we receive user reviews for analysis.

Smart Design – NeatStax asserts to have a hinge design that separates each cloth from each other. These garments kept neatly over each other can be accessed by lifting the dividers avoiding any disturbance to other clothes. NeatStax further promises that sorting the clothes is made easier since its dividers are transparent in nature. Currently there are no NeatStax reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Multipurpose design – NeatStax states to be great not just for organizing the drawers and closets but also perfect for organizing the laundry room or utilizing space in a travel bag. NeatStax also maintains to be helpful in offices to organize bills, files, and other desk clutter. But is NeatStax really as helpful as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


NeatStax Review

Courtney Strickland, a NeatStax user complains in her review that it is made from cheap material. Its back end mechanism starts to spread once more stacks are added over it. She also warns in her NeatStax review that it is not good for bulky clothes and doesn’t recommend it to anyone.

A NeatStax review by Debra Hicks highlights that the stack is made using thin plastic material and is very flimsy. As per her NeatStax review, it can only work for baby or kids clothes but will not work for adult clothing.

Another NeatStax review by Edna Wood raves its concept but has negative points for its execution. She lost interest in using it since it doesn’t seem to handle many clothes as promised.

One other NeatStax user Virginia Freeman states in her review that it doesn’t save much space. Even though the dividers work well, accessing clothes within a drawer is not easy. She further complains that NeatStax is cheaply made and fails to accommodate a simple t-shirt as well. Her NeatStax review reveals that the hinged design is nothing but layers of plastic sitting on top of one another.

Janet Allen calls NeatStax a good idea in theory and not in practice in her review. She further says that the shirts are to be kept very thin to ensure that the levels interlock and stay aligned. According to her NeatStax review it is very difficult to achieve such a task rendering its usefulness pointless.

According to Stella Blair’s NeatStax review, the system will function only with five or fewer cotton t-shirts. She complains that it doesn’t fit in the dresser drawers as promised.

Susie Austin doesn’t sound impressed in her NeatStax review. She reveals that the stack is made of flimsy piece of plastic and the dividers are not joined together. It fails to work for thicker clothes and longer items such as pants.

Anita Tate has similar issues with NeatStax. She writes in her review that the flimsy and thin material makes it difficult to keep many clothes stacked. As per her NeatStax review she noticed clothes slipping and sliding apart.

One other NeatStax customer Audrey Harper states that its interlocking mechanism fails to perform. She found that the dividers are very unstable and need highly thin garments to make it work. Her NeatStax review further adds that a thin wire down its posts would have worked better to hold these dividers as one unit.

Another user named Juanita Frank mentions in her NeatStax review that the dividers would have worked better if they were sturdier. It’s clear from her NeatStax review that the plastic material used is not of good quality would have worked with something more flexible between the garments.


NeatStax Questions and Answers

Q. Will NeatStax work for organizing thicker sweaters or will such bulky clothing hinder its hinging property?
A. It will work better with thinner fabrics and not to thick sweaters.

Q. How many t-shirts or shirts does NeatStax accommodate to ensure that its stacking is functional?
A. NeatStax doesn’t really work very well. It can be used to stack the clothes but it is difficult to get the shirts out and back in.

Q. How many clothes can NeatStax accommodate? Is it justified for its $23 price?
A. It comes with 20 dividers that can interlock via its hinge design. Each of these dividers can be used to hold a garment and can be stacked them about as tall as desired.

Q. How does NeatStax really work to organize a drawer? Can it accommodate bulkier clothes?
A. It comes with an interlocking mechanism for its dividers. This makes it easy to lift the dividers and see the clothes. Each garment will slide right out without disturbing the other. NeatStax can easily accommodate thin sweaters but bulkier clothes than that will render the interlocking function useless.

Q. Will pants fit inside NeatStax?
A. No, it doesn’t work for large size or thicker clothes.

Q. Will NeatStax work effectively for tank tops?
A. Yes.

Q. The clothes keep falling over after stacking them in NeatStax. Is there a particular way to do so to avoid toppling?
A. The problem with NeatStax is that it is made using cheap material. Hence anything such as basic t-shirts will start falling.

Q. Will NeatStax fit inside dresser drawers?
A. Ideally it is designed to fit inside standard dresser drawers but can vary as per the dimensions of the drawer.

Q. How tall does NeatStax go when 40 dividers are fully stacked of t-shirts?
A. It is hard to say. The problem is after five to six stacks, the clothes start to fall over. For such number of clothes it can go up to 10 inches high.

Q. Is NeatStax universally designed to store paper and clothes or is there a different size available for both the requirements?
A. NeatStax is designed in the same size to hold both paper and clothing. Although it was noticed that stacking a lot of clothes can make them fall. Its suggested to try a small number of clothes first and test whether it topples or not.

Q. Is NeatStax small enough to fit inside cubbies?
A. It depends on the dimension of the cubby that NeatStax is to be placed in. Remember that any cloth for example shirts if not folded exactly right and smoothed out flat, it will not stack them well.

Q. Is NeatStax large enough for storing XXL t-shirts?
A. No.

Q. Can NeatStax be used to store craft paper? Is it acid free?
A. Yes, it is made from PET, a recycled plastic that is completely acid free.


What do I get?
20 NeatStax for only $10.00 plus $15.98 processing and handling at the Official website:

Flip Board

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

What is Flip Board?

It’s an innovatively designed rotating ironing board that facilitates ironing both sides of garments by flipping it directly.



Ironing Clothes Quick and Easy

Flip Board proclaims to be a top-notch solution that simplifies the mundane task of ironing like nothing else can. Designed with a swiveling iron caddy concept, using Flip Board involves placing the garment on the board, ironing at the top and flipping the board over to iron the other side. It doesn’t involve picking up the garment, keeping the crumpled side at the top and then ironing. That’s the fundamental mechanism of Flip Board, which guarantees supreme comfort and ease.


Revolutionary Design
Flip Board is provided with built-in clips, which keep garments securely in one place and also prevents crinkles from coming up on them while being flipped. Flip Board further claims it elevates your comfort level as the height of the board can be adjusted between five inches to three feet.


Great Add-ons
Flip Board comes with extra wide design resembling human body, which supposedly makes ironing effortless. It also has the unique cuff detail board, which attempts the task of managing cuffs and collars easy during ironing. Also, the low profile and lightweight design of Flip Board facilitates easy storage.


What do I get?
You can get Flip Board for two payments of $29.99 + $9.99 shipping,

Night Angel

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

What is Night Angel?

Simple things can really make life easy, Night Angel claims to be a smart way to light up your path when it is dark. Night Angel is a nightlight that looks like a wall plate integrated with 3 LED bulbs and asserts to fit all standard outlets. Night Angel proclaims to install in seconds, it promises not to require any wiring or battery. It guarantees to easily snap into place. Sounds too fanciful, Night Angel reviews will expose it soon.



Night Angel convinces to light up in a clever way, it alleges that the outlet screws provide power for LED lights whereas power prongs draw power. It states to leave both outlets free for use. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Night Angel reviews. Light sensor also maintains to detect darkness this automatically turns the lights on/off.

It declares to have a capacity to light up for 100,000 hours making Night Angel an effective and efficient way to light up pathways. It emphasizes to be energy efficient with luminosity that is perfect for hallway, bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room, guest room, kitchen, stairway, basement, garage, office and more. At this point of time there are no Night Angel reviews to verify this claim.


What do I get?
you’ll receive 1 Night Angel™ $19.99.But we’ll TRIPLE the offer, just pay a separate $6.99 fee.


Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

What is Upcart

As per the infomercial it is an innovative hand cart that has a unique 6-wheel design that works on all-terrain and even lugs items while climbing stairs.




Innovative hand cart
Upcart claims to be a hand cart that comes with a patent-pending 6-wheel design. Upcart guarantees that such a wheel assembly makes it easy to not only use it to drag items on flat surfaces but can also be used to carry them over stairs. Upcart states to even roll on any type of terrain and inclined surfaces to reduce body strain by over 37%. How far are the claims made by Upcart will be only verified once users review it.


Excellent design
Upcart declares to have large 6-inch wheels that hug any steps and terrain. It alleges to have a telescopic handle that can be adjusted in three different heights to match the type of load. Upcart alleges to be constructed using lightweight cast aluminum and has patented wheel-folding technology that helps in easy storage when not in use. Upcart does sound like a very promising hand cart to have at home; user reviews will expose the truth.


Carry absolutely anything
Upcart promises to be perfect for towing heavy boxes, laundry, tool boxes, buckets, bottled water, garbage cans and much more. Upcart assures that it distributes the weight of all these objects evenly to ensure minimal effort while dragging and a better leverage while going up or down the stairs. More shall be revealed once users review Upcart.


What do I get?
Buy the Upcart™ just for only 4 easy payments of just $19.95 USD + $9.95 USD processing & handling! OR 1 payments of $79.80 USD + $9.95 USD p&h


Sunday, February 12th, 2017

About InstaShelves

InstaShelves convinces to be the fastest and easiest shelf system that installs in any corner without tools and lights up with the touch of a button.



How does InstaShelves work?

All you need to do is place the InstaShelves in a corner and turn the dial. The three-prong support system of the shelves declares to lock in place securely, installing them in under a minute.


Instant shelving system
Installing shelves no longer needs tools, spending hours or money to call a handyman. InstaShelves promises to go up within minutes by just placing in a corner and turning the dial. It also proclaims to light up instantly without wires, with just the press of a button. There are no screws or nails securing InstaShelves, so you can reposition them or adjust the height anytime. There are no user reviews to prove these claims yet.


Useful anywhere in the house
InstaShelves emphasizes to be sturdy enough to withstand 10 lbs of weight and usable anywhere in the house – for books in a study, curios in the living room, medicines and cosmetics in the bathroom, dishes in the kitchen, or plush toys in the kids’ bedroom. It alleges to make more space in cabinets by creating handy corner units. InstaShelves user reviews will reveal if it’s that versatile. InstaShelves maintains to work as an accent light, decorate holiday ornaments, and work as nightlight in the bathroom to eliminate fumbling for light and to light up the hallway. Send us your InstaShelves reviews if it was this useful.


InstaShelves REVIEW

InstaShelves review complains that the batteries of the shelf system drain in just a few hours of using. It was bought to work as nightlight and a display stand in a kid’s room but InstaShelves batteries didn’t even last through the evening.

InstaShelves review calls it a similar product to stick-on closet push lights, the only difference being this is in the form of a shelf. These push-on lights don’t always work well. Keeping InstaShelves lit up needs investing in a number of batteries as it uses up a lot of power. A set only lasts for a couple of days.


What do I get?
InstaShelves cost $19.99 + $7.99 P&H. You can get a second set for another $7.99 P&H only.

Wonder Hanger Max REVIEW

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

What is Wonder Hanger Max?

Wonder Hanger Max is the ultimate space-saving solution for your closet that guarantees to triple your closet space to keep your clothes neat, wrinkle free and perfectly organized! When you use the Wonder Hanger Max you will always find what you need, always have room in your closet and your clothes will stay flawlessly wrinkle-free.



Wonder Hanger Max CLAIMS

Bigger, 50% Stronger Solution
Wonder Hanger Max is a bigger, 50% stronger solution that increases the space in your closet. Wonder Hanger Max is strong enough to hold 5 heavy coats. It is designed to hold up to 30 pounds. You can also double up the use of the Wonder Hanger Max with 2 garments per slot.


Easy to use
With the Wonder Hanger Max you can place up to 5 garments in the open slots. It features and easy on and off open design.
Using Wonder Hanger Max is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! Place your garments in the slots, lift and release and there is no more crowded mess!


Perfect for all
Wonder Hanger Max works with every hanger: wood, metal or plastic.
Wonder Hanger Max is perfect for purses, sweaters, blouses, blankets and so much more!

You will love how your entire wardrobe fits in only one set of Wonder Hanger Max.

Wonder Hanger Max is the perfect space-saving solution for small, closets, apartments, dorms, downsizing and more. It is great for seasonal storage too.

Order the Wonder Hanger Max today and keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free!


Wonder Hanger Max Reviews

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are cheap, sharp-edged metal hangers instead of the as seen on TV white plastic as advertised.

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are practically made of rubber. Hung clothes on the Wonder Hanger Max but they had fallen down during the night. They would only hang up again with both hooks on the rack, but obviously you don’t buy them to have them do that. Using just one hook, it bends and slips right off the closet rod.

The company changed the composition of the plastic they used and it is not strong at all! The weight of clothes bends the Wonder Hanger Max hanger and it bends right off the rod. Wonder Hanger Max hangers do require some hand strength to assemble (they have to be snapped together) so they wouldn’t be good for those with arthritis, upper extremity issues, etc. Wonder Hanger Max hangers are quite disappointing.

The ring lost its curve (and straighten out, in such a way that it no longer hangs onto the bar anymore, rendering the Wonder Hanger Max hangers completely useless).

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are cheap flimsy plastic and they all fell off of the closet bar when shirts were hung on them.

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are knockoffs of the real product; they are not the real thing!! They stretched out and couldn’t hold clothes within a week. The support rings straighten out and they cannot even hold dress shirts!

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are too flimsy to hold a bunch of jeans or jackets. After a couple days the Wonder Hanger Max hangers buckled when they were only holding t-shirts. Wonder Hanger Max hangers are a fantastic idea, but so poorly made.

This design is very weak. It might hold small children’s clothes, but will not hold adult clothing in either of the advertised positions. The plastic hooks will give-in to the weight, then bend & fail and fall to the floor.

Wonder Hanger Max hangers are cheaply made and confusing to use. Wonder Hanger Max hangers made clothes hanging down on the hoops a bulky mess. They are not a space saver, just made a big glob of the clothes hanging down.

Wonder Hanger Max Q & A

How strong is the Wonder Hanger Max?
Wonder Hanger Max is not very strong. With jeans hanging on it, it broke in less than a month. You can get more room by getting the slim line hangers.

Is Wonder Hanger Max plastic or metal?


What do I get?
Buy 6 WONDER HANGER MAX™, 1 Pull Light and 1 Over the Door Wonder Hanger® for $14.99 plus $6.95 P&H and we’ll double the offer and you’ll receive an additional 6 WONDER HANGER MAX™, 1 Pull Light and 1 Over the Door Wonder Hanger® for only $5.95 P&H!