What is Upcart As per the infomercial it is an innovative hand cart that has a unique 6-wheel design that works on all-terrain and even lugs items while climbing stairs.     Upcart CLAIMS   Innovative hand cart Upcart claims to be a hand cart that comes with a patent-pending 6-wheel design. Upcart guarantees that […]


About InstaShelves InstaShelves convinces to be the fastest and easiest shelf system that installs in any corner without tools and lights up with the touch of a button.     How does InstaShelves work? All you need to do is place the InstaShelves in a corner and turn the dial. The three-prong support system of […]


What is InstaBasket? Regular shopping bags may rip, tear or spill but now there is an incredible handy basket that is both durable and sturdy and makes a great basket to shop. Here’s introducing the InstaBasket, a convenient basket designed to easily carry and hold all kinds of items. It easily springs fully open and […]

Muncheez Review

What are Muncheez: They are adorable cuddly pets that store all the kids’ stuff to make room cleaning a lot of fun, according to their claims. Muncheez promise to gobble up all your kids’ toys and fuzzy friends, so that there won’t be clutter in their rooms. You wish your kids would pick up their […]

Coverplug Review

About Coverplug Coverplug states to be the innovative and effective way to cover electrical outlets, which is an important solution in child safety measure. Coverplug covers the entire plug point and securely fits over the electrical outlet. It asserts to have a slightly porous surface that can be painted the same color of your wall […]

InstaHooks Review

About InstaHooks InstaHooks claims to be a new and handy hook that hangs itself without the need for screws, drilling machine, nails, or hammers. It proclaims to just peel and stick and hang everything from photo frames, keys, bags, to shower essentials. InstaHooks promises that it removes easily without damaging the wall or leaving sticky […]

Shoe Slotz Review

What is Shoe Slotz? As shown in the infomercial, Shot Slotz claims to be a shoe organizer that cuts half the space occupied by shoes, thus making way for double the storage space. In simple words, it is an easy solution to double the storage space in your shelves, shoe rack, cabinets and even floors. […]