Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet

About Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet – It claims to be a bracelet that makes for a great gift for your beloved.   Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet Features Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet is a bracelet made of 12 carat White Gold and AAA Zirconia Crystals cast in a two-prong setting […]

RuMe Review

About RuMe RuMe is a garment travel organizer that promises to make packing easy, quick, and more organized so that you can save time, money on excess baggage, and effort. It assures to keep all your things at your fingertips with its see-through cubes and maximize space in your bag. RuMe maintains to be constructed […]

Gemy Pop Review

About Gemy Pop Gemy Pop states to be a jewelry line that girls can design themselves. Gemy Pop emphasizes to have different shapes and glittering color pieces of gems and jewels to mix and match to create different designs for accessories. Gemy Pop asserts to let you make shiny headbands, bracelet, necklace, belts, and even […]

Jewel Views Review

What is Jewel Views It is claimed to be a great pair of reading glasses that gets transformed into a beautiful pendant to help carry them along in style. This helps in never forgetting the readers at home and be always ready for reading. How does Jewel Views work? Accessible Reading Glasses Jewel Views states […]

Spin N Sparkle

What is Spin N Sparkle? It is a sleek, handheld device that helps you clean your jewelry at home in seconds and makes them sparkle. It works on any gemstone, jewelry article and also watches and causes no damage or loosening of any kind.   Perfect at-home jewelry cleaning innovation Spin N Sparkle is a […]

Astoria Collection | Dancing Jewel Pendant

What is Astoria Collection – a dancing jewel pendant that is unsurpassed in brilliance, quality and style. A diamond is very strong, yet full of beauty. It has been a symbol of eternal love for thousands of years. Astoria proudly presents the dancing jewel pendant which signifies love and beauty and adds stunning sparkle to […]

Lobe Magic

What is Lobe Magic? It is hypo-allergenic silicone gel that is designed to be pasted at the back of earlobes so you can wear heavy earrings without the strain of sagging, stretching and tearing.   Love long, glamorous earrings? Get Lobe Magic now Lobe Magic promises to make your dream of wearing beautiful, long earrings […]


What is a BlingDots – BlingDots are a technologically advanced invisible earring support that relives the weight and pressure of your earrings, lifting them up on the ear lobe and positioning them perfectly. BlingDots work perfectly with your clip-on earrings and your favorite pins, brooches and badges too. These innovative and disposable jewelry supports relieve […]