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Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

About Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet – It claims to be a bracelet that makes for a great gift for your beloved.


Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet Features

Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet is a bracelet made of 12 carat White Gold and AAA Zirconia Crystals cast in a two-prong setting with double clasp box giving it a premium look. Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet declares that it is as good as jewelry worth $150 but available for a fraction of a price.


A perfect Valentine’s Gift
If you can’t decide what to impress your girlfriend, partner, or wife with, then Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet promises to be the right choice for you. It is shiny pristine silvery bracelet that guarantees to bedazzle your beloved. So far there are no Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet user reviews out so one can’t be sure how impressive women find it to be. Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet states that it is made of a majestic 12 carat white gold and to complement the premium white gold look is the AAA Zarconia crystals in a 2 Prong setting. Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet also proclaims to have 7-inch long double box clasp. Is Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet really that premium looking and pretty? User reviews of Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet will reveal the truth.


Exclusive and economical
Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet maintains to be so exclusive that there is only a limited edition of the bracelet. Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet asserts that a similar bracelet would cost at least $150 on the market but it is available for a fraction of the price while it doesn’t compromise on its finesse and quality. Whether Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet is really that great at a reasonable price will be known once we have analyzed user reviews. The bracelet convinces to make a great gift on any occasion. Was your girlfriend or wife really that thrilled to have Valentine’s Day 12 Karat Tennis Bracelet? Send us your reviews.


What do I get & Price

  • 12 Carat Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
  • AAA Zirconia Crystals in a 2 prong setting
  • Double Box Clasp – Length 7 in.

Price: $39.99 + $7.95 p&h | Official website:

RuMe Review

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

About RuMe

RuMe is a garment travel organizer that promises to make packing easy, quick, and more organized so that you can save time, money on excess baggage, and effort. It assures to keep all your things at your fingertips with its see-through cubes and maximize space in your bag. RuMe maintains to be constructed with durable, lightweight, and water-resistant material and is also machine-washable. RuMe emphasizes that you will never forget anything behind and unpacks just as neatly.



How does it work

RuMe states to be extremely simple to use. It asserts that all you need to do is fill it with your garments, fold it and put it in your travel bag. RuMe claims to have four built-in packing cubes that let you sort and organize all your garments. These cubes of RuMe are assured to be see-through so that you can easily find what you need instead of fumbling through your bag and making a mess of your neatly packed stuff. RuMe maintains to have a snap-on strap that lets you hang it anywhere you like so that it will convert into a mini cupboard and keep all your stuff at your fingertips. The packing organizer asserts to make things just as convenient while unpacking too.


Pack and unpack your travel bag neatly

Going on a vacation or a productive business meet can give you quite a high until you have to pack your bags, which can set you in a panic mode. And unpacking after the trip is just as much of a mess because everything is so disorganized that you even end up forget things behind. But the garment travel organizer RuMe now convinces to let you neatly organize all your stuff and unpack it just as neatly. RuMe emphasizes to have four see-through cubes that you can pack your garments in, fold the travel organizer and pack it in your travel bag. With its snap-on strap you can allegedly hang RuMe at your hotel room and have all your clothing and other things at your fingertips.

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Water-resistant and durable material

RuMe declares to be made or lightweight fabric so it won’t add extra bulk or weight to your luggage. It asserts to be designed in a way that it will maximize space in your bag when you pack stuff in it. RuMe states that whereas you would need a big suitcase for seven days of clothing, the same amount of things can go in the travel organizer and fit into a carry-on bag. With this it alleges to let you save the baggage fees while being more convenient to carry. RuMe declares that you can unpack it in a snap as soon as you arrive at your trip destination, hang it, and be organized throughout the trip. RuMe claims to be water-resistant so you do not have to worry about your things getting wet in the rains. RuMe proclaims that it is durable and will last a long time and is machine washable so it’s easy to clean and maintain.


What do I get?

You get Two RuMe for $39.95 Plus $15.9 S&H.Official website

Gemy Pop Review

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

About Gemy Pop

Gemy Pop states to be a jewelry line that girls can design themselves. Gemy Pop emphasizes to have different shapes and glittering color pieces of gems and jewels to mix and match to create different designs for accessories. Gemy Pop asserts to let you make shiny headbands, bracelet, necklace, belts, and even decorate bags, shoes and room.


How does it work

Gemy Pop asserts that it is an easy and fun way to make your personal jewelry and home decoration accessories. You allegedly just need to mix and match your choice of gems and jewels, stack and secure them with posts and backs, and slide them into the flexible tracks of the accessory of your choice available in the design kit. Gemy Pop guarantees to do away with the hassle of dropping beads and even using messy glue to design jewelry.


Make your own glittering accessory

Making your own glittering jewelry line is allegedly very easy with Gemy Pop with the available headbands, bracelets, flexible design tracks, multicolored stackable gems and glittering jewels. Since the designs can be customized as you like them, Gemy Pop guarantees that you can create jewelry line matching your outfit and taste and go crazy with incredible numbers of different designs every single time. Gemy Pop also convinces that you can exchange it with your friend’s design easily and share your funky accessories. Gemy Pop declares to let you create and recreate different designs any number of times you fancy. Gemy Pop maintains to let you make glittering headbands, bracelets and necklaces within minutes without any mess.

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Any number of shapes and colors

Gemy Pop proclaims that the gems and jewels comes in many shapes and colors whether triangle, flower, diamonds, squares, circles, stars, hearts and raindrops. Not just your own jewelry line, Gemy Pop promises that you can use it as any kind of accessory – on your hat, as a belt and to decorate your bag. Gemy Pop also states to bedazzle your other belongings like flower vase, shoes, pillows or even use it as a curtain holder or decorate your room. Gemy Pop assures to be easier than beading because you do not have to use the beads one by one as the gems and jewels are stackable. Gemy Pop also claims that you won’t have to deal with dropping the beads and all your hard work and time going to waste.


What do I get?

You get your GEMY POP™ kit for just $14.99 plus $7.99 Processing and Handling.Official website

Jewel Views Review

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

What is Jewel Views

It is claimed to be a great pair of reading glasses that gets transformed into a beautiful pendant to help carry them along in style. This helps in never forgetting the readers at home and be always ready for reading.

How does Jewel Views work?

Accessible Reading Glasses
Jewel Views states that it makes life easy for anyone who needs to carry reading glasses along. Reading glasses have been of great assistance for most women to quickly read tags, menus, etc but the hassle is to remember to carry them all the time. And to avoid forgetting them most women keep tuck on the top of their heads, which looks silly and can ruin the glasses too. Jewel Views promises to provide a great way of carrying the glasses easily as it actually claims to come in the shape of a pendant which easily transforms into a reader whenever required and back into the pendant form when not in use.

Stylish eye glasses
Jewel Views claims that converting the reading glasses into a pendant is the best thing a woman could have asked for. The glasses can be easily folded into an amazing design that looks new age and is accented using fine faceted jewels. Jewel Views also declares that the sparkling glasses are mounted on a luxurious 34″ chain which is perfect for women of all sizes. The design of Jewel Views is guaranteed to go perfectly with casual wear or a fancy dinner dress making it a universal solution for whatever the occasion may be.

Jewel Views is also very light in weight so that it does not tire the person wearing it around the neck at the same time looks great. Jewel Views assures that the pendant looks great but so do the glasses that have a lot of appeal and stylish charisma to its design. This clever disguise of Jewel Views reading glasses into an elegant jewelry is asserted to be of great use.

It works very well for those who tend to forget their reading glasses at home or for those who have so many things in their purse or bag that it takes a lot of time to go through all the content and reach for the glasses. Instead, a simple transformation of Jewel Views promises to help readers go through anything they want to right from reading menus on the restaurant table, texts received on the smart phone or smart device, reading price tags while shopping or even reading ingredients and details on bottles and cans easily. It is also proclaimed that Jewel Views supports various eye strength levels and comes with an option of purchasing visual reading glass strength of 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5.

Spin N Sparkle

Monday, June 16th, 2014

What is Spin N Sparkle?

It is a sleek, handheld device that helps you clean your jewelry at home in seconds and makes them sparkle. It works on any gemstone, jewelry article and also watches and causes no damage or loosening of any kind.


Perfect at-home jewelry cleaning innovation

Spin N Sparkle is a new jewelry cleaning system that promises to make your jewelry sparkle bright easily and quickly right at home. It is a handy and versatile device that claims it can deep clean and restore your jewelry articles flawlessly unlike traditional methods like soaking, sinking, brushing and rinsing them. You can now clean all your intricate jewelry articles like chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even watches in a matter of seconds right at home so you don’t have to visit professionals who charge a bomb for the same job.


Two easy steps

Using Spin N Sparkle is a simple and quick two-step procedure. It unique cleaning combination involves first spraying its professional shining solution on the jewelry article first which dissolves layers of dirt. After that its special angled brush that spins at 8000 RPM’s cleans even the most elaborately designed jewelry underneath and in between flawlessly. With Spin N Sparkle you can clean your jewelry and make it glow in minimal time.


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Suits any gemstone and precious metals

According to the makers of Spin N Sparkle you can entrust it to clean all your precious diamonds and rocks including rubies, sapphires, stimulated gems as well as platinum, gold, silver and other metals. Spin N Sparkle also eliminates dirt, scratches and imperfection from the surface of your jewelry and makes them look brand new.


Doesn’t damage or loosen gemstones

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to trust your precious and expensive ornaments to a new jewelry cleaning system, worry not. Its makers assert that even though the solution releases layers of grime off your jewelry, its tip is so gentle and smooth that it does not cause even a hint of damage to your jewelry. It also keeps your gemstones entirely intact so there’s no risk of losing them.


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What Do I Get?

  • You will get Spin N Sparkle Complete Kit for just $19.99
  • You also receive Professional Finishing Cloth to quickly and easily remove scratches and surface imperfections
  • Official website:
  • Blarney Charm

    Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

    What is Blarney Charm: It is the lucky 4 leaf

    clovers charm that is meant to bring you and your loved ones good luck.
    Blarney Charm is said to bring to you the luck that is usually associated with 4 leaf clovers. They are meant to be so rare that you tend to find one in 10,000 of the leaves. There are those who have looked all around for these leaves to gain the luck usually associated with them. And now they are said to be brought to you, specially handpicked, in the form of this Blarney Charm, according to its claims.


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    Blarney Charm is a limited line of charms

    Blarney Charms have been treasured in families through generations. There are many who have passed on these charms to their youngsters for safe keeping and through future generations. If you are looking to have your own heirloom item then this charm might just be the right option for you. What is supposed to make the Blarney Charm all the more special is the fact that it is said to be a limited edition item. Thus it can be the right choice for collectors as well.


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    Blarney Charm is said to be exquisitely made

    Of course the luck element associated with the Blarney Charm is one of its highlights. But the makers of this charm don’t seem to have stopped at that and special efforts are supposed to have been taken to ensure that it’s a smart and elegant looking piece for you. Blarney Charm also has hand inscribed Hope, Faith, Love and Luck on it. Thus it can serve as the daily reminder of good fortune for you. And it can also be the perfect gift item for someone you care for and wish good luck to.

    Blarney Charm is a stunning piece of work

    The charm is said to be quite unique and no two pieces are alike. Moreover Blarney Charm is surrounded by four flawless brilliant cut simulated diamonds that add to its overall look. The shine and lustre of this charm is said to be spot on, which makes it nothing less than a gorgeous piece of art. Blarney Charm is said to be classy, cool and of course charming.


    What do I get?

    Get your Blarney Charm just for $19.99 plus $7.99 s/h. Add the Blarney Bracelet just for $7.99.Official

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    Simoniz Silver Wipes

    Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

    What is Simoniz Silver Wipes

    – It is a wipe that is an easy and effective way to shine your silver, gold, brass, bronze or aluminium items with just a swipe across.


    Make your silverware as shiny as brand new

    Simoniz Silver Wipes claims to take the pain out of the backbreaking task of shining your precious silverware like plates, antiques, jewellery or candle stands. Everyone likes to see their silverware shiny and pristine but it gets black over time and getting rid of the tarnish and shining it again needs the use of brushes and polishes that are gunky, greasy and smell foul. It is a cumbersome and messy chore and not to mention you do not get the same kind of sheen back. Giving it out to professionals can be very expensive. But now Simoniz Silver Wipes promise to let you shine your jewellery or antiques easily at home with just the use of a wipe. All you need to do is pull the Simoniz Silver Wipes out of the can, wipe your silver item with it and it will believably be sparkling new within seconds.


    Works on all the other metals

    Simoniz Silver Wipes are said to be safe to use on any kind of silver like sterling silver, plates, candle stands, utensils, rings, watches, necklaces, heirloom, medals, urns, or even fine antiques. That’s not all, Simoniz Silver Wipes apparently bring the shine back to other metals like gold, bronze, copper, brass and aluminium. With just a swipe of Simoniz Silver Wipes across the item you will see it transforming from dull and stained to lustrous new.


    Use and throw wipes

    When you use traditional methods of cleaning silver or gold items, the greasy gloop needs a lot of cleaning after using it. That just adds to your effort. But Simoniz Silver Wipes is said to make life easier for you because it is a wipe that can be thrown into the trash bin when you are done cleaning and shining your precious silver and gold stuff with it. You apparently spend much lesser time cleaning the silver and gold products and even lesser time cleaning up the mess with Simoniz Silver Wipes.


    What do I get?

    Official website:


    Astoria Collection | Dancing Jewel Pendant

    Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

    What is Astoria Collection

    – a dancing jewel pendant that is unsurpassed in brilliance, quality and style. A diamond is very strong, yet full of beauty. It has been a symbol of eternal love for thousands of years. Astoria proudly presents the dancing jewel pendant which signifies love and beauty and adds stunning sparkle to every celebration.


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    The Astoria collection –dancing jewel pendant has a unique design that magnifies the reflective brilliance. At the heart of the pendant is a beautiful cut round stone that is constantly in motion and is surrounded by sixteen round faceted accent stones which are all hand set in .925 sterling silver plate. The centre stone which is in movement increases the sparkle of the distinctive jewelry. Astoria collection is designed to give you peace of mind about every aspect of the jewelry. The design encompasses the art and science, rational and instinctive, the mind and the heart. Astoria collection guarantees a diamond that is perfectly suited for you. No other gemstone is as mesmerizing and stunning as the Astoria collection. Captivating and lustrous, these designs are stunning statements of eminence, prized as works of art, revealing qualities of light and life. The designs are crafted to last forever. It is a reminder of beauty and love you share forever. Surprise your loved one with the exquisite collection from Astoria. Astoria collection –dancing jewel pendant makes a lot of difference for you in terms of colour, sparkle, beauty and it is a new, contemporary design which sets it apart from the traditional designs. It is a timeless design comfortable to wear and you can be sure to get a lot of compliments and attention.


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    Cost effective

    Astoria collection ensures you experience the beauty of priceless diamonds at a fraction of cost. Astoria collection ensures you receive exactly what you are searching for at an affordable price and an exclusive collection of matching earrings comes free along with the pendant. It is a gorgeous, high quality, elegant jewelry most modern women/men can appreciate. It is a reflection of your pride and you can hold your head high up by owning the Astoria collection. Astoria collection sets a high standard and believes that you deserve the best.


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    What do I get?

    • 1 Dancing Jewel Pendant
    • 1 Pair of Matching Earrings

    All this for just: $19.99 + S/h. Official website:


    Lobe Magic

    Monday, November 25th, 2013

    What is Lobe Magic?

    It is hypo-allergenic silicone gel that is designed to be pasted at the back of earlobes so you can wear heavy earrings without the strain of sagging, stretching and tearing.


    Love long, glamorous earrings? Get Lobe Magic now

    Lobe Magic promises to make your dream of wearing beautiful, long earrings a reality without damaging your earlobes due to their weight. Lobe Magic is an improved version of adhesive tapes that have been used to prevent heavy earrings from sagging, stretching and tearing earlobes but without much success. It claims to work where other methods fail. It’s presented as the perfect and instant solution for heavy earrings and injured earlobes.


    Suits posts and hooks too

    Apparently Lobe Magic suits earrings with posts as well as hooks, so you can wear all heavy earrings like hoops, drops or chandeliers and feel confident there there’ll be no strain, pain or damage.


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    Light and invisible

    Lobe Magic has been designed to be light and invisible so that it doesn’t stick out and look odd when worn while providing the support your earlobes need. It seems to relieve the pressure that heavy earrings exert. It seems to supports the weight of the earrings and make your earlobes look perfectly fine, which tend to make wearing heavy earrings comfortable.


    Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin

    The makers of Lobe Magic assure you that it doesn’t cause any irritation to your skin even if it’s sensitive when applied. You can be comfortable in every earring you wear and sport the style you want without any stress.


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    Easy to use

    You can treat using Lobe Magic as a 3-step method. First, you need to press the Lobe Magic at the back of your earlobe, insert your earrings with posts or hoops through it and you are all set. No matter how heavy the earrings are, they don’t sag and cause you pain.


    No sticky residue

    Lobe Magic is made of hypo-allergenic silicon gel and so does not feel sticky and leave residue behind. It keeps your earrings in place without creating any kind of mess.


    What do I get?

    Buy 120 Lobe Magics for $10.00 plus $15.90 p&h. Official website:


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    Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

    What is a BlingDots

    – BlingDots are a technologically advanced invisible earring support that relives the weight and pressure of your earrings, lifting them up on the ear lobe and positioning them perfectly. BlingDots work perfectly with your clip-on earrings and your favorite pins, brooches and badges too. These innovative and disposable jewelry supports relieve the pressure and weight of your earrings and position them perfectly.


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    Easy to Use

    BlingDots are easy to apply, as the discreet backs are made with a cushiony-soft, hypoallergenic foam. BlingDots won’t irritate your skin – they use a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a post-hugging grip to position earrings face forward while adding extra security when you wear them.


    BlingDots are simple and easy to use. For example, just peel off the backing and place the adhesive side to the back of your ear lobe, making sure to cover the earring hole. Push your earring post in your ear lobe and straight through BlingDots. Place the earring’s back on as you would normally and watch your earrings sparkle. BlingDots may also be applied by first pushing the earring post or hook through the ear piercing and then pushing the Bling Dots onto the post or hook and up against the ear tissue. Alternatively, you can place the BlingDots to the earring backings prior to sliding the backing onto the post.


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    Not only does it promise to work as an earring support but also works with pins, brooches and badges. Just affix a BlingDots to your clothing and push post through material and a BlingDot, then affix backing as usual. To give your clothing added support and protection; place a BlingDot on the front and on the back of the fabric and then insert the post through your BlingDot and the material and affix the backing.


    BlingDots Promise

    BlingDots promises to provide the perfect combination of gentle, hypoallergenic foam with a pressure sensitive adhesive to deliver strength and support to the ear lobes and earrings, as well as to support lapel pins and brooches. Comprised of specially engineered polymeric foam, BlingDots are easy to pierce yet highly resistant to tearing. They deliver exceptional strength to support the weight of your jewelry, yet provide a cushioned softness for remarkable comfort.


    Women with stretched earring holes can now wear pierced earrings with comfort and confidence, and those who once needed clip-ons to wear heavier earrings can once again wear pierced earrings. Forget tugging, pulling or tilting – your earrings will ride high and look better than ever before.


    What do I get?

    • 45 pairs of BlingDots
    • 1 surprise Jewelry Gift
    • 1 BlingDots Storage Case

    All this for just $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. Official website:

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