What is Magnaflex? Magnaflex are bendable, connectable magnetic strips of flexible material that inspire you to create colorful shapes of anything you imagine! Magnaflex magnets snapable, stackable, and clipable. They easily flex and are bendable so you will never break them.     Magnaflex CLAIMS Kids- Safe Magnaflex magnets are strong, kids-safe magnets that hold […]

M1 Electric Skateboard

About M1 Electric Skateboard M1 Electric Skateboard convinces to be the easiest to use and the most intuitive skateboard that offers 24 mph top speed. M1 Electric Skateboard alleges to have low-energy Bluetooth Connectivity and RFLX Remote or Inboard Vision App Throttle Control. With swappable batteries, the skateboard assures that you never have to wait […]

Sneak-A-Peek Puppies

What is it? Here’s introducing Sneak-A-Peek Puppies. Sneak-A-Peek Puppies are the cute, soft and huggable puppies that you can enjoy cuddling and kissing. They are so huggable and cute that your child will want to sleep with them every day. Simply open up your favorite puppies to play and curl them up to sleep away. […]


What is Flex-Ohh? Flex-Ohh is an incredible super compound that you can stretch, shape and flex into any shape or design you want. With Flex-Ohh you can make sea creatures, jungle animals, dinosaurs, birds and so much more! It is the amazing super compound that your kids will love because you can leave out and […]

Snuggie Tails Review

What is Snuggie Tails? Snuggie Tails is the fun new blanket for kids. Snuggie Tails are more than just blankets. They are comfy fleece wraps that are designed with underwater characters, bringing imagination to life. Your kid’s are sure to love the comfort of Snuggie Tails. Unlike ordinary blankets that don’t keep the heat in, […]

RC Pocket Racers

What are RC Pocket Racers? RC Pocket Racers are fast Micro RC cars that you can race like a professional. RC Pocket Racers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. These furiously fast Micro RC cars are designed with incredible speed and razor sharp handling. You are guaranteed to have loads […]

Mimic Mees

About Mimic Mees They are animation characters-like soft toys, six of them, who repeat whatever you say. Mimic Mees are soft and cuddly soft toys that promise to fill little one’s (even grown ups’) time with loads of laughter and fun. Mimic Mees are more than ordinary soft toys, talking dolls, etc. as they actually […]

Pom Pom Wow

About Pom Pom Wow Pom Pom Wow is a decoration kit that claims to let you decorate your stuff with pompoms. Pom Pom Wow claims to feature 6 ways of decorating plain stuff. It seems to be a cheap alternative to permanent paint and claims to do all the decoration without any damages.     […]


About Poppit Poppit claims to be a fun way to make mini creations with clay. It asserts to let you pop tons of creations out of a pen and let your imagination go wild.     Poppit Claims Write/Read Reviews You just need to take a lump of silky soft pop clay, mould it with […]

Jelly Go

What is Jelly Go? As per the infomercial it is a revolutionary way in which kids can enjoy and eat jelly without making a mess.     Jelly Go Claims Jelly on the go – Jelly Go claims to be a new age solution to let kids enjoy all the fun of eating low calorie […]