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Feelvita Food Processor REVIEW

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

About Feelvita Food Processor

This powerful, do-it-yourself, energy-efficient food processor is 14 machines rolled into one. The Feelvita Food Processor helps you bring variety and creativity into your kitchen. It is easy to cut, grate, chop, stir and mix using just one appliance. You can now make delicious recipes at home.

The Feelvita Food Processor has additional features such as making crushed ice, meat processing, whipping and emulsifying. Its high-quality blades ensure precision cuts every time. The Feelvita Food Processor is German engineered with a high-tech induction motor. 400 watts power makes it energy efficient yet powerful. It is light and compact (under 5 kgs) and versatile.


FeelVita Food Processor


FeelVita Food Processor REVIEW

FeelVita Food Processor does not really work as expected and thus the reviews about this product are not that great. Lot of reviewers have mentioned that FeelVita Food Processor works great for liquids like salsa or heavy whipping cream, puree though it may not be desirable for soups. In addition it does not really chop well, so basically FeelVita Food Processor is much like a blender.

On the good side, the construction of FeelVita Food Processor seems good, the motor is certainly powerful and it has great capacity. One of the customer said following about FeelVita Food Processor – “Way too powerful for my needs and not very adjustable. There should be slower speed settings. The top does not fit close enough to protect from things flying out from the overwhelmingly powerful lades. I put down wax paper over the inner container before adding the top to protect against stuff flying out until I gave up altogether.” Another one said – “The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid. It will not leak if you just use the continuous speed settings but pulse will make it leak if you do it over and over again.”

So all in all for a few customers FeelVita Food Processor was not that worthwhile there were few who said that for the price they could live with a few misses of the product.


PROS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Great Capacity
  • Good for making liquid food items such as salsa, sauces or puree
  • Light weight didn’t take up too much room


CONS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good for making puree but does nothing much of any other work it is supposed to do.
  • The slicing feature does not work, FeelVIta Food processor does not chop uniformly.
  • The statement that FeelVita Food Processor has a large throat is very misleading. It measures 1 5/8 inches wide and 2 3/4 long, leading you to cut your large produce into small pieces before attempting to process.
  • The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid.
  • It is sometimes difficult to line up the lid and it is loud.


Feelvita Verdict

FeelVita Food Processor failed to impress the customers as per the reviews. It did not worked as advertised and thus the customers who purchased FeelVita recommended to go for some other product instead.

We are also of the same opinion and recommend to go for Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor in place of FeelVIta Food Processor. You can find Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor on for $36.85. It has managed to received 4.1 star ratings on an average with 3069 customers review majority of which are positive ones. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for food processor. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor can actually called a food processor since all the features mentioned work in practicality unlike FeelVita which seems more of a blender.


Where to buy FeelVita?
Official website:


Friday, January 26th, 2018

About Go-To Knife

As the name suggests, Go-To Knife claims to be the perfect knife for all slicing and dicing requirements in the kitchen. Its unique design with a non-slip grip alleges to ensure that it performs everyday cutting effortlessly to minimize prepping time.


Go-To Knife CLAIMS

Go-To Knife asserts to have a heavy-duty serrated blade featuring 37 precision-machined, razor-sharp edged-blades that can cut through literally any type of fruit, vegetable, or meat.

Precision Prepping – The industrial-grade stainless steel material of Go-To Knife assures that it can slice, dice and chop food items and also be the best set of steak knives. More will be known once users review it. It emphasizes to perfectly chop onions, slice tomatoes, fillet fishes, and carve through sizzling meat. How well does it perform these tasks will be proved once users review it.

Sturdy Design – The ergonomic design of Go-To Knife guarantees to offer total control and precision while performing prepping tasks. Its slip-resistant handle promises to complement the fast cutting blade to achieve precision cuts in a minimal time. Available in three different colors – black, red, and blue, the knife does make an impression; user reviews will expose the truth.


Go-To Knife Review

Mona Hopkins, a customer who used Go-To Knife claims that the handles on it are too short and the blades are too thick. Such a design makes it uncomfortable to use it for efficient cutting. She also mentions that cutting meat with the serration is a little disappointing since it tears the meat. She does states that the knife is good enough for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Another customer, Lora Richards complains in her review that Go-To Knife started to develop rust spots after washing it once in the dishwasher.

One Go-To Knife review by Earl Clark reveals that the knife is pretty heavy-duty and the steel also is made of high-quality material. The only problem he had with the knife was that it is pretty big and uncomfortable. His wife struggled using it due to the size and the aggressive serrations. His review further adds that the big size makes it difficult to fit these knives in a drawer.

Abel Weaver’s Go-To Knife review warns that the knife is not really sharp and is bulky to make it work for regular use. The customer also warns that the serrated edges of Go-To Knife might rip food items such as meat rather than cut it cleanly.

As per Sherman Romero’s Go-To Knife review, it is not made of good quality, has a bulky design, and develops rust stains if washed in a dishwasher.


Go-To Knife Questions and Answers

Q. Can Go-To Knife be washed in the dishwasher?
A. It does say stain-resistant steel but chances are it might rust easily if washed in a dishwasher.

Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. It seems to be made in China.

Q. Are they really providing forged steel knives at this price?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the length of Go-To Knife blade?
A. The blade is 4.5 inches long from the bolster that comes from the handle.

Q. Does Go-To Knife cut meat properly?
A. These knives are really very sharp and require careful handling. That said, sometimes they might be a little disappointing while cutting meat since it can tear the meat a bit during the process.

Q. Can Go-To Knife be sharpened?
A. No, since the key feature of the knife is serrated blades there is no way these can be sharpened.

Q. Will Go-To Knife work well for cutting a lot of vegetables?
A. Yes, these are perfect for cutting, slicing, and dicing all types of vegetables. The serration though can be a problem when it comes to cutting meat since it can tear it up instead of cutting it clean.



There’s nothing unique about Go-To Knife since there are numerous serrated, stainless-steel knives available online. There are many alternatives available at a much lesser cost and are also backed by better reviews. One such knife set is the Amazon Basics Premium set of 8-knives that has a 4.3 rating out of 5 and has been reviewed by 1229 customers. We don’t recommend Go-To Knife since it doesn’t have any reviews or ratings available. Also, note that Go-To Knife isn’t available anywhere but its manufacturer’s website. Such unavailability and the fact that it is an As Seen On TV knife makes it all the more difficult to believe in and analyze its claims. Apart from the competitor knife set, one can always look for serrated knives, stainless-steel steak knives, and more on Google, Amazon, and Walmart. We suggest taking out time and going through what users have to say, especially the ones who rate it 3 or lower before blindly purchasing Go-To Knife.


Buy 6 Go-To Knives for $29.99 + $4.99 P/H at the official website:

Butter Bullet REVIEW | Electric Butter Sprayer As Seen On TV

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Official Website:

About Butter Bullet

As per the infomercial it is an electric butter sprayer that can melt the butter evenly and disburse it into a warm, buttery spray for easy application over various food items. Butter Bullet promises to resolve the issue of spreading butter on toast or other items with its ingenious design.



Butter Bullet CLAIMS

Butter spreading made easy – It states to be a smart, electric device that holds a stick of butter inside it. When powered up, Butter Bullet alleges to melt butter in mere seconds with the help of a battery-operated warmer. It assures to melt the right amount of butter and converts it into a misty spray to cover food evenly. At this point in time, there are no Butter Bullet reviews available to attest its claims.

Perfect for all foods – Butter Bullet guarantees to cover foods completely and works well for browning and roasting food in the oven, grilling, and even adding a taste of butter over popcorn. More shall be revealed once users review it. This cordless device declares to be the perfect tool for spritzing pans for non-stick cooking and works great with low-fat cooking oils as well for people who are counting calories. There are no Butter Bullet reviews available currently to substantiate its claims.


Butter Bullet Review

Essie Bridges, a Butter Bullet reviewer states that it looks decent and works fine with butter but squirts instead of spraying olive oil.

Another customer named Courtney Hanson asserts that Butter Bullet doesn’t spray consistently and is very wide for smaller food items. In her review, she mentions that it coated her counter too in butter and stopped working after few days of random spraying.

One other review of Butter Bullet by Pete Cox discloses that it worked perfectly for the first time but later it only blew air. It failed to work even after cleaning it once and trying to use it again after.

A reviewer, Rita Oliver has similar complains in her Butter Bullet review where she mentions that it only sprays air and occasional spurts a little butter. Overall she found the device to be a waste of money.

Linda Moon’s review of Butter Bullet warns users to not keep it in the refrigerator. After placing it in the fridge, her device stopped to work. Even after she cleaned it and changed the batteries, there was no positive effect. Furthermore, she says in the Butter Bullet review that even when it was working fine, the sprayer would leak all over the counter and sprayed randomly.

A frustrated review by Marsha Hodges exposes Butter Bullet to be a useless device. It worked for about 4 times before it stopped working. Even after cleaning it, it kept on blowing hot air and turned out to be a waste of money and counter space.

Mona Todd, a customer who used Butter Bullet claims in her review that the device starts to smell of rotten butter after a couple of weeks. Her problem was that there is no way one can clean it thoroughly, and it will eventually gather mold.

A review of Butter Bullet by May Oliver states that this device isn’t good for home cooking if it’s not consistently used throughout the day. Leaving it out for more than a day can clog its nozzle. Her review also mentions that Butter Bullet needs to be cleaned thoroughly after few uses to avoid any smelly tasting butter.


Butter Bullet Question/Answers

Q. How should be Butter Bullet cleaned?
A. It is advisable to fill it with warm soapy water first and hold the trigger down. While doing so, plug the nozzle with a finger till the motor warms up to try and spray. Release after and repeat till the soapy water is sprayed out completely.


What do I get?

  • 2 Butter Bullets
  • 2 Recipe Guides

Price: $39.98 at the Official website:

Go To Knives

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is Go To Knives

As per the TV infomercial it is a knife that comes with heavy-duty, serrated blades that virtually cut through everything with ease. This chef-quality knife promises to have an ergonomic handle that offers an easy grip for easy slicing, dicing, and chopping.


Heavy-duty knife

Go To Knives guarantees to offer powerful cutting without much effort due to its razor sharp, heavy-duty serrated blades. The knife states to use industrial stainless steel for its cutting surface and feature 37 precision-machined, razor-sharp edged-blades. Does such a blade assembly work well? Go To Knives reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Precise cutting tool
This knife declares to offer precise cutting, thanks to its powerful blade assembly. Its versatile design guarantees to slice, dice, and chop through virtually all food items. The knife promises to provide chef-like professional results whether it is chopping onions, slicing tomatoes, filleting fish, or carving out sizzling meat. Currently, there are no Go To Knives reviews available to substantiate its claims.


Salient features
Go To Knives assures to have an ergonomic, slip-resistant handle that compliments its sharp blades to provide extra control and precision. It maintains to come in three colors – black, blue, and red for users to choose from. Such an ergonomic pattern does make Go To Knives an interesting choice; user reviews will expose the truth.

Fridge Mate REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

About Fridge mate

Is your fridge over stacked with food, disorganized and everytime you open the fridge you take too much time to look for the ingredient you need and end up with all food on the floor? Here is you mate the fridge mate snap on drawer!



Fridge Mate CLAIMS

The Fridge Mate describes the design of snap on drawer to be spring loaded customizable that attaches to any shelve with a good grip. It also claims the track to be smoothly gliding which assists in easy opening and closing. No tools are required to install the drawer; you just have to snap it on to any shelves in the refrigerator.

The goal of fridge mate is to give you extra storage place by utilizing the unused place under the shelves and so the fridge mate snap on drawer not only can be installed in the refrigerator but also in the freezer, pantry and spaces under kitchen cabinets. It can store all kinds of things from eggs to beverages because of its deep drawer design.

Does your food gets forgotten in the fridge and end up covered in mold? The Fridge Mate helps you organize the food keeping it at your fingertips also the bonus fresh green liner allow air to circulate through the drawer thus preventing fruits and veggies from rotting.


Fridge Mate Reviews

Mike Morris calls Fridge Mate a waste of money in his review and suggests users not to purchase it. According to him, its size is pretty small and will not fit on a shelf that is thicker than ¼”. He frustratingly writes that it is so small that the shelf is nothing that can be stored in it.

A similar complaint is seen in the review of Fridge Mate by Freda Perkins. She says that the shelf is so small that it fails to even hold a small package of cheese. She calls out the manufacturer since it is nowhere like advertised and is very expensive for its small size.

Another review of Fridge Mate by Tracy Reid exposes it to be a cheap, thin plastic that doesn’t have the capacity to efficiently store anything in it.

Janie Graham’s review of Fridge Mate divulges that it has a limited storage space and would not fit everything. Her actual problem was that it failed to fit in her fridge and also in anyone else’s fridge she tried on. Her review further states that Fridge Mate is highly expensive and took over 6 weeks and 2 reminders to actually get it shipped.

One Fridge Mate review by Alton Mills asserts that it is pretty small and only a bit larger than a pack of jumbo playing cards. They don’t slide at all or fit on the glass shelves of a full-sized refrigerator. Although he found the packaging to be good, he rates Fridge Mate zero star in his review due to its small size and non-usability.

Another review by Eric Reed reveals that Fridge Mate is highly expensive for something that is shipped from China. He mentions that returning it is also a hassle and warns other users against purchasing it.

A review by Owen Burke claims that Fridge Mate doesn’t fit in a fridge that might have curved edges. Also, he found the price to be a little too much for its quality and size.

Lois Nelson, a customer who bought Fridge Mate to extend the storage space in her refrigerator fund it to be so small that it worked as a part of her daughter’s dollhouse.

According to Christine Harris’s review, Fridge Mate’s advertised pictures make it look bigger but it is far smaller than that in real life. Her review asserts that the clips on Fridge Mate are too round to secure it and keep it stable to make it work like a mini drawer.


Fridge Mate Questions & Answers

Q: What are the dimensions of Fridge Mate?
A: 15 x 12 x 2.5 cm

Q: Can the user choose the color of their choice?
A: Yes.

Q: How deep are the shelves of Fridge Mate?
A: They are 2.5 cm deep.

Q: What colors does it come in? Also how many pieces are shipped in one package?
A: There is only one piece shipped in one package and the colors are chosen and sent at random.

Q: Can Fridge Mate accommodate a mini-fridge?
A: It might be able to fit in nicely since it is pretty small. But most people are disappointed with its size and don’t recommend it.


What do I get?
Fridge Mate for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling | Official Website:


Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

What is it?

Flavorsliceare kitchen shears that promise to make kitchen tasks a breeze! This 3-piece kitchen cutlery set includes slicing shears, dicing shears and power shears and claims to slice, dice and chop easily to give youfast, professional, chef-quality results every time!



How does it work?

Flavorslice alleges that its built-in mini cutting board works just like a paper cutter stabilizing food and guiding you while you cut it. The cutting board balances the food and the sharp blade goes beyond the cutting surface creating a precision slicing zone that gives you perfect, evenly shaped cuts. Does it really work as well as promised? Send us your Flavorslice review.

Slicing Shears – Mini built-in cutting board lets you chop veggies for delicious stews, soups, or stir-fries right into the pot in seconds. But there are no reviews as of now to verify this claim.

Dicing Shears – Allows you to dice and mince ingredients into clean, evenly cut cubes as the action of the 5 onboard mini blades do all the work for you. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Flavorslicereviews.

Power Shears – Precision micro-serrations lets you slice through hard foods and meats like chicken, turkey, ribs and more. Sounds too fanciful,Flavorslicereviews will reveal it soon.

Flavorslice promises to be a cutting board and knife right in the palm of your hand! Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Flavorsliceis reviewed.
Order the Flavorslice today!


What do I get?
FlavorSlice Kitchen Shears Set just for of $89.85

All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Compare what is it? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

Both, All-Clad Prep & Cook and Thermomix are versatile kitchen appliance that offers multiple functions such as chopping, beating, mixing, whipping, grinding, kneading, stirring, heating, blending, juicing, grating, mincing, and more.


Compare what does it do? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

The two cooker and processors, All-Clad Prep & Cook and Thermomix, come with high-quality stainless steel bowls and super-sharp blades to perform all the prep work. They can be used to mix, steam, blend, stir, grind, whisk, emulsify, simmer, knead, cook, and chop food. Apart from these options, they can be used to cook, stir-fry, and slow cook food items as they have programmed and custom temperature and speed control available.

All-Clad Prep & Cook comes with a digital push-button control panel that helps the user to select from its various options such as 6 automatic programs for sauce, soup, simmer, steam, pastry, and dessert, adjust time and temperature, 12 variable speed settings, and pulse and turbo. With these many readily available options and customization features, cooking enthusiasts and experts can quickly and easily make numerous recipes.

Thermomix TM5 is a new-age appliance and top in the ‘thermal blender’ class. It features 2.2 liter of surgical steel bowl, super-sharp blades, and a high-powered, integrated heating element. Apart from the various options, it also features a built-in digital scale for preparing recipes with perfection.


Compare Features: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features multiple options between various prepping and cooking work with 6 automatic programs that make the sauce, steam, soup, pastry, simmer, and dessert at the touch of a button. The adjustable settings provide a wide range to create custom programs. It has an adjustable time up to 2 hours, the temperature can be switched from 90 to 270 degrees F, the speed can be selected between 12 options, and a pulse and turbo setting can be used to control the appliance for custom recipes. It ships with multiple accessories with 5 unique tools in a display case, a stainless steel steam basket, and patented lid with steam control for various purposes. The intuitive control panel is easy to use for users and is waterproof for safe use in the kitchen. The unique large handled design can be used to carry the bowl easily. The 4.7 qt. cooking bowl has flared edges to ensure drip-free pouring. All these items are removable and can be placed in a dishwasher for easy cleaning. A recipe book with 300 recipes for over 1MM menu options is sent along with the package.


This smart device handles and automates most of the cooking process to save time and take away the guessing from cooking. Its clever design along with a Guided Cooking feature can be accessed on the touchscreen display. The easy-to-use interface has a one selector dial for a quick and precise selection control.

Its integrated sensors automatically monitor the temperature of the food to ensure it cooks consistently and makes even the delicate of dishes easily. For cleaning purposes, a self-cleaning feature is available that washes its mixing bowl once the meal is prepared.

There are locking bars available in Thermomix so that the lid closes and opens easily during operation. It also has an electronic motor protection that protects the device and food from overheating. There are Recipe Chips, interchangeable storage devices, available that hold a host of recipes in digital form to browse and following on the screen while using it. The recipes cater to specific dietary needs and have all nutritional information for people who are looking to lose weight, manage allergies, and count calories. This 12-in-1 system acts as an electronic weighing scale, countertop blender, food processor, bread maker, slow cooker, steamer, coffee grinder, smoothie maker, etc.
Since it replaces many of oven and stove recipes and minimizes their usage, it saves on energy and helps lower the energy bills and improve the carbon footprints. For further cost-efficiency, it switches off after 15 minutes of idle time.


Compare Built-in Automatic Programs: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
There are total 6 programs available in this processor that takes the guessing out of these recipes. It has a Sauce program that can cook the most difficult of sauces with the unique combination of stirring and optimal temperature. Another program helps in making Soups that are either creamy or chunky as per the user’s requirement. It can be used to Simmer food items with browning, intermittent stirring, and using the right temperature for browning to slow cooking. All-Clad Prep & Cook also has a Steam Cook option to steam vegetables and seafood with ease. It comes with Pastry option that kneads and stirs the dough automatically and has a Dessert option to create creamy, yummy recipes at the touch of a button.


This food processor and cooker have the ability to make perfect pancakes or crepe batters easily since it can mix anything with perfection including, cakes, tortes, cookies, and slices. The Steaming option can be used with the intelligent Varoma attachment that cooks food in vapor with the aroma. Simply add spices to the water in the mixing bowl to add the flavor through aroma on fish, meat, or vegetables. Thermomix’s Blending function is perfect for making smoothies, cocktails, or blends ice cubes and frozen ingredients. The built-in scale helps in weighing the food that is to be cooked with ease and also weighs as the ingredients are mixed and even while the motor is running. The Stirring option stirs the food gently and helps in achieving even, consistent heat while cooking the food. The Grinding or Milling functions is perfect to mill flours from different grains, grind coffee, grate parmesan, or grind herbs and spices easily. The function is powerful enough to crush ice in seconds, grind poppy or sesame seeds, and more with custom speed and duration.

Thermomix also has a Whipping function that whisks using the butterfly attachment to create smooth creams and beat egg whites into rich peaks easily. Its Emulsifying option is perfect for making salad dressings and mayonnaise. The measuring cup pours the oil on the lid to drizzle down into the bowl with the other ingredients for a perfect mix. The Kneading attachment makes perfect bread, pizza, brioche, and delicate recipes such as scones. There is special interval mode that replicates the kneading action perfectly for optimal rising. Its Cooking function warms, heats, cooks, and sautés recipes easily. Lastly, the Chopping function chops onions, nuts, herbs, vegetables, meat, etc. with ease within seconds.


Compare Speed Settings: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features 12 variable speed settings.

It has a special speed setting with an alternating mode designed for dough preparation. The speed in the appliance is controlled automatically with an electronic motor protection to prevent overloading.


Compare Number of functions: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It has 12 functions

It has more than 12 functions


Compare Power: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
1400 W

500 W


Compare Max RPM: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
15000 RPM

10,700 RPM with a Gentle stir option at 40 RPM


Compare Minimum cooking temperature: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
90 °F

37 °C


Compare Maximum cooking temperature: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
270 °F

120 °C (248 °F)


Compare Time range: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It can cook food from 0-120 minutes range.

It is designed to automatically stop after 99 minutes of maximum cooking duration.


Compare Bowl working capacity: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
2.7 Qt.

2.2 liters


Compare Bowl material: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
Polished stainless steel

Surgical stainless steel


Compare Cleaning: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It features dishwasher-safe bowl and attachments.

Its mixing bowl is to be washed by hand but the rest of the parts can be placed in a dishwasher.


Compare What do I get? All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It comes with an Ultrablade Knife that performs the chopping function and mixes soups or fruit purees with ease. The Whisking attachment beats and emulsifies eggs, cream, etc. for a light, frothy mixture. The Mixer attachment slowly and carefully mixes the ingredients or stirs them perfectly while cooking. The Kneading/Crushing blade kneads dough, grinds, and mixes hard ingredients such as nuts, ice, etc. with ease. The Steam Basket attachment can be used to cook vegetables, fish, and meat with flavor in a healthy and gentle way. All-Clad Prep & Cook also comes with a recipe book for making delicious items.


It comes with a Mixing Bowl lid that adds more safety to the system since it won’t start unless the lid has been locked in properly. The Varoma attachment makes steamed food while cooking other dishes to save time and add custom flavor to the recipes. A Spatula is provided that exactly fits the shape of the mixing bowl and reaches every crevice for easy scraping to reduce food wastage. The Simmering Basket is a perfect fit for placing inside the mixing bowl to prepare rice, potatoes, vegetables, and other side dishes. It can also be used as a fruit or vegetable strainer for preparing the meals. Its Knife attachment can grind nuts or knead bread dough with ease. Thermomix’s Mixing Bowl has an integrated heating system and temperature sensor at its base to provide perfect cooking every single time. For whisking items easily, the Butterfly Whisk attachment works optimally. The accompanied Measuring Cup is designed to permit steam to escape and helps in adding liquids to the ingredients. It also saves the counter from food splashes while blending and is easier to clean. Additionally, it traps the heat so that it doesn’t escape the bowl. There are Recipe Chips available that present the recipes in a digital format and can be followed on the interface. It shows tips, variations in recipes, and even the nutritional information of ingredients to be used.


Compare Price: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook



Compare Warranty: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook
It offers a limited lifetime warranty.

It comes with a 24-month warranty.


Compare Reviews: All-Clad Prep & Cook vs Thermomix

All-Clad Prep & Cook REVIEW

One customer who used All-Clad Prep & Cook reveals in her review that its recipe book is pretty unorganized. There is no grouping of food items apart from the Side, Main, and Dessert recipes and they aren’t in an alphabetical order too. One will need to refer the index every time to find something specific.

Another review by an All-Clad Prep & Cook user complains that it would do better if there was a way to explain how to perform basic functions just as whipping egg whites well. Also, it doesn’t grate food well enough such as carrots or potatoes.

An All-Clad Prep & Cook review states that once it kneads the dough, it has to be put inside an oven to actually bake the bread. Also, the grinding isn’t as great as the chopping mechanism when it comes to meat.

A confused user asserts in her review that there is no way to remove the spindle that attaches the blade with locking ring. As per the instructions, All-Clad Prep & Cook has a label on it that says removable for cleaning.

According to an All-Clad Prep & Cook review, the processor is a bit complicated to use as shown in the advertisement. There are 3 separate lids that make up for the top lid assembly and are to be separated for cleaning.


Thermomix REVIEW

As per a Thermomix reviewer, its mixing bowl doesn’t come with a pour spout. The user also discloses that the gooey ingredients such as dough get caught in the blades. The user suggests that Thermomix would have been better if it utilized its turn-wheel control to the optimum.

One customer who used Thermomix complains in his review that the top layer of rice in its simmering basket didn’t get cooked. The processor failed to reach the selected temperature and it would leave bits of mixture untouched and required some manual mixing of it.
A satisfied reviewer says that Thermomix mixes food well especially in the Turbo mode. Also, the bottom of the mixing bowl and knife can be twisted off the bottom for removal for hand cleaning. The accessories can be put in the dishwasher for easy rinsing.

A frustrated customer writes in his Thermomix review that there was a manufacturing defect in it. The system always showed a lid error. Also when it doesn’t, it overheated while warming food items and shuts down automatically.

A review of Thermomix by a user warns that it isn’t meant for salads since it just creates a mush/puree of sorts and doesn’t slice, dice, or chop in different shapes.

One other Thermomix review exposes that it is useless when it comes to processing small quantities of food items. The recipe simply remains unprocessed for small items and works only when large quantities are used. The arms take a long time to lock and unlock and even with that seal, it leaks while blending at high speeds. The user further adds in the review that cleaning the arm is a little difficult. She also exposes that the Varoma tray used for steaming in Thermomix is made out of thermoplastic polymer.

Air-O-Crisp REVIEW

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

About Air-O-Crisp

Air-O-Crisp claims to be a smart kitchen tool that converts any oven into an air fryer. It declares to air fry food with perfection on all sides while draining the fat and grease with ease.


Air-O-Crisp from Best Direct on Vimeo.

Air-O-Crisp CLAIMS

The raised mesh design of Air-O-Crisp allegedly allows hot air to pass through the food items from all sides. This way, Air-O-Crisp maintains to create a baking pocket that cooks food evenly at the same time, with the help of hot air circulating in 360 degrees.

Healthy and Tasty Recipes – Air frying food items in the oven using Air-O-Crisp assures that food item can be placed on its surface with a little grease or oil for air frying. Once done, the excess oil and grease drip right into the bottom baking sheet through its mesh. Such a feature helps Air-O-Crisp convince that it cooks food with fewer calories but same taste. Air-O-Crisp does sound like an amazing addition to the kitchen for healthy cooking; user reviews will expose the truth.

Versatile Fryer – The smart mesh mechanism of Air-O-Crisp promises to even work directly on grills with a capacity to handle a temperature up to 500 degrees. More shall be revealed once users review it. Also, the grill-like cooking surface of Air-O-Crisp states to make less contact with food to ensure nothing sticks to it. It asserts to be dishwasher safe and easy to store, but we will wait for Air-O-Crisp reviews to tell us if its claims are true.


Air-O-Crisp Reviews

According to Sylvia Conner, an Air-O-Crisp reviewer, it is very small in size and is disappointing as it can’t accommodate a lot of food items. She further complains in the review that Air-O-Crisp doesn’t work or perform as advertised and her fries didn’t cook crispy after trying to do so twice.

Louise Kelly, a customer who reviewed Air-O-Crisp, states that it is made of poor quality and is useless for its price.

An Air-O-Crisp review by Tara Shelton asserts that it doesn’t clean well after washing. Concept-wise, she found Air-O-Crisp interesting but it fails to practically provide good results. Her review suggests that not only does it fry food badly but also has a flimsy body that won’t last for long.

Pauline Park complains in her Air-O-Crisp review that its surface stains easily and it’s frustrating to clean it since food sticks to it badly. She also found it smaller than expected.


Air-O-Crisp Questions and Answers

Q. Is Air-O-Crisp PTFE/ PFOA/ PFOS free?
A. Yes, it claims so.

Q. Does Air-O-Crisp work well with vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini?
A. Yes, it is perfect for air frying zucchini, squash, asparagus, Brussels and more.

Q. What are the actual dimensions of Air-O-Crisp?
A. It is approximately 13.1 x 10.1 x 3.4 inches

Q. Does Air-O-Crisp come with a grill mat?
A. Yes, the baking sheet mat is provided if it is bought directly. Just be careful while grilling it with the crisper and keep the heat extremely low as the BBQ sauce can burn onto the copper and never come off.

Q. Is Air-O-Crisp dishwasher safe?
A. Yes.

Q. Is cleaning Air-O-Crisp easy or difficult?
A. Air-O-Crisp starts to have a sticky film due to oils after a few uses. This film is difficult to clean even if washed several times with a dish soap.

Q. What does 360-degree cooking mean in Air-O-Crisp?
A. The smart mesh design of Air-O-Crisp offers air circulation from all sides with even heating.

Q. Is it safe to use Air-O-Crisp on a grill?
A. It states to be safe for such a use but seems a little risky to do so.

Q. Does Air-O-Crisp’s pan start to discolor or retain drip spots?
A. The fat dripping from the mesh can stay on the sheet even after cleaning and the color can come off if the pan is scoured rigorously to remove these drain spots.

Q. Can Air-O-Crisp be used for broiling?
A. No, it cannot exceed 500 degrees temperature.

Q. Can the bottom of the Air-O-Crisp pan line with parchment or foil?
A. It can be lined up but there is no need since it cleans easily with a single wipe.

Q. Will Air-O-Crisp fit well inside a toaster oven?
A. There is no way of telling although it is smaller than it looks in the infomercial.

Q. Can Air-O-Crisp work on grill, stove, and oven?
A. It is stated to work only on the grill and inside the oven. Although it doesn’t clean up well and would be useless after few uses.

Q. How is Air-O-Crisp different than cooking food evenly in a convection oven?
A. Air-O-Crisp lacks the fine output that convection oven gives as it fails to really cook fries and other recipes crisply. It is stated to be decent for warming up foods inside the oven and nothing else. Also, Air-O-Crisp retains the dried cooked fat and if scrubbed for removal, its color starts to come off.

Q. How well does Air-O-Crisp air fry batter frozen food items such as mushrooms, poppers, etc. that usually would taste nice only when deep fried?
A. It is disappointing when compared to actual deep frying. Also, its size is smaller than expected.

Q. Is Air-O-Crisp 100% copper or copper-plated?
A. It has a thin coat of copper-colored paint on the base metal. The color comes off easily and can even burn off a bit while cooking.

Q. Does it require seasoning before cooking?
A. No, there is no need to treat it with oil sprays. Instead, coat the foods with oil and seasoning.

Q. Is Air-O-Crisp scratch-proof while lifting food items?
A. Yes, any utensil can be used to flip or lift food without scratching it.

Q. Can Air-O-Crisp work on an induction cooktop?
A. No.

Q. Are the two pieces that come with Air-O-Crisp separate or connected?
A. They are two separate pieces that can be individually used for several purposes.

Q. What to keep in mind while cooking food on Air-O-Crisp at high temperatures on it?
A. Don’t use cooking spray over the food items and do not use it over 500 degrees.

Q. Is the bottom sheet non-stick in nature?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the maximum temperature Air-O-Crisp can take in an oven?
A. It is rated to work well for up to 500 degrees.

Q. How does the food fried using the Air-O-Crisp taste?
A. It isn’t highly effective and the food tastes less oily but at the same time, it doesn’t compare with the food actually deep fried in oil.

Q. Is there a need of greasing Air-O-Crisp?
A. The basket or the pan doesn’t need greasing or spraying since it is completely non-sticky. Although, there have been some complaints that food does stick to its surface and is hard to clean.

Q. What kind of non-stick technology is used on Air-O-Crisp?
A. It has a ceramic non-stick technology that allows food to be cooked with less oil and butter.


Air-O-Crisp Price
Air-O-Crisp is priced at €39.90 and is available at |

6 Hour Bowl Review | As Seen On TV

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Tricia Green, a reviewer, complains that 6 Hour Bowl is pretty steep for plastic bowls. Although they claim to have insulation, it doesn’t justify its asking price.

Whitney Mullins calls 6 Hour Bowl a decent set in her review and says that they worked fine for carrying food at a picnic. She does reveal in her review that 6 Hour Bowl failed to keep the food hot for a long time as promised.

Another review by Al Berry reveals that concept wise 6 Hour Bowl is good but it doesn’t hold liquids well as it starts leaking easily. He does say that it looked decent and has a pretty color.

A customer named Jimmy Watts discloses in his review that 6 Hour Bowl is very small and will not work for a BBQ or a pot luck. According to his review, 6 Hour Bowl is only good for carrying small snacks, dips, and dressings.
Geraldine Berry, a 6 Hour Bowl reviewer, states that the bowls don’t look like the way they are shown in the picture. Although they are ok, for the price it comes she was expecting something better. She also warns in the review that 6 Hour Bowl is now microwave or dishwasher safe.

According to Florence Silva’s review, 6 Hour Bowl doesn’t keep food hot for up to 6 hours duration but keeps it warm. Her review adds that 6 Hour Bowl’s locking mechanism isn’t good for storing liquids as it starts to leak and spill it.


6 Hour Bowl Questions & Answers

Q. Does 6 Hour Bowl seal well?
A. No, it isn’t a good fit and doesn’t hold liquids well. The loose fitting also causes the food to get cool quickly apart from leaking easily.

Q. Does 6 Hour Bowl nest well for storage?
A. Yes, but the lids are to be removed for storing separately while nesting.

Q. What material is the 6 Hour Bowl’s lid made from?
A. It is made using plastic material.

Q. How does 6 Hour Bowl heat up exactly?
A. It needs to be filled with cold water or hot water for a few minutes depending on what food is carried. Store the food after to keep it cold or hot for over 2 hours.

Q. Are 6 Hour Bowls dishwasher safe?
A. No.

Q. How well does 6 Hour Bowl seal liquid content inside the bowl?
A. It can hold liquid without leaking due to the locking lid mechanism only if it stays upright.

Q. Can 6 Hour Bowl hold a large amount of food?
A. No.

Q. Does the plastic material of 6 Hour Bowl keep the food hot enough?
A. No.

Q. Is the design of 6 Hour Bowl spill-proof? Does it really keep the food warm for a long time?
A. No, it doesn’t spill proof since the lids are not designed to perfectly seal the bowl and they don’t lock tightly in place. And even after preheating it with hot water, 6 Hour Bowl doesn’t keep the food warm for up to 6 hours.

Q. Will liquid spill out of 6 Hour Bowl while driving?
A. If the bowl topples or turns on the side it will leak the liquid out.

Q. Can 6 Hour Bowl be put in a freezer?
A. Yes, it is safe to be stored in the freezer but will not keep the food cold after for a long time.

Q. Can 6 Hour Bowl be used inside an oven for baking purposes?
A. No, these are not oven safe since these are made of plastic with a metal interior.

Q. What are the sizes of bowls that come with 6 Hour Bowl?
A. They are 1, 1.5, and 2.6 qt. Although these sizes are as per Amazon’s website and the sizes are not listed on the bowls.

Just Pop It Snack Maker REVIEW

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Just Pop It Snack Maker CLAIMS

The Just Pop It Snack Maker is a non-stick snack making pot that lets you prepare tasty snacks fast and easy. The Just Pop It Snack Maker is an all in one mixer and spatula blade that stirs and mixes simultaneously creating delicious snacks in just minutes.



Just Pop It Snack Maker CLAIMS

Easy to use – The Just Pop It Snack Maker is so easy to use. Simply put the ingredients in the lid hatch, lock it and spin it. The mixing blade and spatula blade lifts, scrapes and blends all the ingredients turning it into the perfect snack. The Just Pop It Snack Maker lets you make delicious treats: fruity marshmallow squares, dips, ambrosia fruit salad, kettle corn, caramel corn, trail mix, muddy munch, and so much more! The Just Pop It Snack Maker is perfect to use on the table and on the stove.

Built in strainer and cool to touch handle – The Just Pop It Snack Maker features a built-in strainer for safe straining of liquids and escape of steam making it the perfect pot to make mac and cheese. It also features a handle that stays cool to the touch. The Just Pop It Snack Maker lets you prepare, mix and serve from the same pot.


Just Pop It Snack Maker Reviews

Lynette Miller who bought the Just Pop It Snack Maker says in her review of the Just Pop It Snack Maker- “No way to reattach it, as the plastic that held it in place snapped right off. I don’t think I got a defective unit, believe it’s a design flaw as the thin piece of plastic used to hinge the disperser lid to the main lid is flimsy and, as I experienced, can easily break. It’s too bad because the rest of the pot seemed great/sturdy and the dispenser is a fantastic idea but the cheap plastic parts make the Just Pop It Snack Maker unusable”.

In her review of the Just Pop It Snack Maker, Daisy Mills says- “I wish the bottom had been heavier to prevent some kernels from burning”.


Just Pop It Snack Maker Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Just Pop It Snack Maker used on a stove top, or is it electric?
A. It’s for stove top cooking. It doesn’t have a cord to plug in.


Official website: | Order the Just Pop It Snack Maker today!