Copper Crisp

What is Copper Crisp? It claims to be a revolutionary baking pan with two-tray design for baking food to perfection without the oil and mess.     Perfect baking appliance Copper Crisp states to be a smartly designed that helps in baking food in a healthy and easy way. Copper Crisp claims that it keeps […]

Grill Wave REVIEW

What is Grill Wave – Grill Wave claims to be an innovative kitchen appliance by Bell + Howell that helps in making grilled food easily. Grill Wave claims to be an innovative device that uses microwave energy to quickly grill your favorite foods. It helps in making low calorie meals quickly and easily. Grill Wave […]

Traeger Renegade Elite

About Traeger Renegade Elite Traeger Renegade Elite asserts to be a digital grill that can grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, and barbecue singlehandedly.     Traeger Renegade Elite Claims Traeger Renegade Elite claims to automatically feed the natural hardwood pellets to maintain the perfect temperature. Just set the temperature, turn the grill on, and get […]

Go Pops Review

What is Go Pops? – As per the infomercial it is an easy and healthy way to make frozen pop treats that can be enjoyed by kids and grownups at home or outside.   Healthy and build to your taste Kids love to have a frozen sweet treat that is refreshing. Go Pops proclaims to […]

Your Slyce Review

What is Your Slyce? It is a divider-like component for pizzas that divides unbaked pizzas so you can add different toppings in every slice.   Your pizza slice, your way Your Slyce is an innovation that aims to become a rage among pizza lovers as the perfect way to create custom made pizzas. Your Slyce […]

Omelette Express Review

What is Omelette Express? It is a microwave omelette maker with unique tilt design which helps it whip up great omelettes easily and instantly.     Relish the tastiest omelettes ever If omelettes figure among your favourite foods, Omelette Express could be one of the most important things you’ll ever use. A microwave is all […]