Mighty Bite Nano REVIEW

About Mighty Bite Nano Mighty Bite Nano is a 5-sense fishing lure system proven to catch fish of all sizes and species. Mighty Bite Nano acts like a DNA trigger to attract fish. It sets offs a fish’s DNA triggered response, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked. Mighty Bite Nano appeals to […]

PorchBrella Review

What is PorchBrella? We all love to enjoy our meals outdoors when the weather is good but the bees, flies and mosquitoes can be a hindrance to enjoying your favorite meals outdoors. Now there is an amazing way to enjoy your meals outdoors without the bugs. Here’s introducing PorchBrella, a hands-free umbrella screen that turns […]

Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Compare what is it? Super Brella vs Sport Brella Super Brella: It is a portable canopy with side flaps for full shelter protection while you watch your favorite sports game in complete comfort. Its innovative design means you are protected from elements of Nature without it restricting your view. Sport Brella: It is a rugged […]

Zuru Air Chair REVIEW

What is Zuru Air Chair? – It is a comfortable outdoor lounger that is lightweight and portable. It takes in air instantly and with some easy steps, transforms itself from a compact carrying case into a lounger.     Zuru Air Chair Review Zuru is difficult to Inflate Erik Luke in his Zuru Air Chair […]

Pouch Couch

What is Pouch Couch? It is a lightweight, portable lounger for outdoors that can be inflated by waving it through the air.     Pouch Couch Claims Lounge away to comfort like never before – The next time you head for a long outdoor excursion, carrying Pouch Couch along could be the best thing you […]

Go Lounge REVIEW

What is Go Lounge? As per the TV infomercial it is a super comfortable, inflatable air lounge that can be used as a chair and a hammock easily. It is compact and uses air to inflate for quick use anywhere.     Go Lounge Claims Relax, rejoice anywhere – Go Lounge promises to be a […]

Hipstor Belt

What is Hipstor? As depicted in the infomercial, Hipstor is supposedly a stretchable belt which doubles up as a personal storage solution for all your belongings such as phone, keys, cash, cards and earphones among others. It comes with 4 individual pockets that discretely hold these items. Sounds like a perfect solution isn’t it? However […]

Twitch Lure Review

About Twitch Lure Twitch Lure claims to be the first fish lure that is electronic and rechargeable to let you catch a big number of fish in just seconds. It asserts that just 10 minutes of charging can give you 10 hours of fishing time. Twitch Lure claims that it works on fresh water or […]

Soarigami Review

What is Soarigami? If you are a frequent flyer then you know it is almost impossible to share the armrest equally. Armrest battles are a part and parcel of any airplane you travel in. The average armrest is about 2 inches wide making it very difficult for people sitting side by side to share the […]