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Atomic Beam Storm Trooper REVIEW

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

About Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

This compact emergency radio is loaded with features and can save your life. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is easy to use. It has a built-in atomic bright flashlight that helps you see and be seen. It can tune in to AM, FM and weather band radio stations.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has a USB charging port that you can use to charge your phone during or after a storm. It’s on-board SOS light and alarm makes it easy to locate you. Atomic Beam Storm Trooper has 4-way charging with a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery, AAA batteries, built-in solar panel or manual cranking.


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Pros and Cons


Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is compact and has multiple uses and they all work.



The radio works fine as advertised. But to replace the battery it would cost over $40. When the battery goes out it would be cheaper in the long run to throw the radio away and buy another one (from another brand).

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper doesn’t look very strong. It would have been better if it was more of a robust/shock absorbent type casing.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper should have been designed with an electrical charging cord, as the battery runs down pretty quickly and doesn’t run very long. So you have to remember to keep it charged prior to severe weather happening.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a bad device but could have been so much better with a few improvements.

It does not have an AC power charger. It only has three methods of charging: the hand crank which is a monster, a lot of work and could never seem to get results promised. The solar panel isn’t a lot better and nor is the USB port cable.

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper does not work as a phone charger.

The crank is not very effective at all to even charge the radio itself
Atomic Beam Storm Trooper cannot play music on a flash drive. The jacks are charge in and charge out.

It only lasts 20 minutes with the hand crank.



Atomic Beam Storm Trooper Verdict

Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not a unique emergency radio. There are dozens of similar devices available online for those unexpected emergencies.

One such device is the Midland ER200, a close competitor to the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper. The Midland ER200 is also a hand crank digital weather alert radio and flashlight ideal for severe weather situations or daily use.
The price of the Midland ER200 starts from $37.99 on Amazon whereas the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper costs only $19.99. Midland ER200 has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars out of the 86 customer reviews on Amazon but the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper is not available on Amazon and so has no customer reviews.

Since there are no positive reviews on the Atomic Beam Storm Trooper, it would be wise to look out for similar alternatives on Amazon and not purchase it only for its reasonable price.

What do I get?

Check the official website:


Sunday, June 4th, 2017

WONDERDRY UMBRELLA Questions & Answers

Q. What are the ribs of Wonderdry Umbrella made of- metal or plastic?
A. They are made of metal.

Q. When the Wonderdry Umbrella is closed, does rainwater get accumulated into its folds?
A. Yes, because that’s the idea behind the mechanism of Wonderdry Umbrella. When the umbrella is folded, the rainwater is stored inside the umbrella positioned like a funnel. It prevents water from dripping and wetting the floor. The umbrella is then to be taken to the sink to be emptied.

Q. Does Wonderdry Umbrella remain in the standing position at the time of drying?
A. No. Wonderdry Umbrella is designed differently to prevent water from dripping and wetting floors as they aren’t placed in the normal standing position like ordinary umbrellas. Also, the tips of the metal pines of the umbrella point down toward the ground instead of top.

Q. Is the color of Wonderdry Umbrella the same outside and inside or black outside and blue, red or some other shade inside?
A. Wonderdry Umbrella is black outside and blue, red or black inside.

Q. Does Wonderdry Umbrella open and close automatically?
A. It opens automatically and has to be closed manually.

Q. What materials are used in the manufacture of the Wonderdry Umbrella?
A. It is constructed with the same material that is used in regular umbrella.

Q. How does the button of the Wonderdry Umbrella work?
A. The button of the umbrella has to be pressed and then released, after which you need to push it open gently. The process for closing it is the same, and in reverse.




Amber Todd in her Wonderdry Umbrella review says that the umbrella measures about five feet and is sufficient to cover two persons. However, the Wonderdry Umbrella piece she bought broke after just two uses. Its handle also came off while she was removing it from a plastic bag. She says she noticed that the Wonderdry Umbrella does not open too wide due to a small plastic part in it which causes obstruction. She also claims that the fabric of her Wonderdry Umbrella was torn near the handle and water started leaking inside the umbrella. Wonderdry Umbrella appeared to be a good and tough product but due the plastic part she assumes it won’t last long. Her verdict is that the mechanism of the Wonderdry Umbrella isn’t proper and that it isn’t anything exceptional.

Elvira John explains that in WonderDry Umbrella review that it cannot be handled even for normal use. The umbrella broke when she opened and its latch was jammed and closed partially. When she used Wonderdry Umbrella for the first time she could not open it completely nor close it. And the latch wouldn’t open. Also, it requires both hands to hold it as it’s too heavy. She says also experiences difficulty while opening it as she has to twist it to open. The stitches of the lining inside her Wonderdry Umbrella were very loose and kept hanging. Also, the umbrella seems bigger in the picture but in reality it is not. She says Wonderdry Umbrella just big enough to protect two people from rain and sunshine.

Donnie Paul has said in his WonderDry Umbrella review that it is too heavy and looks very awkward to handle. He is very disappointed with WonderDry Umbrella. He says it is not wind proof, does not open in one click and opens just halfway mostly. When he actually opened Wonderdry Umbrella, he had to hold it with both hands to avoid the umbrella from blowing away. The easiest job that Donnie experienced is closing the umbrella. But overall, he’s not with Wonderdry Umbrella happy and feels it’s not worth the price.


Buy 1 WonderDry Umbrella for £19.99 at

Mighty Bite Nano REVIEW

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

About Mighty Bite Nano

Mighty Bite Nano is a 5-sense fishing lure system proven to catch fish of all sizes and species. Mighty Bite Nano acts like a DNA trigger to attract fish. It sets offs a fish’s DNA triggered response, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked. Mighty Bite Nano appeals to all 5 senses of a fish: sight, sound, smell, feel, and taste creating a strong scent trail that attracts fish and gets them to strike.



How does Mighty Bite Nano work?

Mighty Bite Nano features an exclusive bite-mark design, swim fins, and custom weighting and rattle system that make it swim like a bait fish.

Featuring a revolutionary spasmic action and 3D holographic design, the Mighty Bite Nano makes the fish hit hard and often.

Its motion activated and time release sensitive leave a scent that pulls fish to it and attack it.


How to use Mighty Bite Nano? – Simply insert the rattle and fish start moving in from all directions and begin to strike because of the taste so real.

Great for adults and kids – Mighty Bite Nano fishing lure system includes 10 lures, 8 adjustable fins, 12 rattles that “Sounds the Dinner bell”, 12 scent sticks, plus weed guards, tail weights and No-Miss Deadly Treble.

It is perfect for both kids and adults. You can use the Mighty Bite Nano for fresh water as well as salt water fish. It’s that amazing!


What do I get?

  • 10 Mighty Bite Lures
  • 14 Adjustable Mighty Bite™ Fins
  • 12 Rattles that “Sounds the Dinner Bell”
  • 12 Unique Mighty Bite™ Scent Sticks
  • Weed Guards, Popper and Tail Weights, No-Miss Deadly Treble

Price: $19.95 and just $9.95 processing and handling | Official website: | Order the Mighty Bite Nano fishing lure system today!

Atomic Lantern REVIEW | EXPOSED | Atomic RIP-OFF

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

About Atomic Lantern

Atomic Lantern claims to be brighter and stronger than regular flashlight like the Atomic Beam. The Atomic Lantern claims to be of military grade quality. You just have to pull it up to turn the Atomic Lantern on, and throws light in 360 degree though not too far. The Atomic Lantern retracts into the compact metal case(?) so you can carry it along. Atomic Lantern claims to be so durable that it can withstand military grade mortar blast and supposedly survive a tumble from 30 feet, as illustrated in the video. The Atomic Lantern claims to be water-proof and weather-proof too. The illumination source of the Atomic Lantern are 30 LEDs on 3 panels which throws light in all directions. The Atomic Lantern claims to be well suited for Hunting, Camping and other outdoor activities.



Atomic Beam Lantern Brightness: The website says 5000 LUX but this is really MISLEADING because the luminosity of any light source is measured in LUMENS and not LUX. This claim is not verified and attested by any independent study or test.

Atomic Beam Lantern Material: Casing is made of aluminum and rest is plastic

Atomic Beam Lantern Dimensions:
Length – 5.25″
Width – 1.50″ at its widest point
Weight – 1.38 lbs.

Atomic Beam Lantern Batteries: The basic model of Atomic Beam Lantern takes 3 AAA batteries and DELUXE model takes 1 Lithium Ion battery.


Atomic Lantern REVIEW

We have NOT tried this Atomic Lantern but we can tell you that it is not what they claim it to be. They over-exaggerate the features of a simple LED lantern. There is nothing special about it and there are plenty of such tried and tested LED lanterns available everywhere so we do not see any reason why you should stick to Atomic Lantern only.


Disadvantages of Atomic Lantern

Write/Read Reviews
  • LEDs are too bright and annoying to look at, looking in the direction of the LED’s (even though not at them) will cause you to see dark spots for a while.
  • Bottom of Atomic Lantern will rust when used damp conditions
  • The size of Atomic Lantern may be too small than it appears in the infomercial
  • Also Atomic Lantern may not be that bright as claimed in the TV infomercial
  • Because of flimsy material not much suited for outdoor camping
  • Though the Atomic Lantern’s popping out mechanism looks very simple and innovative, it can actually be a trouble. Most similar LED lanterns that we analyzed have a impossible to carry them by the handle without them popping out and activating.
  • lightweight and portable yet can withstand almost any abuse” – this is an utter lie
  • The Atomic Lantern batteries would drain fast and you have to replace batteries too often.
  • Atomic Lantern is not suited for outside use, prolonged outdoor use will cause the batteries to rust soon.
  • Atomic Lantern does not have any control over light output, there is no way of dimming the Atomic Lantern light.
  • Not an alternative to TRUE camping lantern which is ruuged.
  • Throw of the light is not very far.
  • Some people may find the light irritating. You can’t take the light on your face.
  • There is No ON OFF Button.
  • The light is UN-pleasantly bright when you look at it directly.
  • The LEDs may last lifetime but the Atomic Lantern won’t.
  • Atomic Lantern is distributed by Telebrands which is known for low-quality “cheap” as seen on tv products.
  • Atomic Lantern is available only at the official website Being an “As Seen On TV” product, ordering Atomic Lantern from the official website will subject you to all the hassles and troubles associated with infomercial products like high- S/h cost, mis-leading offers, buy 1 get 1 free scams, back-orders etc.
  • You have no option of buying one Atomic Lantern you have to buy 2 Atomic Lanterns for $30.
  • Atomic Lantern does not come with any Warranty. Normally other branded LED lanterns have a warranty of 10 years.


Atomic Lantern Advantages

  • The Atomic Lantern is just OK for use in your home during a power outage.
  • It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry.
  • These work great at night as general light to see in the tent.
  • These are good for hanging in tents and walking around at night to see whats in front of you.


Our Verdict – Atomic Lantern is not the ONLY LED lantern available in the market, there are tons of them all over. A simple search for “LED Lantern” on will list you scores of them. We would not recommend Atomic Lantern, instead buy a tried and tested LED Lantern like the Etekcity LED Campaign Lantern. Atomic Lantern is the ATOMIC RIP-OFF Part-II. Part I is the Atomic Beam Flashlight. Most of the pros and cons of Atomic Lantern also apply to other similar LED lanterns, our goal is to make you aware of the fact that Atomic Lantern is just an ordinary LED Lantern and nothing more, we are not saying that is THAT BAD, just that there are better alternatives available. If you could bargain and get the Atomic Lantern for $10, it would still be a good buy.


2 Atomic Beam Lanterns for $30 at

PorchBrella Review

Friday, August 12th, 2016

What is PorchBrella?

We all love to enjoy our meals outdoors when the weather is good but the bees, flies and mosquitoes can be a hindrance to enjoying your favorite meals outdoors. Now there is an amazing way to enjoy your meals outdoors without the bugs.

Here’s introducing PorchBrella, a hands-free umbrella screen that turns your patio umbrella into a bug-free zone. PorchBrella is so amazing you are guaranteed to love how effectively it keeps the bugs out!



PorchBrella Claims

Attaches with ease
PorchBrella attaches to any patio umbrella to make it a complexly bug-free zone so you can enjoy your favorite meals.

PorchBrella opens easily and then closes itself behind you automatically with the help of magnets. There are eighteen magnets that automatically snap together to keep bugs out. So no matter how many times you go in and out the magnets snap back together keeping the bugs out.


Quick and Easy to use
PorchBrella is so simple and easy to use. It easily fits any canopy or umbrella up to 9 feet in diameter and also has an adjustable cinch for a custom fit. It also goes up fast like an ordinary umbrella.


PorchBrella Uses
PorchBrella is perfect for all situations. You can use the PorchBrella for dining on decks, parties on the patio, and meals in the garden. PorchBrella lets you enjoy bug-free bliss anywhere you go. With PorchBrella you can now say goodbye to flies, bees and mosquitoes and enjoy your favorite meals outdoors.

Order the PorchBrella hands-free umbrella today and enjoy dining outdoors without the bugs!


What do I get?
You will receive 1 Porchbrella hands-free umbrella screen for $39.99 plus $7.99 P&H. | Official website:

Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Compare what is it? Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is a portable canopy with side flaps for full shelter protection while you watch your favorite sports game in complete comfort. Its innovative design means you are protected from elements of Nature without it restricting your view.

Sport Brella: It is a rugged umbrella structure with side flaps that is easy to set up and offers you complete protection wherever you go. It has a smart design, which ensures that you can watch your sports games comfortably without your view getting affected.


Compare Features: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: Its smart design offers you protection when you are outdoors without obstructing your view. The detachable floor ensures that you aren’t protected by wet grass, sand and other surfaces. Its other features include telescoping pole with plastic tip, side zippered windows for efficient airflow, top wind protection and side flaps for complete protection. UPF 50+ Sun protects you from 99.5% UVA and UVB sunrays, the canopy is supported by 4 mm steel ribs and 4 mm steel stretcher. Internal pockets can be used for stakes, gear and other valuables.

Sport Brella: It is a specially designed umbrella structure that offers you protection from rains, sun and wind. The side flaps add to your comfort and top wind vents along with side zippered windows ensure that there is efficient airflow wherever you are. Another advantage of this umbrella is that it has a detachable floor. Thus you won’t have to worry about sand, wet grass and any other surfaces. It is metallic undercoated for SPF 125 protection. You will also find internal pockets where you can store valuables as you engage in your favorite activity.


Compare Benefits: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is a beach umbrella, sport tent, rain shelter and more rolled into one. It offers your entire family protection from elements of Nature and surfaces underneath too. You are offered protection from UVA and UVB sunrays by this portable canopy that can be set up easily wherever you want.

Sport Brella: It has several applications for the entire family that can hang out on the beach or have a picnic in the park while being protected from sun, rain and more. Its higher SPF protects you from 99.5% UVA and UVB sunrays. The umbrella is lightweight and can be set up quickly.


Compare material: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is made using 190 D polyester.

Sport Brella: It is made with 210 D Polyester.


Compare Dimensions: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella and Sport Brella are both 96 inches in width when opened and 54 x 4 x 4 inches when folded.


How many people can it accommodate?

Super Brella: and Sport Brella can both easily accommodate a family or a team.


Compare Price: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It can be bought for $38.80.

Sport Brella: You can buy it for $56.01.


Compare Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Sport-Brella Reviews

The Sport-Brella offers full cover protection, it works well but after only few uses, it developed a tear. The fabric needs to be a bit tougher and long lasting, which is not the case. It is a huge umbrella and all umbrellas will catch wind and blow inside out if not oriented properly. The Sport-Brella XL is not recommended for extreme wind conditions. If conditions are windy, use 2 Anchor Cords with the Heavy-Duty Ground Stakes for extra wind security.

Even in the normal or no wind, conditions there were some buyers who complaint about the umbrella coming down mainly because of the pole’s clamp does not hold tightly or the umbrella unhooked from the metal anchors positioned in the sand. Which in other case would have been great if the metal anchors would block once locked in position to be better able to push it in the sand/ground.

Maragon a verified buyer mentioned in her review that only after 15 uses, the metal pipe in the middle started to bend and the sliding stake became very difficult to get out then got stuck all together. The quality of the supplied anchors and cords are super cheap and worthless in the sand. If you are going to the beach, make sure you buy a “beach anchor” or this will be darn near useless blowing around in the wind. Another way to prevent the umbrella from blowing away other than properly orienting it is that the pouches provided on the side can be filled with sand for stabilization.

If you are someone who can figure out how to point the top into the breeze you will love this thing as it already provides great sun protection and a large space under it which is suitable for any outdoor location.


Super Brella Reviews

The all-weather anytime, anywhere umbrella sounds too fanciful to be true. The anchors and the poles do not hold well on sand, it is believed to be designed for the use on grass, not at the beach or on sand. The stakes need to be redesigned to work better in sand as the pole seems a bit weak which would keep the person worrying of it breaking during some strong wind while on the beach or slide in and out freely without locking.

The new version is way more cheaply made – the shaft metal is definitely thinner, and the screw clamp on the shaft has been replaced by a cheap plastic lever clamp with basically a pop-metal hinge. The company has definitely decreased the quality is what an user named H.R.Harrison reviewed about the product. The umbrella spokes to rip away from the umbrella fabric. Fabric is very thin around anchor point thus having poor material and quality.

This is not a good beach umbrella and needs to be worked towards it making it convenient for the users to use at all locations. A verified buyer recommended in his review that it is better option to purchase the Sports-Brella instead. It is almost of the same price, size, appearance, and functionality except it has several design improvements over the Super Brella. Seems the company took all the user feedback from the Super-Brella and implemented the improvements in the Sports-Brella.


Verdict: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella and Sport Brella are both similar in functionality and design. They also have many similar features however Sport Brella has a higher SPF and is made from superior quality polyester. It is indeed more expensive of the two but also has an edge over Super Brella.

Zuru Air Chair REVIEW

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

What is Zuru Air Chair? – It is a comfortable outdoor lounger that is lightweight and portable. It takes in air instantly and with some easy steps, transforms itself from a compact carrying case into a lounger.



Zuru Air Chair Review

Zuru is difficult to Inflate
Erik Luke in his Zuru Air Chair review reveals that except in a funnel cloud, can you conceivably blow this the Zuru Air Chair up in two shakes.

Robert Dale who reviewed the Zuru Air Chair says that even after trying to inflate the Zuru Air Chair for weeks running around in the backyard; even on most windy days (‘ 15 MPH) you will not get much air in. The most you will ever be able to get in there isn’t enough to even lift you off the ground properly.


Eric Davis complains in his Zuru Air Chair review that Zuru is not as advertised, the Zuru Air Chair is much heavier than seen on TV. It is almost impossible to fill with air unless there’s a wind storm.

Randy Davis complains that the shiny fabric is too heavy – it doesn’t inflate as easily as other similar products.


Zuru Air Chair is Flimsy
George McConnell complains in his review that after inflating the Zuru Air Chair you may notice the clamp broken when you try to fasten it. The fasteners are plastic so it’s really no wonder why they break easy.

Dick Morton complains in his Zuru Air Chair review that there is an issue with the Zuru Air Chair product design where the buckle to seal the whole thing when it’s filled up with air is “pinch” sewn into place. With a weight of 240lbs on it, the seam could rip open, causing you to fall on the floor.

Emily Dye says in her review that the Zuru Air Chair breaks because the latching mechanism may crack.

Walter Cunningham is dissatisfied with the Zuru Air Chair, in his review he says running around in the backyard, the bag got caught on the roses and ripped. Opening the plastic inside, you will easily be able to rip both the outer shell and the plastic inside with your hands. The Zuru Air Chair doesn’t seem that sturdy at all on the inside.

James Nicholson complains that the Zuru Air Chair may break as soon as you sit on it, it’s hard to inflate and it deflates very easily so it’s unusable. The white one stains easily. Fabric does not repel stains or water.

Julie Lawson complains that Zuru Air Chair says it can accommodate up to 400 lbs but with a weight of 43lb it busted.


Daisy Sullivan sums up the advantages and disadvantages:

Pros: folds up, comes with carrying bag, shipped ok.

Cons: deflates within a day of use, hard to inflate, need decent amount of wind to get the lounger inflated enough for comfortable use, plastic parts seem like they will break soon

Zuru Air Chair is horrible! It comes with absolutely no instructions at all and after it finally got inflated, it popped instantly.


ZURU Air Chair FAQs

Q. How do I fill up the ZURU Air Chair?
1. Unpack from the Carry Case
2. Shake out the ZURU Air Chair to ensure it is nice and long. Should not be folded anywhere at this stage.
3. By swinging the ZURU Air Chair back and forward you will be able to fill it in seconds. For the best filling use in an area with slight breeze!
4. Roll the end with clip nice and tight – (handy tip: twist ends with clips extra tight like you would to dry out a towel!) – Fold the ends and clip shut
5. Place anywhere and start relaxing!

Q. How long will the ZURU Air Chair remain inflated?
A. It can last up to 3-5 hours inflated. This will vary depending on how you use the ZURU Air Chair so for maximum comfort and better use please refill regularly. The best part is that it only takes seconds to refill!

Q. What is the recommended weight for the ZURU Air Chair?
A. The ZURU Air Chair has been tested time and time again. The recommended weight is no greater than 200kg per chair. Please exercise caution when using the ZURU Air Chair and applying excessive weight or force.

Q. Where can I take the ZURU Air Chair?
A. You can take the ZURU Chair anywhere! Small, compact and lightweight, the ZURU Air Chair can be taken with ease. The material can cater to the sand on the beach, the grass at the park and even more rigorous surfaces if need be!

How do I relax safer with the ZURU Air Chair?
A. The ZURU Air Chair is made from a lightweight and water resistant material that is perfect for many holiday locations. The ZURU Air Chair can float on water and is water resistant, however – it is important to note that the Air Chair is not designed or manufactured to be used in the sea or other water based surfaces. If you do use it in the water, please do so with the utmost caution and safety.

What material is the ZURU Air Chair made of?
A. The ZURU Air Chair is made from a strong, water resistant parachute like material that allows it to be placed on hard, soft, wet and uneven surfaces. Please keep in mind the material although able to float, is not designed to do so. Refer to the paragraph directly above.

Q. Washing and Maintenance instructions
A. Ensure the Air Chair receives surface wash and Air dry only. Do not dry clean, do not iron, do not tumble dry, and do not bleach.

Q. Is the ZURU Air Chair safe?
A. Yes! When used as prescribed, the ZURU Air Chair poses no threat to one’s safety. Use with caution and if used in the water please do so carefully. Parental supervision is recommended for children if they wish to use in the water. Again, it is advised against using whilst in the water.


Zuru Air Chair Claims

Write/Read Reviews

Pamper yourself to the hilt – Zuru Air Chair claims to be a great outdoor accessory that can be taken anywhere in the form of a carrying case and turned into a lounger instantly. It is designed as a lightweight and compact lounger which can be used by simply opening and unrolling before being given a couple of quick movements. It takes in air quickly when unfastened and stays steady for hours for you to relax in. The makers of Zuru Air Chair state that it’s made of top quality dual-layered material and according to them, is hard-wearing, waterproof and strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs. weight. They further explain that it is made of rip-resistant material, can be easily carried wherever you want and stored easily as well.

Versatile, innovative and comfy – You may use Zuru Air Chair as a sofa, chair, hammock and more as it’s designed to be flexible and accommodating. Its makers further elaborate that it is made of strong parachute-like material, so you can use it for years. It also packs up quickly and turns into the size of a sleeping bag so you can travel without feeling any burden. You can place Zuru Air Chair on virtually any type of terrain without worrying as it’s tough, adaptable and consistent enough.


What do I get?
Buy Air Chair for $29.99 plus $9.99 Processing & Handling. at

Pouch Couch

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

What is Pouch Couch?
It is a lightweight, portable lounger for outdoors that can be inflated by waving it through the air.



Pouch Couch Claims

Lounge away to comfort like never before – The next time you head for a long outdoor excursion, carrying Pouch Couch along could be the best thing you could do. Pouch Couch is a portable lounger which, its creators emphasize, can be carried anywhere without any trouble in its accompanying pouch as it is non-bulky, lightweight (up to 2.8 pounds) and portable. The makers of Pouch Couch draw your attention to the point that it doesn’t need any batteries or pumps to inflate it. All you have to do is hold the end of the Pouch Couch and let some air enter to fill up its inner chambers, give a brisk jerk to it and fold the black band provided over itself a few times. It will create an air-tight seal, following which you need to connect the buckle to secure it. Your Pouch Couch will inflate instantly right before your eyes and you can snuggle into it right away.

The ultimate outdoor comfort idea – Pouch Couch is promoted as a smart outdoor lounger that is comfortable, durable and reliable. According to its makers, it can be used on rough terrain too such as rocks, bumpy ground, dirt, etc. It is constructed with 100% Ripstop polyester of parachute-grade quality and has a polyurethane coating, which makes the fabric water resistant and yet light. It can bear weight above 500 lbs. and is still robust and portable. Also, Pouch Couch stays inflated for up to six hours and can be deflated as easily and in seconds. For that, you need to unclip the opening, begin rolling it up towards the opening to exert any remaining air out and then fold it in half and clip the securing buckle and then place it in its carrying pouch. You an clean Pouch Couch by washing it with cold water and a neutral soap or putting it in the washing machine on low tumble setting and cold rinse for up to 20 seconds.


What do I get?
Buy Pouch Coach for $39.99 at

Go Lounge REVIEW

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

What is Go Lounge?

As per the TV infomercial it is a super comfortable, inflatable air lounge that can be used as a chair and a hammock easily. It is compact and uses air to inflate for quick use anywhere.



Go Lounge Claims

Relax, rejoice anywhere – Go Lounge promises to be a unique solution for sitting or lying at a camping trip, concerts, game nights, beach and pool side relaxing. How much of truth there is in Go Lounge’s claims will be revealed once users review it.

Inflatable design – Go Lounge claims to have an inflatable design that needs to be simply waved through the air for a few seconds and locked for usage. Go Lounge asserts to have dual layer, rip-resistant construction to help use it on rock, concrete, grass and sand during any season. It deflates into a small pack and fits in a carry case when not in use. Go Lounge states to have 400 lbs. capacity and can even float for chilling in the pool. Is Go Lounge really worth purchasing? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Go Lounge REVIEW

Andrew Jackson reveals in her review“It is a bit of a challenge getting onto the Go Lounge the first time. Go Lounge is wobbly but with a bit of practice and varying the amount of air in the lounger it gets easier.”

Charles Barkley mentions in his review“Go Lounge is difficult to inflate. No instructions came with it but instructions are available on the Internet. They make it look very simple but in reality it is difficult to inflate Go Lounge. You may give up on Go Lounge and put it back in your cupboard.”

Rebeca Frost states in her review“If you think the Go Lounge would be great for lying in the garden, taking to the beach etc. Go Lounge is a complete let down. Living on a hill (where it’s breezy most of the time) and spending 15 minutes in the garden trying to get some air into the Go Lounge was impossible. Go Lounge is totally useless. It doesn’t come with any instructions. They imply that you hold it up to the breeze, it fills with air then you close the ends up and snap shut. If you can’t inflate the Go Lounge on a windy day then it is surely impossible to inflate it on a fairly still day? Go Lounge is a total waste of money.”

CHERYL Anderson reveals in her review“Go Lounge is absolutely rubbish. The green Go Lounge gives of so much static shock that your kids won’t go near it. Go Lounge is difficult to get off. Having said that, the Go Lounge is really comfy when you finally get some air in it. Getting the air in is dead easy if you have a hurricane coming. If not you will have to run up and down opening each pocket separately but it does get easier every time you try it. The blue Go Lounge ripped at the seam in the first few minutes of sitting on it.”

IRENE Hope says in her review“Go Lounge is difficult to use. You pay money for this but can’t use it. A normal blow up chair is far better that the Go Lounge. Go Lounge needs a lot of effort to get inflated.”

Hayman Johnson is satisfied with the Go Lounge, in his review he says – “Go Lounge does what it says, eventually, but too much aggravation. If the inner plastic sheet is punctured, it’ll deflate too. Go Lounge is really not worth the money.”

CRYSTAL Robinson complains in her review – “Inflating Go Lounge is very difficult. It is nothing like the video. Had to use an electric inflator in the end and then it deflated quickly despite the ends being folded tight.”

Ellen Taylor reveals in her review“Go Lounge comes with no instructions. Even after running round the garden, standing in a stiff breeze it didn’t inflate. Honestly do not try and do before you’ve watched an online video. After watching the video and trying to inflate Go Lounge it was a 3/4 inflated lounger. Go Lounge does work and although it is harder than the promo videos lead you to believe, it can be done. You may have to twist the end 5 times to get it to be like the picture. A couple could sit on it, or one person could lie on it. It is comfortable but after laying on it for less than 20 seconds it was a lot saggier. Go Lounge has good potential but you need to get it inflated well and it is easier with the proper technique, but not actually really easy and quick like it should be.

KATIE Wheeler mentions in her review“Go Lounge seems to be made of good quality, looks very similar to all the other brands on the market. Same twin inflatable pockets, although not attached in the same way as the brand on the video, same clip to close methods etc. Go Lounge is reasonable light weight and small to transport so taking it to a festival or park would work.”


What do I get?
Go Lounge for $39.99 plus $8.99 P&H | Official website:

Hipstor Belt

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

What is Hipstor?

As depicted in the infomercial, Hipstor is supposedly a stretchable belt which doubles up as a personal storage solution for all your belongings such as phone, keys, cash, cards and earphones among others. It comes with 4 individual pockets that discretely hold these items. Sounds like a perfect solution isn’t it? However we would still advise a word of caution and double check on the Hipstor reviews before actually buying it.


How does Hipstor work?

The whole world is waking up to the call of leading a healthy, fit and active life. Given the constant innovations in technology, more and more people are trying to equip themselves with the latest fitness gadgets and accessories. This however has taken its toll on most of them, including fitness enthusiasts. The reason being piling up of extra pounds in the form of armbands, fanny bags, waist pouches and so on. These are meant to carry the ‘must haves’ of today namely cash, smart phones, keys, credit cards, ID cards, earphones and so on. Now both the aspects are equally essential – a healthy workout regime and the necessary items of daily life. So how does one strike a balance between these two without letting either of them suffer? The gadget called Hipstor seems to have found the apt solution claiming to be the ultimate fitness storage accessory.

Hipstor maintains that bulky handbags and pouches can only slow you down during a workout. Instead the Hipstor is a much easier option to store valuables thus letting you enjoy a handsfree exercise routine. It claims to fit right on your hips without sliding around or riding up and is supposedly great for yoga classes or boxing as well. Secret lies in the flexi stretch Lycra fabric with reinforced stitching and the 4 individual pockets that discreetly holds all smart phones, credit cards, cash, keys and more. Plus it also comes with a handy key attachment to keep everything safe, secure and easily accessible. Since everything stays put in one place, it becomes easier to concentrate on the workout. As of now, there are no Hipstor reviews to verify this claim. There’s also the reversible feature of the Hipstor which guarantees that none of the items will fall out, irrespective of the activity being done.

Hipstor can be worn over or underneath your outfit and it will look just as fine. What’s more, getting the perfect size is just as easy as per the claims. One has to just shop for their pant size. And since it is flexible and super stretchable, it prevents chaffing too. Being machine washable and quick to dry, Hipstor sure seems to be easy to manage. Hipstor apparently comes with a handy zip cover, so no one will ever know you are actually wearing one. In simple words, Hipstor claims to be the ultimate fitness accessory whether you are out running, cycling, at the gym, or traveling. All these fancy claims seem extremely tempting but let’s just wait for some genuine Hipstor reviews to rest our doubts.


What do I get?

Get 2 Hipstor Belts for $14.99 + $13.98 S/h | Official