What is Pettura As per the infomercial it is a Veterinarian-formulated oral health gel for dogs that prevents plaque, removes tartar build-up and freshens their breath. Pettura guarantees to be a breakthrough solution to help keep dog teeth healthy without the need of brushing them.     Pettura CLAIMS Oral hygiene for pets Pettura states […]

PDX Pet Design Shru

About PDX Pet Design Shru PDX Pet Design Shru proclaims to be an intelligent toy companion for your cat that keeps the pet entertained for hours when you’re away. PDX Pet Design Shru maintains to have multiple modes and attractive sounds that encourages the cat to think creatively and hone its brain power.     […]

Kitty Fishing REVIEW

About Kitty Fishing? Kitty Fishing is a new fun fishing rod toy designed for you to have fun playing with your cat. Kitty Fishing is for everyone. The secret of Kitty Fishing is the pressure catcher grip filled pressure chamber that self inflates after every cast. When you push the pressure caster air flies through […]

Giggle Guys

About Giggle Guys – Giggle Guys proclaims to be plush toys that keep dogs entertained for hours with their fun and giggling characters. Giggle Guys Claims The built-in sound box of Giggle Guys alleges to make the toy giggle every time the pet pulls it or plays with it. Giggling toys for dogs […]

Luckys Leash Review

What is Luckys Leash As per the infomercial it is an all-in-one retractable leash and collar that provides space and comfort to the pet and its owner while out for a walk.   Retractable leash and patented magnets Luckys Leash states to be a leash and collar for the pet that comes with a 5 […]

Pet Spread Review

What is Pet Spread? It claims to be a furniture blanket that is designed specifically for pet owners to protect their home furniture from pet dander, odor, sharp claws, and hair. It also safeguards it against spills and messes in general to keep the furniture new-like.     Protect home furniture Pet Spread asserts to […]

Jitter Critters

Jitter Critters What is Jitter Critters As per the infomercial it is an amazing interactive toy that helps dogs have a joyful playtime and a healthy exercise. It is activated by movement and features barking, panting, jiggling and dancing to engage pups.   Jitter Critters Features No more bored pups – Jitter Critters promises to […]

Dry Clean Doggie Review

What is Dry Clean Doggie? Every time your dog has a bath, goes for a swim or gets wet in the rain you get wet and everything around you gets wet too. Now there is a quick and easy way to dry your dog and keep out the mess. Here’s introducing Dry Clean Doggie, a […]