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Twisty Dish Pet Bowl REVIEW

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

About Twisty Dish

Twisty dish is a 2 in 1 pet bowl with a mat that locks to the place so that it won’t move. This idea of dish interlocking the mat that stuck into the floor helps avoid the bowl slip or slide across the floor unlike the ordinary ones which spills and ruins the floor. Place the mat and twist the dish to secure it’s position, it is that easy. The mat attaches firmly to the floor and yet can be lifted up with ease as claimed in the advertisement. The mat is said to be quiet strong and same is proved in the commercial by picking up a glass table and yet it detaches itself easily from the table.



Twisty Dish CLAIMS

Twisty dish is a perfect solution for you if your pet is a messy eater and you find yourself always cleaning the leftover. The sticky mat make sure the bowl is in a place and does not slide all around the room while your pet is having food where as the sticky mat helps to lift up the crumbs easily and save cleaning time. So the twisty dish assures that your best friend do not have to struggle with their food getting spill or adjusting to the slipping bowl and enjoy the food hassle and mess free.

These claims of Twisty Dish can only be attested once the users review it and so kindly send us your review about the product to attest the same.


Twisty Dish REVIEW

Twisty Dish are large, flimsy when placing on the table (with food in them) and removing them afterward (with scraps left). Twisty Dish has poor suction and a very shallow bowl. One of the customer stated in the review that Twisty Dish is so small; he was expecting it to be much bigger than it is. Another customer had following to say about the suction that she was under the impression Twisty Dish would have suction to the surface I placed it on. It just makes a big mess.

They should tell you that while Twisty Dish do not lift up, they are very easy to slide. However, the pet owner had reviewed about the product that their dogs could find out how to lift the Twisty Dish up. It is a great idea but the product was not successful in impressing the customers in terms of the usage. They complained of the product not working as per intended, Twisty Dish easily slides off any surface. Moreover a customer stated that after washing the color faded and the dish looked so dingy and hence the reason why this company did not get a deal on Shark Tank. Though Twisty Dish seem to be a good idea but it is not worth the money.


Twisty Dish Questions and Answers

Q: Where is the product manufactured?
A: The product is manufactured in China.

Q: Has Twisty Dish been tested for safety? Since it is made in china like all of the other who does the testing?
A: They are responsibly manufactured with high quality food safe silicone in China.

Q: Is it FDA approved?
A: The website does not say so.

Q: Is Twisty Dish microwaveable?
A: No, it is not.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bowl?
A: Not mentioned on the site.

Q: Does Twisty Dish stick to a soapstone table surface?
A: Most likely it will not stick.

Q: Will this work on linoleum floors?
A: It may work.


What do I get?
2 Twisty Dish Pet Bowls for $14.99 at the Official website:

ProDogg Shirt REVIEW

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

About ProDogg Shirt

It is a sleeveless compression shirt that promises to calm, comfort, and support your dog! It claims to fit almost any size dog!



How does ProDogg Shirt work?

ProDogg Shirt claims that its secret is in its soft, ultra-lightweight fabric which is made from a special proprietary blend of nylon and spandex with a 4-way stretch. ProDogg Shirt convinces that its fabric is designed to support all ranges of motion. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyze ProDogg Shirt reviews.

ProDogg Shirt states that its exclusive design features special target compression zones, which help in the improvement of blood flow and also increase mobility for sore muscles and joints. Does it really improve blood flow and increase mobility for sore muscles and joints? We have to wait for ProDogg Shirt reviews to make up our mind.


ProDogg Shirt Benefits

ProDogg Shirt has been shown to maximize comfort, calming and soothing, enhance back and posture support, help in post-surgery recovery and separation anxiety, relieve anxiety from thunder sounds, fireworks, car travel, leash pulling, visits to the vet, improve blood circulation, reduce barking, minimize hair shedding mess and more! Are these socks really so versatile? ProDogg Shirt reviews will have to confirm that for us.


ProDogg Shirt Review

Russell Wheeler writes in his review of the ProDogg Shirt – “The problem is he gets it wet underneath wherever he goes because the fabric is too far back”.

In her review of the ProDogg Shirt Isabel Perry says that her dog didn’t care for it. She put it on him and nothing happened. Her dog still barked and still seemed anxious. She thought this would help, but her dog constantly tried taking it off.

Stewart Duncan tried the ProDogg Shirt on his dog and states in his review of the ProDogg Shirt – “For one, it seemed to work okay – my dog wasn’t completely free from anxiety (he stayed very close), but he was able to sit with us and even sleep a little. It did nothing for our other dog, who was a basket case for hours–panting, pawing, salivating, shaking uncontrollably – if I were to describe a panic attack in a dog, his would be one”.

Annie Morales is unhappy with the ProDogg Shirt and mentions in her review that the Velcro closure around the neck isn’t done well and the flap sticks out. She says it doesn’t come undone, but it does not stay in line with the material. She feels more Velcro would solve this problem.

Tabitha Warner writes in her ProDogg Shirt review that the shirt tends to slide back on her dog’s body.

Juanita Gray claims in her review of the ProDogg Shirt “Our rescue shelter dog gets timid at times especially when he hears loud noises and likes to go under chairs or go to dark corners where he just shakes and shivers, unfortunately this wrap didn’t help his condition”.

Orlando Howell complains in his review of the ProDogg Shirt – “I bought the ProDogg Shirt for my anxious dog who is scared of anything bigger than him (terrier mix who is 11 pounds), hoping that it would help in relaxing him. He hates anything being put on him (collars and harnesses included) so I knew I’d have a battle getting it on. Not only did that hold true, but it didn’t seem to calm him down at all the 6 or 7 times I’ve gotten him into it. I’ve tried easing him into it and leaving it on a little longer each time too. He acts exactly the same, no alteration to his behavior”.

In her review of the ProDogg Shirt, Sonya Norton states that the ProDogg Shirt makes her dog look cool, but as for her anxiety during thunderstorms, it does nothing.

Jeanette Curtis claims that the ProDogg Shirt is a poor imitation of another brand of anxiety shirt. She says it does not have enough Velcro on it to hold it in place.

Another person Edgar Tucker who tried the on his dog writes in his review- “The fabric was far lighter than I expected and the sizing was “iffy” at best. It didn’t really seem to do anything for my Boston Terrier. I purchased the size suggested to fit her chest measurement, which was fine, but the neck was far too big and the Velcro wrapped too far across her neck. She was more uncomfortable in it than out of it”.

Cynthia Wong complains in her review- “It was great until the Velcro started to get a little ragged (which only took a few wears), the sound of the Velcro moving made him more nervous, as he couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from, in turn, making him more nervous”.

Herman Bailey says in his review of the ProDogg Shirt that the fabric is too stretchy and does not tighten up. It is not worth the time, it’s just an ordinary shirt for a dog.

Jessie Stevenson complains in her ProDogg Shirt review that the ProDogg Shirt is useless, and the dogs hated them which caused even more anxiety and the dogs were rubbing all over the rugs and furniture trying to get them off.

Clayton Barnes is unhappy with the ProDogg Shirt and writes in his review that his high anxiety dog was not helped at all by this shirt. It is thin and made no effect on his dog during fireworks.

Faith Adkins mentions in her ProDogg Shirt review that the material is very thin and cheap.


ProDogg Shirt Questions and Answers

Q. Has anyone had success with using the ProDogg Shirt on a dog that has separation anxiety when left alone in a house or yard?
A. No, it is a waste of money.

Q. Is there a hook to which a leash can be attached?
A. No.

Q. How often can a dog wear the ProDogg Shirt?
A. I don’t really know. I’ve just put it on my dog for a few hours at a time.

Q. My dog gets anxious around other dogs. Will the ProDogg Shirt help calm him down in these situations?
A. Not much.

Q. Can the ProDogg Shirt be used to stop a dog from licking surgical stitches?
A. It depends on the dog. The fabric isn’t very thick and if a dog wanted to chew through the fabric, it could get at the stitches.

Q. Does the ProDogg Shirt help with separation anxiety?
A. Not totally, but it has some calming effect.

Q. Is the ProDogg Shirt washable? What material is it made from?
A. This shirt is cheaply made and doesn’t work.

Q. How firm is the ProDogg Shirt?
A. It is not firm. It is cloth. It fits snuggly on your dog.

Q. Do you leave it on all the time?
A. No, the instructions say a few hours at a time.

Q. Does this make the dog hot or contain body heat?
A. The ProDogg Shirt barely covers half of the dogs back yet does not cover as much as shown in the photo.

Q. Is this wrap stiff when on?
A. The material is not stiff. It’s like a thick stretchy t-shirt.

Q. What is the difference between a thundershirt and the ProDogg Shirt?
A. This one is an “off brand”. I didn’t have much luck with it.

Q. Can the ProDogg Shirt strangle my dog?
A. Try to have the neck area a little bit looser. Important area is chest, back section.

Q. What kind of fabric is the ProDogg Shirt made of?
A. It is a stretchy synthetic. Not too stretchy, not too hot to wear.


What do I get?
1 ProDogg Shirt FOR $29.95 + S/h at the Official website | Order the ProDogg Shirt today!

Glow N Go

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is Glow N Go

It claims to be a reflective leash that glows to improve visibility up to 10 times to keep the dog and walker safe night or early in the morning.



Safe dog leash

Glow N Go promises to be an innovative leash that has a reflective material that literally glows at night to highlight the pet and the walker to oncoming drivers at night. It asserts to have high-tech reflective stretchy material increases the visibility up to 10 times. Currently, we do not have any Glow N Go reviews available to substantiate its claims.


Perfect for outdoor use
Glow N Go proclaims to be designed with high-quality material that is weather resistant so that it improves the visibility throughout the year. It also assures to be completely washable for keeping it tidy. Does it really perform this well under low or no light conditions? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Convenient design
Glow N Go emphasizes to provide additional features to offer convenience to the walker. It allegedly has a handy compartment that is big enough to store a water bottle, dog waste bags, treats, phones, etc. It maintains to have a key clip that can hold a pair of keys or can be hooked to a post or belt loop for hands-free walking. Is Glow N Go worth the money? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
GLOW N GO LEASH for only $12.99 + S/H 7.99.

Doggy Bag REVIEW

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

About Doggy Bag

It is a unique cover in which wet and muddy pet dogs, when wrapped and wiped gently, come out clean and fresh. Doggy Bag is an innovative designed bag to clean wet and dirty dogs which, according to its makers, will rid you of the messy chore of bathing your pet. You just need to get your pet to step into Doggy Bag, attach its collar with Velcro at the neck, zip it up and rub it all over smoothly for a while. The thick, microfiber cloth of Doggy Bag encasing your pet will clean all the dirt and water quickly and ensure it steps out wholly clean and warm.



Doggy Bag CLAIMS

Comfortable, Roomy and Cosy Bag
The makers of Doggy Bag give the assurance that it is soft and comfortable and your pet will face no discomfort in it as it’s made of high quality microfiber cloth. Doggy Bag removes all sorts of dirt, particles and hair that stick to dogs’ fur and keep the debris inside. There will also be no need for you to coax your dog to bathe, endure messy towels and clean the mess it creates. In addition to that, you can wash your Doggy Bag in a machine and dry it in air to get it ready for next use. Doggy Bag is available in a variety of sizes, so selecting the right type of bag for your pet is also easy and convenient.


Doggy Bag Q/A

Q. Can you please advise which Doggy Bag and of what size I should order for my Springer doodle? Its neck measures around 33cm.
A. Please go for a medium size bag for your pet.

Q. Will medium Doggy Bag be ideal for my cocker spaniel? I want to make a one-time purchase, considering my pet’s growing and will become much bigger soon.
A. Yes, a medium size bag will be perfect.

Q. Please suggest what size Doggy Bag I should purchase for my female bulldog that weighs around 25kg but is short and wide.
A. You can opt for a medium size bag for your pet.

Q. I need to buy a bag for my Sproodle, who’s about the same size as a large Cocker Spaniel. Should I buy a small bag?
A. Yes, small size bag will be fine for your Sproodle. The Velcro around the neck of this bag is adjustable and your pet will also fit in the bag comfortably as it’s roomy enough.

Q. What size Doggy Bag will be good for my pet Cockapoo?
A. Buy a medium size bag.

Q. Can you please share the exact dimensions of the medium sized Doggy Bag?
A. It is around 88cm long, 68cm high and 49cm around the neck.

Q. What is the fleece of Doggy Bag made from? I want to know if I can wash it in my machine at 60 degrees temperature setting.
A. The fleece is made from microfibre material. It’s not the soft variety, so washing it at 60 degrees might not be very effective.

Q. I have a Labrador at my farm house. What size Doggy Bag will suit it?
A. Go for a Large size bag. The manufacturers recommend it too.

Q. What size would you advise for my big springer spaniel pet dog? Should I take a medium size bag or a larger one?
A. According to the manufacturers, the large size bag will be ideal for your pet. It’d be better to go for a larger size instead of small, which won’t give your pet enough space to feel comfortable in.

Q. Will Doggy Bag be useful to clean my pet when it’s very dirty and wet?
A. It is likely to help you dry your pet well but may not clean its fur completely in case there’s too much dirt. You may have to wash your pet instead.

Q. Should I purchase a large or extra-large Doggy Bag for our female greyhound? She’s around 26-27 inches tall… Was wondering about the zip around neck as it’s too tight out there.
A. To be on a safer side, buy the extra-large size bag. Your pet will get more space to move around in, and it will also fit its neck comfortably enough.

Q. Will Doggy Bag really keep my car from getting muddy if I wipe my pet in it before it gets in? Do I need to give a wash to my pet again after using it?
A. Yes, your car will remain dry if give it to your pet before it enters your car. And there’s no need to bathe pets After using it.


Doggy Bag Reviews

Philip Bailey, who bought Doggy Bag for his pet, has complained in his review that even though he selected the size recommended by the manufacturers for his pet, it turned out to be too small. He can’t rub his pet properly when it’s inside the bag because it’s too small. On top of that he has to dry his pet with a towel after using the bag. He’s totally disappointed with Doggy Bag and wants to get rid of it.

Lisa Barnes says in her Doggy Bag review that her pet just hates it. She finds the hole of the bag too large and the construction mediocre as it doesn’t clean mud and dirt from the fur of her pet. She’s actually wondering if the bag’s been made to dry pets after they bathe instead of cleaning them when they’re dirty. She feels buying the Doggy Bag has been a costly mistake.

Walter Hill has similarly noted in his Doggy Bag review that it’s tight at the neck and loose at the center. As a result, he’s unable to clean his female bulldog in it. He has to struggle a lot use the bag, and ultimately ends up getting his pet to bathe like before. Official

Meow Motion | As Seen On TV

Monday, July 31st, 2017

About Meow Motion

Meow Motion proclaims to be an engaging catnip-infused toy for your feline pets. It asserts to have a range of lovable cat toys inside a ball design that keep them engaged for hours. It further promises to be interactive so that cats can have fun and exercise with its spinning and rolling motions.


How does About Meow Motion work?

The dual-sided opening of Meow Motion makes it intuitive for cats to enter it. The ball states to provide a large inner tunnel where cats of all sizes can simply enter and freely play. Meow Motion declares to
have feathers, mice, and bells connected inside so that cats can play with them and roll with the ball.

Innovative Gameplay – The enticing design and catnip-infused feathers, mice, and bells of Meow Motion allegedly makes the toy irresistible to cats and piques their curiosity. How effective is Meow Motion in engaging cats will be verified once users send us their reviews. Meow Motion assures that small kittens to large tomcats can easily fit inside it. At this point of time there are no Meow Motion user reviews available to attest to its claims.

Pet safe design – Meow Motion guarantees that the plastic material used for its body is safe around pets, durable, and completely shatter-proof. It also convinces to be storage friendly since it can come off in two pieces and nest easily. Currently, there are no Meow Motion reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Official website:

Pet Pain-Away

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

What is Pet Pain-Away?

Pet Pain-Away claims to be a treatment for cats and dogs and maintains to give relief from hip dysplasia, arthritis pain, joint pain and general chronic pain. It guarantees to be a homeopathic treatment and convinces to be all natural without any toxic and narcotic ingredients. It emphasizes to be safe containing no aspirin and no acetaminophen. This claim of the Pet Pain-Away will be attested only once users review Pet Pain-Away.



Pet Pain-Away CLAIMS

Pet Pain-Away asserts to be a unique formula consisting of specialized proteins and declares to have been proven to effectively block pain. The protein promises to block the action of acetylcholine which, a major stimulating neurotransmitter in the nervous system and activator of inflammatory pathways. Pet Pain-Away states that its specialized proteins work quickly as they disrupt neurotransmitter pathways that cause joint pain and inflammation. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Pet Pain-Away is reviewed.

Pet friendly Pet Pain-Away alleges to suit the taste buds of pets. Effective in use it proclaims that the good taste of the gel make it easy to use and comfortable for the pet. At this point of time there are no Pet Pain-Away reviews to verify this claim.


What do I get?
30 day supply of Pet Pain-Away™ for just $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

What is Pettura

As per the infomercial it is a Veterinarian-formulated oral health gel for dogs that prevents plaque, removes tartar build-up and freshens their breath. Pettura guarantees to be a breakthrough solution to help keep dog teeth healthy without the need of brushing them.



Pettura CLAIMS

Oral hygiene for pets
Pettura states to be an oral formula created by Veterinarians to ensure that the stains and plaque buildup on dog teeth are removed while stopping any further buildup. Such farfetched claims made by Pettura will be verified once users review it.


Revolutionary gel
Pettura assures that it is a gel formula that offers tartar-fighting as a result of lab-researched active ingredient. Pettura’s gel complex alleges to contain caprylic acid, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that protects the gums from gingivitis. It also declares to have whey protein isolate to prevent any chronic periodontal diseases. The refreshing apple flavor of Pettura convinces to be so tasty that it is loved by all types of dogs. Pettura does sound highly impressive and different than usual dental treatments; user reviews will expose the truth.


Easy application
Pettura proclaims to be easy for application. Take few pumps of the gel in the hand and apply it directly to the dog’s teeth and gums. The patented Pettura assures that it naturally flows through the mouth and coats the teeth to prevent further tartar buildup while leaving a fresh scent in their mouth. Did you find Pettura working well for the oral health of your dog? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
Pettura Only $19.99 for 1 Bottle + FREE Calming Sachet + $6.95 S&H

PDX Pet Design Shru

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

About PDX Pet Design Shru

PDX Pet Design Shru proclaims to be an intelligent toy companion for your cat that keeps the pet entertained for hours when you’re away. PDX Pet Design Shru maintains to have multiple modes and attractive sounds that encourages the cat to think creatively and hone its brain power.



How does it work

Just by turning on PDX Pet Design Shru you are assured to stay away from home and your pet without a worry. PDX Pet Design Shru automatically responds to the cat’s play and resembles a real small animal’s behavior and mimics its sound and movements. This behavior gets the cat moving and prevents boredom through the day.


Your kitty’s bestie
Coming home to scratched furniture and a bored kitty after the day’s work can be disconcerting. While you cannot stay at home to look after your pet, PDX Pet Design Shru promises to fill in for you when you’re away at work or something else. The interactive PDX Pet Design Shru declares to be different from any other cat toy you will own. PDX Pet Design Shru asserts that all you need to do is switch it on and be about and it will keep the cat entertained for hours. There are no user reviews yet to verify these claims of PDX Pet Design Shru.


Stimulates brain power
Once you turn PDX Pet Design Shru on, it assures to switch on and off automatically all day long as and when the cat is bored and wants to play with it. PDX Pet Design Shru also guarantees to stimulate the cat’s brain power and gets the pet thinking creatively with its different modes and sound effects. Is PDX Pet Design Shru really that interactive and stimulating? Let’s hear it from the user reviews of the toy. PDX Pet Design Shru promises to be so durable that it will last for days no matter how much the kitty licks it. PDX Pet Design Shru alleges to be USB chargeable making it convenient to use. We’d like to hear from you if you found PDX Pet Design Shru good.


What do I get?
PDX Pet Design Shru just for only $98.00

Liberty Wristband REVIEW

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

What is Liberty Wristband?

Do you wish to be hands free yet have control of your dog when you are walking him? Now there is an easy way to free your hands and secure your dog while you walk your dog. Here’s introducing the Liberty Wristband, the most practical, safe and convenient solution to walk your dog. Liberty Wristband is a handy and comfortable wristband that provides a strong and secure tether for your dog.



Liberty Wristband CLAIMS

The Liberty Wristband works with almost any size dog and any size leash. With the Liberty Wristband in your hand you can get your hands back while walking your dog! Your dog will always be safe and secure so you can relax and enjoy your walk.

Strong and Secure – The Liberty Wristband is strong and stays put it place! Though they do not mention what pressure can it handle.

Reduces strain and pressure – When you grip a leash there is an enormous amount of pressure and strain on your wrist, but with the Liberty Wristband in your hand it eliminates all the strain and pressure on your wrist.

Colors available – Liberty Wristbands are available in two colors: black and blue.


Liberty Wristband Questions and Answers

Q. What is the smallest wrist size that the Liberty Wristband will fit securely?
A. The Liberty Wristband will close tightly and securely around a wrist as small as 2″ in diameter or 4.5″ around the wrist.

Q. Does the Liberty Wristband work with the flexi retractable leash or does it just hold on to a simple straight leash without a handle?
A. It has not been tried with a retractable leash, but it may not work on a retractable leash. It works with a regular straight leash with a handle. It has to have a handle (loop to lock it in).

Q. What are the wrist measurements?
A. The Liberty Wristband will close securely for a very snug fit around wrists as small as 6 3/4″.


Liberty Wristband REVIEW

Most of the time the Liberty Wristband works as advertised and is a great product.

Following are excerpts from a user’s Liberty Wristband reviews:

“After using the Liberty Wristband 50 times, the quick release stopped working or – worse – that no matter how hard you push down on the clamp to reattach the leash, it just won’t clip in. If you pull the quick release, lower replace the clip into place and then release the quick release, it seems good to go – for the next 49 times.”

“The Liberty Wristband is really too big for the wrist so if you have unusually small wrists (< 6") then the Liberty Wristband won’t work for you. It would have been great if the Liberty Wristband came in at least two sizes. As it is, if you make it as tight as it will go, it still slides around on the wrist more than you need. There is so much strap left that it interferes with the clip."

“While using the Liberty Wristband you may end up cutting your thumb on the sharp bit of metal while attempting to clip the leash in.”

“You may find it better to return the Liberty Wristband for a refund. The Liberty Wristband deserves a one star rating.”


What do I get?
Buy Liberty Wristband in Black or Blue for $29.95 + $6.95 S&H at the Official website: | Order the Liberty Wristband today and start walking your dog hands-free!

Kitty Fishing REVIEW

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

About Kitty Fishing?

Kitty Fishing is a new fun fishing rod toy designed for you to have fun playing with your cat. Kitty Fishing is for everyone. The secret of Kitty Fishing is the pressure catcher grip filled pressure chamber that self inflates after every cast. When you push the pressure caster air flies through the Kitty Fishing rod sending the lure soaring through the air so your cat can play everywhere.



How to use Kitty Fishing?
Load the rod with the lure, launch the lure with the air powered pressure caster and it will soar and watch your cat jump, pounce and swat until she’s caught. Then just cast again to play again. With Kitty Fishing you can play all day long with your pet. Order your Kitty Fishing fishing rod today!

Safe to play – Kitty Fishing is safe to play with because there is no hook. It is just a soft, furry lure that your kitty wants to get hold of. You can make and host videos fishing with your cat. With Kitty Fishing your cat will stay active all day and get his share of exercises.

Lightweight, portable and compact – Kitty Fishing is light weight and compact so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.


Kitty Fishing REVIEW

Wyatt Patrick in his Kitty Fishing review complains“The top part of the Kitty Fishing wand with its screw-in end may break and get pulled out of its screw. Your cat will love Kitty Fishing and so will your dog.”

Colin Gordon suggests in his Kitty Fishing Rod review“Buy a child’s fishing reel – the plastic ones with characters on them (maybe 10 bucks, max) and the replacement Catfisher Lures, or any sort of catnip mouse. Attach catnip mouse to child’s fishing reel, and enjoy. It has lasted over a year.”

Aaron Bethel suggests in his review“Go to Wal-Mart and go to sporting goods. Next purchase the $9 kids fishing rod. Then when you get home tie a toy mouse on it. It works great and its cheaper.”

Lawrence Wilson states in his review“Kitty Fishing is poorly made. The line of Kitty Fishing gets tangled up inside the reel very quickly.”

Bob Hayes complains“Kitty Fishing is the worst cat toy ever. Kitty Fishing is a great idea but after a few tosses, it wouldn’t cast anymore. Kitty Fishing has poor execution.”

Jeff Brown reveals in his review“Kitty Fishing is an awesome concept but it only lasts until it tangles inside or the line breaks, so it only lasts a day or two. Too bad, Kitty Fishing is a great idea that was poorly executed. It is better to buy a cheap fishing pole that isn’t made for cats and baiting it with a cat toy and not using a hook, of course.”

Marco Rodriguez points out to the fact that – Kitty Fishing has information missing from the official website such as the length of the pole, the material of the pole etc.


What do I get?
Get 2 Kitty Fishing Rods for $19.99 plus $4.99 P&H at the Official website: