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Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Compare What is it? Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

The SignalVault is a credit & debit card protector designed to protect your new RFID enabled credit/debit cards from hackers and identity thieves by making your information invisible to hackers.

The ID Stronghold Secure Sleeve is a credit card wallet designed to help you keep your identity safe by protect you from payment fraud and identity theft.


Compare How does it work? Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

SignalVaults uses E-Field Technology designed to make your information invisible to hackers.

Just place one credit card or ID card in the sleeve and the Secure Sleeve is designed to shield all contactless credit cards, drivers’ licenses, ISO 14443A/B and EPC Gen1/Gen2 contactless smart cards and any other contactless card that operates at 13.56 Mhz and above. The shielding technology blocks radio waves by creating a Faraday cage and prevents scanners from reading the chip inside your cards and passport.


Compare How to use it? Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

Simply install two SignalVaults in your wallet and our E-Field Technology will ensure your information remains invisible to hackers.

ID Stronghold Secure Sleeves will hold one credit card or ID card each. The sleeve is slim enough so you can put your shielded card back in your wallet where you normally keep it.


Compare Technology: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
The SignalVault uses E-Field Technology to protect your cards from Crowd Hacking, making your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers.

ID Stronghold Secure Sleeve uses a shielding technology that blocks radio waves by creating a Faraday cage and prevents scanners from reading the chip inside your cards and passport.


Compare Lab tests: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
On 01 November 2014, Qualtest, Inc. conducted a radio-frequency identification jamming test on one (1) signal vault P/N SV.V2-1Signal Vault V.2 Card Protector and One (1) Signal Vault P/N SV.V1 Card Protector. Testing was conducted in accordance with the Signal Vault RFID test procedures and parameters for the single vault credit and debit card protector and signal vault prototype version 2, dated 2014-10-29.

Testing commenced by ensuring that the RFID reader was working properly by energizing the reader and scanning the test credit card with it. Once the RFID’s proper operation was established, the Signal Vault V1 Card Protector was placed @cm from the back of the RFID with the test credit card placed on top of the protector.

If the RFID failed to scan the credit card, the Card Protector passed the test. This procedure was repeated for the front side of the RFID and then both tests were performed in the same manner for the Single Vault V.2. after these scans had been completed both the Card Protectors were subjected to the E-Field creation test. With the Card Protector 2cm from the RFID, the test credit card was moved in front of, and then behind the Card Protector to determine whether or not the card protector E-field could jam the RFID reading. Test results indicated that both Card protector E-Fields blocked the RFID reading.


Compare How long does it last? Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

The SingleVault lasts five years.


Does it require batteries? Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
The SingleVault protects your new RFID enabled credit/debit cards from hackers & identity thieves by making your information invisible to hackers without batteries, charging or activation.


Compare Dimensions: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
The 5 Credit Card Protector Sleeves dimension is: 3-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ and the 2 Passport Sleeves dimensions are: 5-1/8″ x 3-7/8″.


Compare Material: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
Secure Sleeves are made of a durable Tyvek exterior combined with shielding material on the inside.


Compare Price: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold
The 2-Pack SignalVault is priced at $17.95.

The Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve is priced at $19.99.


Compare REVIEWS: Signal Vault vs ID Stronghold

Signal Vault REVIEW

Signal Vault doesn’t offer any protection you need. Only RFID cards can be scanned without contact, so unless you own cards like PayWave, ExpressPay or PayPass, you are totally vulnerable.

If you are using new credit cards with chips that bear physical contact that can be read, beware, as Signal Vault is outdated and completely ineffective from protecting you.

The trend of switching over from RF credit cards to the kind with visible contacts is catching on. Actually, you don’t need shields or scramblers like Signal Vault to protect those cards as they actually work only by direct contact. If your credit card has visible contacts, you really don’t need a Signal Vault. Banks send cards with visible contacts because they want to protect you from the RF issue.


ID Stronghold Review

The inside of the ID Stronghold sleeve has a sliver coating that attaches itself to cards like paint. It would have been better if the coating was on the outside of the sleeve so it would not damage both sides of a credit card, bank card or any other type of card.

ID Stronghold is very cheaply made. Waving the “protected” ID past the reader scanned and unlocked the door therefore you cannot trust your credit cards with the ID Stronghold sleeve.

The ID Stronghold passport size sleeves would never fit in a wallet. They were large passport sleeves.

The paper crinkles pretty quickly and can get torn very easily. You may need to put scotch tape all over front, back, bottom and top, to try and re-enforce it.

The problem is that the ID Stronghold envelopes are very flimsy and after several removals and insertions start to fall apart at the edges. Not what you expect in terms of quality, ID Stronghold sleeves are very thin and fall apart very fast.

The ID Stronghold sleeve wears out so fast that it is hard to remove the card and possibly rips open at the sleeve seams.

The drawback of the ID Stronghold sleeve is that they wear down after several uses. It is a bit expensive for tin foil.

ID Stronghold may not be durable as is it is simply paper with a lining. All together it doesn’t add up to long term use.

ID Stronghold breaks easily. It is not a long lasting product if you are expecting better tear strength paper, it tears and comes apart quite easily.

The idea is great, but not very easy to use every day. It is not easy to get the cards in and out of the ID Stronghold sleeve and the sleeve tends to fold down easily.

ID Stronghold sleeves are the perfect size but the outside material should have been thicker and not paper.

Safeguard Card

Monday, June 6th, 2016

What is Safeguard Card

It claims to be a blocking card with a technology that draws hacker’s scanners and powers up to protect all ID, credit/debit cards, and passports with a protective E-Field electronic shield.



Safeguard Card Claims

Safeguard yourself – Safeguard Card claims to protect you from digital theft of IDs, cards and passports resulting in misuse of money or identity. High-tech crime called Crowd Hacking and Digital Pick-pocketing are performed by simply getting a scanner close to a wallet. Safeguard Card promises to stop this menace. More shall be known once Safeguard Card is reviewed.


E-Field technology – Safeguard Card states to have a unique design that fits inside any wallet unlike other protective cases. Safeguard Card senses hacking signal propagated towards the wallet. The minute it happens, it lights with a Red LED Indicator Lights and powers up using the scanner’s energy to create a protective E-Field electronic shield that surrounds the cards rendering them invisible. At this point of time there are no Safeguard Card reviews available that will attest to its claims.


What do I get?
1 SafeGuard Card Protector for $19.95 + $5.95 S/h.| Official website:

Scan Blocker Review

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

About Scan Blocker

Scan Blocker states to be a protective shield for your credit and debit cards that prevents information theft and card skimming. Scan Blocker claims to be so thin that it can slip right into your wallet or purse along with your card and start protecting you from a financial mishap instantaneously. Scan Blocker convinces to make your card data and information unreadable to any kind of RFID scanner and keeps you safe from electronic pick pocketing no matter how close a range the skimmer is in.


How does it work

All it takes to keep your credit card information safe and prevent skimming is placing the Scan Blocker in your wallet along with the card, as its manufacturers declare. Scan Blocker is a slim line card that needs to just be placed inside your wallet or purse next to the debit and cards. Scan Blocker assures to create a micro force field around the cards so that the information such as your credit card number and CVV number will be scrambled and data will be unreadable. No matter how close by the scanner is to your cards, Scan Blocker convinces the information will be unreadable no matter what.


Protection from credit card skimming

Credit card fraud is becoming all too common these days especially because of technological advancement. With information theft and credit card skimming anyone can easily lose thousands of dollars without knowing about it till they get their credit card statement. But now Scan Blocker promises to safeguard you from such nuisance easily. Scan Blocker emphasizes that it creates a protective shield around your debit or credit card so that the card information is unreadable to RFID reader and your information cannot be downloaded by scammers. Millions of US citizens have their credit card information breached every year even when the credit card has been in their wallet. Information thieves need to be in a range of just a few feet to download all the information and can have the cheap scanning device inside their bag or pocket so you won’t even realize that your information is being stolen. But Scan Blocker guarantees to prevent this electronic pick pocketing easily.

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Just slip into your wallet or purse

Scan Blocker assures to be extremely easy to use. It alleges that you just need to keep the slimline card in your wallet or purse along with your credit and debit card and it will start protecting your data and information instantly. Scan Blocker claims that it is not battery operated and is as slim as your cards so you can easily slip it into your wallet or purse without adding add bulk. With its protection, Scan Blocker emphasizes to save you from going through all the hassle or financial crisis after your bank account has been swept clean of your hard earned savings or depleted from your credit card. Scan Blocker promises to be the most tried and tested way of saving you from skimming and information theft.


What do I get?

you will receive Two Scan Blocker Anti-Theft Technology Card for the low price of $19.99 plus $4.99 P&H.Official website

Presto Wallet Review

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

What is Presto Wallet

It is a compact wallet that slides out and claims to give you easy access to all your cards.

Presto Wallet maintains that now you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding your cards in your wallet when you need them the most. Today many of us tend to carry several cards in our wallets, which are just not equipped with space to deal with them. That’s where this smartly designed wallet has its edge and provides you with ample space for your cards that are also easily accessible. We look forward to hearing your experiences using this wallet in your Presto Wallet reviews.



Clever design to hold 16 cards

The highlight of this wallet is its smart design, which ensures that though it is compact it has ample space for your cards. Since it is double sided it can hold up to 16 cards for you. We will find out more about this claim after going through Presto Wallet reviews. The design of this wallet also allows you to pull it up and reveal all your cards in one go so that they can be accessed without any hassle. Presto Wallet reviews should be able to give us more information about this claim.

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Protects your personal information

RFID scanning has become a serious threat and your personal information attached to your cards is under risk. But this wallet has RFID blocking technology, which means it keeps your information safe. Sadly since we don’t have enough Presto Wallet reviews we can’t corroborate this claim for you. The middle piece is securely attached to the wallet and its durable construction means your cards are kept secure too. Presto Wallet reviews are awaited to shed more light on this.


Packed with cool features

Besides holding 16 cards, the wallet can also hold your cash and coins securely, making it an all in one solution for you. The ID window feature means you can find the card you have been looking for instantly. What did you make of these features? Why don’t you tell us more in your Presto Wallet reviews? It claims to be a functional wallet that is high on style quotient as well. Smooth and made out of faux leather, the wallet can easily fit into small bags and clutches. Presto Wallet reviews can verify these claims for us too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Presto Wallet in your choice of Red, Black or Brown for $10 plus $9.98 P&H.
  • Official website:
  • Pocket Vault Review

    Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

    What is Pocket Vault?

    If you are looking for a card security holder to protect your cards from wireless data theft and provide you with maximum security then what you need is the most amazing RFID debit and credit card security protection holder, Pocket Vault.
    Pocket Vault is an incredible and tough RFID debit and credit card security protection holder designed to give you the maximum security for your money and your personal data. With the Pocket Vault RFID debit and credit card security protection holder, your cards are guaranteed to be safe and secure always. You will simply love the security you get with Pocket Vault.


    Aluminium Casing to Prevent Accidental Damage

    Pocket Vault is designed with a high quality and strong aluminium casing. The tough and durable aluminium casing helps shield your debit, credit, ID and membership cards, thereby preventing the occurrence of any kind of accidental damage.
    Pocket Vault is so great you will absolutely love the safety and security it gives you. Pocket Vault eliminates the risk of any kind of accidental damage.

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    Protects RFID Cards from Wireless Data Theft

    Pocket Vault is an amazing and incredible device that you can use to protect your RFID cards from wireless data theft.
    When you use RFID contactless touch payment technology, paying by card becomes easy, but it also put you at an increased risk of data theft. Pocket Vault creates a secure signal shield, protecting RFID contactless payment cards from data theft.
    RFID cards feature a tiny transmitter that can be effortlessly activated by criminals using wireless technology. This allows them to steal your important personal data. The aluminium casing in Pocket Vault blocks any incoming or outgoing signals, keeping your personal information safe and secure.
    There is no other security protection holder that gives you maximum security for your money and your personal data like the Pocket Vault card security protection holder. Using Pocket Vault eliminates the risk of wireless data theft if your RFID cards.


    Great for a Variety of Cards

    You can use Pocket Vault for a variety of cards. Use it for your debit, credit, ID and membership cards. Pocket Vault hold up to 8 cards allowing you to use it to give you maximum protection against wireless data theft for all your cards.


    Secure Locking Clasp

    Pocket Vault also features a secure locking clasp so your cards stay intact, in place. The secure locking clasp ensures that your cards do not fall out of the holder.



    You can use the Pocket Vault RFID debit and credit card security protection holder to holds up to 8 of your RFID cards.



    The Pocket Vault RFID debit and credit card security protection holder is available in the color white.
    Order your Pocket Vault RFID debit and credit card security protection holder today and enjoy maximum security for your money and your personal data.


    What Do I Get?

  • You will get Pocket Vault for £9.99
  • Official website:
  • Attached At The Hip Review

    Monday, July 6th, 2015

    About Attached At The Hip

    Attached At The Hip states to be a waist pouch that keeps your valuables safe to give you hands-free freedom. Attached At The Hip assures to be form-fitting and so discreet that no one would notice you are carrying anything. Attached At The Hip guarantees to stay put firmly with its magnaforce technology even while you go jogging or biking. Attached At The Hip has a water-resistant inner lining to keep your stuff safe from water damage.


    How does it work

    Instead of bulky purses and bags, you can now carry your things in a small pouch that stays securely attached to your body, as Attached At The Hip manufacturers promise. Attached At The Hip needs you to tuck one magnetic flap inside the waist and the other outside. It claims to have powerful magnaforce technology that makes both the magnets stick to each other firmly and keeps your things safely inside the pouch under your clothing.

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    Hands-free freedom to carry your stuff

    When you step out you need to carry stuff like credit cards, cash, home keys, and more such important stuff. But carrying these possessions in a purse or sling bag can be cumbersome when you go for a jog, walk your pet, or go biking. Now Attached At The Hip pouch assures to give you hands-free freedom from carrying a purse or even managing those dangling nuisances when you go out so that you can enjoy the walk freely. Attached At The Hip proclaims to let you keep your things inside the zipper securely and attaches firmly to your waist. Attached At The Hip maintains to work on powerful magnaforce technology that has magnetic flaps to be tucked inside and outside the waist each that hold on to each other to keep the pouch attached to your waist.


    Keeps possessions discreet

    Even if you carry valuables like your cellphone, cash and credit or debit cards, Attached At The Hip convinces to keep them all safe in your possession. With its strong magnetic force, Attached At The Hip guarantees that the pouch won’t fall off even if you go biking or jog with your dog. Attached At The Hip emphasizes to be sleek and form-fitting so you can wear it discreetly under your clothing without anyone noticing that you have something in your possession so you can be assured of being safe.


    Ideal for any activity

    Whether you want to enjoy a walk on the beach, bike up a mountain, walk the dog or just meet someone, Attached At The Hip declares to be ideal for all such times to give you freedom from carrying a purse. Since Attached At The Hip stays on your waist all the time, you do not have to worry about forgetting it at a restaurant or in the car like you tend to with purses. Attached At The Hip asserts to have a water-resistant lining so your cash and phone will be safe from water damage too.


    What Do I Get?

  • Please see Official website:
  • Zip-A-Bag

    Thursday, March 27th, 2014

    What is Zip-A-Bag

    It is a highly innovative designer bag that can be made by zipping up and easily stowed away by unzipping it entirely.


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    Flexible storage:

    Zip-A-Bag promises to be quite the cool bag that every woman dreams of especially when there is hardly any space to store them. Style wise and storage wise women tend to keep different bags and purses but with the increasing amount there is always shortage of space to keep them safely. Plus, carrying an extra bag for shopping or going on a vacation is a fuss. Zip-A-Bag supposedly addresses this very need of a portable, flexible bag that can be stored in a compact space and when time comes can be converted into a full blown bag. Its innovative design makes it so compact that Zip-A-Bag can be carried inside another bag for backup too.


    Innovative design:

    Zip-A-Bag claims to be the next best fun accessory that every woman will seek because of its great looks and the ground-breaking design. What makes Zip-A-Bag stand out is the fact that when it’s not a bag it can be seen as a coiled up zipper or flattened out zipper. The fun begins when the zippers are aligned in a position where once zipping is started it converts itself into a stylish shoulder bag. In the unzipped position Zip-A-Bag claims that it can be stowed away easily in the closet or drawer making it quite space efficient. When it zips into a trendy shoulder bag, it can be taken out anywhere to carry everyday items with ease.
    Zip-A-Bag is supposedly is quite sturdy for carrying items and has a durability that makes it last forever. Also the quality of the zippers used for making the handy bag is said to be high end so there are no issues of the bag breaking in the middle of the street. Plus the process of zipping and unzipping Zip-A-Bag is apparently quite easy and is said to take mere seconds making it the best backup bag while shopping or traveling. It comes in two attractive colors – pink and black.


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      What do I get ?

    • You will receive Two Zip-A-Bag for $14.95 plus $15.9 P&H.
    • Official Website :

    Touch Purse

    Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

    What is Touch Purse

    It is a smart purse that holds your things and has a see-through front pocket that lets you use your phone with a touch


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    A purse with touch-through technology

    Touch Purse promises to eliminate your problem of missing calls, emails and texts when your cellphone gets buried and lost in the bottomless pit called your purse. It is a common problem that you can never get your phone out in time to answer an important call or don’t even realize when you receive an email or text message because the phone is somewhere deep inside the bag. But Touch Purse claims that now you can hold all your important things in the purse and never miss a call, email or text because of its clever design. The smart wallet is said to have a front pocket where you can keep your phone and answer it without removing it. This is possible believably because of the shield cover that has touch-through technology.


    Sturdy shield to protect your phone

    Touch Purse claims to have a special design to sense your touch and even though its cover is see-through and sensitive enough to your touch, it claims to be sturdy enough to protect your phone. It is almost like nothing between your touch and the phone. Touch Purse is meant to fit practically every touch screen phone there is and believably gives you the freedom to easily slide the phone out to take the call or even work from inside the pocket. Furthermore, it is also said to work absolutely fine even on speaker mode. Touch Purse promises that its shield is good enough to let the caller hear you clearly through it. You can use any app you want whether address book, calculator, Memo or GPS while you are on the move.


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    Spacious enough to hold essentials too

    The accordion design of Touch Purse is believed to make it so spacious that it can hold bills, cards, IDs, coupons and stamps inside that too neatly. Other than these, you can supposedly also keep glasses, comb, lipstick, keys and other knick-knacks in the purse easily and all this remains secured by a zipper. Touch Purse supposedly has a loop and a strap that can be worn across shoulder, wrist or on belt making it convenient to carry.


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      What do I get ?

    • Get one Touch Purse in Black and second Touch Purse in Brown.for $10 plus $13.98 P&H,
    • You also get -3-in-1 Touch Stylus This is a total of $23.98.
    • Official Website :

    Cinchy | Portable Bag and Mat

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014

    What is Cinchy –

    It is an extremely innovative mat that comes with storage pockets and converts into a stylish bag for carrying around by simply cinching it.


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    Organize yourself:

    Cinchy promises to be a uniquely designed mat that can convert itself into a bag with simple cinching action. It is a hassle to carry bags that have a lot of style in them but the moment you look for something you want inside it there is a whole lot of mess to go through. Organizing a bag is always an issue regardless of how many compartments are available in the bag since all items stay loose inside it. Cinchy claims to understand this problem and provides a unique solution through its design. It comes with a total of eight large mesh pockets that can be used to organize daily items and segregate them according to individual needs. Plus the mat like structure makes it quite simple to lay it out and organize every item. Once done Cinchy can be simply cinched into a bag with its shoulder straps and carried across anywhere.


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    Perfect for carrying anywhere:

    Cinchy claims to be quite versatile with its 5 great looking designs and is said to have the three step process in which it can be packed quickly. Once it is cinched into a bag it can be carried to a beach where a towel, lotion and other needed items are organized and can also be opened up back as mat to sit at the shore. The material used for Cinchy is said to be waterproof and is also machine washable so it can be virtually carried anywhere without the worry of getting it dirty. Cinchy can be perfect for carrying at sleepovers, with kids during their playtime, it can be very well be an overnight bag or simply be used to bring toys and games to the park for kids making it perfect mothers on the go.
    Cinchy is supposedly so convenient because it hold a good amount of items into its section due to its 36 inches diameter. Also when it converts into a bag the strap drop ranges from 23 to 27 inches. Safety wise Cinchy is said to be clear of BPA, PVC or Phthalate.


    What do I get?

    Get Cinchy | Portable Bag and Mat+ Cinchy Buddy + Cinchy Makeup Bag just for $19.99 + $7.95s/h.Official

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    Go Belt

    Sunday, December 1st, 2013

    What is Go Belt

    – It is an expandable belt that claims to secure your valuables so that you can be completely hands free. Go Belt is a soft, multipurpose, light and spacious holder designed to be worn on the waist. It is a gear belt that you can use for marathons, triathlons, running races or just being active. It also makes a great travel belt to hold dozens of your items.


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    Go Belt is Simple and compact

    Go Belt is light weight, comfortable, stretchy and fits all waists. It’s two zippered and the expandable pocket lets you carry your phone, cash and other things. The discreet design lets you hide your valuables. If you are tired of carrying a huge hand bag or having your pocket full all the time, Go Belt is the solution. Extra stretchy design fits all sizes from 24” to 40” waist sizes. Go belt is soft and stretchy and goes with you anywhere and everywhere. You can jump and run all day, even with the keys and phone it firmly stays in place. Go Belt is easily accessible and never bothers you. Working around the house, gardening, enjoying outdoors, walking the dog all your work can be done hands free with Go belt. It is easy to conceal. Go Belt is amazing for a hands free work out. Anything that requires two hands just gets a whole lot easier with Go Belt. It is a great belt with a lot of versatility. You will treasure your Go Belt and wearing it is both comfortable and fashionable too. It does not interfere with the comfort and freedom of movement.


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    Go Belt Features

    Go Belt has two expandable pockets, the smaller pocket to hold your keys, cards and cash and the bigger one to carry your i phone or blackberry, passport, chapstick, tissues, torch and a whole lot of other handy items too. Go Belt is available in two colors: red and blue. It can be easily hidden and is a hands free security for your valuables. Go Belt serves the purpose and you will never regret buying it. No bounce or any other issues and you can barely feel it or remember it until you want to use your phone or chapstick. It can withstand onerous load and demanding work.

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    What do I get?

    • 2 Go Belts
    • 2 Go Wallets

    All this for just: $10 + $11.98 S/h. Official website: