Safeguard Card

What is Safeguard Card It claims to be a blocking card with a technology that draws hacker’s scanners and powers up to protect all ID, credit/debit cards, and passports with a protective E-Field electronic shield.     Safeguard Card Claims Safeguard yourself – Safeguard Card claims to protect you from digital theft of IDs, cards […]

Scan Blocker Review

About Scan Blocker Scan Blocker states to be a protective shield for your credit and debit cards that prevents information theft and card skimming. Scan Blocker claims to be so thin that it can slip right into your wallet or purse along with your card and start protecting you from a financial mishap instantaneously. Scan […]

Pocket Vault Review

What is Pocket Vault? If you are looking for a card security holder to protect your cards from wireless data theft and provide you with maximum security then what you need is the most amazing RFID debit and credit card security protection holder, Pocket Vault. Pocket Vault is an incredible and tough RFID debit and […]

Attached At The Hip Review

About Attached At The Hip Attached At The Hip states to be a waist pouch that keeps your valuables safe to give you hands-free freedom. Attached At The Hip assures to be form-fitting and so discreet that no one would notice you are carrying anything. Attached At The Hip guarantees to stay put firmly with […]


What is Zip-A-Bag It is a highly innovative designer bag that can be made by zipping up and easily stowed away by unzipping it entirely.   Write/Read Reviews Flexible storage: Zip-A-Bag promises to be quite the cool bag that every woman dreams of especially when there is hardly any space to store them. Style wise […]

Touch Purse

What is Touch Purse It is a smart purse that holds your things and has a see-through front pocket that lets you use your phone with a touch   Write/Read Reviews A purse with touch-through technology Touch Purse promises to eliminate your problem of missing calls, emails and texts when your cellphone gets buried and […]

Cinchy | Portable Bag and Mat

What is Cinchy – It is an extremely innovative mat that comes with storage pockets and converts into a stylish bag for carrying around by simply cinching it.   Write/Read Reviews Organize yourself: Cinchy promises to be a uniquely designed mat that can convert itself into a bag with simple cinching action. It is a […]

Go Belt

What is Go Belt – It is an expandable belt that claims to secure your valuables so that you can be completely hands free. Go Belt is a soft, multipurpose, light and spacious holder designed to be worn on the waist. It is a gear belt that you can use for marathons, triathlons, running races […]