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Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush REVIEW

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush Pros

  • Verseo Facial Brush can be used in the US and European voltage.
  • This device is easy to use and works well for your skin.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush is ideal to remove white heads.
  • You only need to change the brush heads once every 3 months.
  • You can use the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush to clean mud masks with the cleansing brush.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush is specifically designed to work for all skin types: normal, dry, sensitive and oily! Your skin will start glowing and look youthful owing to the removal of face wrinkles, reduction of fine lines, and relief of tired muscles and enhancement of lymphatic and blood circulation.

Verseo Rotating Sonic Facial Brush


Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush Cons

  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush comes with one replacement brush but for the next replacement brush you have to contact the seller directly.
  • There only 2 brush heads in the package. You can use it to clean your face or body.
  • Although the on/off button is supposed to turn blue once charged, users have reported that it is always red even when fully charged.
  • It cuts on and off whenever it wants.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush stops spinning if you press down on your face so you have to ensure you don’t apply too much pressure, otherwise it jams up the rotations and could mess up the brush for good.
  • It may start shutting off continually after every 15 seconds and then quit completely.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush also failed to take a charge and does not respond at all.
  • It would be better and more efficient if it were one big brush instead of three small brushes. You may feel like you are missing spots on your face taking you longer to wash your face.
  • There are less expensive brushes that last longer than the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush.
  • Even after charging the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush fully it ran for some time and then slowed down in speed. The motor seems defective, and does not function properly.
  • Does not feel like the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush gives a good cleanse or exfoliation.
  • Although the specifications of the Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush state that it can be used for 15-20 days on one charge. However, you cannot even use it two times in one day because the battery dies.
  • Verseo Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush works well but the brush may be kind of hard for your skin.


What do I get?
1 Variable Rotation Sonic Facial Brush for $49.95 + S/h at the Official website:

NioSkin Dragon

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

About NioSkin

NioSkin Dragon claims to be an exotic treatment gel designed with soothing and healing properties. Dragon Blood Resin is red in colour and is extracted from the Croton Lechleri trees found in the Peruvian Amazone.



NioSkin Dragon maintains that Dragon Blood Resin is widely used on cuts and abrasions because it is rich in protective antioxidant phenols and anti-inflammatory compounds of various kinds. Does NioSkin Dragon really work as promised? Send us your NioSkin Dragon review.

NioSkin Dragon Blood Anti-Aging Treatment Gel states that Dragon Blood resin is effective against rashes and infectious skin conditions. At this point of time there are no NioSkin Dragon Blood Anti-Aging Treatment Gel reviews to verify this claim.

NioSkin Dragon claims that Dragon Blood is an advanced skincare ingredient that helps to lift, firm and smooth skin while reducing redness and inflammation. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once NioSkin Dragon is reviewed.

NioSkin Dragon also convinces that Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate deliver additional anti-aging and moisturising elements to leave you with a glowing complexion. This claim of NioSkin Dragon will be attested only once users review NioSkin Dragon.


How to use NioSkin Dragon?

Remove the lid of the Airless container and press to dispense a few drops of Dragon Blood Treatment Gel. Apply to face and spread evenly onto face and neck. With your fingertips massage into skin in a circular motion until the gel is fully absorbed. Assimilation will be greater if the skin is washed with hot water or warmed with a hot compress prior to application.

Blue Wave LED Light for ACNE – REVIEWED

Friday, November 24th, 2017

What is Blue Wave? It claims to be a powerful, hand-held device that uses LED light to get rid of existing acne and protect the skin from future breakouts.



Blue Wave CLAIMS

No more acne
Blue Wave guarantees that its LED light wave therapy can remove existing acne easily and ensure that the skin doesn’t have any more future breakouts. The light in the device allegedly penetrates deep into the skin and eliminates bacteria that generates acne, and removes existing swelling and redness without even touching the skin. At this point in time, there are no Blue Wave reviews available to attest to its claims.

Use at home
Blue Wave states to compress its blue light photo-therapy in a compact, hand-held design that is easy to use. Also, the LED light system is asserted to be durable and lasts for a long time before needing replacement. More shall be revealed once users review it. This device assures that using it for 10 minutes a day, three times a week will give professional results right at home. It promises to be soothing and gentle to use regardless of the skin type and works on both men and women. Did you find Blue Wave really useful? Send us your reviews.


Blue Wave Reviews

Annette Boone is disappointed with the Blue Wave and claims in her review of the Blue Wave that she didn’t see any real changes in her blemishes. They didn’t go away any faster. She says the Blue Wave was useless on such breakouts.
In her Blue Wave review Christina Price writes- “It’s really annoying to use. It seems to irritate the affected area even more. It is somewhat painful to use as you need 2 minutes for each spot”.

Michelle Craig tried the Blue Wave and states in her review of the Blue Wave- “Lasted one month using it once daily and it stopped vibrating and timing a session”.

Bernice Pena too is unhappy with the Blue Wave and mentions in her Blue Wave review- It stopped working after one month. It vibrates your hand more than what you place it on. The light doesn’t heat till the end, quality control is very poor”.

In her review of the Blue Wave Kristina Warren says- “The only downside is the time investment required. Each blemish should be treated for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. It really takes a lot of time”.


Official website:

iDerma Youth Restoring Masque REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

What is iDerma Youth Restoring Masque

As per the TV infomercial it is a light therapy based mask that helps achieve smoother and youthful complexion in just weeks. It promises to have a hands-free, pain-free system for safe usage.



Achieve youthful skin

iDerma Youth Restoring Masque guarantees advanced full-coverage to provide advanced full-coverage to restore youthfulness, improve the complexion, and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and enlarged pores using low-level light therapy (LLLT). Although at this point in time there are no iDerma Youth Restoring Masque reviews available to attest its claims.


Easy to use

iDerma Youth Restoring Masque states to have a combination of red and pulsing infrared LEDs placed thoughtfully all over its surface to allow the skin to heal. It claims that one only needs to use it for 8 minutes for 3 days a week. With regular, directed usage it assures to start showing results in just 4 weeks. There are no iDerma Youth Restoring Masque reviews available yet to verify its claims.


Numerous Benefits
The design of iDerma Youth Restoring Masque asserts to be hands-free and is completely adjustable; thanks to its straps that accommodates all head shapes and sizes. Additionally, iDerma Youth Restoring Masque maintains to have a self-timer feature that shuts the light automatically after the prescribed session. More shall be known once iDerma Youth Restoring Masque is reviewed.


iDerma Review

An iDerma customer, Robin Kennedy complains that it is very heavy when it sits on the face. The earpiece that comes with it doesn’t attach very well and users might require using some kind of a pad to keep it from leaving red indentations on the bridge of their nose.

Marion Bell, an iDerma reviewer reveals that there is no positive result that she noticed after using it religiously for a month. As per her experience, the mask rubber band doesn’t go through the loop well and snaps off a lot. She does mention in her review that iDerma isn’t too heavy but resting it on the bridge of the nose does leave a mark that fades in time. She further warns other users to not use it if they are immediately planning to step out after.

A customer, Kelley Patterson discloses in her iDerma review that the controller electronics melted its plastic case and created a fire hazard. She noticed a strange smell of burning plastic and to her shock, it had become soft after just 5 minutes of use.

One other review by Wendy Flores asserts that the mask comes with very weak lights and can be said to have half the intensity a handheld light has. She also says in her iDerma review that it is highly uncomfortable while using it since it puts all the weight on the bridge of the nose.

A reviewer, Blanca Goodman exposes iDerma to be a highly uncomfortable mask that lacks the stability and design that is functional for easy use.

One other review of iDerma by Pam Byrd claims that the lights were too harsh in her eyes and they made them blurry even after they were fully covered.

Sandy Thomas calls iDerma a complete waste of investment due to its poor design that rests on the nose and it’s poorly built brackets that don’t work as they should. The LED light also isn’t any effective as it claims.


iDerma Questions and Answers

Q. Can users watch TV during the procedure?
A. No, they have to wear little goggles that cover the eyes.

Q. Does iDerma come with proper instructions about using it in terms of which light to use and how long it should be used? Does it come with a pre-programming for the same?
A. It does come with a set of instructions but they are a bit vague.

Q. Will a user require applying lotions or creams under the mask?
A. No, they need to only wipe the face clean and allow the light to perform the job. After use, they should wash the face to see the results.

Q. Does iDerma come with a built-in timer?
A. Yes, it has a timer that goes up to 30 minutes.

Q. How many LEDs are present inside iDerma?
A. There are 77 LEDs across the forehead area and 36 on each side going to all the way down to the chin.

Q. Do the lights get hot while using?
A. No.

Q. Can iDerma be used by men?
A. Yes, it is meant for use by both men and women.

Q. Will the mask touch the face?
A. No, but it can be a bit heavy while it rests on the bridge of the nose while lying down.

Q. Is iDerma UV-Free?
A. Yes.



iDerma is one of the few new age LED Therapy Systems that help in improving the facial skin quality, beautify it, and restore elasticity with its anti-aging feature. iDerma is highly rated across the internet and even though it’s currently unavailable on Amazon, it has 4.7 stars rating out of 5 from 25 customer reviews. There are many alternatives, though, and can be easily searched under LED light therapy mask or anti-aging LED light mask on Google or other leading websites. Newkey Advanced 7 Color LED Light Photon Therapy System Facial Skin Care & Beauty Mask, an alternative to iDerma has 4-star rating out of 5 coming from 56 customers. The average reviewers have similar things to talk about both these systems. The only plus point of Newkey over iDerma is that it costs half the price. Cost does matter a lot, and this is why we recommend users to make a thorough search and comparison between the two. After all, if there are features that suit your skin, the price will be justified.


What do I get?
Buy iDerma just for $279 | Official

Fruit Face REVIEW

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

About Fruit Face

Fruit Face is an automatic DIY organic facial mask maker that claims to use fresh fruit and activator tablets to dispense fruit-based face masks to improve your complexion and leave you with beautiful, youthful skin.



Fruit Face CLAIMS

Fruit Face alleges to be simple and easy to use. Simply squeeze your favorite fruit, pour in the juice, pop in the activator tablet and press the button. Fruit Face then prints a custom organic gel mask that helps improve skin elasticity, tighten pores, keep skin moisturized, smooth out fine lines, and flush out black and wheat heads. We will know whether it really works when you send us your Fruit Face reviews.It also promises to peel off easily. Does it really peel off that easily? This claim will be confirmed only after Fruit Face is reviewed.

Fruit Face claims to blend the fruit juice with the activator tablet perfectly creating a powerful skin beautifying gel.At this point of time there are no Fruit face reviews to verify this claim.

Fruit Face asserts to make tangy grapefruit, cooling kiwi, cleansing lemon, fresh berry and you can also mix and match your favourite fruits. Fruit face also maintains that you can use it for your favourite veggies and milk and honey too. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Fruit face is reviewed.

It guarantees to be great for all skin types. Can it be used on all skin types? Fruit Face reviews will expose it soon. Order it today!


Fruit Face Review

Leslie Sharp, a Fruit Face reviewer discloses that the mask created by the machine doesn’t work well and falls apart even after letting it sit on for a long time.

Another review of Fruit Face by Cary Walker warns users against spending on the machine since this face mask machine is highly expensive and hardly works as promised.

Lisa Payne complains in her Fruit Face review that she received a defective, poor quality machine that ceased to turn on.


Fruit Face Questions and Answers

Q. Will Fruit Face work without using any collagen pill inside it?
A. No, it makes a mask with the help of the pills.

Q. Where is it manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. Does Fruit Face come with a juicing option?
A. No, the machine doesn’t provide juicing option, but users can choose milk or squeezed juice before making their facial mask.

Q. What is the voltage rating on this machine?
A. It is 110 to 240 Volts.

Q. Does Fruit Face work with any type of collagen pills?
A. No, it works only with collagen tablets effervescent mask made fruit mask machine.


Fruit Face VERDICT

Fruit Face isn’t a unique machine since there are many similar face mask DIY creators available on Amazon and other leading portals. Although it shares a similarity in terms of features and resemblance with its competitor device — the Face Mask Machine, it hasn’t be proven in terms of user reviews and ratings. In comparison with the competitor’s machine, Fruit Face doesn’t really provide a different value. But the lack of customer reviews for Fruit Face is one of the prime reasons we don’t recommend it to the users. Face Mask Machine, on the other hand, has 4 out of 5 stars rating from 15 customer reviews. Users can also search Amazon or Google for facial mask makers or fruit face mask DIY machine to look for a host of other options to select from. Price wise, Fruit Face is a little cheaper than its competitor but there are some other proven alternatives available as well at lower prices. There is not much known about Fruit Face since it is available only on its manufacturer’s website and isn’t reviewed much by customers.


What do I get?
Buy Fruit Face is $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping

Silk’n SkinVivid REVIEW

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

About Silk’n SkinVivid

Silk’n SkinVivid proclaims to be a facial massage device that comprises hot and cold massage therapy. It claims that the two settings work with sonic vibrations that enhance their effects and also soothe headaches.


How does Silk’n SkinVivid work?

The hot setting in Silk’n SkinVivid alleges to reach a temperature of 42 degrees Centigrade. Such action relaxes the skin and muscles, evens out the skin tone, and enhances the absorption of skin care products. The cold setting of Silk’n SkinVivid states to drop to 6 degrees Centigrade temperature to reduce puffiness under the eye and blur lines and wrinkles.

Excellent facial massager – The smart technology in Silk’n SkinVivid facial massager promises that its therapies help in revitalizing the skin, preparing it for makeup, and diminish the signs of aging. Such fanciful claims made by Silk’n SkinVivid will be verified once users review it. The facial muscles are allegedly relaxed and pores are opened due to the hot setting for optimally absorbing skin care products. The cold setting later helps in shrinking pores for ensuring that the skin is smooth for a better makeup application. Does Silk’n SkinVivid really offer such benefits will be known once users review it.

User-friendly Design – The device emphasizes to come with an ergonomic design that glides over the contours of the face. For ideal massaging, Silk’n SkinVivid asserts to have a smart timer that automatically switches off after 2.5 minutes. Silk’n SkinVivid declares to be hands-free and is rechargeable via cable and USB adapter. Did you find Silk’n SkinVivid helpful? Send us your reviews.


Silk’n SkinVivid Reviews

A Silk’n SkinVivid customer Fannie Hale writes in her review that it is cheaply made but does work for its price. As per her review, Silk’n SkinVivid offers very light massage compared to other devices and doesn’t have the option to choose the intensity.

A Silk’n SkinVivid review by Brenda Evans reveals that it is perfect in terms of size and massaging. Her problem was with its battery that only lasts for 10 minutes or so and takes more time to charge.

Doris Christensen complains in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that its surface is too small and the temperatures are not sufficient enough to provide any visible results.

Vickie Wests Silk’n SkinVivid review discloses that it is easy to use and switches between cold to hot temperature efficiently. Her review further states that Silk’n SkinVivid’s sonic power is weak and is the main reason why it doesn’t create a necessary difference to the skin.

Another review of Silk’n SkinVivid by Suzanne George says that the shape and size of the massaging plate makes it difficult to closely reach under the eye. She also writes in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that there are no proper instructions offered with the device to understand its safe functioning.

Terry Riley has a similar issue about the instructions in her Silk’n SkinVivid review. She suspects that these are poorly translated from another language.

Luz Garcia shows frustration in her Silk’n SkinVivid review over its battery. She tried charging the device for over 36 hours and it still failed to work. She states in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that the LED light does switch on to indicate charging but the battery seems to have given up.

Another customer, Courtney Spencer, asserts in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that she didn’t feel the massaging vibration at all and saw no change in her skin after few regular uses.


Silk’n SkinVivid Questions & Answers

Q. Silk’n SkinVivid comes with both heat and cold setting that worked well but there is a lack of vibration. Is it supposed to just buzz or vibrate too?
A. The massager comes with heat and cold setting and additionally has sonic vibrations available that are unlike regular vibrations.

Q. Where is Silk’n SkinVivid manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. Is Silk’n SkinVivid suitable to relieve jaw/TMJ and neck pain?
A. No, it is meant only for light massaging of the face and doesn’t have the strength required to relieve pain in the jaw and neck.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be used under and around the eyes and on the forehead? The instructions on another device say not to since it can damage the skin.
A. It can be safely used on every part of the face. A face massage cream is recommended along for better results and to avoid any side effects.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid come with a portable battery charger?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Silk’n SkinVivid work while charging?
A. No.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid work on the belly?
A. No, it is meant for facial massaging only.

Q. How many times should one use Silk’n SkinVivid on the face for achieving optimal results?
A. It should be used twice or thrice a week safely since it doesn’t have a lot of power in its vibration and the key is to use hot and cold setting.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid emit ultrasound waves?
A. No, it is an ultrasonic facial massager that vibrates along with hot and cold temperature setting.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be charged via a USB port?
A. Yes, it comes with a portable USB cord.

Q. Is Silk’n SkinVivid effective at tightening lose skin after a weight loss surgery?
A. No. It fails to even show visible results in facial massaging and is a waste of money.

Q. What is the best way to use Silk’n SkinVivid under the eye?
A. Care should be taken while using it under the eye and the temperature should be kept nominal to prevent any injury to the sensitive skin.

Q. What kind of power supply does Silk’n SkinVivid require?
A. It has a regular adapter that works similar to any electronic device and even has a USB cable for portable charging.

Q. How much time does Silk’n SkinVivid take to fully charge?
A. It requires about 3 hours charging cycle for use.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be used for reducing hand and foot sweating?
A. No, Silk’n SkinVivid is a facial massager and is not meant for any other body part.


SkinVivid Price
SkinVivid is priced at £168.95 at the Official website:

me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

What is it? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
It’s an FDA-approved and clinically proven solution for permanent unwanted hair reduction.
It’s a professional-quality device that can be used for removing hair from face and body.
Tria 4X
It’s a laser device for at-home use for removing unwanted body and face hair permanently. It is suitable for fair to medium skin tones with contrasting light brown to black body hair.
It’s an at-home hair removal device projected as a superior alternative for waxing, shaving and other IPL hair-removal devices. It guarantees permanent hair reduction in three treatment sessions.


What does it do? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
It promises permanent hair reduction results without the side effects caused by other treatment methods. It is safe and effective on light, fair, medium, olive, brown and darkest skin tones along with blond, dark blond and red hair.
It claims to be the only one-of-its-kind ‘at-home hair removal device’ that effectively removes unwanted hair, whether naturally blond, dark blond, red, brown, brunette or black, from all skin types and tones.
Tria 4X
It uses diode laser to target pigments in hair follicles to inactivate hair regrowth in them without injuring the skin. It proclaims that it works on fair to medium skin tones having contrasting light brown to black body hair. It offers five energy levels that one can select from.
Being larger in size as compared to quite a few other known brands, it provides better coverage and results in lesser time with its cutting-edge filters work like professional devices. It reduces hot spots, releases a more uniform output of energy and guarantees it is doubly effective as it provides 66% hair reduction in a year with three treatments.


How does it work? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
It employs scientifically devised blend of Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency to reduce hair permanently. It also uses color blind RF which facilitates lower level use of IPL energy that removes hair from darker skin tones as smoothly too. When IPL heats the hair follicle, RF begins its work by attracting it, and hair shaft and follicle are demolished. It leaves silky soft skin and does not cause any injury in the process..

me Smooth also uses a technology, Elōs which penetrates deeper into the skin dermis and works by combining IPL and RF functions. Besides smoothly delving deeper into the skin layer, Elōs uses gentle pulses of two targeted energies and a lower overall energy while working on hair follicles. This allows Elōs to do its work quickly and also provide a higher level of security and comfort to anyone who uses it. Since light energy is converted into thermal energy by Elōs, me Smooth is able to burn hair shaft and hair follicles to attract the RF energy. It heats them for a longer period, which controls hair re-growth.

The Elōs technology has been adopted by Iluminage for its special Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction, which guarantees permanent results for the most types of hair color on all skin types. The Precise Touch treatment range aims to deactivate the hair follicle gently but effectively to prevent regrowth of unwanted hair. Iluminage is designed as a compact device that is easy to use and feels gentle on the skin. The instrument also promises to make your skin look silky-smooth and save you from the discomfort of waxing and shaving.

Tria 4X
This device uses what its makers state is the advanced hair removal laser technology, which guarantees three times better results courtesy its special hair-eliminating energy density (J/cm^2). The secret behind its power is its ultra-high energy density coupled with precise laser wavelength range. It focuses on pigments in the hair follicle in order to destroy its ability to grow hair again safely and with great results.

Promoted as the perfect body hair removal device for both men and women (for areas like underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest and stomach), LumaRx is officially approved only for female facial hair for now. In this capacity, it can be used to remove unwanted hair from cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck areas and above the lips. Its manufacturers advise caution to not use it as a substitute for daily shaving. Also, LumaRx is intended only for use on light to medium skin tones, preferably on dark hair.


Compare Technology Used: me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
Employed widely and endorsed by dermatologists me Smooth, with its patented Elos Technology, it projected as the only use at home, professional hair removal system cleared by the FDA which is suitable all skin tones.

This clinically proven device, cleared by the FDA, is known to be effective for all skin tones, which is evident in the fact that it is used by dermatologists across the world. It combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies that promise great results, unmatched safety and effectiveness quickly and painlessly.

Tria 4X
It uses a specially designed hair removal laser that, coupled with its advanced features, give professional quality permanent results. You can look forward to smooth skin that feels baby soft. The advanced features that Tria 4X uses include quick treatment, digital display and pulse counter among others.

Its treatment line is founded on Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that guarantees safety and desired results specially for women’s sensitive parts. It’s recommended only for light to medium skin tones, preferably on dark hair.


How to use it? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
Step 1
Start removing hair in the target areas by shaving or waxing. For light hair, waxing or epilating immediately before treatment is more suitable.

Step 2
Switch the device on and select from low, medium or high energy levels.

Step 3
Start sliding the device gently over the treatment area twice or thrice. It is recommended that you use Smooth setting once a week for seven weeks. Take periodic touch-up treatments as suitable to obtain best results.

Step 1
Shave or wax your skin to remove unwanted hair in desired places first. Waxing or epilating is recommended for light hair.

Step 2
Switch the Precise Touch device on and choose the desired energy level from low, medium or high.

Step 3
Place the device with gentle hands on smaller, contoured areas such as the face, bikini area or the underarms. Glide the device slowly over larger areas such as arms and legs.

Tria 4X
Step 1
Wash and shave your skin at the beginning of the treatment.
Remove all lotions, creams and beauty products as they block the laser light.
Start shaving the treatment area for removing surface hair.

Step 2
Unlock the Tria Laser 4X on the target areas and use system skin sensor. It will help you to confirm whether Tria Laser 4X suits your skin tone.

Step 3
Select the treatment level from the five energy levels (higher power for better results).Start with lower setting and ascend to a higher setting gradually..

Step 4
Continue with the treatment process by using the device every two weeks for about three months or till you find satisfactory results.

Start by cleaning and shaving the areas you wish to treat.

Step 2
Use the skin tone tester to see whether the device suits the target area.

Step 3
Select the preferred energy level.

Step 4
Start using the device by gliding it on the skin in a grid-like pattern.


Features: me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
FDA-cleared and clinically proven
Regarded as the only product that uses advanced Elōs technology that combines RF and IPL attributes a more effective treatment that guarantees painless treatment.
Makes skin silky smooth to touch
Eliminates cracking, nicks, irritation and ingrown hair
Quick- Full body treatment can be performed in as less as 30 minutes, full leg in less than 10 minutes.
Treats arms, legs, face, back, underarms and bikini area safely in very few minutes
In seven weeks, up to 94% permanent hair reduction is guaranteed.
Offers high level of safety for all skin tones
Long-lasting results courtesy 100,000 pulses- designed to provide more pulses than any other device
Durable cartridge- can least for minimum 6 years providing full body treatments
User-friendly- can be used by anyone carrying out its simple gliding motion
Needs no gel to be applied to the skin prior to treatments
Dual action- comes with a shaver accessory to remove hair and less hair growth

Uses clinically proven iluminage Precise Touch known to suit all skin tones and maximum range of hair color
Effective in reducing up to 94% hair reduction in 7 weeks
Devised after a clinical study with results evaluated continuously for a span of year after the use of device to verify its effect in study conducted by Syneron Medical
Compact and accurate
Handy and lightweight- convenient for use at both at home as well as outside
Effective in treating large and small areas and delicate areas such as the bikini line, underarm and face in minutes
Painless and safe
Makes use of unique combination of safe Dual Wave IPL and RF technology for painless hair reduction treatment suitable for both- light and dark hair

Tria 4X
Guarantees permanent results
Dermatologist recommended and safe
Clinically proven alternative to regular shaving and waxing
Effective results and safe
Features restyled and improved digital display- New digital user-interface window provided to give guidance through treatments and provide solution in case of error
View 5-comfort settings and battery charge
Skin sensor indicator and the lock status of device
Upgraded display featuring exclusive pulse counter to track number of pulses administered in any single treatment area for optimum number of pulses and complete coverage accuracy
Built-in skin sensor safety feature to automatically sense and check user’s skin tone- suitability indicated through emit a series of beeps and unlocking
Ergonomic design- sleek, hand-held design and slim handle for ease
Angled tip for superior visibility and to emit laser light for precise treatment
Clinically proven to be safe as at-home laser hair removal device
Does away with the need to wear goggles as a protective measure
Does not harm eyes or skin if used as directed
Treatment duration determined by size of the treatment area- few minutes for smaller areas like underarms and up to 25-30 minutes for larger areas
Noticeable results with two treatments
Permanent solution from regualr shaving and waxing within months with weekly use

Guarantees permanent hair reduction in three treatments normally
Uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology
Equally suitable for intensive treatment, for larger areas and for users looking for a high number of flashes
Ideal for use on body and female facial hair
No need for recharging the corded device
Provides one of the biggest treatment windows in at-home devices for quick treatments- 3 cm2
Emits 3-second flash speed for body and 4-second flash speed for face
Comes with ComfortFilter technology for comfort
Provides 65,000 flashes per replaceable cartridge
Maximum energy- 8 J/cm2 (+/-20%)
Two interchangeable treatment caps
Wavelength of 650-1200 nm for Body Cap and 600-1200 nm for Facial Cap
90-day, money-back guarantee


Are the Results Permanent? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
It confidently guarantees up to 94% hair reduction in 7 weeks in normal cases- effectiveness officially evaluated for a period of year following the use of the device for full treatment protocol

It has shown significant permanent hair reduction in 12 months. Also, significant hair reduction of blond hair has also been recorded after three months of beginning the treatment.

Tria 4X
It puts forth that it is recommended by dermatologists to yield permanent results. Clinical studies conducted have shown that after one moth, up to 70% reduction is seen with two treatments.

It guarantees permanent hair reduction with three treatment sessions.


How long before you see the results? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
In two weeks, me Smooth guarantees 46% hair reduction. It has a seven-week protocol for use and also certifies permanent hair reduction. In addition to that, me Smooth is also suitable for touch-ups if any small hair growth is noticed.

Its makers promise 94% hair reduction after seven weeks of use. It shows notable permanent hair reduction in 12 months after beginning the treatment. Significant hair reduction of blond hair has also been noticed in three months of treatment.

Tria 4X
Treatment periods are known to differ as it is based on the size of the treatment area. When smaller areas are treated, a few minutes are required while larger areas need 25-30 minutes.

Time taken by LumaRx in showing results depends on the size of the area being treated. Small areas require less than two minutes while large areas such as full leg take approximately 20 minutes.


What skin color tones does it work on? me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth and Iluminiage
Both the devices are ideal for all skin tones and maximum hair color.

Tria 4X
It is suitable for fair to medium skin tones with complementary light brown to black body hair.

Guidelines issued by its manufacturers clearly state that this device should be used only on light to medium skin tones.


Duration of one session: me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth
7 weeks

Once a week for 7 treatments and monthly periodic touch-up treatments as required.

Tria 4X
It guarantees results after two treatments and permanent removal of hair in three months if used weekly.

Three treatments during the first month are recommended, followed by maintenance (follow-up) treatments as and when necessary. One need to wait and observe the progress for two weeks between treatments. Treatment Cards (provided at the back of the Use and Care Guide) can be utilized to monitor the treatment.


Compare Reviews: me Smooth vs Iluminiage vs Tria 4X vs LumaRx

me Smooth

Users who opted for me Smooth have written in and given feedback about their experiences while using it. A customer who used me Smooth consistently for seven weeks has written in that she’s left totally disappointed. She’s seen absolutely no results even after using the device on the highest setting. She is angry as she feels her money was wasted from day one as she didn’t feel any difference from day one to date.

me Smooth hurt the eyes of another customer even after wearing dark glasses for protection. She had to go to an eye specialist for treatment for eyes as they were showing traces of blood, which she says, can scare anyone. The doctor informed her that bright light of the device popped some of her eye blood vessels. She advises caution to all those who’re reading the reviews.

Another customer has stated that she’s noticed using me Smooth hasn’t done anything good but has made hair growth worse. She says that the first laser treatment session was awful as she almost got a shock while using it. Sparks started come out when she plugged it. Since she did it in her bathroom first, she thought it must be due to moist conditions there so she went in her bedroom, but sparks came out even there. She was left shocked. She says she told her family members, and they all said it must be due to electrical leakage.

me Smooth did not work on light colored hair of another user, who’s said that it doesn’t seem to do what it claims. It didn’t pull out hair properly and it took really long to complete the treatment.


A user has complained that Iluminiage wasn’t at all effective on her thick, black hair. Even though she followed all the instructions, she saw no reduction in hair. The results aren’t heartening, and even though hair in some areas seem thinner, Iluminiage doesn’t work on all areas. She’s really disappointed and now just wants to return it and get her money back.

Iluminiage, according to another customer, didn’t treat the bikini area at all. She bought Iluminiage chiefly for that purpose, but she’s really put off as she’s seen no effect at all.Even underarm hair that the device didn’t remove every time she used it seems to be growing normally. It doesn’t seem to work on dark colored hair at all.

Tria 4X

A buyer who procured Tria 4X is angry that it didn’t work and removed brown hair from her light toned skin even after using it for nine times. Besides, it was very painful. She’s also unhappy because Tria 4X is too delicate, and even slight damage when it’s out of the warranty period will render it invalid as a returnable item.

Tria 4X, according to yet another user, didn’t get activated even after she followed the instructions as they weren’t clear. And now it’s not functioning properly as it shuts down automatically after just three seconds. She charged it for over two hours but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

One more customer who’s shared her experience with Tria 4X describes how after using it on underarms for nearly four weeks (one treatment per week on level 5) she developed white spots, which got worse after she stepped in the sun. She noticed white circular marks on her underarms exactly in the shape of the laser treatment window of the device. She says the instructions didn’t provide any information about this occurrence, and even now she doesn’t know what exactly she should do. Though it is not painful as such and doesn’t cause discomfort and no occurrence of burns, blisters or sunburn, the hair on her face is still very much there although her underarms seem to have lesser hair. In fact, she says that things now seem worse that they were when she’d only wax. The regrowth is alarming, and there’s no sign of reduction in hair growth.


A customer who opted for LumaRX over other alternatives has stated that after seven treatments that she took with two weeks apart, she didn’t notice any ‘long-lasting’ hair reduction. She’s upset as the device simply isn’t working in helping her acquire hair-free skin. She is still seeing hair regrowth in most places and removing them is very time-consuming. Moreover, the treatments are also painful, which is making things worse.

LumaRX, according to another user’s review, is very time-consuming. She’s surprised with the way the device is promoted as quick and effective. She says one needs to have loads of patience and time to treat even a small area to see some result, and the less said about larger areas, the better. She says she’s been using LumaRX at the highest setting, and after some time, it starts beeping like an alarm. She turns it off and then on after some time, but the same thing occurs. She says she’s let down with it, and even the highest settings seem to have no effect.

One more reviewer has remarked that LumaRX is good at targeting unwanted hair, but then it is also good at burning the skin. That’s what happened to her, she says. She feels the instrument caused her injuries possibly because she has tanned skin. She feels that people with tanned and dark should avoid LumaRX as it causes injuries to deep shaded skin.

Another customer has written that LumaRX is painful but can be bearable on sensitive areas once you get accustomed to it. He tried it on his beard at level 3, but he has to use it several times to get results. he also feels that the tester of LumaRX should have been located on the pod.

One customer returned her LumaRX after her third treatment as she found that some of her freckles were turning red and swollen. after a few days when she saw the appearance of scabs on the freckles she felt the light was probably causing problem. Although it was not very painful and the scabs started healing, she wouldn’t recommend LumaRX.

One customer has said that LumaRX is simple in design and is easy to use but it isn’t effective on light and white hair. She has rather dense hair growth but LumaRX doesn’t seem to be useful at all. She removed hair on her legs five times in 2 months but she didn’t see any effect. The machine also beeps loudly, which is annoying and its cord is also very short. She’s also said that she doesn’t find it very safe, especially due to the unlocking function. Its customer service is also not up to the mark.


Friday, February 3rd, 2017

About Sunscreenr

Sunscreenr asserts to be a special camera that shows the UV rays sunscreen lotion blocks, so that you can look at your own skin or someone else’s and reapply sunscreen if need be. Sunscreener assures to be waterproof, dustproof, rugged, and lightweight to go on any outdoor activity with you.


How does Sunscreenr work?

On looking through the Sunscreenr viewfinder, protected skin allegedly looks dark and unprotected skin, light. Sunscreenr declares to combine a special filter that eliminates all light of the spectrum except for what sunscreen absorbs, custom lens created from special materials and an exclusive sensor that responds to UV light. This hardware is combined with image processing algorithms show the presence of sunscreen on the skin.


Check sunscreen on your skin
If you love the great outdoors but are concerned about the damage the sun does to your skin, then Sunscreenr guarantees to confirm that your skin is protected. You can’t really see if the sunscreen lotion you applied is actually protecting you from the harmful UV rays, but Sunscreenr proclaims to show UV light that naked eyes cannot see and lets you know if you missed a spot. Sunscreenr also alleges to show the spots where water, sand or sweat has worn the sunscreen off. Are these claims of Sunscreenr true? Let’s wait for user reviews.


Easy to use and durable
Sunscreenr emphasizes to be very simple to use with its quick On/Off and easy controls. Even if you’re by yourself, you can use the tripod or selfie stick mount slot and play back to check if sunscreen’s applied. Sunscreenr claims to charge with USB and a single charge can last the whole weekend. Right now there are no Sunscreenr reviews to know the truth. Sunscreenr convinces to be rugged and durable so you can take it to extreme outdoor activities for years. Sunscreenr proclaims to be waterproof and sand and dustproof so you can use it at the pool or the beach. Sunscreenr promises to be compact and lightweight and you can easily carry it anywhere. Tell us with your Sunscreenr reviews if these claims are true.


What do I get?
Buy Sunscreenr just for $119.00

Le Juvent

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

What is Le Juvent?

Do you wish to get rid of all the signs of aging from your skin so that your skin looks radiant and years younger too? Now there is an amazing anti-aging breakthrough cream formulated to get rid of your wrinkles from your skin and make you look years younger instantly.
Here’s introducing the latest anti-aging breakthrough, Le Juvent, a facial rejuvenating formula clinically formulated to instantly remove fine lines and wrinkles. With the Le Juvent anti-aging cream you can take up to 10 years off your appearance in as little as 2 minutes!
Using the Le Juvent facial rejuvenating formula will instantly make you look years younger! You are guaranteed to love the results you get from the Le Juvent anti-aging cream!



Argilisee complex to rejuvenate your skin

Le Juvent is formulated with Argilisee complex, an ingredient that loosens up your facial muscles to rejuvenate your skin, clearing it of all the wrinkles instantly!
With Le Juvent you can instantly get back your youth, firmness, and beauty to your skin!


What Le Juvent does?
Le Juvent relaxes your facial muscles, rejuvenates your skin, eliminates fine lines, and reduces wrinkles and all other signs of aging giving you the perfect looking skin that you always wanted!


Perfect for all ages
Le Juvent is perfect for both men and women of all ages. With the Le Juvent anti-aging cream you get real results!
Say goodbye to injections and dangerous surgeries and order the Le Juvent Facial Rejuvenating Formula today to remove the signs of aging from your skin!


What do I get?
Two 0.5fl oz bottles of Le Juvent will cost you $19.99, plus $9.99 S&H, as well as a $1 web service fee.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

What is Paula’s Anti Aging Trio?

It claims to be a daily leave-on Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant that helps in diminishing the signs of aging without causing abrasions or use of harmful ingredients.


Get younger looking skin

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio claims to be a pack of three solutions that help in resurfacing the skin and eliminate signs of aging. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio guarantees that it is clinically proven to diminish wrinkle appearances, soften and smooth the skin, diminish the pore size, hydrate the skin and relieve redness. How well does Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio really work will be only validated once it is reviewed.


Powerful trio
Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio proclaims to feature the highly effective skin perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio asserts to use it daily for removing dead layers of skin so that a vibrant, radiant skin resurfaces. More shall be known once Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio is reviewed. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio assures that it works on all skin types and is leave-on solution takes very little time for application. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio declares to have a Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleaner that is to be used to clean and clear the skin of dirt and makeup before the exfoliation. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio alleges to also come with Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer that hydrates and diminishes the wrinkle appearance after the exfoliation. It includes Retinol to provide a secure and sustained potency. Did you find any changes to your skin after using Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio? Send us your reviews.


Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer REVIEWS

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer review says that it did not help in any ways at all. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer fails to provide anything for the face that helps with anti-aging.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer review states that it is acts as a good moisturizing solution for the skin. Although be careful during application of other products since the addition of Retinol can make the skin a bit flaky.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer review complaints that it is not as moisturizing and requires a use of another moisturizer over it even for moderately dry skin.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer review asserts that it clogs the pores around the chin and jaw line. It also fails to moisturize the skin enough and is not recommended for acne prone skin.


Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser REVIEWS

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser review states that it is not good for the skin. It makes the skin highly dry upon application.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser review complaints that it is nothing like the stellar reviews and five star points it is getting. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser lacks in many areas and even starts to break the skin after few days of use. It does provide hydration to the face throughout the day and scores a point in that region. But otherwise it is not a good value for money.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser review says that it didn’t come true to its claims. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Cleanser made the face patchy and makes the skin a little dry. Even after washing the face thoroughly, it doesn’t feel like washed well enough.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant REVIEW

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant review asserts that Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant may feel nice on the skin but doesn’t exhibit any anti-aging attributes. It even rubs off with the moisturizer and renders itself useless at times. There is nothing wrong with Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant but at the same time there are no extraordinary attributes too.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant review complaints that it listed parabens as one of the ingredients before November 2015. The customer service assures now that the ingredients of the gel have been modified to exclude parabens from it. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant basically is quite harsh on the skin and may leave it red and dry. Use the BHA treatment by Paula with 1% Retinol application at night instead of AHA for better results.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant review states that there is hardly any noticeable difference after using Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant for few months. The sun spots that should have healed during the process look worse than before. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant is not recommended for sensitive skin as it makes the skin burn too.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant review asserts that Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant comes with the BHA liquid. It does work as it promises to but the problem with it is that of all the classic skin care solutions. The Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant has a gel form that slips on and dries off as a sticky, tight film over the skin instead of getting absorbed. Using a moisturizer quickly after applying Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant dries off does work to certain extent. One can use it for the bikini area to help with the ingrown hair problem instead of its actual use.

Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant review says that Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio SKIN PERFECTING AHA Gel Exfoliant lacks the potency that would make it work on acne.


Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio Q and A

Question: How is Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio BHA Gel different than AHA gel?
Answer: AHA is designed for to improve the moisture balance on dry skin by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin. The BHA gel in Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio also works on the skin surface but additionally works on oily and blackheads prone skin as it gently exfoliates the pore linings. Both of them can be used for added benefit. The main difference that BHA has from AHA is that the former is lipid-oil soluble and the latter is water-soluble. So Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio BHA penetrates oily, blemished skin and pores easily over AHA which works only on dry skin.

Q.How long does Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio last on daily use?
A. The solution is designed for little use per day so that Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio lasts for a long time.

Question: Does AHA increase the chances of getting tanned along with the chances of getting sunburnt?
Answer: AHA makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight which is why it can get sunburnt and tanned. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio recommends using BHA solution during the day and AHA during the night.

Question: Is Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio safe for application under the eye?
Answer: Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio can be used under the eye. Just ensure that it doesn’t get into the eye.

Q. Does Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio work on acne-scars?
A. Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio works on post acne marks by exfoliating and breaking down the dead skin cells on the surface. Such a process helps in fading the surface level discolorations caused by acne.

Question: How long is Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio to be applied regularly to notice differences on the skin?
Answer. There is no timeline provided.

Question: Is Paula’s Anti-Aging Trio safe to use on Acne?
Answer: No, it is unsafe to use on acne.