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e-Race Review

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

About e-Race

e-Race is a screen guard for your cell phone that claims to be the most hygienic screen protector on the market because it can clean itself. e-Race maintains to combine scratch-resistance feature along with self-cleaning enzyme technology that gets rid of grease, makeup, and fingerprint smudges on the mobile phone screen by itself. e-Race assures to work on any standard phone and is easy to apply.



How does it work

Your mobile phone screen doesn’t only need protection from scratches and damage but also needs cleanliness. e-Race convinces that it does both because it is created from scratch-resistant and robust tempered glass and innovative enzyme technology. This combination of e-Race emphasizes to create a microscopic layer of soap and makeup remover on your phone’s surface. With this e-Race declares to have the same effect as thousands of soap bubbles constantly working to eliminate the smudges that grease and makeup cause on contact.

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The most hygienic mobile screen protector

If the screen of your phone is messy with makeup, fingerprints, smudges, oil and dirt all over it then it is dirtier than a public toilet seat. While you cannot not use your mobile phone nor change the screen guard every day, you can simply protect it with e-Race, the alleged scratch-resistant and most hygienic mobile phone screen guard. e-Race proclaims to be created with sturdy and scratch-resistant tempered glass and enzyme technology. This combination of e-Race states to protect the screen from scratches and it also keeps cleaning itself with its layer of soap and makeup remover.


Works even on oily fingerprints

Just by removing and keeping back your phone in your pocket or bag you will be wiping the smudges off your screen. e-Race maintains to be so effective that it can remove oily fingerprints from the screen just like wiping it off. So even if you have just had food and had to answer a call so urgently that you couldn’t wipe your hands, e-Race guarantees that it will wipe the oil off the screen on its own. e-Race assures that the more you use your cell phone the cleaner it will get. e-Race convinces to make the screen so clean that you can give it to your kids or anyone else right after talking on the phone without having to worry about the grease or grime from your face transferring on to their skin. e-Race guarantees that you wouldn’t be embarrassed of smudged and gross-looking phone screen when you take it out of your pocket. e-Race asserts that it works on all standard cell phones and is easy to apply so you wouldn’t have to take it to a cell phone store to get the screen protection.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get e-Race for $29.99
  • Official website:
  • Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM Windows Phone Review

    Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

    What is Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim

    It claims to be the first Smartphone that has been designed especially for selfies and Skype video calls.

    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim maintains that it is a Smartphone that makes sense for today’s generation of users who love to take their selfies on a regular basis. You could be out and about or trying on a new look at home, you want to make sure you get the perfect selfie for the occasion. Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim asserts that it is just perfect for the purpose but what’s more, it is ideal for Skype video calls as well, according to its claims. But importantly the quality of the calls and pictures will not be diminished because it has a 5 MP front facing camera with a wide angle lens to give you top quality results.


    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim Features and Benefits

    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim lets you make Skype calls with ease: It’s all about staying connected with your friends and loved ones all over the world. That’s one of the reasons you have a Smartphone in the first place. But how many of them offer you easy access to Skype video calls without losing out on the quality? Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim stresses that now it’s possible because it has integrated Skype, which means you can easily make video calls to your friends and loved ones. The 5 MP front facing camera will be the perfect solution to enhance the quality of these calls.

    The fact that Skype is preinstalled on this phone works to your advantage as well. That’s because it can discover contacts online in the address book so that you can send instant messages or make calls on the go. Thus Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim assures you complete convenience as far as use of Skype is concerned for your personal or even professional reasons for that matter.

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    Personalized Windows phone 8.1 Experience: For starters, Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim offers you Windows 8.1experience, which is considered to be top notch and meant for your complete convenience. But it just doesn’t stop there because this Smartphone allows you to personalize this experience to the fullest. From the home screens background image to customizing live tiles, there is a lot you can do with your Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim, according to its claims. Moreover, there is the handy Action Centre, which allows you to monitor all your notifications in a single place. Thus it lets you make your phone exactly the way you want it to be, catered to your convenience to the fullest.


    Ideal for fun and work
    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim comes with access to 1TB space on OneDrive at a fee of Rs. 799 for a year. This can be quite a handy solution for those who want to use it to save their work files, documents in a secure environment. It also makes sense for personal users who want to store large amounts of data for their individual reasons. From music to movies and a whole lot more, Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim lets you save practically everything. And you will also be rest assured that you don’t lose anything important.

    This feature of the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim means you have your entire world saved on the cloud and you can access it from wherever you might be. 1 TB space is going to be adequate for all users who need it for personal or professional storage.


    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is sleek and user friendly
    One of the main features of the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is its 4.7 inch LCD display. It’s just the perfect size for new Smartphone users who want to make the most of the options that it brings them. At the same time it offers several solutions for the seasoned users who will relish the opportunity of working with a stunning screen like this one. Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim also emphasizes on the fact that it is just perfect for users who want to get a phone that it high on the style quotient. That’s because besides the smart design it is available in a number of funky colours that can be chosen based on your own preferences. Thus you have a Smartphone that can become your cool style statement, according to its claims.

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    Other Important Features
    While the big sized display screen makes it easier to use, its display resolution of HD720 (1280 x 720) makes the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim a delight to work with. Everything you see on the screen of the phone, from images to text is rendered well as you wish it to be, because of the high screen resolution. Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim also makes the most out of Super Sensitive touch screen technology. It’s this technology that is responsible for this phone being extremely user friendly even for those who haven’t worked with touch screens in the past.

    Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim asserts that though it is high on style, you will find its functioning top notch too. This Smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 400 CPU with Quad Core, which is responsible for its performance. Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is also handy for those who like to use their Smartphone extensively because it has a battery capacity of 2220 mAh, leads to maximum video play time of 9 hours besides maximum Wi-Fi network browsing time of 10.5 hours. That is a lot of flexibility for users, right there.

    But at the end of the day, as mentioned earlier, Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is all about Selfies and making Skype calls. That’s where you need the camera features, which are spot on. But besides the front camera there’s the main camera of 6.7 MP with LED type flash for good quality pictures.

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    What do I get?