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Friday, February 3rd, 2017

About PolyGlide

PolyGlide emphasizes that it is a premium grade synthetic ice surface that allows you to create your own rink and enjoy ice skating right at home while avoiding spending money on expensive equipment. It states to cost as much as just a few lessons at a local rink. PolyGlide convinces that its inventory includes panels good enough for professional ice skating design.



How does it work

Using the latest technology in polymer, PolyGlide guarantees to offer extraordinary glide and performance. The panels of the synthetic ice skate rink can be clipped together on a flat and hard surface with a skip-proof lining or plywood subfloor. PolyGlide claims that the rink will be ready in minutes with minimal assembling required.


Ice skate anywhere and anytime
You can now ice skate anywhere and anytime you please with the home ice panel, PolyGlide, as its manufacturers state. PolyGlide asserts to include panels that clip together easily so that you can start ice skating within minutes. The synthetic ice surface assures to be lightweight and portable enough to carry anywhere and create your own rink in any shape and length or breadth you need. PolyGlide maintains that you can use it in your garage, playroom or outdoor patio and practice ice skating or even throw a skate party whenever you please. There are no user reviews of PolyGlide to corroborate these claims yet.


Professional grade rink
PolyGlide alleges that it is made with highest grade polymer plastic that lends it great performance and durability. PolyGlide declares to have a special Grip-Lock dovetail interlock system that secures the panels firmly and provides a near seamless connection so that the rink has a consistent and smooth surface. We haven’t analyzed PolyGlide user reviews to verify these claims yet. PolyGlide promises that it can be fabricated as per radius corners, finished edges, and special profiles and shapes. Those looking for professional rink design will get colored lines, goalie creases, and face-off circles. PolyGlide convinces to be affordable enough to make great gifting options. Whether or not these PolyGlide claims are true will be known after reading user reviews.




Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

What is Whiptide

It is a dual-deck street carve board that gives you carving motion like you are snowboarding. It has a patented flex-neck with triple axis motion to give you sharper and smoother turns.


Snowboard, surf and skateboard with a single carve board

Whiptide promises to give an extra edge to skateboarding enthusiasts and give them the feel of snowboarding with sharper and smoother turns. It claims to be a combination of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding and for a skater lover, it takes skating to a revolutionary level. The carve board proclaims that carving is simple and quick on learn on it and you will never have to push off, you can just be on the go with carving motion. Whiptide convinces that it surpasses skateboards because no skateboard combines unique design, engineering and technology like no other. It also claims to have optional lights and more wheels than regular skateboards.


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The only carve board with patented flex-neck technology

Unlike any skateboard or surfboard, Whiptide alleges to be the only carve board that has patented flex-neck technology and its secret lies in its special bearing inside and the rotator outside that give it triple axis – x-axis rotates vertically, y-axis rotates horizontally and the z-axis twists it to give you sharper and smoother twists and turns while carve boarding. It maintains to have dual decks and four pro-style 80 mm in-line wheels with high-end ABEC 5 bearings that give you utmost control and stability in spite of sharper turns and carving. Whiptide also convinces to be lightweight and have a 360-degree pivoting inclined aluminum trucks that give you snow-boarding like carving motion so that you can impress anyone in the skateboarding arena.


Fun and exercise together

With all its unique features, Whiptide states that it can give you 360s and 540s with its maneuverability and the best of turns, going aerial, ramps and bowls, and even lets you create your unique moves. It assures to be made of durable material so is indestructible and lets you skateboard like you are snowboarding even it is run over by a truck and let you have fun for years together. Allegedly constructed with ABC plastic, Whiptide has a powerful grip tape and spiked traction zones to give your feet complete control. It convinces to let kids get off the couch and forget video games and go out and skateboard for real. Because of this Whiptide assures that it is an entertaining source of exercise for anyone because you use all the major muscle groups while riding it. Whiptide claims to be available in colors of your choice – black, blue or red and make for a fun activity for the family as well.


What do I get?

Buy two Whiptide™ in Blue, Black or Red for only 3 payments of $33.33 plus $59.9 S&H.Official website

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Clear Swing

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

What is Clear Swing?

It is a dietary supplement that safely supports the metabolism of the brain. Made with natural ingredients, Clear Swing supports brain metabolism and the connections between neurotransmitters, thereby improving clarity, focus, and endurance.


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Benefits of Clear Swing

Clear Swing safely supports brain metabolism without stimulants improving: focus and concentration, neurotransmitter quantity and activity, memory formation and recall, oxygen to the brain, cerebral circulation, mental alertness, eyesight and hearing, brain-cell repair, brain-cell membrane integrity, clear-thinking and balanced energy.
Clear Swing is made with proven ingredients, is safe, natural, long-lasting and has no stimulants.


How It Works

Clear Swing uses a microcrystalline process that allows pure nutrients to pass through the brain barrier and support the way the brain naturally processes information.
Using a patented liquid-gel delivery system, Clear Swing allows golfers to consume it half an hour prior to the beginning of a round and be delivered incrementally in the system over 3-6 hours, keeping you alert and focused the entire round.


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Alpha Lipoic Acid raises levels of glutathione in brain cells.
CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant and energy booster within all cells, particularly in the heart and brain. It ensures your brain works at full power.
Phosphatidyl Serine has been proven to improve memory performance, up to 30% higher on memory and focus tests.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine can protect the brain from neurotoxicity and oxygen deprivation while preserving the cells energy-producing mitochondria and thus rejuvenates mental clarity and increases cell function.
Citicoline 5:0 (CDP-Choline) promotes brain metabolism by increasing the synthesis of acetylcholine and restoring phospholipid content in the brain.
PS (Phosphatidylserine) supports the brain’s proper response to stress and promotes neuronal communication. The antioxidants Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Taurine provide protection for the neurons from damage caused by certain free radicals. Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-Glutamine also support energy utilization. Taurine also aids in osmoregulation (maintenance of proper concentrations of ions) inside the cell.


    What do I get ?

  • You will get Clear Swing for $59.99+$6.99 P&H.
  • Official Website :

Swing Shirt

Monday, November 25th, 2013

What is Swing Shirt

Swing Shirt is a shirt whose design syncs upper arms with body to function as a golf training device. It is an award-winning golf training aid being used by many to learn golf.


Love golf? Get Swing Shirt, the award-winning master golf trainer

Swing Shirt guarantees to train you like no one can, which teaching legend Jimmy Ballard and three-time major winner Padraig Harrington and leading golf instructors across the US endorse. Swing Shirt is considered as the best training aid that is in the form of a shirt, which when worn, helps you get your golf right by learning to groove the swing, hit longer straight shots and master various nuances of the sport easily and instantly.


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Helps feel perfect golf swings every time

Wearing Swing Shirt seems to be the best way to understand perfect golf swings every single time. It is known to revolutionize the way golfers are not only learning, but also playing golf now. According to its designers, people say that it feels like having your own swing coach. It makes people feel that it enhances the golf swing by syncing the upper arms with body, the effects of which are not seen so easily in normal scenario.


Useful for all

Swing Shirt promises to help anyone experience fine golfing as it’s designed to suit everyone. It can be worn by men as well as women of any age and even by those who may have a disability. It is made of special fabric and conforms to technology that is found to be common in great golfers.


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Looks and feels good

Swing Shirt is designed to make the wearer feel good as it is made of top quality that looks pleasing too. It’s available in any color and size you prefer and feel comfortable in.


Easy to use

The makers of Swing Shirt state that it’s not a complex tool or a machine but simply a shirt you wear over your clothes and put your arms in its centre trunk sleeve to get going. You can wear the shirt comfortably during the round and just need to make sure that it’s zippers are not zipped.


What do I get?

More info at

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013

What is CopperWear

CopperWear is Knee and Elbow Compression Sleeve containing 30% copper.

Maximizes compression and comfort

CopperWear is launched as a revolutionary performance fabric designed to be worn on knees or arms for relief and enhanced support. The makers of CopperWear aim to provide you increased number of hours of an active, healthy life without letting occasional due to pain or soreness coming in your way. CopperWear, it is claimed, is made with more embedded copper that provides the comfort you look for.


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The CopperWear secret

According to the CopperWear people, it is made of special performance fabric that is designed in such a way that it releases maximum compression whenever you need it. The fabric, when pulled over your elbows or knees, is supposed to help you move freely and not feel any pain. The CopperWear secret ingredient is 30% more embedded copper that provides maximum anti-microbial action. This fabric simultaneously enables enhanced outflow of moisture so you don’t get overheated and stay comfy. CopperWear prevents excessive swallowing, improves blood circulation in body and blood flow to heart and absorbs perspiration and releases it.

Fits snugly and moves with your body

CopperWear supposedly fits your body snugly without exerting any tension on your skin. In spite of that, it offers flexibility and moves with your body the way you desire. You may consider trying it out as it confidently states that it offers the perfect compression and maximum comfort. You are reassured that you’ll feel the compression on your joints when you wear it as its comfortable compression design offers ultimate flexibility and the fabric conforms to every contour of your body while maintaining constant compression. If these claims are true, you will no longer have to bear sore elbows, aching ankles or sensitive knees and you will be able to do all things you like and never feel left out.

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What do I get?

  • 2 Men’s & Women’s Elbow Compression Sleeves
  • OR

  • 2 Men’s & Women’s Knee Compression Sleeves

Price: $19.99 + $7.99 P&H. Official website

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