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About PolyGlide PolyGlide emphasizes that it is a premium grade synthetic ice surface that allows you to create your own rink and enjoy ice skating right at home while avoiding spending money on expensive equipment….

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What is Whiptide It is a dual-deck street carve board that gives you carving motion like you are snowboarding. It has a patented flex-neck with triple axis motion to give you sharper and smoother turns….

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Clear Swing

What is Clear Swing? It is a dietary supplement that safely supports the metabolism of the brain. Made with natural ingredients, Clear Swing supports brain metabolism and the connections between neurotransmitters, thereby improving clarity, focus,…

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Swing Shirt

What is Swing Shirt Swing Shirt is a shirt whose design syncs upper arms with body to function as a golf training device. It is an award-winning golf training aid being used by many to…

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What is CopperWear CopperWear is Knee and Elbow Compression Sleeve containing 30% copper. Maximizes compression and comfort CopperWear is launched as a revolutionary performance fabric designed to be worn on knees or arms for relief…