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Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray REVIEW

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

What is Grypmat?

The Grypmat by Shark Tank is a flexible, non-abrasive specialized mat that claims to provide a safe space for you to keep your tools. It promises to stay in place on any surface, makes no scratches, and hold onto tools at many extreme angles.



Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray CLAIMS

Grypmat alleges that its material is anti-static, a feature it convinces is of critical importance when working with sensitive electronic components. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray reviews.

Grypmat also asserts that the mat is chemical resistant but cleans up easily with soap and water, a claim that hasn’t been verified by reviews yet.

It proclaims that its material holds tools up to a seventy degree angle with no magnets. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once it is reviewed. The high-friction material also convinces to protect surfaces and tools alike. Sounds too fanciful, Grypmat reviews will expose it soon.

Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray maintains that it is perfect for working on a hot engine, a high-wing airplane, or on the interior of a marine vessel. Does the Grypmat really work as promised? Send us your Grypmat review.

The Grypmat states that it can fold up and retain its original shape. Its flexibility allows it to contour to curved surfaces in hard to reach places. This claim of the Grypmat will be attested only once users review the Grypmat.


Grypmat REVIEW

Tracey Reyes says in her review of the Grypmat that the mat is not worth the price, just a big plastic mat. It does not hold well to cars, or hold tools well.

Francis Ellis is not impressed with the Grypmat and mentions in his review- “Don’t buy this! It is terrible. All the tools keep falling down”.

In his review of the Grypmat, Joe Chapman says that he is surprised by its small size. Seems expensive for what you get.

Darin Russell writes in his Grypmat review- “Not what I was expecting at all. I expected it to have some gripping power but after a while the back of it doesn’t stick to anything, even after cleaning the surfaces. Tools roll around with no gripping power at all when you put it on surfaces with an angle or roll to it the sides collapse. It works fine as a tray but that’s about it, an expensive work tray at that”.

Peggy Carroll says in her review of the Grypmat that it is too small for the money.


How is Grypmat different

Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray is a flexible, non-magnetic, anti-static rubber tool mat whereas the Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder is designed with multiple magnets that magnetize the whole surface for convenient hardware and tool organization.

The Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray can fold up and retain its original shape. Its flexibility allows it to contour to curved surfaces in hard to reach places. The Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder’s flexible design sticks and conforms to ferrous surfaces like fenders keeping tools at close reach.


Q. Is the Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray unique?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray offer any value?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you recommend the Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray?
A. Yes.


Grypmat Alternative – Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder

Ivan Ramos says in his Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder review- “When working on small items, all of my screws stayed in one place along with my tools, nothing rolled away, very high-quality well-made magnetic surface. I was impressed by how strong the magnet is inside. The item is completely flexible and will mold two different surfaces and shapes.”

In his Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder review, Adrian Castillo writes- “Works great! Very handy! Seems like good quality but I’ll let you know in a year how it’s holding up. Love this mat! I could use a smaller one for tight spots and a bigger one for large jobs!”

Abraham Nichols mentions in his Lodesol Flexible Holder review that it is a wonderful product and works great.

Another user, Terence Goodwin is happy with the Lodesol Magnetic Holder and states in his review- “That thing is great for working on my project car, no more chasing loose hardware”.

Jermaine Zimmerman used the Lodesol and writes in his review- “Holds my tools and parts in place pretty good”.

Moses Vasquez mentions in his Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder review that it works great and helps keep the screws stay where you put them.

Ted Matt says in his Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder review- “Works great to hold tools in place in my tool box”.

Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Holder is available on it has a rating of 4.6/5.


What do I get?
Grypmat Trio Pack is available for $129 + Shipping at the Official Grypmat website

Better Grip REVIEW

Monday, September 18th, 2017

What is Better Grip

As per the TV infomercial it is a multi-purpose wrench that has automatically locking jaws that easily grips to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, and pipes quickly. Better Grip promises to be a universal wrench that tightens or loosens almost anything.



Better Grip CLAIMS

Multi-purpose wrench – Better Grip states to have a unique head and jaw design that firmly locks onto three sides of a nut to avoid slipping or burring. Its ratchet action head assures to self-adjust while tightening nuts, bolts, and pipes in forwarding motion or loosening them in reverse motion. There are no Better Grip reviews available yet to corroborate its claims.

Versatile tool – The professional grade Better Grip guarantees to replace all other wrenches since its one size fits all works on anything between 2 mm to 65 mm. Does Better Grip really replace spanners, shifters, pipe wrenches, polygrips, stilsons, and vice-grips will be known only once Better Grip is reviewed.

Convenient Design – The high-quality design of Better Grip emphasizes to offer movement even in tight corners and pipes that are close to the wall with ease. The small, compact size of Better Grip asserts to be perfect to place in the toolbox. Did you find Better Grip worth the price? Send us your reviews.


Better Grip Reviews

Bryant Page, a Better Grip reviewer, reveals that it stripped the nuts and bolts in the first use itself. He calls it a waste of money and doesn’t recommend it to any other users.

Another user, Marcus Townsend suspects in his review that Better Grip is a cheap, Chinese made tool that doesn’t work at all and even has a weird, nauseating smell.

A Better Grip review by Jeremy Wilkins states that it works only till the nut or bolt gets close to tightening and then slips off. His review further adds that Better Grip is not as durable as a regular wrench.

Calvin Bishop’s review says that even though Better Grip is poorly built it works decent enough to add it as a part of the toolbox.

Q. Does Better Grip work on standard and metric applications?
A. Yes, it can grip anything that is within its overall range.


What do I get?
Please see the Official website:

PinPoint Measure

Friday, May 19th, 2017

What is PinPoint Measure?

It is a laser measuring instrument that claims to make accurate measurements while mounting furnishings, fixtures, gadgets, etc. with the help of its ultrasonic laser beam. PinPoint Measure proclaims that it is the ultimate measuring tool that measures area, distance and volume accurately unlike ordinary tools like floppy measuring tapes.



PinPoint Measure CLAIMS

Just Point and Measure to get it Right
PinPoint Measure guarantees it will help you get rid of depending upon unreliable tools you’ve been struggling with all along. All you have to do to use PinPoint Measure is place it at a surface, point and click the button to get measurements. The ultrasonic laser beam of PinPoint Measure finds it way and shows you the perfect spot right away. The creators of PinPoint Measure claim that its laser beam can traverse as far as 40 feet so you get precise measurements to install fittings, accessories, paintings, wall hangings and more at the right place.


Continuous Measuring Feature
PinPoint Measure is provided with continuous measuring feature that automatically calculates distances and more as you go. The promoters of PinPoint Measure assert that it makes centring and hanging accessories, finding out lines for window shades, curtains and painting and computing square footage of areas easy, quick and perfect.


Useful for other Tasks too!
PinPoint Measure can also assist you with for several other tasks and projects. For instance, it can estimate how much paint is needed while painting walls so you don’t buy extra. PinPoint can also be used by anyone besides professionals.


PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic REVIEW
PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review exposes it for not measuring distance to large and flat objects.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review says that it’s simple to use but one may need pressing multiple times for a consistent measurement. It’s accurate to approximately an inch over distances but not usable for high precision measures.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review reveals that distance to a wall can be measured only precisely at 90 degrees. It’s not useful to measure the height of a sloped ceiling.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review suggests spending money on a more reliable device.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review criticizes it for throwing an error message most of the times. It gives a reading even when held at the slightest angle, and holding it at an angle might throw the measurement off. It takes several attempts, even when held perfectly straight, to give a useful reading.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review complains that it’s not as accurate and tricky to use.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review rues that it’s bulky and difficult to carry around. Its only advantage is that it’s reasonably-priced.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review states that it’s a very basic product. It functions but is not too fancy.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review states that it’s not very accurate and returns error often. It works all right if one doesn’t mind 5 to 10 mm difference in 5 to 10 meters.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review claims that it measures very well but does not grab the measurement before changing.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review states that it’s cheaply constructed and is inconsistent about the surface type. It gives more errors than accurate reads. It’s better to buy a more reliable and well-constructed measurer.

PinPoint Measure Ultrasonic review points out that it’s easy to use, kind of accurate, but restrictive on what it can be pointed at. It gives an error on the slightest aberration from perfectly perpendicular surface.


What do I get?
Pin Point Measure for only $14.99 plus $7.99 processing & handling.

Paint Zoom Extra

Friday, May 19th, 2017

About Paint Zoom Extra

Paint Zoom Extra asserts to be an innovative power paint sprayer that paints, restores and renews the surface wall with ease. Paint Zoom Extra declares it is a sprayer with a 900-watt motor that claims to effectively use paint to deliver efficient results. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Paint Zoom Extra reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Paint Zoom Extra CLAIMS

Paint Zoom Extra emphasizes to cover more surface area in a short time. It maintains to paint hard to reach areas like ceilings, low on the floors and corners with its extra-long extension arm. Compatible for indoor and outdoor work it guarantees to suit all types of paints, stain and weather seal work. Does Paint Zoom Extra really work as promised? send us your Paint Zoom Extra review.

Paint Zoom Extra promises to be durable and light in weight. The adjustable shoulder strap alleges to eliminate arm fatigue. The utility belt proclaims to enable one to work quickly as it allows swapping paint color swiftly. The air-tight seal convinces to store extra paint ensuring no wastage. It states to be easy and fun to use delivering professional quality paintwork. Sounds too fanciful, Paint Zoom Extra reviews will expose it soon.



Magic Level REVIEW

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

What is Magic Level?

It is a tool that combines laser and nail holder technology with which you can fix objects like wall hangings, hooks, TV and many more perfectly in a straight line. If you like doing up your interiors, changing settings and arranging pieces of art, embellishments, gadgets, tools and more recurrently, Magic Level may be a useful instrument for you.


Magic Level CLAIMS

Mount Just about Anything Straight and Right – Magic Level is an inventive tool which helps you get the alignment on walls in a perfectly straight line. The promoters of Magic level present it as a hi-tech combination of laser and nail holder technology which prevents uneven line ups of virtually every object so they don’t create an unsightly, irregular look in your spaces.

Quick and Easy to Use – Magic Level claims that it makes your job really simple and quick. All you have to do is first set Magic Level is to the dimensions of the object with the laser beam, then keep it on the wall, set the marks by adjusting the laser (up to 20”) and then fix it. Magic Level takes very little time and no struggle and you can mount things the way they should be.

Useful for Most Objects – Magic Level can be used to mount virtually most objects, big or small. Its makers assure you that with Magic Level, you can hang decorative articles, paintings, cabinets, towel racks, television, mirrors and more. You can count on Magic level to also save your time and effort to get the alignment right.


Our Verdict on Magic Level – Magic Level is a one of a kind laser level tool for hanging stuff. This is the only laser hanging tool that comes with nail holder. We would suggest you wait for some and buy the Magic Level from a local store or, where it will be cheaper than the official offer.


What do I get?
Magic Level costs $19.95 + $6.95 shipping | Official Website:

WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion

Monday, November 21st, 2016

What is WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion

– As per the TV infomercial, it is a powerful vacuum with Tubine Technology that blows, mulches, and bags. It helps in clearing the yard in minimum time.



All-in-One Cleaner

WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion convinces to be the fastest tool that will help clear your yard. WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion declares to come with a powerful Turbine Technology and patented all-in-one tube system. WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion alleges that such a design makes it perfect for blowing, vacuuming and mulching debris and leaves easily and quickly. How effective is WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion at its job will be only proved once we receive user reviews.


Innovative tool
WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion states to make a pile quickly with its 500 CFM power. Once it is piled, clip the bushel bag and vacuum it all in. While the leaves and debris are vacuumed, it mulches it at 24:1 ratio. Such a mulching occurs through the 2 stage metal impeller in WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion. More shall be revealed once we receive WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion review for further analysis. WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion emphasizes to be extremely user-friendly. It has an ergonomic design that alleges to be easy to handle while cleaning the yard. Also, WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion claims to weigh less than 10 lbs. so that it doesn’t tire the user while performing the various functions. Whether or not WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion is really good will be revealed only known once it has been reviewed.

Touch of Eco Wallet Multi Use Tool

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

What is the Wallet Tool?

Are you tired of using bulky tools to do the jobs in and around your home? Then what you need is the incredible and handy tool, the Wallet Tool.
The Wallet Tool is a 12-in-1multi use tool designed to perform any job, whether small or big, around the house. It is a complete tool box that fits perfectly in your back pocket. The Wallet Tool delivers the convenience of so many tools in one single tool.
The Wallet Tool is TSA approved and the perfect tool to carry everywhere you go. You are guaranteed to love the performance of the Wallet Tool.


Use of the Wallet Tool

You can use the Wallet Tool to open cans, take measurements, tighten a screw, cut a box, loosen a bolt and so much more.
The Wallet Tool is a great tool to use for a quick job or a big task. It can do it all! The Wallet Tool is a powerful 12-in-1 tool that is all you will ever need. With the Wallet Tool in your pocket you can say goodbye to bulky tools and stop searching for the right part too.
The Wallet Tool is a great gift to give someone too.


Wallet Tool Construction
The Wallet Tool is made of stainless steel and is the size of a credit-card making it convenient to fit in your back pocket. It comes with a protective sleeve and instructions too.


Features of the Wallet Tool
This 12-in-1 multifunctional tool has the following features: Can Opener, Screwdriver, Saw Blade, Butterfly Wrench, Ruler, Bottle Opener, Lanyard Hole, Two Position Wrench, Letter Opener, Directional Ancillary Indicator, Four Position Wrench and Box Opener. It is the only tool you will ever need!
Order the Wallet Tool today and never be caught without your tools ever again!


What do I get?
1.Can Opener
2.Box Opener
5.Bottle Opener
6.Four Position Wrench
7.Butterfly Wrench
8.Saw Blade
9.Directional Ancillary Indicator
10.Two Position Wrench
11.Lanyard Hole
12.Letter Opener
Official website:

Crocodile Wrench Review

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

About Crocodile Wrench

Crocodile Wrench claims to be a universal wrench that fits and works on nuts, bolts and pipes of all sizes with its solid grip that never slips



Crocodile Wrench Claims

Crocodile Wrench alleges to be designed after a crocodile’s strong jaw. It maintains to have a specially engineered spring loaded jaws and razor sharp teeth that grips and customizes around any job.


Handy all-in-one wrench
Crocodile Wrench states to be a perfect wrench for all DIY and professional projects with its design that reaches narrow and tight places easily. It works under the sink, for fixing cars or bikes, and even opening a bottle cap. Such far-fetched claims will be verified with Crocodile Wrench reviews.


Wrench for everything
Crocodile Wrench convinces to help with rusty or stripped nuts, painted bolts and has a tight grip on pipes every single time. User reviews of Crocodile Wrench will prove if that’s true. It emphasizes to work on 9mm to 45mm sized nuts, 6 and 8 sided or round bolts and even pipes. More will be proved once it is reviewed.


What Do I Get ?
Official web site by

Cold Heat REVIEW

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

About Cold Heat

Cold Heat promises to be a super-fast cordless soldering pen that generates heat in seconds and cools down quickly after use.



Cold Heat CLAIMS

Cold Heat states to have a patented Ceramic Tip with unique material properties that creates substantial amount of heat using 4 AA alkaline batteries and two isolated ceramic electrodes that connect into a complete circuit to generate instantaneous heat.


Fastest cordless soldering tool – Cold Heat asserts to be wireless and portable soldering pen that reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 1 second and cools down in few seconds too. It maintains to have built-in LED project light with automatic shut-off and can create about 600 joints per battery pack. More will be revealed with user reviews.


Smart heat technology – Cold Heat guarantees to emphasizes to have an ergonomic design to help handle delicate work with ease. This claim is yet to be verified due to lack of Cold Heat reviews. It utilizes 98% of the heat generated. Such efficiency claims by Cold Heat will be verified once users review it.


What do I get?
Cold Heat Cordless Soldering Pen Price: $18.44 at

Please refer the official website:

Renovator Paint Runner Pro REVIEWED

Friday, July 8th, 2016

About Renovator Paint Runner Pro
Renovator Paint Runner Pro states to be a paint system that lets you easily and quickly paint like a professional without any mess, drips, and splatter. Fill the refillable and self-contained Renovator Paint Runner Pro roller with 1L of paint and the patented distribution system and seamless micro-fiber head will deliver an even coat to smooth and rough surfaces. Pour the paint into the roller, close the lid, and roll on a perfect coat of paint. The microfiber roller and patented distribution system of Paint Runner declare to release a perfectly even flow of paint with machine-like precision.


Write/Read Reviews

Renovator Paint Runner Pro Claims

Paint like a professional – Painting job is painful and expensive but Renovator Paint Runner Pro convinces to let you paint a wall in 5 minutes or the entire rooms in just 20 minutes. It assures that there will lesser cost since you won’t be wasting any paint and is washable. The claim sounds a bit farfetched. User reviews will verify this.

Convenient and Quick – Renovator Paint Runner Pro allegedly has Flocked edger and corner pad for cleaner and easier cutting. Its pole adaptor emphasizes to extend reach ceilings and high walls. These features of Renovator Paint Runner Pro will be verified by user reviews. It reduces climbing up and down a ladder and strain of bending over to use paint tray and moving the dripping tray. How useful is Renovator Paint Runner Pro? Send us your reviews.

Drip-free and prep-free paint system
Paint Runner states to be an easy-to-use, compact, and dip-free roller that paints walls, ceilings, and fences within minutes without prepping, splatters, and going back and forth to the paint tray or up and down the ladder. It convinces to take five minutes to paint a wall and 20 minutes to paint an entire room. Paint Runner user reviews will reveal more.

For all surfaces
Paint Runner asserts to control the thickness of the coat by how hard your press the roller. With a broom handle, Paint Runner assures to paint the ceiling without a single drip. User reviews will expose the truth. Wood, stucco, concrete, rubber, cracks, or scratch marks, Paint Runner guarantees to go from one surface to another without changing rollers or going back for more paint. Paint Runner user reviews will verify the claims.


Renovator Paint Runner Pro REVIEW

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review accuses it of leaking when put on a stand and left for five minutes. The roller didn’t turn at all and left a mess on the wall.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review reveals that the sponge rubber sleeve started to give way and the paint leaked through the slits after painting eight meters of a wall.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review states that it assured to screw on to a long handle for ceilings without a problem, but doesn’t take a screw in the handle, and needs a tapered broom handle. Renovator Paint Runner Pro is a big hassle to use; a brush and roller is more convenient.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review exposes it for leaking from sides and making walls look worse. It feels like it will break when pressure is applied. Renovator Paint Runner Pro is not easy to clean and a waste of money.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review calls it a rip off. It primes only when you make the paint thinner. Renovator Paint Runner Pro drips from sides, is constructed with cheap materials, and feels like it will break if pressure is applied to get a thicker coating. Renovator Paint Runner Pro is also not easy to clean.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review says that the paint didn’t come through till it was rolled over and over. Even when it did, it was uneven. When Renovator Paint Runner Pro was cleaned, it turned out to waste paint that stayed inside the inner layer. It’s recommended not to buy this absurd product.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review points out that it is a complete waste of money. It’s all tall claims, not easy to use at all, and the walls turn out worse.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review states that it was meant to be a quick fix for painting a single wall. The paint leaks out of the roller and didn’t even get into the spaces that were supposed to be painted.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review divulges that it leaves lines all over the wall in the first coat. After heavy washing as per the instructions, when Renovator Paint Runner Pro left black bumps on the wall the following day.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review discloses that the roller is not up to scratch. Renovator Paint Runner Pro is impractical that the rim of the roller is wider than the sponge. A normal brush and roller yields better result.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review says that even though initially skeptical about buying the paint system, when some areas in the house were painted, the results were great. Renovator Paint Runner Pro is easy to fill and use. The only shortcoming is that it is tough to clean the access paint off the external surface even when all the instructions are followed.

Renovator Paint Runner Pro review criticizes it for flaking after painting just two rooms. The roller is heavy, the paint leaks, and the flow of paint is not even. The edger is substandard and the system does not provide normal use.


What do I get?

  • 1 Paint Runner Pro Roller
  • 1 Flocked Edger
  • 1 Corner Pad
  • 1 Resting Tray
  • 1 Easy-Pour Jug
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Official website: