Crocodile Wrench Review

About Crocodile Wrench Crocodile Wrench claims to be a universal wrench that fits and works on nuts, bolts and pipes of all sizes with its solid grip that never slips     Crocodile Wrench Claims Crocodile Wrench alleges to be designed after a crocodile’s strong jaw. It maintains to have a specially engineered spring loaded […]

Cold Heat REVIEW

About Cold Heat Cold Heat promises to be a super-fast cordless soldering pen that generates heat in seconds and cools down quickly after use.     Cold Heat CLAIMS Cold Heat states to have a patented Ceramic Tip with unique material properties that creates substantial amount of heat using 4 AA alkaline batteries and two […]

Renovator Paint Runner Pro REVIEWED

About Renovator Paint Runner Pro Renovator Paint Runner Pro states to be a paint system that lets you easily and quickly paint like a professional without any mess, drips, and splatter. Fill the refillable and self-contained Renovator Paint Runner Pro roller with 1L of paint and the patented distribution system and seamless micro-fiber head will […]

1-Pass Painter

What is 1-Pass Painter? It is a palm-sized painter that helps you paint walls and other surfaces in one pass to save time, effort and paint.   1-Pass Painter Claims For that flawless touch and feel – 1-Pass Painter is a compact painter that claims to be the perfect alternative to conventional and messy painting […]

Shark Gloves Review

What is Shark Gloves As per the TV infomercials it is a pair of sturdy and super strong gloves that can be used to protect the hands while handling dangerous objects and tools such as knives in the kitchen, saw in the garage, and so on.     Safeguard the hands Shark Gloves assures to […]

Hang it Right Review

About Hang it Right Hang it Right claims to be an excellent tool that helps people to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves, etc on their walls easily. It assures to do away with the problem of unlevelled frames or a mess of multiple marks and to align everything perfectly. Hang it Right states to eliminate such […]

Accu-Level Review

About Accu-Level Accu-Level claims to be a unique solution for Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and even professionals to easily measure, level and mark the wall for accurately performing all home improvement jobs. It proclaims that its design is revolutionary with all necessary tools integrated in it. Accu-Level alleges to be the brainchild of Skil, a well-known tool […]