Cinchy | Portable Bag and Mat

What is Cinchy –

It is an extremely innovative mat that comes with storage pockets and converts into a stylish bag for carrying around by simply cinching it.


Organize yourself:

Cinchy promises to be a uniquely designed mat that can convert itself into a bag with simple cinching action. It is a hassle to carry bags that have a lot of style in them but the moment you look for something you want inside it there is a whole lot of mess to go through. Organizing a bag is always an issue regardless of how many compartments are available in the bag since all items stay loose inside it. Cinchy claims to understand this problem and provides a unique solution through its design. It comes with a total of eight large mesh pockets that can be used to organize daily items and segregate them according to individual needs. Plus the mat like structure makes it quite simple to lay it out and organize every item. Once done Cinchy can be simply cinched into a bag with its shoulder straps and carried across anywhere.


Perfect for carrying anywhere:

Cinchy claims to be quite versatile with its 5 great looking designs and is said to have the three step process in which it can be packed quickly. Once it is cinched into a bag it can be carried to a beach where a towel, lotion and other needed items are organized and can also be opened up back as mat to sit at the shore. The material used for Cinchy is said to be waterproof and is also machine washable so it can be virtually carried anywhere without the worry of getting it dirty. Cinchy can be perfect for carrying at sleepovers, with kids during their playtime, it can be very well be an overnight bag or simply be used to bring toys and games to the park for kids making it perfect mothers on the go.
Cinchy is supposedly so convenient because it hold a good amount of items into its section due to its 36 inches diameter. Also when it converts into a bag the strap drop ranges from 23 to 27 inches. Safety wise Cinchy is said to be clear of BPA, PVC or Phthalate.


What do I get?

Get Cinchy | Portable Bag and Mat+ Cinchy Buddy + Cinchy Makeup Bag just for $19.99 + $7.95s/h.Official

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