Click-It Belt REVIEW

What is Click-It Belt

As per the TV Infomercial it is an ultimate adjustable belt that provides perfect fit and looks in seconds. It fits waist sizes from 28 to 44 inch and works great for all types of trousers, pants and jeans.



Click-It Belt Features

Custom Fitting Belt Design – Click-It Belt guarantees to be the new-age solution to tighten your pants effectively. It takes away the problems of a regular belt to provide a custom fit within few seconds. At this point of time there are no Click-It Belt reviews available that will attest to its claims. Click-It Belt assures that it is easy to use and is designed to fit waists between 28 to 44 inches.

Such flexibility surely makes Click-It Belt highly fascinating but more will be known once it has been reviewed. It promises to have a design that matches casual jeans, semi-casual trousers and even goes well on the most expensive suit. More will be known once Click-It Belt is reviewed. Most importantly, Click-It Belt states that its design doesn’t go as much wear and tear as regular belts do with its unique ‘hide-on-the-inside’ adjustable belt system. Is Click-It Belt as effective? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Patent-pending exclusive technology – Click-It Belt proclaims to have no holes that stretch out and look ugly over use. In fact it offers perfect fit by a simple click. Whether the claims by Click-It Belt are true or false shall be known once users review it. Click-It Belt maintains to have micro-adjustments instead of traditional 1” holes. It alleges to offer 90 micro-adjustments with Lock and Click Rail system to achieve perfect fit. Currently there are no Click-It Belt reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. There is a 4” End Tip with a buckle design on the outside. Once Click-It Belt is adjusted it convinces to hide the actual belt on the inside leaving this stylish buckle to be sported on the exterior.

There are no Click-It Belt reviews available at this point of time that helps in understanding if it is really this good or not. Click-It Belt emphasizes to have a high-quality material that lasts for a long time. Also the steel brush buckle doesn’t fade or lose its shine even with everyday use. There are no visible bends involved with Click-It Belt’s intelligent design, making it look as good as new. Did you find Click-It Belt really worthy? Send us your reviews.


Click-It Belt REVIEW

Click-It Belt Disadvantages
Richard Fallon’s Click-It Belt review states – “There is no information available on the dimension of the belt.”

Fred Tromp mentions in his review – “It also has no information regarding its material. The lack of information makes it an unreliable product”

Harold Vincent who used Click-It Belt complains in his review – “The belt is only available online and has no availability on store. Plus there are limited colors to choose from.”

Another user Lawrence Burns who used Click-It Belt in his review says – “The belt comes with a patent pending Lock and Click Rail system. But there is no detailed information regarding this technology.”

Benefits of Click-it Belt
Ronald Lavell who tried the Click-It Belt mentions in his review – “The belt is highly flexible with no one inch restriction to quickly achieve a custom fit.”

John Blake who used Click-It Belt states in his review, “There are no holes to use which makes it last longer.”

Charles Dyer adds in his review, “It’s a must try with its 90 day money back guarantee.”

Alan Shaw who reviewed Click-It Belt after the purchase mentions – “The new ratcheting belt technology with 90 micro adjustments makes it a perfect fit. You can lose a few pounds or gain and you can still use Click-It Belt to achieve comfortable fit.”


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Rating: 5

One thought on “Click-It Belt REVIEW

  1. I never buy crap off tv…I was giving this as a gift and it’s actually not a POS like most on tv products. It’s a belt, but it’s built like a tank and my wife says it looks more expensive than the belts she hangs up in Kohl’s for forty bucks. While I’ll still probably never buy anything from on tv I would def say this one is different and was a fantastic gift. Wife said she will get me a brown one when they have it in Walgreen’s.

    Rating: 5

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