Color Breakthrough

About Color Breakthrough

Color Breakthrough claims to be a swatch book created by Sal Jensen that lets you determine which colors look good on you to save your time and money on deciding what colored clothes you should be wearing and buying. Color Breakthrough proclaims to make you look younger, more vibrant and more attractive.


How does Color Breakthrough work?

A person’s natural eye falls from the head to under-bust part of the body of the person they are looking at. So the colors of clothes need to be chosen as per the colors that would complement hair color, which are divided as per the seasons – Spring for golden or darker blonde, Autumn for brown or auburn, Summer for light blonde, white or platinum, and Winter for black, silver and salt n pepper hair. Once you know your season you can buy a Color Breakthrough swatch book and use its large, double-sided, easy-to-see color palette to match with the colors of clothes you want to buy.


Choose the right colors to wear – If you wear the most fashionable and well-fitting clothes and get your makeup and hairstyle perfect but still find something amiss in your look, then it could be the choice of color you wear that wash out your natural color. But now the color swatch book Color Breakthrough by Sal Jensen asserts to tell you what colors go against your natural color and should be avoided. Color Breakthrough assures to give you the confidence to buy clothes that would look great on you. Color Breakthrough also promises to help you by suggesting colors that you always thought wouldn’t look good on you. Color Breakthrough maintains that by letting you choose the right colors it makes your skin tone look more vibrant and give you a youthful look. Color Breakthrough guarantees to make your wardrobe go from drab to beautiful easily.


Guides men and women of all ages and skin color – When you choose colors that make you look good you would also end up feeling good as the creators of Color Breakthrough allege. Color Breakthrough convinces that even if you are fond of your blacks and grays it can help you pick up the right color scarf to give you an eye catching look. Color Breakthrough guarantees to work for women as well as men all over. Color Breakthrough declares that no matter what your skin tone and age you can pick out the color that would look best on you. Color Breakthrough emphasizes that the swatch book has as many as 40 options of hues that would complement your look. The swatch book of Color Breakthrough is alleged to be durable and made using the latest printing technology to give the perfect hues.


What do I get?

  • 1 Color Breakthrough Color Palette Swatch Book
  • 1 Luxurious Hand-Dyed Perfectly Matched Scarf
  • 1 Hand-Stitched Protective Scarf Pouch
  • 1 12 International Ways to tie a Scarf DVD

Price: $89.85 + $7.95 s&h | Official website:

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