Copper Crisp

What is Copper Crisp?

It claims to be a revolutionary baking pan with two-tray design for baking food to perfection without the oil and mess.



Perfect baking appliance

Copper Crisp states to be a smartly designed that helps in baking food in a healthy and easy way. Copper Crisp claims that it keeps the food crisp while removing all the fats and grease. It declares to be made using carbon steel and copper for durability. Copper Crisp assures to be spacious enough to hold two chickens or one pound of bacon with ease. More shall be revealed once Copper Crisp is reviewed.


Exceptional design
Copper Crisp asserts to have a two-tray design; one raised tray with holes circulates the heat evenly around the food and the second a bottom pan to collect fat. Such design that works easily in an oven makes it an interesting pan; user reviews will expose the truth. Copper Crisp guarantees to have non-stick coating so that it can be cleaned up easily with hand or in the dishwasher. Additionally, Copper Crisp promises to be safe for use and is PTFE and PFOA free. Did you find it worth purchasing? Send us your Copper Crisp reviews.


Copper Crisp Reviews

Copper Crisp reviews say that Copper Crisp looks fancy in design but does not work as per its claims. It takes a long time to bake food in the oven without consistency and even heating. Sometimes it even fails to bake something as simple as French fries.

Copper Crisp review complaints that the product is not good at all. The reviewer tried to cook onion rings which burnt the upper tray. As per the review there was no non-sticky property exhibited by Copper Crisp even after trying to clean it with tough solutions.

Copper Crisp review states that it is too small for cooking anything for the family. It would have been a better buy if Copper Crisp was twice its current size.

Copper Crisp review says that it performed unsatisfactorily for even cooking frozen waffle fries. Even though the fries were kept to bake for 20 minutes in 400 degrees heat, they stayed limp and hardly browned on the edges. The reviewer had to ultimately use the fries with directly the bottom pan. Basically, Copper Crisp’s design of two pan system does not work well. The bottom pan is decent for baking things which renders its key selling feature pointless.


What do I get?
One Copper Crisp set will cost you $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H (and a $1 web service fee),purchase a second set at checkout for an additional $7.99 S&H.

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