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61 thoughts on “Crepe Erase Review

Online Xanax Uk
  1. POST THE DAMNED INGREDIENTS!!! I’m allergic to a few, there are tons I will never use like parabens, fragrances, propyl antifreeze, silicones, urea etc which will age you faster than chemicals in cigarettes!


  2. I agree with the previous comment. Your review contains lots of “fluff” words, but nowhere do you list real ingredients or provide any verifiable testing results that should have conducted. Where is the independent proof?

  3. I just purchased the wrong order of 2 pieces of Crepe erase product #DW90754BA5 for $39.95 + shipping. I like to change to the 5 pieces for $59.95 + free shipping and one free gift. Please let me know if this can be done? I am sorry for the inconvenience I caused you.

    Thank you.

    • this is just a review site (probably set up by Gunther) You have to contact the company directly to request a change. Good luck with that as they are notorious for repeatedly charging CC even after the auto-ships have stopped.

  4. Are you selling this product and promoting it because I don’t see one review or ingredient listed! Like the other comment your all “fluff”, sounds to me your getting compensated somehow! WHERE’S THE REVIEW??

  5. ingredient list would be nice to know,like the other reply before me , I am allergic to PARABENS, and all the other garbage chemicals, they put in skin care now , people like me care about what gets absorbed in their bloodstream.

  6. I watched my sister use this product daily and no more of a result occurred had she been applying Ponds.Please if you want a review I can honestly say that it doesn’t live up to its hype .To “Reviewer” if you are a non biased reviewer please review;however, if you are an undercover spokesman then do not waste our time.

  7. I was going to order this but stopped when I had to purchase it from Guthy Renker. I tried the Cindy Crawford line from them. It was horrible. I don’t think Ms. Crawford could look as good as she does and use the same stuff they were shipping out. So to all of you who have posted a review, thank you. Getting your money back, or asking Guthy Renkar to stop sending product is frustrating and costly.

  8. This isn’t a review of a product at all! All it does is say what it’s supposed to do and what it contains, it has no impartial review as to whether or not it actually does as promised. I can get the other information by watching the infomercials, however…having said that, seeing that it’s being pushed by Gunthy Renker is enough to keep me from purchasing it. I tried the Cindy Crawford line (which I did personally like)….and stopped because Gunthy Renker sets everything up on an auto delivery system which I never want. Then when you try to cancel the order they keep pestering you to tell you you still owe them more money. Personally, I advise steering clear of anything Gunthy Renker pushes, they are a money trap!

    • I have ordered from Gunthey Renker as well. They are crooks. You order because you want to try the product but they will take it upon themselves to start shipping the product to you in order to keep charging you. They will keep sending the product every month. In the meantime, you’re trying to see if you like it. They actually try to fool you by putting in small print that they are going to keep sending it to you and keep charging you whether you want it or not. By the time you call to cancel, they have charged you for 3 to 4 months of worthless shit you don’t want. Yeah, you might want to stay away from Gunthey Renker. They are only interested in taking advantage of you,

  9. No rating. All I see are requests to list the ingredients. I not allergic. All I want to see is someone who has used crepe erase and what results they have had with crepe erase. Negative info about Gunty-Renker however. I’m shocked by my aging skin. Never thought it would happen to me. I am considering by the crepe erase product but won’t buy it until I see some experiences with crepe erase.

  10. It sounds to me like it dose not work dose it work all the time or do you need to keep on buying the products every month after because what good is it if its not going to work totally I’m tired of spending all that money on products that do not work but I am very glad that they have the reviews to read they are very helpful about this products called CREPE ERASE.

  11. I ordered the 5 piece package , and tried only a small amount of the Polish / exfoliating cream on my knees after that I put a tiny bit of the body repair treatment . Yes it’s true a little bit goes along way . However after doing what they said to , massage in a circular upwards motion I went outside and asked my 3 Son’s which knee looked any different , or did they see no difference . Each one of them picked the knee that I didn’t put the product on !

    I have finally had time to read the reviews tonight which is June 16th 11: 34 Boston Massachusetts time . I’m very , very upset right now after reading the bad reviews about the company that puts out this product . Why ? Because I asked .you friend if I could borrow the 59.99 to get it . He said yes , so now I’m sending the whole box back and cannot afford to NOT BE REFUNDED ! Also I CANNOT AFFORD FOR THIS COMPANY TO KEEP TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT EACH MONTH ! I’m on disability and on a fixed income . I don’t want to even use the product now . I just want to return it immediately . So first thing tomorrow I will be sending the whole thing back unused with the exception of the tiny bit I used on my one knee . Can anyone offer any help on how to STOP them from taking more money out of my account ? Thank you in advance
    Regretful 41 Boston Massachusetts

    • I am replying to your plea for advice on how to make sure gunthey does not continue to charge your account any more for the crepe erase or any other auto ship products. If you return the very first shipment ( even if it had been empty) I know yours was not, they will credit your account. As far as being sure you never get charged again, I would call them and tell them you returned the product and you do not want them to ship any more. Then call your bank and let them know you no longer authorize gunthey to take anymore payments. That way you are completely covered on both ends. For those women who used it past the trial period. Call customer service tell them you want to cancel. Then also call your bank as well. Keep in mind that with most of gunthey auto ships, after the first trial, they start sending three months worth of product at a time and then charge you once per month , so when you cancel they may say you still owe a payment or two if let’s say, you just received a shipment. You can send it back even if it’s open.

      • You are absolutely correct. Your bank can and will stop these charges but you must let them know immediately. Once they have your number they will continue to use it. Credit cards should do the same thing but don’t always do so. Bank will give you confirmation that they stopped the auto pay. Not all credit cards will. Get info from credit card company i.e. who spoken with, what time, what day, etc. Write it down so you will have that info if you are charged again and have to dispute the charges.Keep all shipping receipts. It’s worth the extra 3.00 to ship it back with “proof of delivery”. USPS will send you proof of what day it was received by the company. I also advise that you read the “terms & conditions” carefully. They cover themselves as well as possible. Debra has excellent advice. Just carry it a little further to cover yourself lest you end up with overdraft charges from your bank. I’m sure it is obvious that I have been a victim of these kinds of scams and learned the hard way. Retinol is now available in OTC products & you will see that in ALL of these infomercials. I can relate to Lori. Melissa has the best info I’ve read so far. 1 more thing, watch what you put into your body. Fruits & veggies are great for everything. No how, no way, can we be 60 and still look 30. That’s just a fact. But we can be our best 45.!!! Thank you Melissa for excellent advice.

  12. This product has not worked for me at all. I’ve used it for over a month and have seen no improvement at all. I DO NOT recommend anyone buy this product, unfortunately it’s just another scam 🙁

  13. Hello,
    I was interested in trying this product after watching the infomercial. It is a peachy idea and a desirable goal for skin.
    However, I tried the Gunthey Renker Cindy Crawford product and it was so awful. I literally after 3 weeks had a horrible rash around my eyes and the appearance of a dying person. And I am not allergic to much of anything, but after using that I lost a lot of respect for Cindy Crawford for endorsing such junk. I had to go to a doctor and get proof documentation that the product was in fact causing me physical irritation before I could get them to quit charging my account!
    So thank you ladies for the honest reviews, I surmise that Gunthey Renker is a scam trap.
    It is terrible that Cindy Crawford, and Jane Seymour are so hard up for poor womens money that they endorse and get paid to put their name on a product that is robbing hard working women of money because they believe and trust that these iconic woman are genuine and sharing some great recipes, however I think it is just a job and a paycheck for them Because I don’t see how anyone could believe in the Crawford product, just awful junk.

    Thanks to All! I’m not buying into it again!

  14. BE AWARE GUNTHER/RENKER (sp?), they are two VERY SAVVY CROOKS that are dermatologists who weren’t happy making just “good” money, nope they found in the late 90’s, the most profitable way to RIP PPL OFF starting with the Proactive crap-same billing BS when it was a new product..

    I saw the obscene mansion where one lived in the SF Bay Area..worth over $9million!! and if u bought their crap that was some of YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ to help her buy imported this & custom that..living in the lap of luxury all the while TAKING & TAKING YOUR $$. Stay Away!!!

    • Wow – this is the most informative review of all! I had my suspicions, but no one else has talked about their mansion built out of people’s money. I have ordered from Guthey-Renker before and all experiences have been bad.

    • Wow!!! So glad I read these reviews. I have been scammed by other companies in the past, and so now research everything before I buy it. Shame on Jane Seymour for pushing this product. Really???? She doesn’t make enough money???? Shame on all celebrities that represent any of these scam companies.

    • the day will come, perhaps not until after this life, that they will pay for essentially just stealing from people…thanks folks for your honest reviews, and I will be staying away from this scam! So very sorry the rest of you lost money and got taken:-(

  15. i have been a skin care specialist for about 35 years and I can tell you that at least 98 percent of all of these miracle creams are way over blown. If you cleanse with a mild unscented cleanser twice a day. (especially at night) and you protect your skin you are doing what you need for good healthy skin. You can also try the “acids” alpha hydroxy, retinals, retin a, glycholic, etc. These will speed up the cell turn over so the skin responses in a more youthful way. You just have to try some of these to see which works best for you. The cost can be minimal to very expensive so what fits with your budget. You can find these types of products at the drug store, medi spa, and plastic surgeon, dermatologists office. Now as for ordering from the companies that lock you in for life, I would suggest looking on eBay or Amazon the odds are good that you can purchase from them without buying a large amount or being locked in to a company. And yes they carry this product and any other that’s advertised on tv.

  16. I only received a sample package, then another package and I just received another one that I haven’t touched yet. How come I have not received any free samples of anything except for one for the eye serum. I see a small difference in my skin, but it seems like I would have to use this for the rest of my life and several times a day. Since I paid $119.00, I should have the ultra hydrating body lotion with it. Some people tell me that using exfoliating lotion is very bad for your skin. I will look for your answers. Thank you.

  17. I was going to buy this, but after all the bad reviews I decided against it. They always say if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences on this. Sorry that u had to go thru all this for nothing. I have tried other products from Gunthey and they sucked. Was hoping this would b different, What a surprise, HA!

  18. I bought this system and I have to say; it’s like magic! It REALLY worked the every first time I used it. Each time I use it, it makes the skin on my face tighter and tighter. My face, neck, décolleté are SO smooth (and arms). My make-up goes on flawlessly. I’m not sure what condition the women s skin were who wrote bad reviews to begin with however I am 55 and it’s a; pot of gold as-far-as I’m concerned. (Even my husband noticed and he never notices anything). I will continue to use this product. I don’t know what’s in it and I don’t care…it just works…simples. 🙂

  19. Ladies,
    Isn’t it a shame these beautiful women are reduced to marketing inept products? How could they do this with a conscious? They need to quite being so narcissistic and go do something worthy. Certainly they don’t need the money. It was correctly stated, Gunthy Renker should be admonished for scamming the public.

  20. Does not work and you will automatically be sent another shipment and will be billed in 3 payments.
    I sent back my shipment and called and cancelled. After two credit card statements, still being charged. Called and cancelled again. They are saying have not received the returned package(mailed over 6 weeks ago) but they will recancel anyway. I will see. Scam. Product does not work and then you get in this billing cycle and it is hard to get out of.

  21. This product definitely does not work. However, the main problem is the fraudulent charges to your account. Please, do not sign up for anything with them. Do not believe that you can return their product. You return untouched and they want to charge you for months afterwards. I will never buy anything again from any cosmetic company. Trust only your store purchase. This is clearly a fraud.

  22. Saw no difference in my skin after 8 weeks.
    All they do is hurry to send you 3 months supply, so you can be hooked into buying 3 months supply whether you want it or not.
    I sent mine back, and waiting to see if they will refund my money.

  23. I bought this product for my wife. She watched the TV show and thought she wanted it and so I bought it for her. Little did I know that when I bought the product I also signed up as a member and would be billed each month for another shipment, month after month. Well, what tipped my off was she never received the product. Probably was stolen by someone at the post office. Anyway, it never showed after 20 days and so I called and was told that the shipper could not find where the product was lost. So I said just refund my money and then the other shoe fell when the woman said do you still want to keep your membership? No, says I, please cancel. So I signed up for a membership and never knew it. Can’t rate the product as it was never received.

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