Cynoculars REVIEW

What is Cynoculars? – Cynoculars is an interactive virtual reality headset that lets you turn your smart phone into the ultimate virtual reality player. Use your smart phone to immerse yourself in endless 3D experiences with the Cynoculars headset.



Cynoculars CLAIMED Features

Cynoculars also comes with a wireless remote that can be used with iOS and Android operating systems. It requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and can last for up to 120 hours.

Designed with ports on both sides of the device cartridge, the Cynoculars VR headset allows you to plug in earphones while the headset is in use.

The lenses are adjustable and provide extremely clear images. Cynoculars gives you a 360° view, magnifies screen for wide-angle cinematic view, and has an adjustable pupil distance and adjustable focal point distance.


How to use Cynoculars? – Simply open the App store on your smart phone and search for Apps using the keyword “VR”. Apps that are compatible with virtual reality will show up. The search will show “Download” and install the VR Apps that you would like to use on your Cynoculars.

Once downloaded, simply slide your phone into the caddy and you are now ready to experience the virtual reality world.


Compatibility – Cynoculars is compatible with smart phones up to 9.8cm wide x 15.2cm high. If you have a phone that is smaller than the suggested size, install the enclosed foam padding onto the phone.


Great for 3D videos and photos – Cynoculars is fun for the whole family. You can use it to view your personal photos and videos in 3D. Simply download a VR viewing App and then refer to the instructions in your user manual.

For 3D videos, they must be in split screen format to be compatible with the Cynoculars virtual reality headset. Select and launch a VR App with split screen video compatibility.


Cynoculars Versatility – Cynoculars is designed with adjustable straps to fit any size head, is lightweight and has a comfortable design. It is also compact, affordable and portable so you can take it with you everywhere you go! With Cynoculars you will feel like you are in the front seat of all of the action.


Cynoculars REVIEW

Cynoculars barely gets the job done, and even then you will endure great discomfort.

Cynoculars is very small. It is good for kids but not adults. The straps on the Cynoculars unit are barely long enough to fit around the head.

Cynoculars is uncomfortable. When you do get it on, your nose will be painfully “smashed” against the small nose indention. The Cynoculars unit will smash your nose back at tip of nose towards your face. To ease this you may have to cut out some foam and tuck it under the existing padding.

Cynoculars has trouble focusing. Even after much tinkering, the Cynoculars unit does not focus well on the phone (Galaxy s4). You will have to tape in cardboard strips onto the phone holder slider to bring the screen closer towards the lenses to give you better focus.

The lenses won’t stay put. The lenses do not stay in place once adjusted. As soon as you roll or tilt your head, the lenses also move around. When you find the best focus and width settings, you may have to tape adjustment tabs in place.

Cynoculars is not a good product because of the amount of time spent tinkering to get it to work. It is better to simply buy the standard goggle cardboard to accomplish the same thing at a cheaper price.

The remote of Cynoculars is trash. It does not connect to the iPhone, though it claims it will. The view finder doesn’t perfectly fit the iPhone 6s. There is no buffer for the phone to rest on; it is just hard plastic that could leave marks on your phone. Cynoculars are just mediocre. The view finder is average, comfort wise.

The Cynoculars headset works relatively well for the most part. However, the Nexus 6P does not fit well into it and you will have to fiddle with the fit inside the holder without holding any volume or power buttons. If the holder were slightly larger, this is a good purchase.

It states that it would come with a remote, but it did not. Overall, Cynoculars is pretty comfortable, and the Moto X fits nicely inside. There are not too many apps to go with Cynoculars yet but it is a pretty decent buy. Cynoculars is not worth $25-30, maybe $15-20. Overall Cynoculars is an average product.

The adjustments are all over the place when moving and the controller doesn’t work on the LG G3.

Cynoculars does exactly what it’s supposed to, with some flaws. The pointer that comes with this will not sync correctly with Apple products. The straps are small and can hurt your head after continuous use.

The pros of Cynoculars: Casing that Cynoculars comes in is nice, professional looking box.

The cons of Cynoculars are: straps are way too small and it is not compatible with Apple.

Cynoculars straps are too short. It pinches your face against the goggles. The tray is very shallow too. Your phone may also always detect weird screen touches when you close the tray.


What do I get?
You get 1 Cynoculars for $49.95 + $9.95 P&H at | Order the Cynoculars virtual reality headset today!

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