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46 thoughts on “DashCam Pro REVIEW

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery
  1. I can not rate this product only the company.I phoned to order the hd dash cam pro,could not speak to anyone,record only,they took my info. credit card# etc then went on and on with ads to sell many other products using much too much of my time,I finally got tired of the many recorded ads while waiting to see what the total charges would be,disgusted I hung up to call the other number(973-531-4421
    to cancel my order this was on a Friday at 3:56 pm YES another recording saying our hours are from 8:30 am to 5;00 oclock pm eastern time and we are not open on Saturday, OK not open Saturday but this is Friday @ 3:56 pm and no one there? I will never know how good or bad their product is because this business does not have anyone you can talk to and can NOT TELL TIME! STATED: OUR hours are from 8:30 Am to 5:00 Pm! eastern time
    so why am I not able to talk to anyone at HD DASH CAM
    PRO at 4 Pm eastern time? You can have this company
    as for me it is shady!!!

  2. I would like to get a genuine review on this dashcampro camera, as I really like the many features and the fact the camera can rotate to record inside and outside of the vehicle and the screen can compact itself by folding itself like a wallet.

    It is the only cam I have come across with these features and I would really appreciate your honest reviews thanks Vic

  3. I orded 2 cams they charged my credit card 2 months ago haven’t got them yet. called 973-531-4421 always a recording left messages no call back, this is a scam !! don’t buy this!!!!!

  4. Bought a camera on 09/09/2015.. called them after ten days, I got someone on the line and he said I should receive it within a week, at that time money was debited from account. Last week I saw a transaction of the amount. and waited for the camera.. today is 10/05/2015 still no camera..

    I don’t know this is a fraud or not!! will give them another week, as they say normal delivery is 4 to 6 weeks. Seems the item is from China.. if not received will take action accordingly….

    No one is answering the phone anymore.. as like said by the previous customer above… it’s a recording… ridiculous!!

  5. Ordered this dash cam. Got an order number by email. Didn’t get the thing. Disputed the charges as a non received item. Two weeks later (9 weeks after placing the order) the thing arrives. Not so surprising, the thing doesn’t work. None of the buttons do anything. Has full power but will not do anything but show a picture through the lens onto the screen. Won’t record, play, display, nothing. Cannot get any response at their customer service number which is only an answering machine. It says they’ll call back within 24 hours, but I NEVER got a call back throughout this entire nightmare of a transaction. Then, I find the am camera at Walmart for $15. WHAT A RIP OFF.

  6. These cameras are absolute junk. They do not work at all. I have three cameras, thought they would be handy to have if they only worked. No response at all with customer service, either by phone or e-mail. A complete rip off. Do not buy these cameras.

  7. Wish I had a product to review and wish these reviews were posted back when I placed the order. Called several times to the company and they keep telling me it has been shipped but no confirmation or tracking…surprise!!! How hard is it to just do honest business? We pay, therefore, we should receive…it’s not a hard concept, just more crappy people in this world doing poor business ruining it for good companies who do good business!

    • I also purchased this and have yet to receive it. My credit card was charged a month ago….still nothing! I also can not get in touch with them, either by phone or on their web site. Has anyone gotten their Dash Cam yet?

  8. Biggest rip off ever! Everybody here talks about not getting the camera. They did you a favor. I’m completely
    bald now from pulling out my hair trying to get this thing to work. Whoever wrote the instructions did not have command of the English language. It works like a watch from the early 80’s, Hold the menu button while pushing the mode button twice and jumping up and down with your finger in your nose. Spend the money and get a real one that works.

  9. I wish to Thank everyone for their Warning/Review of this Rip-off product. I got caught up in the TV commercial around 2 am last night. I placed an order, along with an extra battery but, after reading these helpful reviews I was left with only one recourse. Cancel the Card before they could get hold of my money. They did obtain $1 as a means of making sure the card was good. So I guess I lost that but, it’s much better than losing $90.
    I suppose it is the best policy to search for Reviews such as this one & the many others which state the same experiences prior to committing to make the purchase.

  10. I give it a great big “O” and it ranks a 5 star rating for no rating !! This is a definite internet scam, I fell for it due to the phony advertising, like so many others before me. I purchased it on my Visa credit card, It is now Nov. 22,2015 and I have never seen this camera appear, although I have seen on my Visa bill that Visa has paid them $52.93 for something I have never received and no doubt never will.
    I will be filling a complaint with my credit card company for them to refund me my cost as this is in my opinion a Chinese Internet Scam, think about it,when’s the last time anyone saw an ad for this piece of shit on TV ?
    My order # 15705660 placed on Sept. 28, 2015 .

    • They advertised it today and has been being advertised for at least the last month because I have been considering getting one. Thank you and everyone else who unfortunately has lost money on this product. With all the police problems of innocent people getting shot or beaten, I thought this might be a good device to have on hand. You have saved me money and I thank you all. If I ever come across a product thats a scam I will try to return the favor.

  11. rate is 0. Wish i had read reviews before buying. Does not do what it was advertised to do. The supplied HD card does not work. The picture, when you can get it to record, is not worth having.
    Hope I can get them to take it back and refund me.

    • When I ordered my dash cam pro on Evine, I expected it to be complete and ready to work. I ordered a 32 GB SD card, but what I received was a blank , non- descriptive SD card, no label, no size or GB. also missing the chip adapter and only a very short 7 inch USB charger cable, too short to connect to the computer.. After inserting the SD card, it showed NO CARD, no surprise here. I called Customer Service and they promised to send me a new SD card , which I received and hopefully I wont have any more problems.

  12. This product does not even rate a one star. Do not order this crap. I have yet to receive the two cameras that I ordered. You call the service number and they put you on hold telling you all the operators are busy and the next operator will help you. Then it just goes to a voice recorder, are you kidding me! They don’t call you back and I have yet to see the cameras and two extra batteries I ordered on 15NOV2015. I should have known better as when I placed the order the screen on my computer went to several other offers to purchase chinese junk. DON’T ORDER THIS CAMERA BECAUSE IF YOU DO YOU’LL BE SORRY!

  13. – 0 star for this company.

    Should have canceled order the next day when I hadn’t received an order confirmation email. Finally shipped a week after my card was charged.

    Took another week for it to be available for DHL to pick up. I might have for C

  14. 1. No delivery after four weeks
    2. Will not answer telephone; goes to voice mail
    3. Someone calls to ask for one dollar to get $100 in gas coupons and that the camera will be delivered “soon.”

  15. DO NOT BUY!!
    1. No delivery after four weeks
    2. Will not answer telephone; goes to voice mail
    3. Someone calls to ask for one dollar to get $100 in gas coupons and that the camera will be delivered “soon.”

  16. ***Should be called DashSCAM Pro!*** First of all there are absolutely no customer service reps to take your order-everything is automated computer. Once you’ve placed your order it is not complete until they try to upsell you on a dozen other products forcing you to endure about 30 to 40 minutes up of advertising before your order goes through so be prepared to spend about 40 minutes waiting for them to attempt to sell you everything from batteries, SD cards and other items. The dash cam does not include SD card nor batteries and they are hoping to extract another $20 – $40 bringing your order up to as much as $80. The so called “customer service” option is a complete lie.They’ve intentionally have a recording pretending to transfer you to a “person” never answers. You are then told to leave a call back number. News Flash: no one will ever call you back…I know-I’ve left my name and number several times over the course of 10 days-still no call’s a scam and most likely a one man operation. To those who’ve finally received the item most likely had to wait for 2 or 3 months because this company has all the signs of crook. Try this so called “customer service” number and see if anyone answers or gets back to you 323-375-1042 It’s a con artist number with a fake outgoing message-no one will ever call you back. Now imagine if you order this item and have a problem with it or it doesn’t even work…you are scewed-(which is what the scam artist behind this “company” intended in the first place. I wouldn’t recommend this product or company to a roach let alone a friend.P.S. the scam artist knows about the complaint and is posting fake “positive reviews” himself on this site..he can’t help it-he’s a crook!You will have a HORRIBLE experience if you order ANYTHING from this scam company.

  17. I am now joining the ranks of dissatisfied customers. I placed my order over three months ago and have not received my order, nor have I been able to track or speak to anyone regarding that purchase. Very dissatifield with this company!!!

  18. Wow…I guess that I am also a victim of this scam. I wish that I would have read these reviews before I ordered. I tried to call as well and was not able to speak to anyone. So I will just chalk it up and shop a Walmart because the stand behind their products and you can return it. I ordered it as a Christmas gift I guess I have time to find something else. Thank you everyone for the heads up

  19. Received my 2 cameras today and after opening one and seeing that it contained a Chinese battery, I decided to give them away and I just purchased 2 cameras from Costco. I am afraid of Chinese batteries since they seem to blow up when used in hover boards. I was also thinking that I didn’t want them to blow up in my car. Not that I want that for the people I give them to, but maybe they won’t worry about it and maybe it will never happen.

  20. Ordered mine 2 months ago, still not received it! I’m so pissed, I work hard for my money, just as everyone that was took in by the great advertising they do on T.V. Do not order this, unless you have some money you want to give away!

  21. This company is a scam I ordered two got one now have to wait another 6 weeks for nothing. The phone number 973-931-4421 was to call for does not receive any more calls. This is a bunch of crap. Do not buy anything from this place in NJ.

  22. Ordered January 15, 2016.
    Not shipped. I called both numbers listed. They replied, “Your order is packed and ready to ship.” I asked when will it be shipped. “Sometime next week.” This conversation was with the “Live Chat”. The volume on the other two phone calls was so weak I couldn’t decipher anything.
    FYI my facebook was hacked by someone in NJ just days after my order, just sayin’.

  23. I order two the 11/16/15 got one about 7 weeks later and I got word that that I would get another one in 6 weeks, Now that has come and gone. I asked for my money back but that is not going to happen because the adds are a rip-off just for them to get rich. Do not order anything from this so called crap.

  24. When I ordered this Crap 11/16/15. My order was two cams with one extra battery got one cam with the extra battery after 7 weeks gave it as a gift. It was returned to me and it did not work. The battery will not charged and the other battery was the same. On top of that the cam has a problem staying on even while plug in. As I said before this stuff is a bunch of CRAP and you will not get your money back. They get all your the money for nothing.

  25. It looks like i too have been scamed buy the “as seen on tv dash cam pro” bs. ordered on them last month but still have not recieved anything also they double billed me called i did get trough to them but wasnt not and they would not put me through to anyone that handles the billing so i e-mailied at their site chated with a woman she tried to tell me that my order was shiped in dec. and gave me a usps # for someone in va even though i kept trying to tell her i didnt order untill january finally had to call my bank and dispute the order, still havent heard from anyone at As seen on tv Dash cam pro but i will never order anything at all from these people again and am also going to report them to the BBB

  26. Total crap. This product isn’t worth the plastic it’s made of. The camera cuts out after about 10 minutes. I suspect overheating of the circuitry. Video quality is ridiculous. Didn’t even bother with customer service ( due to poor reviews). Just packed it up and took it back to where it came from.

  27. I bought 2 of the cameras and found both to be junk! My first quit working 3 days after setting it up. I tried to call to get it replaced but only got put on hold with no people answering. I tried to contact someone but ended up on electric ignore. This went on until the 30 day warranty was up,almost like they recognized the phone number and ignored it till the 30 days were up. Do not waste your money on this junk, and do not expect any support! Buy a go-pro, you will be much happier!!!

  28. I drive truck, and don’t need a high priced dashcam, just something that can differentiate between a car ahead of me and the road. The cam was on sale at WalMart, and understanding that it was only $35 and my low requirements, I bought it.

    The quality of the camera is something that you’d find in the un-wanted toy bin at a buck-shop. It looks decent, but feels like garbage. The manual is all but useless and the interface is terrible, especially because the buttons only decide to work about half the time.

    I had the same memory card issues that everyone else seems to have, if they actually get the unit, and that is that it randomly decides whether it’ll recognise the micro SD card or not, even when the cam’s own format utility is used. It’ll just randomly decide, during use, that it can’t find the sd card anymore and this is if you’re lucky enough to get it to find the SD card when it starts. None of the computers in my house would recognise the unit as a removable disc either. When it actually did manage to record a picture or video, I couldn’t delete them – it said they didn’t exist, even though it would show me a list of them. The problem likely stems from the fact that the camera is such a piece of junk, as well as the low grade quality of the micro SD adapter.

    The mount is low grade and couldn’t be tightened so the camera would stay pointing where you aimed it.

    The battery went from full charge to dead in 11 minutes.

    The video quality, while not needing to be great, was terrible and extremely grainy – regardless of what video settings were used. The low light feature (the useless little LEDs on either side of the lens) are seemingly there for cosmetics because they do nothing at night or in low light conditions. Didn’t change the light levels or quality of the video and there are no settings to turn it on.

    Their tech support is unsurprisingly terrible too. Their phone number doesn’t work because they can’t get their own phones to work, so you have to call another number. After (seemingly) the sole employee in tech support is finished in the bathroom and finally decides to answer the phone, he has no answers to any of the problems. His solution is for ME TO PAY to send them back their piece of junk, and then they will send me a new one. ?? Based on others’ reviews, their RMA/shipping service didn’t seem like it worked any better than their camera, so I realized the smartest thing to do was take the piece of junk back to walmart.

    I went and bought a Papago dashcam, and with the fact that after buying the Dash CamPro for $35, and then the micro SD for another $35, the Papago was the same price AND came with it’s own micro SD card, PLUS a great manual and a very simple and effective menu system, not to mention the video quality is amazing. Should have done that from the beginning.

  29. walmart sells this product. Should be enough said right there, but will include that i bought mine for $20 on discount. For the price and purpose this thing has done everything i expected. I like it. Did use another sd card/adaptor, the included one is very cheap. The mount is what you should expect from a suction cup window mount. clean your windows. I have had no problems. Changing the options/menu features isn’t dummy proof, but doesn’t take a rocket scientist either. No issues there. The package says “night mode” not night vision. Not impressed with this but is ok if there is some light. Playback is somewhat grainy, but again for the price and purpose it is great. I have recommended it to friends and family as well as intend to buy another one at the $20 price/expectation. It’s not HIGH TECH future technologically advanced equipment, but for purchasing at walmart, i am pleased with it and have no complaints. Ordering from tv at the prices i’ve read others are paying, having to wait & trust the shipping: that is a negative ghost rider. I would not have purchased if not for price and having it immediately in my hot little hands.

  30. When I ordered my Dash Cam Pro As seen on TV on Evine, I expected it to be complete and ready to work. I ordered a 32 GB SD card, but what I received was a blank , non- descriptive SD card, no label, no size or GB. also missing the chip adapter and only a very short 7 inch USB charger cable, too short to connect to the computer or charge unless you use the car adopter.. After inserting the SD card, it showed NO CARD, no surprise here. I called Customer Service and they promised to send me a new SD card , which I received and hopefully I wont have any more problems. The set up was easy, but does it work , remains to be seen.

  31. I bought my DashCam at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $20 and I had a $5 coupon bringing the price down to $15. The instructions are hard to understand but I stuck it through and figured it out. You have to supply your own SD card but I had a bunch of extras around the house from old cameras. They DO supply you with an SD adapter for a micro SD card. That is NOT the SD card you need. Don’t get confused. Picture quality is ok during the day and not so hot at night. Sound recording is pretty poor. They are pretty honest in telling you the battery only lasts 15 minutes if the camera is not plugged nto the cigarette lighter. I can live with that.. Overall I’m satisfied especially since I just paid $15 ! It works as I expected and I’m glad I didnt buy it online. Lets see how long it lasts since I’ e only had it 3 days. If you don’t like this cheap one, you can get a GoPro for a few hundred dollars. Again- did I mention I paid $15 !!!!!!!

  32. I have a five star review on your product ,I get an Email this morning saying that I said it shuts off or something ,that is not true ,mine works great except for audio,I been using mine over 2 years no video problems , I think it was a fair price, sometimes neeeds some attention,cat just throw it up on windshield and go forever , at times may need some adjusting/cleaning ,I guarantee if careful as someone should be with such a device,it’ll work great, I had a vibrative sound system in the car ,which probably had something to do to audio on the DashPro, still a great product,

  33. I would not use this product if it was free. The motion sensor will not stay on. It will not shut off when engine is turned off. When recording down the road the unit shuts off after about 3 minutes. When I told support what was happening, right she started arguing with me and saying that what was happening to me was not happening.

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