Dizzy Gels Review

What is Dizzy Gels

It claims to be a gel tip pen that transforms drawings into a dizzy fun. It jiggles, wiggles and shakes while using it in dizzy mode.



Have dizzy fun

Dizzy Gels guarantees that kids will have lots of fun while drawing or writing. Thanks to its dizzy mode, it starts to jiggle, shake and wiggle to give a whacky design of its own. Although there are no Dizzy Gels reviews available that will verify its claims. Dizzy Gels asserts to be created in a unique shape that is fun and easy while handling. It works as an ordinary gel pen but allegedly transforms into an awesome designer pen with its dizzy setting. Simply hold Dizzy Gels from a high point to generate non-linear fun designs, or hold it low like a pen for a more control on what’s been drawn. More shall be revealed once Dizzy Gels is reviewed.


Feature-filled design
Dizzy Gels assures to help kids achieve lots of fun with its blue and pink gel pens. The cartridges come with easy interchangeable design but will be confirmed once Dizzy Gels is reviewed. Dizzy Gels states to have a built-in eraser to simply undo what you did with its gel pen. Users can even use crayons, pencils and markers in it, owing to its universal design. Dizzy Gels maintains to be a great pen for making cards, drawings or serve as a fun activity amongst kids. Did you find Dizzy Gels as good as its claims? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
You will receive Two Rainbow Art set for $14.95 plus $4.95 P&H.
Official website : dizzygels.com

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