Doggy Bag REVIEW

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About Doggy Bag

It is a unique cover in which wet and muddy pet dogs, when wrapped and wiped gently, come out clean and fresh. Doggy Bag is an innovative designed bag to clean wet and dirty dogs which, according to its makers, will rid you of the messy chore of bathing your pet. You just need to get your pet to step into Doggy Bag, attach its collar with Velcro at the neck, zip it up and rub it all over smoothly for a while. The thick, microfiber cloth of Doggy Bag encasing your pet will clean all the dirt and water quickly and ensure it steps out wholly clean and warm.



Doggy Bag CLAIMS

Comfortable, Roomy and Cosy Bag
The makers of Doggy Bag give the assurance that it is soft and comfortable and your pet will face no discomfort in it as it’s made of high quality microfiber cloth. Doggy Bag removes all sorts of dirt, particles and hair that stick to dogs’ fur and keep the debris inside. There will also be no need for you to coax your dog to bathe, endure messy towels and clean the mess it creates. In addition to that, you can wash your Doggy Bag in a machine and dry it in air to get it ready for next use. Doggy Bag is available in a variety of sizes, so selecting the right type of bag for your pet is also easy and convenient.


Doggy Bag Q/A

Q. Can you please advise which Doggy Bag and of what size I should order for my Springer doodle? Its neck measures around 33cm.
A. Please go for a medium size bag for your pet.

Q. Will medium Doggy Bag be ideal for my cocker spaniel? I want to make a one-time purchase, considering my pet’s growing and will become much bigger soon.
A. Yes, a medium size bag will be perfect.

Q. Please suggest what size Doggy Bag I should purchase for my female bulldog that weighs around 25kg but is short and wide.
A. You can opt for a medium size bag for your pet.

Q. I need to buy a bag for my Sproodle, who’s about the same size as a large Cocker Spaniel. Should I buy a small bag?
A. Yes, small size bag will be fine for your Sproodle. The Velcro around the neck of this bag is adjustable and your pet will also fit in the bag comfortably as it’s roomy enough.

Q. What size Doggy Bag will be good for my pet Cockapoo?
A. Buy a medium size bag.

Q. Can you please share the exact dimensions of the medium sized Doggy Bag?
A. It is around 88cm long, 68cm high and 49cm around the neck.

Q. What is the fleece of Doggy Bag made from? I want to know if I can wash it in my machine at 60 degrees temperature setting.
A. The fleece is made from microfibre material. It’s not the soft variety, so washing it at 60 degrees might not be very effective.

Q. I have a Labrador at my farm house. What size Doggy Bag will suit it?
A. Go for a Large size bag. The manufacturers recommend it too.

Q. What size would you advise for my big springer spaniel pet dog? Should I take a medium size bag or a larger one?
A. According to the manufacturers, the large size bag will be ideal for your pet. It’d be better to go for a larger size instead of small, which won’t give your pet enough space to feel comfortable in.

Q. Will Doggy Bag be useful to clean my pet when it’s very dirty and wet?
A. It is likely to help you dry your pet well but may not clean its fur completely in case there’s too much dirt. You may have to wash your pet instead.

Q. Should I purchase a large or extra-large Doggy Bag for our female greyhound? She’s around 26-27 inches tall… Was wondering about the zip around neck as it’s too tight out there.
A. To be on a safer side, buy the extra-large size bag. Your pet will get more space to move around in, and it will also fit its neck comfortably enough.

Q. Will Doggy Bag really keep my car from getting muddy if I wipe my pet in it before it gets in? Do I need to give a wash to my pet again after using it?
A. Yes, your car will remain dry if give it to your pet before it enters your car. And there’s no need to bathe pets After using it.


Doggy Bag Reviews

Philip Bailey, who bought Doggy Bag for his pet, has complained in his review that even though he selected the size recommended by the manufacturers for his pet, it turned out to be too small. He can’t rub his pet properly when it’s inside the bag because it’s too small. On top of that he has to dry his pet with a towel after using the bag. He’s totally disappointed with Doggy Bag and wants to get rid of it.

Lisa Barnes says in her Doggy Bag review that her pet just hates it. She finds the hole of the bag too large and the construction mediocre as it doesn’t clean mud and dirt from the fur of her pet. She’s actually wondering if the bag’s been made to dry pets after they bathe instead of cleaning them when they’re dirty. She feels buying the Doggy Bag has been a costly mistake.

Walter Hill has similarly noted in his Doggy Bag review that it’s tight at the neck and loose at the center. As a result, he’s unable to clean his female bulldog in it. He has to struggle a lot use the bag, and ultimately ends up getting his pet to bathe like before. Official

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