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12 thoughts on “Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. Takes ever bit of 5 wks to receive this junk. Mixed as recommended: 1 oz of concentrate to 15 oz water. Tried cleaning my stove top and a pan, even used the worthless scouring pad included. Didn’t clean anything at all. Instructions say add another ounce of concentrate for heavy duty cleaning…I did and still didn’t clean any of it. Worthless product ever! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  2. I agree with all of these reviews. This is a total scam.
    Don’t but this product. it’s like using water to clean.
    Does nothing!!!! I am thinking about sending it back COD.
    They can pay for the $15.00 shipping for a product that cost $7.95. Idiots.

  3. So I tried to order a bottle of this $14.99 bottle with a “FREE” double of my order. WHen I selected I wanted the free order, it charged me $63.78!!! It did not show me the total until it said “order completed”. I called them right away, but was told I could not cancel the order since “customer service” could only take new orders in!!

    Then 2 days later I get a call for an “order confirmation” – which I told them I wanted to cancel. After being transferred and the call dropped I called back. I waited a LONG time for a person and was told this “happens all the time”.

    But they could not cancel my order because it was shipped!!! Really? I got NO order shipment in my email. I was just called to confirm the order.

    Their website says 4-6 weeks for delivery, so how was it already shipped. HOW can they charge you that much before even showing you the total?

    This is a COMPLETE SCAM of people’s hard earned money. I am going to dispute this charge with my credit card.

    • DO NOT buy ANY of these ” as seen on TV” items ON TV. Wait till they come to store. You’ll save yourself a BIG headache–AND, LOTS of money. In addition, many things can be returned to the store if unsatisfactory.

  4. biggest piece of crap I have bought in my whole life & I am 73 years old. This outfit is a total fraud & a scam. they not have a customer service department. How can we sue these rotten disgraceful scumbags that prey on people. come on somebody we need some kind of recourse to get our money back from these rotten people

  5. Dutch – Glo …is a SCAM… !! They screwed up my order and sent me 3 times what I ordered. I refused the shipment and it was returned. They messed up the order….they refused to return $56.09…they charged for shipping cost …. even though it was “THEIR MISTAKE”! Read the reviews folks. This company should be shut down. They will burn you one way or another. If the product don’t work….they gotcha! If your shipment is wrong….they gotcha ! If you try to return the product…..they’ll burn you….they GOTCHA !! I URGE you to stay away from these liars and thieves.


  6. I’ve gotten wise to these pie-in-the-sky infomercials on TV. Wen something mildly interests me, the first place I go is to Google and read up on all the reviews there are on the product. Often the manufacturer starts its “review” site and publishes glowing “reviews” so you need to be careful. Usually, though, there are enough different sources to get a good idea of whether or not to buy something—which is why I’m typing this: I saw their infomercial on this product and found myself here. I guess you can say I learn from others’ mistakes.

    BTW, Easy-Off is still the best grease killer on the market. It’s been around for years and can be used on hot or cold surfaces. It’s nothing but a mild lye solution, really. You can make your own grease remover by buying ordinary lye (like some drain openers) and making a solution of your own…..for pennies! Use rubber gloves…

  7. After long debate of whether or not to try this product, I finally broke down and bought it with high expectations of finally getting the build up off the bottom of my cooking pans. I mixed the solution and applied as directed. Waited several minutes before washing with the enclosed wool scrubber and, to my dissatifaction, the product had NO affect on the pan. I tried several times with the same results – NO change. I would not recommend this product to anyone as it does NOT work !!!

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