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About Ear Wizard

Ear wizard is the smartest, easiest, most gentle and an effective way to clean your ears. Wax often get culminated blocking the ears due to which it becomes difficult to hear sometimes or even feel the pain in ears. Ordinary cotton buds have been used since ages to clean the wax in the ears. Though it is been used by majority of people it is not the safest or reliable technique to get the wax out of the ear.



Ear Wizard CLAIMS

Cotton buds sometimes push harmful wax further into your ear creating wax build up and swabs can even damage your ear drums, but ear wizard is gentle and easy to use. You just have to place it in your ear, twist it and gently remove the wax. Its unique design prevents it from going too deep into the ears and causing injury while the soft spiral tip easily collects the wax and gently remove it without pain. Ear wizard’s compact size makes it easy to hold for all and spiral cleaning tip is made from soft and flexible silicon making it safe for use of kids too.

Because its silicone tip is washable, use of ear wizard is hygienic and making it reusable too. Also, each tip are multi coloured so each person can have their own individual tip. Ear wizard is the safe, comfortable and thorough way to clean your ears with such improvised features for effective results.

Review by Sabrina Dawson states that Ear Wizard doesn’t work at all the way it claims to. As per her review, Ear Wizard was tried on several family members to no effect.

Jeanne Harrington asserts in her Ear Wizard review that the finishing of the tips lacks detailing and there is excess rubber on it which makes it uncomfortable to use.

Lisa Patton claims in her Ear Wizard review that it doesn’t really do anything to get the wax out of the ear completely. As per the review, it is a waste of money.


Ear Wizard Review

Ear Wizard review by Joanna Manning says that Ear Wizard works only for people with small ear canals. For larger holes, the review states that Ear Wizard is pretty uncomfortable. Also, it fails to deliver when compared to a basic ear bud.

Ada Carter in her Ear Wizard review reveals that the concept behind Ear Wizard is great but it has design flaws. The review adds that the tip is pretty narrow or use and doesn’t live up to the expectation.

Alex Moody in his Ear Wizard review states that it did pull out some ear wax but didn’t clean up well. Although they might be not as harmful as regular buds, but it can be a bit painful for the ear canal.

Ear Wizard reviews claims that the concept behind it is good but the tip is too stubby and fails to make any contacts to the area that requires cleaning. As per the review, Ear Wizard’s handle is too clunky and wide causing the discomfort while using.

Ear Wizard review asserts that it fails to provide any type of wax clearing. The Ear Wizard review calls it a waste of money due to its cheaply build body. The excess material quality is poor and can even cause severe ear pain while using it.

Ear Wizard review calls it a failure and cautions other users from buying it. It did not come with any type of instruction or directions of use. It will work only on the outer area which is good only if someone has a lot of ear wax. It is not worth the price it is sold at.

Ear Wizard review says that it needs a lot of improvement in its design. The review complaints that the tips are not long enough to reach the interior region of the ear canal. Also the handle connecting to the tip is too thick that restricts its use furthermore. The plastic edge of Ear Wizard can even scrape the ear. The review asks other users to stay away and suggests a redesigned Ear Wizard with wider tip can probably perform better.

Jonathon Bridge complains in his Ear Wizard that even though it is made decently with a good idea behind it, it can’t beat the results a soft cotton swab can provide.

Vicki Vargas Ear Wizard review reveals that it is an uncomfortable device that doesn’t fit the ear and hurts a lot. The length of the attachments is smaller hence it covers only the exterior region of the ear. At times it feels like the shorter length is pushing the wax in rather than pulling it out.


Ear Wizard Questions and Answers

Q. Is Ear Wizard dishwasher safe?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Ear Wizard approved or recommended by medical professionals or authority?
A. No.

Q. Do they sell additional cleaner heads with Ear Wizard?
A. No, the user would need to buy another cleaner system.

Q. Can Ear Wizard really help in cleaning ears thoroughly?
A. Ear Wizard is great for cleaning the outer area of the ear canal. The inner area also gets cleaned very well but the cleaning level and amount of wax extraction depends on the ear size and shape as well.

Q. How should one clean Ear Wizard?
A. After use, Ear Wizard can be placed inside a small capped container dipped in hydrogen peroxide solution. It should be later rinsed with hot water.

Q. Is Ear Wizard’s head washable and reusable?
A. Yes, Ear Wizard’s head is actually made using a durable rubber material which is easy to clean by washing and reused. Although note that it cannot really clean the wax sitting deeply in the ear. Also the handle is a little clunky and makes using it a bit awkward.

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  1. Virtually all reviews here are from people comparing the product to cotton buds, which are smaller, reach further, scrape wax out better, and pose A SERIOUS HEALTH HAZARD! What part of the “Do not insert in ear” warnings on the cotton swab boxes did these “reviewers” NOT understand?

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