Earth Brite

What is Earth Brite?

It is an all purpose natural clay cleaner that can give you spotless shine on any hard and non porous surface.

Earth Brite is said to be a natural white clay compound that polishes different surfaces in your homes and makes them look spotless clean. All home owners are quite particular about the state of their surroundings and want to make sure they are clean and shiny. But that’s easier said than done with other products in the market that need you to keep scrubbing and cleaning for long. However Earth Brite claims to do the job easily and also protects for spotless shine.


Earth Brite seems to have a rich history

For starters, one needs to know that Earth Brite is supposed to be extracted from a quarry in South of France. Apparently it was used in Roman times as an exfoliant and a natural cleanser. But now home owners can get its benefits when it comes to cleaning different surfaces in their homes. Earth Brite is said to be highly versatile and known to have brilliant cleaning properties. Thus it can be used for cleaning just about anywhere; from kitchens to bathrooms and outdoor spaces too.


Earth Brite claims to be effective on various non-porous and hard surfaces

The fact that it works on many different types of surfaces makes it ideal for home owners who can get optimum use out of it. From stainless steel to silver, platinum, gold and other metals to acrylic, enamel and PVC, Earth Brite can end up polishing different surfaces in and around your house. It can be used to clean and polish sinks and stovetops that tend to get quite grubby while you will also find Earth Brite handy when you have to clean barbeque grills and garden furniture too.

Earth Brite is said to be safe and environmentally friendly

Earth Brite is a natural clay based product that is non degradable, which makes it eco friendly. Moreover there are no chemicals and harsh fumes involved. Earth Brite is also said to be gentle on your hands and safe for use even when there are pets and young ones around. It also ends up leaving a fresh citrus scent when done.


What do I get?

Get the Earth Brite kit which includes: 2 Earth Brite 300g tubs and 2 Application Sponges for only $19,99 CDN + $9,99 CDN.Official

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