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30 thoughts on “Egg Sitter Review | Exposed

Online Xanax Vendor
      • No, nope. I think Truth Hertz is on to something. Bariatric products are a huge (pardon the pun) market and it exists for no other reason than for people who are too big (yes) for standard or average sized products. While egos may be deceived, no one really benefits from suggesting that the product itself is too small. I mean no disrespect by expecting that obese people are aware that they are obese and should neither be surprised nor offended by this statement of fact. Self-deceit is only a temporary solution to unhappiness.

        • I’m not sure if you realize that obese people are most likely to buy a product similar to this, and despite your objections of our existence, deserve comfort. This product is the size to cover an average plane seat and is smaller than the average size of a chair in a typical dining set. For a product that has overweight or obese people in the commercial, I’d believe that it’s false advertising to sell a product so small and just rude to not expect fat people to be able use it.

          • I would have let your post be because you make a valid complaint against false advertising (a pet peeve of mine, too), but you also offended me, and so I’m responding in order to correct the record.

            You accused me of questioning the valued existence of obese people. I did not. Not blatantly, not subtly, in absolutely no way can anything I said be construed to imply such a thing. Frankly, it’s rather Freudian that you said it yourself (which begs for some self-examination).

            I’m too aware of my own demons to suggest that yours are somehow worse than mine, or that I should be here but you shouldn’t. You aren’t unique – we all have ugly, inner demons that compel us to self-sabotage, that interrupt our happiness and give rise to self-loathing. Mine manifest as chronic seborrheic dermatitis, yours, as obesity. As individuals, if we don’t like our conditions, we change them. Period.

            There’s only one person I’m aware of whose existence I question. If you are not the President of the United States, then you are not that person.

  1. First let me say, I am not a representative of Egg Sitter. I’m just a regular old Jo-layperson, and like most other innocent people, I came to this site looking for a ‘trustworthy’ review. That said, here’s my review of your review and my subsequent rebuke.

    Second, how dare you spew your obviously biased, unsubstantiated opinion and try to pass it off as a ‘trustworthy’ review… Who the hell are you? What qualifies you as a ‘reviewer’ of this (or any) product? What, exactly, makes ANYTHING YOU SAID ‘TRUSTWORTHY’? Why would you paraphrase the comments/opinions of others? Allen, Jesse, Laverne, Alma, Joy, Norman… they are fictional expressions of your own negative opinion.

    Third, based solely on the content of your ‘review’, a more likely explanation is that you’re grossly obese, and bought this product only to discover that your huge ass dwarfs the cushion like a square of TP. You’re a disgruntled consumer with a bone to pick, whose experience with the Egg Sitter resembles nothing considered normal or standard.

    Finally, that you attempt to poison others with your slanderous crock makes you a qualified asshole.

    In closing, since there are no reviews truly worthy of trust on this site, I urge others to do as I’m going to do: go elsewhere to find substantiated reviews of the Egg Sitter, by actual consumers, with authentic opinions.

    • Can I just ask why you are so angry over a egg sitter pillow? Why not direct that anger toward maybe gun control, bullying or the drug problem in our country? You really seem so angry and I don’t think it has anything to do with bad reviews on a product. People are allowed to express their opinion on a product that they feel did not work for them, and thanks to them, I will not be buying one. Please advert that anger towards something that matters.

      • For Brynn (and AJ):

        Please, save your outrage.
        1/ Anger is a natural response to deceitfulness.
        2/ Colorful language is often employed by adults for emphasis and seasoning.
        3/ My anger over false advertising was appropriately directed at the poser who maintains this website and published this fraudulent review.

        I’ve checked myself and I feel good about all of that.

        P.S. As long as we’re feeling chummy enough to offer one another advice, perhaps you might turn the sensitivity button down just a smidge. Mine was just a comment about a silly cushion. If you have a need to be offended, the world is full of worthy causes.

    • I ordered 2 sitters by phone. They have not come yet (ordered 1/26 and shipped 1/31) but the problem is I was charged for 4 of them. This is blatantly dishonest and there was no confusion involved. They say they will not refund til I return 2 of them which makes an extra charge for me.
      They are crooks.

  2. I was just about to order the egg-sitter, as I did see the commercial on TV, BUT WITH THE REVIEWS I HAVE READ– IT MAY BE BEST TO WAIT UNTIL THEY ‘PERFECT’ SOME OF THOSE THINGS,
    a). Consider a “larger/wider egg sitter for us big girls and guys
    b). Consider the ‘type’ of chairs they will be in (hard back or cushion). so not going to order, but hope they (egg-sitters ,inc). will consider those things and come out with a two size or better weight one. thanks

  3. bought 2 of them and just returned them. didn’t fit either one of our rear ends, my husband is normal size, I am a full figured woman, I used mine at my computer, his in the car, both were terribly uncomfortable. mine hurt my hip, his was just too small to sit right. save your money, it still cost me $25 in shipping back and forth, what a waste. ugh.

  4. I ordered and received my egg sitter cushion. I took the two for one order option. My helper and I are using them and frankly we are disappointed. They are small, so you have to keep chasing them around the chair. Frankly they are no what the advertisement said it would be. DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

  5. I agree with Jill’s kindergarten teacher regarding the time out-telling someone to turn down their sensitivity meter was humorous considering how she’s being very touchy herself.
    Note to Jill:
    I came to this site looking for reviews from people who had purchased the cushion, & as you would expect some were pro & some (the majority) were con.
    Then I came to your comments which seemed pretty vicious for such a trivial matter.
    Maybe you missed your nap?
    Try to go with the flow ( I was about to say “my friend” but realized you’d probably attack me for that-“I’m not your friend etc”
    Peace be with you

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