Exstatic Hairbrush by Fuller

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What is the Exstatic Hairbrush by Fuller?

It is a hairbrush with advanced features that make your hair look healthy and shiny. It also has active ions that eliminate the static in your hair at the touch of a button.


For healthy and beautiful-looking tresses

Fuller presents their new launch, the Exstatic Hairbrush, which promises to continue its tradition of providing best for your hair. It is a hairbrush looks simple to use but offers sophisticated features that guarantee smoother, healthier and shinier hair.


Action at the touch of a button

The makers of Exstatic Hairbrush claim that it is no ordinary hairbrush. It is a battery-operated hairbrush that gives healthy-looking hair at just the touch of a button. All you have to do is click to switch it on and start brushing your hair, which gets millions of active ions on it to eliminate dust, debris and the static in your hair. The ions in the hairbrush supposedly make your hair look silky and shiny with great volume too. It

Does wonders to your hair

Exstatic Hairbrush promises to make thin hair appear thicker, thick hair get manageable, offers protection from static, removes frizzies and fly-aways. It also claims it ensures cuticle flattening for intense shine. Unlike ordinary brushes that damage hair, Exstatic Hairbrush ensures well-being and beauty of your hair.

The secret? Anti-static bristles

Exstatic Hairbrush has soft 109 anti-static bristles that glide through your hair smoothly and make them healthy, silky and free of dust and tangles without causing damage.

Cleanses your hair

Exstatic Hairbrush apparently cleanses your hair as it aims to remove dirt, dust, debris, grime and other pollutants every time you use it. That means your hair gets rid of all the dirt not only when you wash your hair but also while you brush it.

Easy to clean

The charge of the hairbrush attracts loads of dirt that gets accumulated on it, but you are assured that it can be cleaned easily. After brushing your hair, the push button head pops out for cleaning, for which you need to switch off the brush and remove the debris.


Exstatic Hairbrush is compact and portable, so you can carry it out and keep your hair looking great every moment.


What do I get?

Get Exstatic Hairbrush by Fuller just for $39.95.Official website:fullerbrushtvoffer.com

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