EZ Lift Review

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What is EZ Lift

It claims to be a portable handle that can easily latch to a car’s strike plate to provide ergonomic support for getting out of the car. It also has features such as flashlight, glass breaking hammer and a seat belt emergency cutter all in a compact size.


Find support

EZ Lift claims to offer support just like a cane in compact form to get in and out of the car with ease. Although there are no EZ Lift reviews available that will substantiate its claims. EZ Lift declares to resolve the issues of elderly folks, pregnant women and people who own SUVs. It claims to provide an opportunity to find the right support to get into or out of the car with ease. Such far-fetched claims by EZ Lift will be validated once users have reviewed it.

High-quality design

EZ Lift alleges to be designed to help regular car users but at this point of time there are no EZ Lift reviews that will attest to its claims. EZ Lift convinces to be useful as it locks on in the strike plate of any car with ease. Once locked it provides substantial support to get out of the car with ease. Currently there are no EZ Lift reviews to substantiate its claims. EZ Lift promises to be carved off forged steel construction that can support weight up to 350 lbs. with ease. Is EZ Lift really sturdy? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. The handle is ergonomically designed so that it provides a comfortable grip when held. Currently one cannot simply take its word as there are no user reviews available yet.


Additional features:

EZ Lift maintains to be more beneficial with added features. These include the addition of powerful built-in LED flashlight which can help find way or help for repairs in the night. How powerful this flashlight is will be further known once EZ Lift has been reviewed. There is also a recessed safety blade available to cut seat belts in case of emergencies. The tip of EZ Lift is claimed to be equipped with precision point to break glass. Such safety features does make EZ Lift a promising buy; user reviews will expose the truth.


Several benefits

EZ Lift promises to bear several advantages, the main being its compact size. It can easily fit inside the car door pocket or glove compartment. We will need to analyze user reviews to verify such claims. EZ Lift assures that it works for everyone and any car. It is perfect for pregnant women, elderly folks, cars with higher clearance and even people suffering from arthritis. Is EZ Lift worth purchasing? Send us your EZ Lift reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get EZ Lift for $19.95 + $6.95 P&H
  • Official website: buyezlift.com
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