FDN Selfcare

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What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

It is a program that helps you take control of your health by focusing on the roots of being healthy. Developed by Reed Davis, a Clinical Nutritionist, FDN is an approach created through experience.

What It Is Made Up Of

FDN is made up of 5 components that are personalized based on your personal assessment by a professionally trained FDN Health Coach. The 5 components are diet, rest, exercise, supplements and stress reduction.
The coach ensures he is with you in every step you take from beginning to end. You can also access the 6 mentors who have trained your personal FDN Health Coach (and the 500 other FDN Health Coaches out there). You also gain access to Reed Davis himself, the source and creator of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Functions of FDN

FDN is based on functional medicine combined with self-test diagnostic labs and a customized health plan. It pays close attention to the root cause of the disease. It looks into the future health problems by: listening to your history and your personal story, looking into your genetics, your environment, your diet and your lifestyle, and focusing on the major risk factors for aging and death.

Benefits of FDN

FDN Self Care is designed to help you rebuild your health and improve your quality of life. FDN Self Care gives you a complete understanding of how lifestyle and diet affects physique, energy and appearance and what you have to do to improve these areas of life.

How It Works- 4 Stage Process

STEP 1 – Labs Submitted
Step one is self­ test labs where you have to take your lab samples and submit them. The results will be sent to your coach.
STEP 2- Interpretation Session
Step two is an interpretation session with your personal FDN Health Coach where you will go through the results and what it all means.
STEP 3- Health Plan
Your coach will create a unique health plan for you, based on your personal story, background and your lab results.
STEP 4- Lifestyle integration
You will work with your coach on a one to one basis. You will have to implement this plan and take charge of improving your health.

What do I get?

Please see official website fdnselfcare.com.

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