Flat Fold Hand Truck REVIEW

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What is Flat Fold Hand Truck? It claims to be a lightweight, sleek and folding hand truck that can tow up to 150 pounds of load. Flat Fold Hand Truck states to be an excellent hand track that folds and unfolds half its size within seconds.



Flat Fold Hand Truck CLAIMS

Fold out truck – Flat Fold Hand Truck claims to be designed for holding up to 150 pounds per load but it weighs less than 5 pounds. Such far-fetched claims by Flat Fold Hand Truck will be proved true or false with user reviews.

Useful Design – Flat Fold Hand Truck assures that it comes with a flat fold design for easy storage. While in use, the platform with anti-slip base serves as a great place to load up the items. Flat Fold Hand Truck alleges to have convenient handles that are easy to grab and can be pulled with a single hand without the need to bend. There are no Flat Fold Hand Truck reviews available currently to substantiate with its claims. Flat Fold Hand Truck assures to have large-sized rugged wheels that glide smoothly indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t get stuck even on gravel path, grassy lawn, sandy area, etc. Flat Fold Hand Truck does sound impressive; user reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Flat Fold Hand Truck REVIEW

Emma Rodriguez – a Flat Fold Hand Truck user says in her review, “It is very flimsy and the wheels are pretty small for the promises it has made. It hardly picks up heavy load and can’t hold even two cases of water.”

One other review by a Flat Fold Hand Truck user Ryan Miller states, “The cart wheels on Flat Fold Hand Truck are too far back; the handles are short and it keeps going upright.”

Owen Wilson who purchased Flat Fold Hand Truck states in his review, “It loses all credibility to its claims once you load Flat Fold Hand Truck with substantial weight. The wheels are wonky and wobbly causing all types of problems while handling it.”

Flat Fold Hand Truck user Jacob Brown complains in his review, “Flat Fold Hand Truck’s handle is poorly designed and falls short for use by adult men.”

Olivia Garcia who purchased Flat Fold Hand Truck says in her review, “This hand truck functions decently for square sided items only. Even if you use bungee cords around small round water buckets the cart will simply not work. Also, Flat Fold Hand Truck is not good for taller individuals.”

Donald Jones mentions in his review, “The body is poorly built and wheels that fold in break within few months of use. The concept is nice but practically it keeps tipping over. There is no sturdiness or a proper grip to it.”

Casey Smith reveals in her review, “You can use Flat Fold Hand Truck for small, lightweight boxes. Otherwise it’s a useless commodity.”

Mia Johnson asserts in her review, “The quality of Flat Fold Hand Truck is poor and since it’s made of plastic, the joints break and bend easily. It’s a good design and would have worked better with a metal construction.”

Edgar Smith – A Flat Fold Hand Truck user reveals in his review, “The wheels are too far back and the angling of the truck isn’t right. Similar to another review, I also had troubles in using it without bending. The plastic pivot is very fragile and bears a lot of pressure if you want to push it from vertical to diagonal position.”

Randy Murphy says in her review, “Flat Fold Hand Truck is very short and not worth for taller people. The handle is wobbly and somehow works only for smaller items that wouldn’t need a bungee or strap to stay in place. Overall, it’s no value for money.”

Angel Lee who bought Flat Fold Hand Truck writes in her review, “It’s a decent hand truck for hauling bottle of cokes. But Flat Fold Hand Truck is not worth for packages that are deeper than 12 inches.”

Vincent Bell complains in his review, “The wheels stick out of the back in unfolded mode. There is no way you can stack two or three boxes as they claim.”

Cory Ross reveals in her review, “Flat Fold Hand Truck also takes a lot of energy to really push it. There is no way you can perform a job easily using it.”

Mitchell Jenkins says in her review, “The hand truck is so poorly designed that it takes the person off balance. It works only if there is less weight and you bend over while pushing it.”


What do I get?
You get the Flat Fold Hand Truck & 2 Bungee Cord Straps for $29.99 | For more details please see the official website: FlatFoldOffer.com

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