Flex Shot REVIEW | Don’t waste your money

What is Flex Shot

It is a rubber sealant which is quite thick and can be used to easily seal, caulk and bond virtually anything.


Flex Shot Reviews and Complaints

Ideal for corking window sills and frames – Steven who bought Flex Shot revealed in his review that it was just the right option for corking window sills and frames. He was impressed by the fact that it was easy to use and worked exactly the way it was advertised. However, according to him, Flex Shot might have its limitations when used for other applications. He also complained about the odour that is left behind, which was quite annoying.

Not different from regular caulk – Anne who used Flex Shot complained in her review that though it worked alright, it wasn’t any better than your regular caulk that you get in stores. She was irked that her results were not at all outstanding and left a lot to be desired. She believes that buying regular caulk for a fraction of the price might actually be a better option.

Difficult to use – Jim who used Flex Shot exposed in his review that it is very tricky to use and gets the job done only after a few messy coatings. Trying to use the scraper to smoothen it out is pointless because you will have it all over the scraper and it ends up looking quite bad. He was all irritated that you just can’t wash it off your hands or get rid of the smell from your surroundings for that matter. Overall he said that it was messy, putrid and tedious, which makes it worse than caulk for him.

Flex Shot Doesn’t work – Greg who used Flex Shot complained in his review that it doesn’t work as expected. He applied three coats on the gutter but as soon as there was some rain he noticed that the leaks had come back. He called it a waste of time and all the effort that goes into applying it.



Claims to be a Revolutionary sealant – Flex Shot claims to be a revolutionary rubber sealant that is easy to use for any chore that needs caulking, bonding and sealing – but the Flex Shot reviews bust this claim. The Flex Shot ad says that this is unlike the regular sealants or caulking guns that are available in the market. They generally are messy while applying and you have to put in a lot of efforts just to ensure that they seal well. The hardships do not simply stop at application but also the bonding that isn’t quite effective rendering all the hard work useless. Flex Shot claims that it considers these issues seriously and solves them with its rubber sealant formula that is designed to perform for any type of activity.

Easy to apply – Flex Shot supposedly is quite easy to apply making it a cost effective solution as no professional help is required. It in fact provides a perfect bead every time it is used by simply holding it at a 45 degree angle and pushed against the nozzle at the area to be repaired. A steady even motion can be maintained quite easily due to its size. Plus Flex Shot is quite unique as it has the capacity to reach even the remotest of surfaces with its extension tube nozzle.

Seal, bond and caulk anything – Flex Shot apparently works on any material to make an unbreakable bond that can last up to 30 years without drying, cracking or deteriorating. It works perfectly on porcelain, tiles, glass, fiberglass, metal, wood, granite, stone, marble, fabric, paper, upholstery and more.The highlighted property of Flex Shot to expand and contract in an indestructible stretchy rubber seal form makes it perfect for filling in cracks and holes. It also can be used in caulking and sealing areas of the bathroom and kitchen since it is mold and mildew resistant.Flex Shot can also be used for sealing leaks as it is waterproof and hence comes handy for repairing roofs, gutters, boats, autos, duct repairs and seal PVC pipes. Apart from heavy duty sealing and bonding Flex Shot can also be used for crafts and decorative items that need a strong adhesive.


What do I get?

You get two cans of Flex Shot in White, Clear, Almond or Black and get two extension tubes for $19.99 plus S&H $9.95 and after paying processing fee of $9.99 you get Handy Can of Flex Seal. Official web site Flexshot.com


Rating: 3

6 thoughts on “Flex Shot REVIEW | Don’t waste your money

  1. I bought this at Lowes for $8

    Seems to work well and very strong but it does have a strong glue smell/odor even after 72 hours.

    Tip: after you apply wait for 45 seconds to smooth for a clean look. if you try before it will be too soft and messy.

    Rating: 4
  2. I’m usually much better at reading everything before ordering anything online. But today, I was in a hurry and got taken by Flex Shot. I will never order from this company again. As stated above, it’s a great product so they shouldn’t need to make additional money buy charging outrageous shipping and handling fees. This product like the other “As Seen on TV” products will eventually be sold in stores. So if the project can wait, it’s better to wait and save a lot of money. Doubling the advertised “Double Offer $19.99 price” by adding double handling and shipping charges is intentionally misleading.

    Rating: 1
  3. So an item that advertised for $19.95 is going to cost approximately $40.00 when all said and done. Total rip off.

    1. $40 for just two cans is steep, to say the least. But I’ve had trouble caulking a bathtub-shower because regular caulk is persnickety stuff: It’s been virtually impossible to get the joints perfectly dry and clean, and the caulk won’t maintain bond. If Flex Shot tolerates moist conditions as the advertising implies, then it might be worth it.

      1. Read the labels at your DIY retailer of choice, ‘tolerating moist conditions is not a unique feature for a sealant.

        In fact, I don’t know how well this product works, but I do know they are straight up lying about the performance of other sealants.

        The price they’re charging when you consider S&H is near criminal.

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