Fridge Mate REVIEW

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About Fridge mate

Is your fridge over stacked with food, disorganized and everytime you open the fridge you take too much time to look for the ingredient you need and end up with all food on the floor? Here is you mate the fridge mate snap on drawer!



Fridge Mate CLAIMS

The Fridge Mate describes the design of snap on drawer to be spring loaded customizable that attaches to any shelve with a good grip. It also claims the track to be smoothly gliding which assists in easy opening and closing. No tools are required to install the drawer; you just have to snap it on to any shelves in the refrigerator.

The goal of fridge mate is to give you extra storage place by utilizing the unused place under the shelves and so the fridge mate snap on drawer not only can be installed in the refrigerator but also in the freezer, pantry and spaces under kitchen cabinets. It can store all kinds of things from eggs to beverages because of its deep drawer design.

Does your food gets forgotten in the fridge and end up covered in mold? The Fridge Mate helps you organize the food keeping it at your fingertips also the bonus fresh green liner allow air to circulate through the drawer thus preventing fruits and veggies from rotting.


Fridge Mate Reviews

Mike Morris calls Fridge Mate a waste of money in his review and suggests users not to purchase it. According to him, its size is pretty small and will not fit on a shelf that is thicker than ¼”. He frustratingly writes that it is so small that the shelf is nothing that can be stored in it.

A similar complaint is seen in the review of Fridge Mate by Freda Perkins. She says that the shelf is so small that it fails to even hold a small package of cheese. She calls out the manufacturer since it is nowhere like advertised and is very expensive for its small size.

Another review of Fridge Mate by Tracy Reid exposes it to be a cheap, thin plastic that doesn’t have the capacity to efficiently store anything in it.

Janie Graham’s review of Fridge Mate divulges that it has a limited storage space and would not fit everything. Her actual problem was that it failed to fit in her fridge and also in anyone else’s fridge she tried on. Her review further states that Fridge Mate is highly expensive and took over 6 weeks and 2 reminders to actually get it shipped.

One Fridge Mate review by Alton Mills asserts that it is pretty small and only a bit larger than a pack of jumbo playing cards. They don’t slide at all or fit on the glass shelves of a full-sized refrigerator. Although he found the packaging to be good, he rates Fridge Mate zero star in his review due to its small size and non-usability.

Another review by Eric Reed reveals that Fridge Mate is highly expensive for something that is shipped from China. He mentions that returning it is also a hassle and warns other users against purchasing it.

A review by Owen Burke claims that Fridge Mate doesn’t fit in a fridge that might have curved edges. Also, he found the price to be a little too much for its quality and size.

Lois Nelson, a customer who bought Fridge Mate to extend the storage space in her refrigerator fund it to be so small that it worked as a part of her daughter’s dollhouse.

According to Christine Harris’s review, Fridge Mate’s advertised pictures make it look bigger but it is far smaller than that in real life. Her review asserts that the clips on Fridge Mate are too round to secure it and keep it stable to make it work like a mini drawer.


Fridge Mate Questions & Answers

Q: What are the dimensions of Fridge Mate?
A: 15 x 12 x 2.5 cm

Q: Can the user choose the color of their choice?
A: Yes.

Q: How deep are the shelves of Fridge Mate?
A: They are 2.5 cm deep.

Q: What colors does it come in? Also how many pieces are shipped in one package?
A: There is only one piece shipped in one package and the colors are chosen and sent at random.

Q: Can Fridge Mate accommodate a mini-fridge?
A: It might be able to fit in nicely since it is pretty small. But most people are disappointed with its size and don’t recommend it.


What do I get?
Fridge Mate for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling | Official Website:

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