Fruit Face

About Fruit Face

Fruit Face is an automatic DIY organic facial mask maker that claims to use fresh fruit and activator tablets to dispense fruit-based face masks to improve your complexion and leave you with beautiful, youthful skin.



Fruit Face CLAIMS

Fruit Face alleges to be simple and easy to use. Simply squeeze your favorite fruit, pour in the juice, pop in the activator tablet and press the button. Fruit Face then prints a custom organic gel mask that helps improve skin elasticity, tighten pores, keep skin moisturized, smooth out fine lines, and flush out black and wheat heads. We will know whether it really works when you send us your Fruit Face reviews.It also promises to peel off easily. Does it really peel off that easily? This claim will be confirmed only after Fruit Face is reviewed.

Fruit Face claims to blend the fruit juice with the activator tablet perfectly creating a powerful skin beautifying gel.At this point of time there are no Fruit face reviews to verify this claim.

Fruit Face asserts to make tangy grapefruit, cooling kiwi, cleansing lemon, fresh berry and you can also mix and match your favourite fruits. Fruit face also maintains that you can use it for your favourite veggies and milk and honey too. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Fruit face is reviewed.

It guarantees to be great for all skin types. Can it be used on all skin types? Fruit Face reviews will expose it soon.
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What do I get?
Buy Fruit Face is $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping

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