Garden Genie Review

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What is Garden Genie?

They are gardening gloves, which maintain that they are a smart alternative to hand tools because they let you do different tasks in your outdoor spaces with ease.

Garden Genie asserts that now you can dig and plant without the need for any type of hand tools. If you have the luxury of space around your house then you want to beautify it with a garden that adds to the aesthetics and value of your homes. You can also grow your own fruits and vegetables, which is a joy in itself. But the problem is that gardening can be a chore. It is tedious and time consuming, and requires you to spend money on hand tools to make your task easier. These specially created gloves promise to let you dig and plant without the need for these tools. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Garden Genie reviews to confirm this claim for you.


Specially designed to make gardening easy and fun

These gloves have been created to ensure that you can do away with the costs and hassle involved with getting hand tools. They have built in claws that make gardening fun because you can dig and plant quickly and comfortably. In fact, the high density plastic claws can let you do everything you would be able to with hand tools, according to their claims. What did you make of the built in claws with these gloves? We would like to find out about it in your Garden Genie reviews. The flexible and ergonomic design of these gloves is another important highlight. It’s because of this design that you are able to handle small objects easily. Garden Genie reviews can tell us more about this design aspect of the gloves.

You will also be pleased to find that these gloves are durable and puncture resistant. Thus your hands will be protected from blisters and cuts. Garden Genie reviews will be able to inform us whether these gloves are really safe for your regular use.

Helps you with several gardening tasks

These gloves stress on the fact that they are waterproof so that they can be rinsed clean with ease. They can keep your hands dry and are available in two sizes, which is an added advantage. We will go through Garden Genie reviews carefully before validating these claims for you. These gloves also emphasize that they are durable enough to handle the toughest of jobs in the garden. At the same time they are delicate enough to pick cherry tomatoes. That’s why they are versatile for use in your gardens. This seems like a tall claim that will have to be verified through Garden Genie reviews.

Some of the tasks you can handle with these garden gloves include digging holes, putting seeds and planting. You can spread and grade topsoil, while you can easily rake and clear away debris as well. Garden Genie reviews are awaited to give us more information about these claims.


What do I get?

You get Two pairs of Garden Genie for $10 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website

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