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What is Genie Breeze?

As shown in the infomercial, Genie Breeze claims to be the most supportive bra which a woman can proudly own without compromising on comfort or style. It is made of a special kind of fabric that is very breathable and yet at the same time is very soft on the skin. Genie Breeze is durable and also helps in preventing unnecessary sweat to accumulate around the chest area. The claims do sound rather lofty. Hence we can’t pass any judgement as yet. The best thing to do is wait for Genie Breeze reviews to reveal the truth.


How does Genie Breeze work?

Every woman can relate to the fact that wearing a bra for long hours can become really uncomfortable, not to mention the unwanted sweat gathering around the chest area or the under wires digging into the skin. All these eventually leading to the feeling of uneasiness and under confident throughout the day. As per statistics, 80 per cent of women do not own a bra that fits them properly. Genie Breeze declares to take care of this discomfort and put the matter to rest forever. Through its revolutionary technology, it claims to be the only seamless bra with pads that are designed to conform to the shape and size of any woman. That is a huge claim coming from a brand that hasn’t yet scaled the soaring heights of popularity. Will you believe it to be true? We certainly wouldn’t, not until we have analyzed Genie Breeze reviews.

Genie Breeze promises to eliminate the issues that arise by wearing a wrong size bra, like constantly adjusting the straps, under wires hurting your skin, unsightly top bulging, sagging back fat and so on. Genie Breeze uses a special type of fabric- woven everlast comfort stretch fabric that is very breathable and is designed to move and adjust to your shape without losing its form. The curve-hugging seamless design moulds to your body giving you the ideal cup size every time. Whether you have a petite body or you are a full figured woman, Genie Breeze guarantees a variety of size options to choose from. It also claims to feature cooling zones in the back area and the little pockets in the bra cups facilitate maximum area around the bust. Of course these claims can only be substantiated when there’s a personal experience from those who have actually used it. How about your try it yourself and let us know in your Genie Breeze reviews how comfortable it actually is?

Genie Breeze asserts to have none of the irritating wires or hooks, but just comfort straps that stay put all day. And apparently these delicate bras are machine-washable too. The makers of Genie Breeze claim to provide control zones that promise utmost care to the bust area without compromising on the level of comfort and coolness. Genie Breeze also prevents sweating around the chest area. All said and done, does Genie Breeze deliver as promised? We’ll let the Genie Breeze reviews decide.


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