Genie Zip Bra | Seamless Bra by Genie


About Genie Zip Bra

Genie Zip Bra is a uniquely designed bra that comes with a zippered front that provides support without any wires, hooks and straps.


No more discomfort and awkwardness

Genie Zip Bra claims it’s the new way to acquire great shape, look and comfort. It promises that you don’t have to struggle anymore with fastening the hooks at the back, endure wires cutting your rib cage or bear the tension of straps as it lifts and supports your chest in total comfort in an altogether incredible manner.


Zippered front

This feature is promoted as the highlight of Genie Zip Bra. Instead of the perpetual struggle with the hard-to-reach hooks at the back, you can simply wear this bra and fasten it with a zip at the front (which can be taken off as comfortably). It shapes you like second skin without wires. It offers a curve hugging one-piece seamless design and a comfortable compression that targets affected areas.


Perfect cross back support

Genie Zip Bra comes with built in cross back support, which apparently provides the perfect posture and look.


No more straps that hurt

Genie Zip Bra incorporates the comfortable and very unique memory foam straps that don’t dig deep into your shoulders but instead cushion them snugly for comfort.



3 zones of comfort to lift, shape, and support.

Genie Zip Bra states that it offers three areas of comfort, viz. the bust zone, the back zone and the side zone. Its soft contour cups, ruched center and knitted wide support band seemingly take to your shape and make you look smart.


Great side contour panel and back control panel

The side contour panel of Genie Zip Bra apparently supports the underarm area perfectly and eliminates side spills and bulges. Removable cups that shape your bosom for a smooth silhouette are also provided. It also comes with full back control panel that smoothes and minimizes back fat.


Doesn’t ride up

Ordinary bras ride up and your shape droops and sags, but Genie Zip Bra assures that it stays in place while providing maximum coverage to go with under low cut tops, sweaters and dresses perfectly.


Doubles up as a sports bra

Genie Zip Bra seems perfect as a sports bra that you can wear when needed.


Machine washable

Genie Zip Bra machine washable so you can simply toss it in a washing machine.


What do I get?

Buy 1 Genie Zip Bra for just $14.95 + $7.99 P&H. Official website:

3 thoughts on “Genie Zip Bra | Seamless Bra by Genie

  1. The zipper on this bra pops completely open with no forewarning. Not worth it. It does the worst possible thing a bra could do. Particularly a front closure bra.


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