What is GOLO?

As per the TV infomercial it is a healthy and cost-effective way to lose weight by restoring insulin performance, curbing hunger and cravings, converting stored fat into energy, which in turn enhances metabolism. It emphasizes to improve overall health and vitality so that you look and feel younger.



Lose weight by restoring insulin levels

GOLO promises to be a great way to help people who struggle to lose weight because of slow metabolism. It states to correct the condition called insulin resistance, which converts the body sugar into fat instead of energy and traps the fat inside the body. The revolutionary supplement promises to let your body use the fat as energy thus resulting in weight loss. Whether it can really do that has not been confirmed with user reviews of GOLO yet. The formula convinces to open receptors that release fat and stabilize the insulin and blood sugar thereby enhancing the metabolism. Can GOLO really do as it claims? This will be clarified once we analyze user reviews. GOLO proclaims that it doesn’t give temporary results but keeps the weight off. That sounds like claims by several weight loss methods. Or does GOLO really work? Let’s wait for user reviews.


Eliminates other health hazards

Because of the weight loss GOLO alleges to help you eliminate other health risks such as heart diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, and many other conditions like arthritis. That sounds farfetched and will be verified by GOLO user reviews. To help one achieve weight loss GOLO asserts to control hunger and cravings. How far this is true will be verified once we check out GOLO user reviews. GOLO maintains that 90 days of regular use can help you lose 21 lbs, 15 inches, 2 dress sizes or 3 pant sizes on an average. Before rushing to buy the supply of GOLO, verify the claims by reading user reviews. Every user of GOLO is assured to lower their metabolic age by 8 years. How far this is true will be known once more GOLO user reviews are in.


Improves vitality and overall health

GOLO guarantees to be made from natural ingredients, a patented insulin-controlling supplement, which is better than crash diets, quick fix diet pills, diet shakes and bars, meal replacements that worsen insulin resistance and increase the blood sugar levels. There are very few GOLO user reviews available right now to ascertain this claim. GOLO assures to cost fraction of diet pills, diet shakes or bars. How far that is true will be known after reading user reviews. GOLO alleges to improve your overall health and enhance vitality to let you make and feel younger. Did GOLO do all of this for you? Send us your reviews.

Is GOLO recommended for diabetics? – No, because anyone who has Insulin Resistance, is pre-diabetic, diabetic or needs to lose weight, must manage insulin and improve insulin sensitivity. Without managing insulin, dieting causes muscle loss, slower metabolism, thus causing weight gain. The GOLO Release supplement and Metabolic Fuel Matrix prevent glucose increase so that insulin stays in insulin optimization zone to prevent fat storage, maximize fat utilization, and maintains energy levels all day. Crash dieting or low calorie diets, which eliminates key food groups, causes sugar imbalance and restricts fat loss even in a calorie deficit state. This causes muscle loss, cravings and hunger, unsuccessful dieting, and hence weight gain. With GOLO you will eat more and real foods and lose fat instead of muscle.


Golo is for Pre-Diabetic – Golo Weight Loss or the Golo Rescue Plan states to be a diet program for weight loss in pre-diabetic people by boosting metabolism and reversing insulin resistance. It promises to contain plant-based and all-natural ingredients. It emphasizes to bring positive changes in sleep, and emotional state, too.

Golo Rescue Plan – The Golo Rescue Plan declares to combine two plans – the Release supplement and Metabolic Fuel Matrix to boost metabolism and reverse Insulin Resistance to burn body fat instead of muscle. Golo further claims to include mental exercises to identify and overcome triggers of stress eating.

Lose weight healthily and easily – If you struggle with weight gain and are pre-diabetic, the dietary supplement formula Golo Rescue Plan promises to come to your rescue. The proprietary formulation, Release, is maintained to be produced as a soft-gel with plant-based, all-natural ingredients such as Banana Leaf Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, along with Magnesium, Zinc, organic flaxseed oil, yellow beeswax, etc. It does not contain stimulants such as caffeine or soy, dairy, gluten, egg, fish, or wheat. While the Rescue Plan is not recommended for pregnant women, Golo Metabolic Fuel Matrix convinces to be a well-balanced, safe, and effective meal plan taken without the supplements after consulting the doctor.

Helps deal with stress and comfort eating – For those dealing with stress eating disorders leading to weight gain, Golo Rescue Plan emphasizes to recommend mental exercises that identify and overcome the triggers of eating disorders. It claims to break the connection between food and emotions and to differentiate between real hunger and comfort eating. The Release supplement controls the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and supports mood control to result in clearer daily decision-making.

Long-term fix – Golo alleges to be a long-term fix and to bring positive changes in emotions and sleeping. Metabolic Fuel Matrix plans proclaim to be based on Golo’s patented Fuel Index state to measure the metabolic effect of food and create balanced meals to enhance energy without increasing insulin or resulting in fat storage. Unlike other diet programs, it doesn’t cause food isolation and lets you enjoy dining out, too.

Golo Weight Loss Review

Golo deals with weight gain for pre-diabetic people but must be started after seeing a doctor. The diet program does not work if the user is not pre-diabetic and those who are pre-diabetic will be prescribed exercise routine and healthy diet. At $90 the Golo plan is very expensive since apart from the fruit extracts, the primary ingredients in Golo Release are Inositol and Flaxseed Oil that are available at regular drug stores for just $6 a bottle. If you eat right, go for walks every day and follow doctor’s advice, Golo will be a waste of money. A user states that the supplements made their father feel sick and constipated. The complaints by customer care are not answered and they don’t refund the money.


What do I get?

  • 30 Day Supply of Release
  • 30 Day Rescue Plan
  • Metabolic Fuel Matrix
  • Roadmap
  • Perfect 5 Exercise Kit

Price: $109.8 | Official website: Golo.com | GoloWeightLoss.com

Rating: 2

9 thoughts on “GOLO Weight Loss REVIEW

  1. ive been taken the golo diet pills for a month,,following the meal plans as best as I could,,lets be honest here in todays world trying to follow them everyday is not possiable,,,I have not lost a single lb nor a single inch of fat,,im very disappointed save your money

    Rating: 1
  2. I took it and it works. It took about two months for the full effect to kick in, but after two months, the weight started to drop and everyone started commenting on my lost gut. I look trimmer and feel better because of it, and this was without dieting, cutting back OR exercising. The price of the product is $49.99, not $109 as written here.

    Rating: 5
  3. I ordered the 90 day supply thinking that I would save money. However, there is ZERO guarantee on a 90 day order. They only refund for 40 days.
    Always avoid a larger order since they refuse to guarantee any product past the first bottle.
    It is absolutely ineffective. I fell for the scam.
    I rate this product at minus 10

  4. Like many other viewers, I saw the GOLO TV ad and came away thinking this is a supplement system not a regimented diet plan. So I ordered it. When I received it, I realized that it is just another diet where you must swear-off certain foods, you must eat only certain types of food, you are required to weigh and measure and track and in short; change what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and you must commit to these changes as a lifestyle. Well, if you can do it, and you do do it, you will lose weight. In my personal case, I myself have never been able to start and stick to a regimented type diet. So I returned the product I received and they did give me a full refund.

    Rating: 1
  5. Yes I am interested in the product golo , I am in the need to loose 60lbs with walking and some exercising with weights which product should be best for me ., I need some help to get started something that is a healthy product one may take. Now I don’t see any product with the title golo to order. thank you

    1. I am in same boat as you… though would be happy with 40lb loss. lol. I’m thinking instead of a “magic pill” I will do a meal supplement, like slim fast with high protein. I found one at walmart called Enterex…for diabetics, which I am. But good meal supplement for anyone. Only 12 g protein, though. I also am eating more veggies (5 servings/day) and at least one fruit a day. Most important, I think, is getting out and walking for half an hour a day. Hope to start walking for longer soon.

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