Grace Alley Flag REVIEW

What is Grace Alley Flag

As per its infomercial, it is a high-quality flagpole and the American flag that is tangle-free, and durable to proudly stand tall in all weather conditions. Grace Alley Flag proclaims to be a superior quality American flag and pole that will raise it even on the windiest days. It states to have a tangle-free technology that unravels the flag and makes it flutter with pride. How true are the claims made by Grace Alley Flag will be only known once we get to analyze user reviews.



Pure American glory

Tangle-Free Technology
This amazing flagpole declares to have a unique two-section construction that allows the top section to spin on ball bearings. Such a construction allegedly avoids tangling and the adjustable pole helps in angling the flag as desired. The aluminum pole maintains to be made of durable, rust, and weather-proof material. Such fanciful claims will be verified once Grace Alley Flag is reviewed.


Proud stars and stripes
Grace Alley Flag assures that its superior craftsmanship ensures that the flag doesn’t tear or the colors don’t fade. It convinces to have built-in brass grommets to secure the flag on the pole while its four-point needle fly hem helps in preventing fray and keeps the flag intact even in harsh outdoor environment. This made in USA flag is pretty impressive; Grace Alley Flag reviews will reveal the truth.


Grace Alley Flag Questions and Answers

Q. Is the top ball of Grace Alley Flag removable to place a light on the top to light the flag at night?
A. No, it isn’t removable but one can try to strap a solar powered light near the bottom of the pole to illuminate the flag.

Q. Is the length adjustable to whirl the flag at half-mast?
A. No, it is a two-piece pole that comes with hanging clips in fixed positions.

Q. Does the ring on Grace Alley Flag spin or the pole itself spin?
A. The rings are meant to spin around the pole, which itself remains in its position. The spinning rings are designed to ensure that the flag doesn’t get tangled during strong winds.

Q. Does the pole have heavy-duty clips?
A. No, the clips are made of nylon or plastic material. Users don’t recommend it since the assembled parts can come off easily and start falling apart.

Q. Will Grace Alley Flag withstand approximately 70 mph speed if placed on a truck?
A. The pole might be able to hold at this wind speed but the clips that hold the flags might not.

Q. Does Grace Alley Flag come with a mounting bracket?
A. No, it has to be purchased separately.

Q. How wide is the Grace Alley Flag’s pole?
A. It is approximately one inch in diameter.

Q. Will Grace Alley Flag survive in strong winds that are greater or equal to 70 mph?
A. The pole is sturdy but the entire structure is made using aluminum with hollow interiors. Chances are it will not survive such strong wind conditions.

Q. What material is the ball on the top of the Grace Alley Flag’s pole made using?
A. It is made of plastic material.

Q. Where is Grace Alley Flag manufactured?
A. The tag on the base reads as Made in China.

Q. Is Grace Alley Flag sturdy enough to be mounted on a motorcycle for escort speeds that do not exceed 45 mph? Will A. it also hold a 3 x 5 feet long flag?
It is known to break in the most moderate of winds after holding a 3 x 5 feet flag on a porch. It is recommended to purchase a ¾ copper water pipe and make a DIY flagpole out of it.


Grace Alley Flag Review

Edward Meyer, a Grace Alley Flag reviewer, discloses that the pole worked great for the first few months and the flag never got tangled inside it. But as time passes, the spinner stops working well and requires manual untangling especially during windy days.

A similar problem is noticed in the Grace Alley Flag review by Carolyn Carpenter. She also states that the pole works great only for the initial duration and stops spinning after a period of 5-6 months.

One other Grace Alley Flag review by Delbert Barrett criticizes its assembly mechanism since he couldn’t get the top and bottom parts to join. He had to ultimately tape its bottom pole and fix it with the top pole to resolve the problem.

Vicky Johnson calls Grace Alley Flag a poorly-built pole in his review. According to him, the pole fails to stand up to 35 MPH wind gust while holding a 3 x 5 flag on it. Also, the pole doesn’t fit on a standard mount due to its spinning mechanism. He had to pull the cap out of the end and use his older flagpole to fit its assembly.

One review by Grace Alley Flag customer, Penny Allen, complains that the flagpole is made using poor-quality material and the clips for the flag are flimsy. The bottom clip on her flagpole snapped while mounting it.

Vera Bryan also faced similar problems where the clip on Grace Alley Flag broke even before she attached the flag. She does mention in her review that it is sturdy but due to poor quality, the flag simply gets tangled in the gentle of winds.

Susie Cooper’s Grace Alley Flag review says that the pole isn’t sturdy and easily bent during heavy winds. It is nowhere as sturdy and all-weather proof flagpole as it claims to be. She also warns other customers in her Grace Alley Flag review that the pole is slightly oversized and might not fit in a standard mount.

One Gayle Francis expresses disappointment in his Grace Alley Flag review since it failed to spin freely at the top end. He couldn’t make it work even after modifying it and doing some DIY.

According to Diana Ball’s Grace Alley Flag review, it does get tangled and wrapped around the pole. Also, the bottom ring is made using cheap plastic material and the aluminum tubes also feel flimsy. The threads on the plastic screw set were stripped even before using it.


Grace Alley Flag VERDICT

Grace Alley Flag isn’t a unique flagpole and is similar to many different options available in the market. Its sturdy design and the tangle-free feature is a repeating characteristic in options that are available after searching for flagpoles, tangle-free flagpoles, or spinning tangle free flagpole on Google and Amazon. The competitor flagpole to Grace Alley Flag is the American Signature that has similar features and comparative pricing. Do note that Grace Alley Flag is better rated with 4.7 rating from 4,608 customers over the 4.2 rating for the American Signature flagpole that has a 4.2 rating from 344 customers on Amazon. An interesting fact about Grace Alley Flag’s cost is that it is much cheaper than the price offered on the As Seen On TV website. Hence, we recommend purchasing Grace Alley Flag from Amazon. Do visit the review section and read what people have to say about it, especially the ones who have rated it as average or poor.


What do I get?
Grace Alley Flag includes Flag Pole & USA flag just for only 39.99 + S&H. | Official Website:

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  1. Flag arrived today, the box had lots of damage and one end of the box was open and wasn’t even taped shut. For a company bragging about all American made you’d think they would have taken the time to seal the box.

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