Grill Wave REVIEW

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What is Grill Wave – Grill Wave claims to be an innovative kitchen appliance by Bell + Howell that helps in making grilled food easily. Grill Wave claims to be an innovative device that uses microwave energy to quickly grill your favorite foods. It helps in making low calorie meals quickly and easily. Grill Wave is manufactured by Bell + Howell.




Grilling Made Easy – Instead of a needing a different grilling machine, Grill Wave alleges to utilize your microwave to grill food items. Although at this point of time there are no Grill Wave reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Innovative Design – Grill Wave proclaims to have a secret core heating element. This element captures microwave energy and ensures that your food is grilled from both the sides. More shall be revealed once Grill Wave is reviewed. Grill Wave promises to be easy to use. Just add ingredients to the double-sided grill, lock the stay-cool handles, and pop it in the microwave for a quick meal. Grill Wave maintains to be non-sticky to reduce use of unhealthy oils and butter. It also gets cleaned easily in a dishwasher. It guarantees to be perfect for office, dorms or grilling quick meals on the go. Send us your Grill Wave reviews to confirm or deny its claims.


Grill Wave REVIEW

Grace Bailey who used Grill Wave complains in her review, “ Grill Wave is not worth the money and hardly does anything that it claims to. It’s as good as keeping food between two paper towels in the microwave. There are no grill marks on the food and if left for longer time, it dries up the food and overcooks it.”

Another Grill Wave review by Sofia Price states, “ Grill Wave is a cheaply made appliance and cooks the food only around the edges. The center of the steak I tried to grill was left uncooked and raw. It doesn’t cost much but it’s still a waste of money. Plus the money required to sending it back adds to its cost.”

Dylan Simmons a user of Grill Wave warns in his review, “Grill Wave is very small, ineffective, and cheaply made. Not recommended.”

A review of a Grill Wave customer states, “Grill Wave failed to brown the meat. There was no type of food it grilled well. Complete waste of money.”

Allison Perkins who tried Grill Wave reveals in her review, “The food it cooks doesn’t taste grilled. There are no timelines providing, no directions or help regarding its use. Grill Wave falls mighty short of the tall claims that it made.”

Angel Lane who bought Grill Wave writes in her review, “ Grill Wave is made of cheap plastic. The only cooking it does is around the edges. Instead of browning it keeps the meat uncooked and smelling bad.”

Donna Austin mentions in her review, “Grill Wave failed to brown my steak. There are no grill marks on the food either. After the supposed grilling it was tough to clean its surface.”

Trinity Reid states in her review, “The size is also smaller than what was expected. This disappointing tool was ordered by my husband and now is sitting uselessly in the kitchen.


What do I get?
You get 2 Bell & Howell Grill Wave Microwave Cookers for $19.95 + $13.90 P&H at the Official Grill Wave website

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