Guard Street Review

What is Guard Street

It is a safe and secure system that claims to protect your data and privacy just like you’d want it to be.

Guard Street maintains that now your personal information will be safe and secure at all times so that you have much needed peace of mind. It is now reported that two in five people are victims of identity theft and cyber crime. It is a menace that has taken a toll on people all over the world and it’s something you want to try and avoid at any cost. There are many who have resorted to options like ID theft insurance and credit monitoring but they are just not enough to offer you full proof security. That’s where this security system comes into play and proactively protects you against these threats, according to these claims. But we are going to look at Guard Street reviews before confirming these claims for you.


Super safe Swiss data vault offers complete protection

An increasing number of people all over the world have taken to buying things online and with good reason too. But the problem with it is that you are exposed to threats via the Internet and your personal information is at risk. This security system works by offering you a secure email account where messages are private and fully encrypted at all times. What’s more, they are stored in severs in Switzerland, which are considered to be the safest storage options for you. But is it really the safe storage environment for your information? Let us know your opinion on it in your Guard Street reviews. Your Guard Street reviews can also talk about how simple it is to create, manage and store encrypted passwords and documents that include your financial statements and health records.

It also stresses that it keeps up with the Swiss Security standards while using military grade encryption. While the data is backed up it is also scanned for viruses, which is another advantage. We will look at Guard Street reviews closely before corroborating these claims for you.

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It’s packed with features

So what are the advantages you get using this full proof security system? For starters, you can shop, bank or use social media at home without a care in the world. Moreover you can browse safely on your mobile devices and also use public Wi-Fi services in a secure manner. Is that true in your experience? We would like you to share it with us in your Guard Street reviews. Some of the important features of this security system for you include disposable email addresses, desktop and laptop file erasure and self destruct instant messaging. These claims seem a bit farfetched, which is why we will keep our eyes on Guard Street reviews.

While users can make the most out of the AntiVirus option for no extra charge you can also benefit from exclusive discounts and privacy tools. Guard Street reviews should shed more light on that.


What do I get?

Try Guard Street Privacy Premium for 7 days for just $2.99. After the 7 day trial period, you will be charged $99 for one full year of enrollment, unless cancelled with the first 7 days.Offical website

4 Responses to “Guard Street Review”

  1. Ben says:

    I have the ID product. It’s comparable to others but comes with the email account. Its a lot safer than yahoo or google and they say they don’t sell my data.

  2. Anderson says:

    I got it at a different price, but definitely see the savings. Their VPN is pretty easy to use and it’s great for when I’m on my train ride home working.

  3. Matt Graziano says:

    I have been a customer of Guard Street since March, 2015 and I am very pleased. I like the privacy and security that the various products offer. Furthermore, they keep my system running smoothly. I intend to continue with my premium subscription.

  4. N. Schoo says:

    I like the Swiss angle and use the secure email and it was fairly easy to add to my phone. The web security tool also works well on my phone.

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